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February 29 2012

I came to Vaidyagrama with the intention of experiencing authentic Ayurveda in a retreat-like setting where I could detox, surrender, rebuild & rebirth myself. And that is exactly what I got!

I’ve felt so cared for here – so nurtured. I loved having all my basic daily needs provided for – being served food daily – I especially loved being bathed.

The efficacy of the treatments is obvious as I am both looking & feeling better than my arrival 4 weeks ago. My heartfelt appreciation to my female therapists especially Maya who not only loved me through my treatments, but became girlfriends in the process.

As a student of Ayurveda, I wanted to be both a patient and learn during my stay – and the doctors afforded me both options. I appreciated the doctors being both knowledgeable and approachable – a combination of qualities important to me. My gratitude to each doctor for their patience to my ceaseless questions; for their sharing life experience and wisdom; for their support in cultivating my own confidence; and for sharing laughter along the way. I salute you all with one big smiling “ummmm”! & look forward to nurturing a friendship…..

Liz Kruger

Nevada, USA


February 26 2012

It has been an extraordinary experience for us at vaidyagrama. So much love so much care and absolutely no ego – an ideal place to heal the mind and body.

We are indeed lucky and real fortunate to have found this beautiful place. We are deeply indebted to Dr.Ramadas, Dr.Harikumar and Dr.Raj Thakur for their relentless pursuit to make us feel at home.

The satsang at 5.30pm is an event of great learning, thanks to Dr.Ramkumar and his team for informing us the Ayurvedic concept of life. It is the articulation, eloquence and the clarity of mind and purpose of Dr.Ramkumar that has given us a very clear perception of his great vision which is indeed admirable.

We leave this place on 27th Feb with satisfaction and fond rememberance. We are committed to help spread the message so that Dr.Ramkumar’s vision of an Ayurvedic community comes into fruition at the earliest.

WE WISH THE TEAM ALL THE BEST. God willing, we hope to be with you next year this time.

Love & Light

Raghuraman & Sharadha

Chennai / Holland


February 26 2012

Thank you for a lovely and pleasant stay here at Vaidyagrama! I have had a wonderful experience and I have learnt so much new things and feel inspired to learn more about Ayurveda way of living. Your staff is very nice, friendly and helping. The treatments are very good and I feel that my body is stronger and purer than it was before. Thanks

I hope you continue on this way and you will help more people and it’s a good thing. I will truly recommend people to come here because I know they will like it here.

Take care and I hope we meet here again some time… and until then, I hope you all have a good time.




February 24 2012

To All of You Beautiful Souls @ Vaidyagrama!!!

Thank you so much for all of your loving care. This place is an inspiration for life as much as a healing place for the body-mind-soul. Vaidyagrama, through the authentic Ayurveda and its authentic application brings together the true miracle of life : magic & science!

May you all be blessed with an abundance of love, prosperity and may Vaidyagrama grow and heal as many people as possible.

With much gratitude

Iwona Kozak



February 24 2012

I came to Vaidyagrama to learn more about Ayurveda but the most important thing that happened was that I ended up learning more about myself.

It wasn’t an easy process, it wasn’t pleasant; I didn’t receive the treatments that I expected but probably I received what I really needed in order to heal myself in all levels.

This place is beautiful but maybe it is not the most comfortable experience…the weather is very hot and dry…the nature is rough…but Ayurveda is all about bringing in the opposite qualities to find the balance and the balance was achieved by the therapists that are really kind and loving, and the doctors, especially Dr.Ramadas, that had a lot of patience and compassion with me along my healing journey.

Thank you for all the lessons





February 22 2012

I was recommended Vaidyagrama from one of my friends for its amazing concept of Ayurveda village that follows Ayurveda in its purest form, keeping it authentic and true to the classics. As a student of Ayurveda, I then wanted to visit you on my way from Kerala to Karnataka to see with my own eyes if such a beautiful place really exists. Although I could stay only 2 nights on this trip, I was welcomed warmly by all the staff who took care of me so well during my stay.

The team of doctors and therapists is great and makes this place very special. I like the fact that you integrate a spiritual dimension to the treatments, the chanting, meditation and satsang are so important in a healing process as we have to calm the mind for success of treatment for health. The food is lovely, fresh and tastes so good – you can feel that it is cooked with love.

Thank you for making a dream come true at Vaidyagrama.

I will certainly come back for treatment and send my “clients” here for further treatment. I also hope we will keep in touch and can join hands to spread “true and authentic, genuine Ayurveda”.

All the best

Much love




February 21 2012

Just amazing!

To have such clarity of vision is unique in itself. To be able to put it into practice and maintain it, is truly miraculous. Congragulations!

I am far from being a stranger of health, healing and balance. Yet my experience here has taken it into a new dimension. In fact, I feel my time here has been the most profoundly life altering 4 weeks of my life.

My thanks and gratitude to all of you doctors, staff and therapists alike.

A special thanks to Drs. Ramkumar, Harikrishnan, Omprakash and Ramadas who each in your own unique and caring way offer your all with such heart. To Mujeeb his warm heart and healing hands and to Kanaka always with a smile. To Aparna for your always attentive help.

Vaidyagrama is a star that shines so brightly. As you have blessed us with your love and care so you are blessed by one and all that visits this magical place. May it continue to grow & flourish as it will. Thank you.

Love & light

Peter Lucas



February 19 2012

Thank you for restoring the Om within.

May all beings be happy

May all being be well

Blessings to all those who you help

Om Shanti Om

In Light

Anna Hirst

Sydney, Australia


February 18 2012

Thank you everyone at Vaidyagrama – Dr.Ramkumar for your steadfast commitment to your vision, & deep knowledge, which you generously share; Dr.Harikrishnan for your genuine care, mentorship and friendship; Dr.Ramdas, for your beautiful voice, spirit & warmth; Dr.Om Prakash, for your earnestness as both a teacher and student; to Aparna for all the myriad ways you support & facilitate this experience. And to all the staff who nurture and serve…. THANK YOU.

My chief aim was to rest and move closer to myself; both were accomplished. I plan to return and regularly incorporae all I have learned here. My gift to you arrived on Valentine’s Day while intoxicated by the moon in the form of poetry (mind you, before purgation!). Allow me to share with you and all who this book the ecstatic joy I experienced and how Ayurveda brought me closer to the Divine.

I feel I should write this down, Lest I forget –

I was drunk with your love

The moon aglow, crowning frayed palms

You watched me.

I have longed to feel your presence again.

I could not eat, for you were my appetite

I could not read, for you were my knowing.

But I could hear, Oh how I could hear!

In the distant jungle, Native music,

And my heart, wild with want, fell into your rhythm.

Barefoot, I took to path, hoping I’d find you

In the shadows of the night

Amongst the flowers and herb garden

I meditated on the fullness of the moon.

I could not be sure which was louder –

The percussive drums or the beating of my own heart.

Intoxicated, giddy, the lovelorn youth of myself –

I desired every cell of  you.

In my drunken stupor, the senses revealed their ancient wisdom.

My ears, my heart were one in the same organ!

Beloved, you whispered quiet enough to hear,

Forgiving love that you are, reminding me of that which I had forgotten

And then you drew me near from afar.


Monique Parker

Taos, New Mexico, USA


February 17 2012

The vision of Vaidyagrama is exceptional. I hope the quality of care for the patients and the environment can continue and always improve. The staff is pleasant and helpful, the therapists, nurturing. The doctors, incredibly knowledgeable and professional and caring. Communication is lacking about the plan, the procedures and the expectations. I would have preferred less interruptions, less noise from the staff areas, and more thorough cleaning. The food is very good – please print out recipes with alternatives for Western ingredients!

Once I settled in, I thrived on rest and treatments. I found the evening discussions interesting and informative. My two week stay was too short – I’ll stay longer next time. My minimal knowledge of and faith in Ayurveda has increased immensely. Now I am inspired to incorporate a healthy diet and a daily routine into my lifestyle, along with continous yoga practices to maintain wellness of body and soul.

A special thanks to Dr.Harikrishnan & Dr.Om.

Martha Flanders

Taos, New Mexico, USA


February 17 2012

It was really good to have Ayurveda treatment in this quiet, rural environment in spacious comfortable cottages. The treatment itself feels very professional – doctors and therapists, both. And the best thing is that in the last 5 days of my 4 weeks stay, there was NO pain in my knee – the reason why I came here. If it stays like this, I am really very grateful.

Maria Wirth

Rishikesh / Germany


February 15 2012

My highest thanks to Dhanvantari for bringing Ayurveda to the world. It was so wonderful to be enfolded in the world of Ayurveda again – after studying for 2 years 2004-06.

Vaidyagrama is a magical place full of the reality of possibility with effort, yes, and some bitter herbs – everyday for 3 weeks! And again for 3 months yet to come. This Vaidyagrama is a very special place. The intention itself is beautiful – and much more so since many people have worked hard to bring it to fruition. Thank you to all the doctors that worked with me and to the wonderful therapists and staff. You all helped me overcome my doubts as to whether I could heal – you have started me on the right path. I will help to spread the word; come to Vaidyagrama and heal body, mind & spirit.

Thank you

Kalya Cotkin



February 12 2012

These three weeks have been very transformational for me. The best way to describe it is that it has brought me back to my true self. I appreciate all the big and small things done by the whole team at Vaidyagrama. I think the shift in lifestyle will play itself out for me over the next year and will stay with me for life. We need more places like this around the world.

Thanks for everything




February 11 2012

I came to Vaidyagrama with chronic neck and shoulder pain and a curiosity about Ayurveda. I leave with my pain considerably healed and inspired by Ayurveda. It’s been a revelation. The caring and attention and skill of the staff and therapists, the good cheer of Dr.Ramdas, and Dr.Ramkumar – all this was good medicine.

I did have to adjust to the non-natural sound at first – bustling and talking – but once the sounds became familiar, I found peace with them. I loved the morning breeze, the lizard who greeted me some afternoons, moonrises and sunsets and the faraway beating of drums.

The satsangs are so informative; and inspiring. The morning and evening chants were all lovely.

I leave feeling very graced by my time here. It feels like a new beginning.

Sincere thanks

Shebana Coelho


February 06 2012

After over two weeks of struggle with a debilitating back problem -  a caring family member introduced us to Dr.Ramkumar and Vaidyagrama.

True to its name, Vaidyagrama, the physicians village – every staff member at the center plays a vital role in the healing process.

Our stay began with a detailed session with Dr.Ramadas – who explained the treatment modalities and how the course would take us ahead. My sincere thanks to him, Dr.Harikumar, Dr.Unni who were there to promptly deal with any problem right through our stay.

The routine begins with prayer – taking us through yogic meditation and the awesome oil treatments with kizhi. The therapists Safira, Sajitha, Kanaka and SIndhu – a big thank you to you too! With their magical healing hands and heartwarming concern to any discomfort, I knew I was on a sure road to recovery!

A few days into regime and I could enjoy the beautiful ambience of the place, the simple food, the efficient cleaning team leaving the room with the smell of lemon grass and the effective mosquito repellant – sambrani.

The satsang and prayertime was a venue to meet a wide range of people from across the globe – all here with one purpose of healing through Ayurveda.

The silence and calmness allows one to enjoy nature – the morning bloom, listen to birds twitter, follow a trail of ants to their destination – not to miss our daily reptilian visitor who sat on the bamboo curtain – motionless watching us trying to fool us with its camouflage!

The ecofriendly methods adopted at the Vaidyagrama are commendable. Hats off to the Vaidyagrama team for their futuristic vision – so in tune with the green living we need to practice to preserve our planet for the future generations to come!

Once again a big thank you to all here. I leave here with happy memories of my time spent here.

Shobhana Premkumar



February 06 2012

Serenity. Birds chirping and cawing. Distant drums of a temple celebration. Green all around. This is the setting one would dream of living in, and this is Vaidyagrama. The buildings are so pretty and ecofriendly. The yoga hall with the thatched roof breathtakingly beautiful in its simplicity. The rammed earth or sun dried brick walls rubbed over with red mud looking majestic. I applaud the concept.

The caring doctors, the therapists, the pleasant attendants and all other staff make you feel you are in a different world.

The smell of earth and lemon grass and all other plants made me feel so happy. The therapy was so healing. Dr.Ramadas for his healing touch, Dr.Ramkumar for his vision and articulate explanation of Ayurveda, I thank them. Dr.Harikrishnan, Dr.Harikumar and Dr.Unnikrishnan have all made contribution to our well being – thank you. Jitendra, Ramesh, Praveen and others in the treatment room, thanks for the care.

May the long term vision of Dr.Ramkumar to create a large green community around the center succeed.

My best wishes and thanks once again.




February 05 2012

Thank you for such a warm, caring, healing stay. This level of authenticity in Ayurveda practice is exactly what I was seeking. Wishing Vaidyagrama much good wishes.

Special thank you to Kanaka. She’s been such a joy to be around.




February 01 2012

2012 rolled in for me in an unexpected way and before the month moved on I found myself in Vaidyagrama. I wasn’t feeling the best and did not believe things could be any better. But then here I am 21 days later, singing a different tune. I have no words to express my appreciation to the healing team of Vaidyagrama, you all are truly gifted and wonderful. I take with me a wonderful experience and hope that many more people can share the healing effects of Ayurveda.

Yours in love and friendship

Sree Lakshmi Premkumar


February 01 2012

To everyone in Vaidyagrama

I never knew there existed a place like this near Coimbatore. I came to know about Vaidyagrama through a close friend of mine, Mr.Pradeep, an advocate by profession. I have taken short term treatments before like massage, but never taken any long term treatments before in my life.

I came to Vaidyagrama for the first time I was a little sceptical, but I liked the location and the room was very comfortable. After a couple of days treatment, I started liking the way I felt.

I liked the satsang every evening and Dr.Ramkumar had the ability to keep the audience attention and he had the right answer for every question.

I really enjoyed the morning and evening prayers conducted by Dr.Ramdas and his chanting will be in my mind forever.

I have no comments regarding the food because it has done me a lot of good. I have LOST 8 kg. During this 21 days, I had the opportunity to meet so many good friends from different parts of the world and it was really nice knowing them.

I would like to thank Dr.Harikrishnan, Dr.Om Prakash, Dr.Unni and all the staff in Vaidyagrama for their help in making me feel comfortable and rejuvenated.

I would like to specially thank Mr.Vinod, Mr.Suresh and all the other staff in treatment room for their healing touch.

I would like to specially thank Ms.Sasikala (always energetic and smiling) for her wonderful service.

I would like to make a small suggestion. Since most of your patients are from abroad, it would help them a lot if you had some orientation, explaining them about the Indian food and to eat them and also show them around.

Thanks one and all