February 2014

February 28 2014

Thank you so much for wonderful three weeks! This is a very special place.

Dr.Hans Maull


February 28 2014

Thank you vaidyagrama! I feel lucky and blessed. Such a big thank you to all doctors and staff and very very thankful for the treatment.

Thanking you


February 2014

Thank you for your treatment. I will learn lifestyle. Good treatments, nice doctors. Friendly therapists. The vaidyagrama is a good Ayurveda hospital.

Thank you


February 26 2014

Thank you so much to everyone for touching and healing with Ayurveda. This place is amazing. You all helped so much more than I could ever have expected. Sincerely


February 24 2014

Vaidyagrama Ayurveda Healing Village

Thank you to everyone who took such good care of me in every way during this two months in vaidyagrama.

Special thanks to Dr.Ramadas and Dr.Aruna, my new friends, for your endless humour stories, support and encouragement and reminders.

Thank you to Shini and Maya, Nirmala and everyone, for so much loving attention to detail in every treatment you gave me.

Thank you to all in the kitchen for the best Panchakarma (PK) food I’ve ever had and that’s been a lot over the years. This is the first time that I have not become sick in India.

Thank you to my very faithful, regular and careful cleaners and fumigators.

Thank you to Dr.Ramkumar for all your Vedic knowledge and wisdom, your depth and clarity, making sure we all ate our kanji and life life in moderation…..

Thank you to Sonia and Dr.Omprakash for the constant flow of vouchers and to Hakeem for all your help and attention to a million details.

Also to sweet Aparna who makes sure we all get here safely and have everything we need.

To Kavitha for making sure we all pay our bills; to Gitaji for always encouraging me to have faith (in someone else) finding my nose ring…

Thank you to you all and thank you to the vaidyagrama vastu and garden (thank you all the sweet gardeners and workers too) – especially during the dawn and twilight hours when everything emerges and then settles back into silence / stillness.

Thank you to you all and see you again soon.

With much love

Olivia Post

February 22 2014

I feel lucky and blessed to have found my way to this unique oasis of healing. I have found here a perfect balance in everything one needs to improve – health, meditate, contemplate, learn and discover.

The staff and the doctors and all the other patients make up the spirit of vaidyagrama and it is a rich and nurturing one.

I have been able to get “unstuck” here in this environment both with regard to physical but also spiritual matters. I am eternally grateful for the visionaries who are behind this unique success!

Things to consider for improvement – Mattresses and pillows; Natural yoga mats; Better towels; Easier internet access, while limited during day; Better library (display of books); Information to patients about importance of rest period following treatment; Access to views of sunset

I loved the mix of satsangs, presentations, prayers, group dinners and various activities which allowed one to socialize with others, learn and also dig deeper into the healing journey and personal path.

I have not stayed in one place for over 21 days without travelling for the last 10 years. The experience of settling into a daily slow intimate routine has allowed me to reconnect with myself and my inner nature and voice.

Thank you to all the staff for making my stay amazing and personable. I am already making plans of coming back for a 6 weeks stay.


Moukhtar Kocache

February 19 2014

Such a big thank you to all doctors and staff at vaidyagrama who took care of our every need and who gave us so much personal attention, care and guidance through our first stay with you, and our deep healing processes. We really feel we have been taken care of and have made some good friends too. Having the choice to come out of our rooms and interact with other patients and staff helped to break up the sometimes challenging and monotonous times in the day, of being with yourself.

The choice of yoga sessions and satsangs etc. by doctors and a variety of other talented guests/patients was a real upliftment for the mind and a reassuring break in the day. The chance to connect with others and understand that others may be going through the same mental challenges on this journey helped a lot. I feel a lot of warmth here and it really feels like a HEALING VILLAGE.

Sattvic food was good. It was sometimes a little noisy staying near the office and staff quarters and my other recommendation would be when people book, to explain how it is recommended not to rush back int our normal, possibly busy, routine at home, but if possible, allow a couple of weeks of more resting time to prepare for this. I think if this was conveyed by email at time of booking, clients could prepare accordingly!

Such a big thank you to all and very much hope to return – especially for the big conference in 2015.

Warm wishes..Om Shanti

Emma and Paul

February 20 2014

I have had a wonderfully restful and restorative time here.

I count myself lucky to have had a recommendation for a centre of such a high standard.

I endorse everyone else’s commendations of the excellent staff. I have also been impressed by how happily they work together and with us.

I love the stately but restrained architecture. It is good to have spacious rooms. The storage cupboard however is too small for one and certainly for two.

Access to the internet has been a constant source of frustration and stress, at least for me.

You have attracted some excellent patients! I have enjoyed meeting them and learned a lot from them too.

We have all flourished in this supportive yet purposeful atmosphere.

Dr.Mark Fitzgerald

Devon, England

February 18 2014

Very hard to leave this sattvic space! I have been looked after with loving kindness and feel very much at home in vaidyagrama Ayurveda village. The grace and humbleness of all who are at our service here is nothing short of inspiring. Durga Leela has taken the words out of my mouth regarding every doctor and how vaidyagrama offers its patients the utmost of nourishment physically and most profoundly spiritually.

My deep gratitude, respect, appreciation and wishes that vaidyagrama keeps attracting people to be healed like bees to honey.

May all beings be Happy

Rose Baudin


February 17 2014

Heartfelt gratitude to the founders, doctors and all staff at vaidyagrama. It is a tranquil setting for the healing process of Panchakarma. I am grateful for the spiritual connection here and the support through prayers, satsangs, patient yoga, garden/herbal walks and yoganidra.

Vaidyagrama is a treasure of modern India – quiet, peaceful, authentic, full of tender loving care. Rooms are cool and comfortable. My therapists, Rajani and Sindhu were very skilled and paid close loving attention to my needs. Meals were very well selected and supportive of the healing process, enough variety while still sattvic.

Internet voucher system works well to limit common overuse, allowing us to go within in a deeper way.

Group dinners and some kirtan are a nice touch – interesting people come here so it is nice to share a meal with them.

I appreciate the great effort everyone has made to create and hold this healing space. It is my first time here and I hope to return regularly – this is HEALTH CARE.

Request – please consider some smaller single rooms in the new blocks – not so easy to share during the Panchakarma process

Om Shanti

Durga Leela

California USA

February 17 2014

I had a beautiful healing stay at vaidyagrama and thank each person who made it possible and who created this amazing place.

I am so grateful for the totality of how everything is created and done; the respect you have for nature; the very beautiful and profound chantings and puja vibrations, the physical layout; the very well trained wise and kind doctors, the therapists who prepare and give medicines and do treatments with great attention and heart; Aparna ji who greets us by mail even before we come and helps with every detail; Hakeem ji who helps with our practical needs; those who tend the beautiful gardens; and the ever present Dr.Om who seems to be everywhere all at once with his warm smile and welcoming helpfulness; Renu and her deeply restful and energizing yoga; the givers of the satsang.

I love how the architecture supported us in our alone time while also allowing some satsang and connection too. I am extremely grateful for Dr.Ramadas’s morning and evening chants which are incredibly purifying and moving. And I love that vaidyagrama has an eye to support the local villages as well.

Thank you all for everything and pranams. Thanks also to the efficient housekeeper Jayanti, who cleans and fumigates the room daily! The custome of allowing us to plant a tree, I LOVE. Thank you!

Cindy Lalita Franklin

February 16 2014

Namaste! I am leaving this beautiful place after 28 days of recovering from my weakness, meditating over my life! Lots of relaxing and deep inner retreat! I feel so much better now and I am really that this precious time for myself is coming to an end. My special thanks to the healing work, love and attention of Dr.Ramadas, my beautiful therapist who is an angel and of course all the people involved in making vaidyagrama a place of peace and healing on this earth. I want to mention that I really enjoyed the yoga nidra and the yoga sessions in the afternoon. I would suggest another yoga session in the morning from 7-8am. This would make the stay here even more complete because I believe gentle yoga and Ayurveda are very beneficial for body and mind. I am very grateful for all and of course I will come back soon, because healing does not stop here; it is a life long process and here I found a safe space to continue this journey.

Love and light from


Ibiza, Spain

February15 2014

Our grateful thanks to everybody at vaidyagrama, Dr.Ramadas, Dr.Harikumar, Dr.Aruna, Dr.Om and all other doctors, therapists Vijayakumar, Chandran, Ramesh and all others and staff members; all co-ordinating to make vaidyagrama to be a lovely inspiring place to be in.

We have learned much and appreciate the concept of life as advocated by vaidyagrama, a truly healthy life nourishing body, mind and spirit.

We have benefitted in many ways.

Once again heartfelt thanks. We humbly pray by God’s grace and blessings vaidyagrama grows to its full stature as envisioned by Dr.Ramkumarji to whom our special gratefulness.

Love and prayers

Kishin and Narayan


February 13 2014

I have no words to thank everyone at vaidyagrama for all of your sweet loving kindness and presence. Vaidyagrama is expressing Ayurveda in the ancient way with a spiritual presence. I’m so happy I found vaidyagrama and its community and look forward to returning over and over again.

Suraj McNamara


February 12 2014

What better tribute can I give vaidyagrama but to say that I am a “convert” to the Ayurveda way of life.

Vaidyagrama is truly a “healing village” – thanks to the knowledgeable doctors and caring staff and therapists.

The atmosphere is conducive to healing both mind and body.

I came here highly recommended by my daughter, Shebana, who was here 2 years ago. Till today she is free from the pain in the neck and shoulder that she had before coming here.

Surrendering yourself to the treatments and the doctors here does help. I did question their ways sometimes and was either satisfied with the answers or treatments were modified. The doctors “listen and heed” what the patients need.

I understand that we are in the tropics but hope they can find a way to have the rooms “roachfree” especially at nights.

All and all, this stay here was a positive experience – with more health benefits than I imagined!! I am apprehensive to get back to the “real world” and try out the practicality of what is practiced here.

Thanks to vaidyagrama – I will be back.

Tanveer Coelho

February 2014

Thank you to all the staff and management for making my stay so pleasant. I especially like the food, always served with such care and lovely smile. The sweet herbal tea, idlis and dosas were a real treat on a retreat such as this.

I came looking for a quiet and reflective space and this was afforded to me at all times. I found the treatments very beneficial and the doctors patiently answered all my silly questions.

Thanks once again, will recommend your centre and cant wait to return.

Peter Quinn


February 09 2014

I came to get my issues with my shoulder and lower back sorted out as much as possible. To this extent I leave here with a feeling that I am atleast 50% better than when I came here a month ago. For this I have to thank Dr.Ramadas and Dr.Harikumar for making this happen and not to forget the therapist Ramesh and his efficient team.

Vaidyagrama is truly a healing village. The location away from all the city noises and pollution that accompanies it, is delightfully missing here. The ambience here is very serene and one feels at peace.

There are a few administrative issues, nothing serious. Mainly there is a lack in consistency. For example, some days there is a soothing devotional music played during the treatment; then this is missing for several days in a row – I am told that the MP3 player is out of power!! Surely this should not be the case. One day is understandable but 3 days in a row??

I have requested the management to have an answering service for the phones in the rooms. I will not dwell on some other matters. There was some issue with the food aain the inconsistency in the way similar food is served on different days!

I am sure when the new administrative block is completed and functioning and a full time administrator is in place, the issues I experienced will be a thing of the past.

Meantime, I thank all at vaidyagrama to make this first stay of mine comfortable and I hope to be back next year.

Thank you friends! God Bless

Vikram Menon

February 09 2014

My first exposure into Ayurveda. I was, at first, very apprehensive but after the third day, I fitted right into the treatment there.

The doctors and staff are amazing and the treatments are what you look forward to every day!!!

My stay was rather short and I intend to come back here very soon.




February 07 2014

Dear Vaidyagrama

It is so wonderful to see you growing in such an organic/natural way year by year. And keeping all the values of professionalism, pure hearts, friendships, compassion, love and laugh, music, authenticity and much more on a high level.

What we mostly enjoy and easily carry is the good mood in the campus carried by all staff. That carried us through tough times easily.

We love our doctors. Dr.Harikrishnan for his patience explaining the treatments and answering all questions very professionally so that we could surrender easily.

And Dr.Om, always smiling and singing, guiding us through the more difficult days with full heart and lots of jokes!

One of the highlights this time has been the yoga classes / yoganidra and talks with Renu who translates the wisdom of Ayurveda perfectly into our western language. A new diamond on the campus!

We admire the leadership of Dr.Ramkumar who makes this ashram / clinic working through empowering the people from a backseat. The satsang with him have been greatly inspiring.

The whole team with all doctors, Aparna, Kavitha and Geetha do a wonderful job on all levels including seva.

We feel very much at home at this place and longing to come back as soon as possible.

There is not much to say because we have come for the 3rd time and each time the longing for the “day after” and the “outside world” is getting less….. and the tears about leaving and the longing to come back and stay longer is getting more….

Thank you for everything

Thanks & Namaste

Florian from Austria & Daniela from Germany / Austria


February 06 2014

Vaidyagrama has succeeded in creating the complete healing environment.

Excellence & professionalism of the medical services : doctors, therapists, medicines, plus, plus, plus

The excellent service of the support staff plus

More importantly the attentiveness & caring created a great sense of comfort / well being plus

The rightly chosen activities, tuned just right plus

The beauty and serenity of the surroundings plus

Dare we say it, but in the end we appreciated the vigor and discipline and understood how it turned us more within and without to our bodies, our minds and ourselves.

This perhaps says more about the ethos of the place than anything else.

With deepest gratitude

Om Shantih Shantih Shantih

Salaam Walaikumm


Hebti & Oomi Hoosenally

London, UK

February 06 2014










Czech Republic

February 05 2014

To all the nice people of vaidyagrama

Gabriele and myself have enjoyed our stay here in the last 3 weeks very much.

We found a beautiful village in a peaceful surrounding, friendly and happy people all over the place as we have not seen before; good food and lodging (maybe softer beds), and also events as Yoga, garden walks and especially satsang which contributed to an interesting and spiritual atmosphere.

We found doctors and therapists who in detail looked for our problems and we learned a lot, how to see our diseases, because we know now, how to behave to heal our sicknesses with your advices ourselves.

We were treated here very well and we feel kind of sad that we have to leave this beloving place tomorrow.

India is a country to travel in and vaidyagrama is a place to come back to.

Thank you for everything!

With love

Gabriele and Rainer Pfeiffer


February 03 2014

Deepest thanks and gratitude to each and every person at vaidyagrama for contributing to such a beautiful 1 month stay.

Aparna, thank you so much for all the email correspondence in the months leading upto my stay..you were always prompt with your replies and beyond kind in answering all my pedantic questions

Dr.Ramadas, thank you for all your wisdom, positivity, support and laughs. I always came away from our sessions with something meaningful to ponder and new outlook to life. Even when I was upset or frustrated, your laugh was contagious and always pulled me out of my funk.

Dr.Aruna, thank you for graciously putting up with my incessant questions about every single detail of my treatment. Thank you for all the adjustments you made to accommodate me. I can’t wait to meet the baby! Best wishes

Maya, you have a very soft spot in my heart. Thank you for taking such good care of me during and outside of my treatments. I so enjoyed our little chats during the beginning of treatment and you have such a wonderful motherly wisdom. I hope you enjoy all the healthy seeds and I look forward to updating you on my prayer and mantra progress when I see you next time

Dr.Ramkumar, thank you for the always interesting and inspiring satsangs each afternoon. It is very clear that you are a man who “knows his stuff” and I found almost everything that came out of your mouth to be well-explained and thought-provoking. I only wish I’d more opportunities for interaction as I know I would gain a lot from you!

Renu, thank you for your beautiful yoganidra sessions. You have such a peaceful aura about you, it is easy to drop into a wonderful relaxation (sometimes sleep!) each afternoon in your session. Keep me posted on nutrition class!

Geetha / Kavitha, thank you for letting me come along to the annadaanam – I had such a lovely time seeing it all in action and helping where I could. All your effort and dedication is very admirable and I look forward to contributing in some way through events etc. in my hometown. Let me know when the volunteer housing is ready

Kuttikrishnan, thank you so much for being so accommodating to me watching you work your magic in the kitchen! There is no doubt I was in your way for most of it, but you were always sweet and smiling.

Thank you all for being there and supporting me in my path to healing. I’ll be back!

Much love and respect

Stephanie Morish

Sydney, Australia / Denver, Colorado

February 02 2014

A very powerful place for resting and cleaning process of past and present memories. Great service, friendly, humble and caring.

With much love

Nijazi Kurtaj

February 02 2014

Merci, vaidyagrama, pour les soins à mon corps et à mon âmie (grateful for taking care of my body and soul). I loved many things here – gardens and plants, prayers and chants, doctors and therapists, and above all your vision to create and take care of this place. Best wishes for you all. You inspire enthusiasm for something new and better.

With love

Silvia Shlekyte



February 02 2014

Dear vaidyagrama family

A hearfelt thank you to each and every person on staff who made this stay so magical.

Aparna thank you for putting up with all my emails before I arrived and your care during my stay

Dr.Harikrishnan and Dr.Omprakash, thank you for all your wisdom, care and support. You guys have a bit of a good cop / bad cop thing going, which works well! What a pleasure to be a patient of two such enlightened doctors.

Sasikala and Lakshmi, and assisting therapists, thank you for all the love I received for my healing journey. You made the treatments such a wonderful nourishing experience. I will miss you all so much.

Renu, thank you for all your words of wisdom, all the insights you share with me are priceless. Enjoyed the yoga and meditation. You have a soft peace about you which inspires me

The guests, thank you to the many guests staying at vaidyagrama who shared with me their experiences. Often at times when it was most needed. Its so wonderful to be amongst people committed to health and healing on all levels.

With love and respect from

Violet Winters

Sydney Australia

February 2014

To Dr.Ramadas and his incredible staff & family

Thank you for everything! This is not good bye, this is see you later (next year hopefully).

Stay positive