February 28, 2013

I am grateful….


Beata Christine, Poland

February 28, 2013

Oh Vaidyagrama

My beloved village

Stretched under Indian Sun

Brushed with the warm wind

Lulled with birds melody

Hailed with the nature’s silence

And by the smile and loving

Care of all people and doctors

Which my heart remember forever

My Vaidyagrama,

Written down in my soul,

By care and tenderness

With surrender and gratitude,

Healed and cleansed

I am going back home

The same

And completely different whatsoever.

Non smoking Polish Poet

Beata Ksiazek, Poland

February 28, 2013

Dear Vaidyagrama Community,

Do you know that you are unique?

All of you?

It will be hard to explain in Poland what’s so unique here. We are just living in peace taking our treatments and medicines. And meanwhile everything here is extraordinary. May be that’s because there’s the same level of knowledge and faith. And this helps you not to be bored with the patients. And that’s why every patient here can feel caring and healing energy coming from you. Thank you so much. I wish more and more people could come to vaidyagrama to experience its energy.

Manana, Poland

February 27, 2013

Dear vaidyagrama team,

First of all, I’d like to thank my doctors for being so patient and caring over these last few weeks of my stay here. I appreciate their honesty and words of wisdom. I wish the team all the best in their efforts to expand however I do see they may lose quality. I suppose this being my third visit attests to the fact that this place has a remarkable healing quality but I do perceive the standard being dropped with expansion, professional staff with a good understanding of customer service and standards to be maintained in an environment  so that one can heal is necessary.

I have enjoyed my stay here and hope to be back soon.

With love and regards

Lavina Badlani, Australia

 February 24, 2013




















February 24, 2013

Dear Vaidyagrama doctors and staff,

The reason I came here and took treatment was because of my son Ajit Kumar. He is working in Kuwait Oil company. Dr Ramkumar and Dr Ramdas visited Kuwait and conducted a workshop on Ayurveda treatment. We understood that there is cure for my ailment in Ayurveda. I  thought there was no cure for  my disease, but I started seeing a change for the better after taking treatment at vaidyagrama. I am sure by the time I finish taking the course of medicines prescribed I will be completely cured.

I fondly remember the instructions and advices given by Dr Harikrishnan. I am thankful to Mr. Mujib my therapist. I also thank Dr Om Prakash and Dr Ramesh Babu for  their service. I wish this organization all the best.

With love

Gangadharan, Kannur, Kerala

February 24, 2013

My arriving at Vaidyagrama was by pure accident. I was going for treatment at a Kerala Treatment centre with my brother. Since they wanted us to change our date at the last minute, my uncle Ramanathan suggested Vaidyagrama, as he was coming for treatment with his wife Rajam.

The day arrived. We were introduced to the vaidyagrama “tea” followed that evening by the first vaidyagrama dinner. During the night the power failed a couple of times. We were introduced to vaidyagrama routine, by the next day I was ready to escape from the vaidyagrama ‘camp’.

I was persuaded to give it a try for a week by my relatives and in a week, I had lost a couple of pounds. It was this loss of weight that made me decide to give it a try for the entire three weeks.

If the ‘Dream’ of Ramkumar and associates are to come true in establishing an Ayurvedic centre then a few 21st generation equipments needs to be incorporated in the design to make it a success.

1.The email facility needs to be updated.

2.The telephone system needs a total change including answer phone facility.

3.Shortage of power can be overcome by installing solar panels  on the existing roof area. The present roof structure if fully covered will provide adequate power to meet hot water requirements and also provide power for fans and electric bulbs. May be it provides extra power that vaidyagrama can supply to the grid.

Currently if power fails we need our friend Om Prakash to switch on the generators.

And finally satvic food does not mean spice less as our okra delicacy has shown, I am going to send some recipes to meet your exacting conditions.

With the above improvements in place we cannot see how this place could not provide ideal condition for the sick people but also provide a hiding place for the over worked and underpaid people who are looking to hide away for a few weeks from their busy life in our fast running world.

We wish to thank the doctors and the therapist for all the assistance during our stay here. It goes without saying that there are others behind the scene staff  who get our thanks as well.

P K Parameswaran & P M Ramanathan

February 23, 2013

Thank you for looking after me well. It is my second visit, was here one year ago, because the first visit was a full success meaning, my knee pain completely vanished about one month after I left here. So naturally I have great trust in the team of doctors and therapists. May be next year I can write that my chronic sinus also vanished.

Thank you,

Maria Wirth, Germany

February 21, 2013

To all the wonderful Vaidyagrama team,

Thank you for the healing space you have created, It was a truly transformational experience to stay here for three weeks. It is really a divine place for healing body mind & soul.

I leave this wonderful place with an open heart.

Thank you!!

Tanya, Austria

February 19, 2013

Dear Team Vaidyagrama,

This is my second visit to this wonderful place and I feel like coming here again and again. In the last six months, vaidyagrama has grown more green, more vibrant, more active and more global. We get to learn more from this place, what planet earth has got to offer.

There has been a marked improvement in my health. I owe my sincere thanks and gratitude to the entire team of doctors, therapists and others at vaidyagrama. Each one of them is so dedicated, ever smiling and caring. May god bless them in abundance.

My special thanks to Dr Ramadas, Dr Harikumar and Dr Aruna, therapists (Safira, Selvi, Rajee) who gave lot of personal attention and care.

Once again many many thanks “Team Vaidyagrama”


Latha, Bhubaneswar, India

February 18, 2013

Vaidyagrama is such a beautiful sanctuary and a welcome relief after two intense weeks stay in Chennai.

My  first two days when my body was forced to stop and what a delight it was to just to rest quietly, listening to the beautiful birds sing in the mornings and feeling the healing sights & sounds of nature.

It was a blessing to have Dr Ramesh’s kindness and smartness as I had been feeling anxious about my condition and also to have the calm sturdiness of Dr Harikrishnan who was also able to put my mind at rest and answer my questions.

Jane Craggs, MCR, UK

February 16, 2013

Very grateful for the days I spent at Vaidyagrama. I feel the love everywhere here. Every  smile from Doctors to staff, lovely team will be missed.

My humble pranams


February 17, 2013

Dear Doctors of vaidyagrama,

Thousand congratulations to all of you for doing such wonderful work. I am sure you have cured so many people and changed their wrong habits which caused their problems.

I was told that you have got many more centers in India dealing with the same problems.  I am sure you will have many more centers like these.

We have learnt a lot of things about what habits we need to change like lemon, yoghurt etc. But I cannot survive without yoghurt so that will be impossible to put into practice.

The staff have been very co-operative & helpful.

We wish the organization all the success.

Dr.Vasant Shah & Shakuntala Shah, USA

February 15, 2013

I would like to thank all the souls who work with integrity, modesty and love. I feel very grateful for all the caring tenderness which has played a fundamental part for my healing process. Its been a journey, not an easy one but a curable one !!! OM SHANTI!


February 15, 2013

Vaidyagrama is set in such a serene and lovely place and after 2 weeks studying in the noise & bustle of Chennai to arrive where there are no traffic noises, just the sounds of birds, the breeze in the trees and the cows was a wonderful relief.

I leave after 5 days relaxed and rested and am thankful to Doctors Ramesh for his gentleness and kindness and Doctor Harikrishnan  for his patience and logical explanations.

I am particularly thankful to Sindhu and Kanaka for the wonderful massages and humour they bring to the treatments.

My only regret is that I was discouraged from taking my early morning walk in the surrounding fields, plantations and nearby river bed, this is such a lovely area and it is sad not to be encouraged to wander where you can see peacocks, eagles , the cuckoos and many other beautiful birds, to be with such nature is so healing. Thank you for the care and hospitality.

Lou, Manchester, UK

February 15, 2013

Dear Vaidyagrama Family,

You became a true home for 35 days for me and my husband. We thank our bright and positive Doctors (Dr Ramadas and Dr Harikumar), my full-of-care and personal-attitude therapists (Safira, Selvi, and Raji).

I loved cooking classes (Kavitha), satsangs, and spiritual movies. Now with all the knowledge, we’ll keep our healing process at home.

Thank you to each and every person who contributes to the patients so much.

We’ll keep vaidyagrama in our hearts.


Katya and Oleg, Vladivostok, Russia.

February 13, 2013

Dear Vaidyagrama family,

It gives me great pleasure to write a few lines about this wonderful place.

This is not only a rejuvenating centre, it is also a holiday place. When I entered here, I was a little disappointed as I entered barren land with a few buildings. I even mentioned to Mr. Hakim, that I might go back in the same car. It took me two days to get acclimatized to food and routine here. From third day onwards I started liking this place. There is cure for our health, there is spiritual atmosphere and above all loving people who are always smiling and ready to help. It looks, as if I have had a rebirth here. At my age I never expected to get well in such a short time. I am going back with good health and above all good memories.

I met a lot of people from different parts of the world. We mingled so well that we forgot that we were from different continents and speak different languages.

The thing, I really appreciated here is the same rule, same treatment and I am told same charge for everybody. I pray God for this wonderful place to grow and spread to all states in India and even abroad.

My sincere thanks to Doctors and Dr. Ramkumar, specially for having made my stay a pleasurable one.

With my blessings to all,

Meenakshi Balakrishnan, Bangalore.

February 13, 2013

So so grateful for this most wonderful outpouring of love and devotion they call vaidyagrama. My experience has been illuminating on all levels. The body pulsating with the rhythm of nature from the cosmos to the exquisite songs from all the animals & plants reverberating & cleansing to the deepest layers the mind becoming clearer, the heart more joy. The highest intentions have been laid in the earth & you feel it in the walls. I thank you for your inspiring teachings, the hilarious garden walks, even more hilarious cooking classes, the sweet colorful women & their smiles, our sing-a –songs on community dinner nights & the food was great, simple & good. Dr Harikrishnan, thank you for your sincerity. Dr Om for your smile & constant help. Malliga for putting flowers on my Ganesha, Kiran the constant story teller! Dr Ramadas, Hakeem &  beautiful Aparna, Indu, Shreesha, Sindu, I love you all!!! Thank you!! Deep appreciation for creating such a sacred space in this world. Yes, I will return.

My abundant love

Gaia, Sunshine coast, Australia.

February 13, 2013

Dear Vaidyagrama team,

Before coming to this place, my expectation about ayurvedic treatments were very low and didn’t have much belief in how just sticking to some vegetables and having massage would actually help me in my weight loss.

However, I did the Snehapana treatment and realized that they are not only helping to lose weight, they are also showing how to live a lifestyle which most of us lack these days.

After my treatment I have lost approximately 8 Kgs and considerable amount of toxins and fat has been removed from the body. I feel a lot more healthier.

This place is genuine and is following strict ayurvedic principles and is purely treating patients without any monetary benefits in mind. There is a culture within the Vaidyagrama that is infused in the Doctors and staff alike. They treat the patients with so much care and love that you would not miss home.

This might be the reason why they have lot of guests who have been coming here for several years due to the serious benefits that they gain out of coming to this ayurvedic haven.

Wishing all the team the very best in the future.

Shahid, Dubai

February 11, 2013

Dear Vaidyagrama family,

Having read some of Dr Svoboda’s  books, and on learning that he recommends  Vaidyagrama, we came to this   beautiful, serene ayurveda hospital for a 21 day treatment. Of all the many ayurvedic facilities where we have taken treatment, vaidyagrama stands out as the most authentic ayurvedic  healing centre where the staff greet you with a smile and the doctors who visit you daily in your rooms also show great concern and care for your wellbeing.

We were inspired by the ever- smiling, ever helpful  Dr Ramadas, the gentle soft spoken Dr Harikumar, the motivational  satsangs & talks led by the very knowledgeable, dignified yet humble Dr. Ramkumar, who inspite of many of his responsibilities always looked cheerful, friendly and relaxed.

We also have to thank the efficient & kind therapists who did their assigned task with dedication and love. Ramesh, Vijayakumar, Safira, Sajitha, Selvi, Raji. Hakim was always available to help when we needed help & you do have a great asset in Aparna whose hospitality and efficiency in email replies we admire.

The initial fear we had of having to eat saltless food  and kanji was replaced by our love for the healthy food served. We also have to thank the omnipresent Omprakash, Kavita, Sonia, Kiran in the kitchen for all their help. Some improvements we suggest include

1.     Better internet connection in rooms ( if possible)

2.     An orientation once a week to introduce the facilities (such as locating the store to buy tooth powder – only on the last day. We came to know that such a store existed.)

3.     We were not satisfied with the laundry service, the quality could be improved.

We enjoyed participating  in the prayers morning and evening.

All in all a wonderful place for treatment which we recommend strongly. We will miss you all.

With love

Ramanathan & Rajan, USA

February 11, 2013

All the staff of vaidyagrama,

I came on 1st February 2013, leaving on 11th February 2013. 10 days treatment made tremendous change to me. My 74 Kgs weight reduced to 70 Kgs. My left leg pain , totally relieved. My paunch disappeared.

I am really grateful to all the team members

Thank you very much for all the treatment and support

God bless you all.

V A Hassan, UAE

February 10, 2013

Dear Vaidyagrama Team,

Thank you all for the wonderful experience I had at Vaidyagrama. Every day I was moving into a healing space and was very grateful to you all for supporting me in my journey.

I hope to come back as a volunteer and see what I can contribute towards your rural outreach projects.

I will be carrying back with me many learning points ( and many unlearning ones too…..especially with regards to food!!)

Thank you all once again,

With love,

K N Malathi, Bangalore, India

February 10, 2013

….After 40 days :



Syamanandini devi, Holland

February 10, 2013

To ,

Each and everyone associated with Vaidyagrama,

I came with a severe condition, but I am leaving healed and happy. It has been one of the most enriching experience for me. The positive energy is infectious and the healing process, an experience of a lifetime. I wanted to thank each and every person here who are making this place sacred. I am taking back with me this knowledge and experience which I am sure  will be a guide for a healthy tomorrow. Please keep up the good work and retain all the traditional practices. All the best, and will definitely come back !

Maya Badri, Bangalore

February 7, 2013

Dear Vaidyagrama,

It was a positive and healing experience not only for the body, but also for mind and soul.

Thank you so much for the interesting Satsangs, discussions and lectures as well as for being patient to all the doubts and requests.. I hope to start a new chapter in my life of how to become HAPPY and HEALTHY with the help of wisdom and deep knowledge of things you shared so generously.

My love to all of you ,

Irina Popova, Moscow

February 6, 2013

From the time you exit the taxi and step into the footpath at Vaidyagrama, you know are in an oasis. The positive energy surrounds you and fills you instantly.

As I prepare to leave today and reflect on my experience, I know I have been blessed to find this loving environment of both staff and patients. I am leaving with health, pure knowledge, wisdom and friendship. The medicine and soothing treatments help to heal and the smiles and laughter ensured that the medicine would work.

I will not need a plane to fly, since I am floating….




February 4, 2013

What magical place Vaidyagrama is,

Thank you for everything during my stay. I cannot think about any other better place beside vaidyagrama to prepare my body, mind and spirit for my retreat which starts in a few days in Ganeshpuri + Kumbh Mela in Allahabad. I cannot wait to come back here with my husband, Jeff to share this experience with him. I am going to take this magical place with me home and expand love and beautiful vision of Vaidyagrama.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you


Ryoko, USA

February 4, 2013

Thank you very much for everything. The treatment here was excellent. The food supplied was tolerable. A   little more salt could have been added.

The doctors’ regular visit and enquiries boosted us very much. The satsang was very informative and useful. The prayer was also worth mentioning.

The suppliers and all attenders  treated us like their family members.

Thank you very much,

K Bhagyalakshmi & Sundaram, Chennai

February 4, 2013

Satnam, Beautiful People @ Vaidyagrama,

Thank you for the opportunity to experience such deep peace and relaxation.’ Horizontal’ is now my favorite position’

As Dr Ramadas said  ‘All things are cured with love’ and I can’t imagine a better place for healing body, mind and soul.

Thank you all for your warm hearts, laughing eyes, skilled hands, radiant smiles and sweet words.

My admiration goes to endless patience and dedicated care of the doctors who generously shared information and time.

And big thanks to the therapists and all the staff who make Vaidyagrama run so smoothly.

Thank you for your vision and for being here.

With love and gratitude.


February 4, 2013

Thank you very much every body. You have been an inspiration, especially the doctors and therapists who are wonderful   examples of love and care.

May you continue this wonderful work you are doing and grow. I felt very much at home with all the people around me and love this place.

God  bless you & Thank you ,

Vidya Alekal,  Lakewood, California.

February 2, 2013

This is my second round of Panchakarma for my husband, Ben and me. Six weeks… Last year we stayed for a similar length of time. Evidently we have experienced benefits. As my husband says, I had no idea I could be this healthy physically, mentally and emotionally. For me, I feel that much stronger in mental clarity and stamina. Energy is more even. I have a strong meditation practice and in the last year my meditations were that much deeper and sweeter.

On the note of sweetness this place oozes sweetness. The intention to serve and heal is palpable. Across the board everyone here is beautiful in spirits & tireless in doing their jobs & they do great work.

We feel wholeheartedly grateful to have found this healing space. As I write this, we are leaving in a couple of hours. I feel like we are going to America to take care of affairs and then we come home to our Vaidyagrama family.

We love you , family

Suk Wah Bernstein, USA

Om Guru OM,

My wife says it all,

We are blessed,

Thank you

Ben Bernstein, USA