December 30, 2019

Mind and eye opening experience.

One week of detailed caring/ medicines/ treatment makes me feel rejuvenated. My diabetes readings are excellent with less insulin.

Will plan to come and stay a month.

Thank you to all doctors and staff.

Mukesh Thakrar



December 30, 2019

Thank you all for your wonderful hospitality and care given during our stay. All staff were very helpful and it was great to see them do their work with so much commitment and humility.  I feel thoroughly important following the treatments and learnt many new things in regards to Ayurveda and general wellbeing. Though I found the lack of activity a challenge in the beginning, I have now realised how much unnecessary energy I was expending in actions that was not really adding in value to my well- being. It is towards the end of the visit that I feel 7days was too short and I look forward for visiting again for 3 week program. 

Thank you all once again.

Amar Thakrar



December 30, 2019

Dear Vaidyagrama family,

Hi, I am Sayaka Oka. I was staying in 105, I am teaching Ayurveda and Yoga in Tokyo, JP. My Guruji, Myra Lewin introduced me to this wonderful place and Dr Ramadas. I came here to experience the traditional treatment of Ayurveda, panchakarma. Thank you for being able to learn a lot of Indian tradition such as Pooja, satsang, Ayurvedic food, herbs and to meet various friends!

I really hope to come back to this wonderful home, Vaidyagrama soon. See you again.

Sayaka Oka

Tokyo, Japan


December 29, 2019

Deep gratitude to all at Vaidyagrama, for creating such a peaceful and healing environment.  What a beautiful way to finish my first visit to India. I feel especially nourished by the daily chanting at morning and evening prayers, the wonderful Yoga Nidra classes and visits to nearby Dhanwantari temple. It is also a joy to hear the wind moving through the trees and herbs here and to sleep nestled inside the mosquito net.                                                                                                                                              So many lovely scents and sounds and new friends I will treasure. I feel blessed by my time here and smile to them to all those who will enjoy this space in the months and years to come.

Julie Elizabeth Dunlop

New Mexico, USA


December 28, 2019

The chief Dr. Ramadas met us and took our medical history and problems. We stayed for 3 weeks. During our stay we were well taken care by the doctors and staffs. We were given treatment which included oil massages. This is something we looked forward and enjoyed it. There were also activities like the satsang by doctors and Vedic talks. All Doctors, Dr. Ramadas, Dr. Sajna, the therapists and helpers were helpful and always performed their duties with a smile.

Vaidyagrama is a beautiful place, with well laid out bungalows, away from the madding crowd. It is idyllic, serene and quiet. Besides Ayurveda treatment, it is good for anyone who wish to have a detox or a retreat. We would say our stay is a celebration and we are on the road to recovery.

Premavathi and Rani Luxmi



December 28, 2019

Dear Doctors and Staff,

Thank you very much for taking care of my son and me. This was the 2nd time we were here. All the doctors and staff are friendly and caring. We thank you, Dr. Harikumar, Dr. Ardent and Dr. Mini for the great care. Special thanks to Dr. Ardent for taking special care of my son during his ghee treatment. For treating him like a younger brother even when my son gave you stern look.

Even though this time my son did not get as much relief as last time, we have an insight into his illness. Thanks to Dr. Ramkumar for suggesting Astrologer.

Thank you for making last minute accommodation for us Aparnaji.

Thank You,

Sattv Mitesh Shah and Rupali Mitesh Shah



December 28, 2019

Being in Vaidyagrama for the fourth time, it was like come back home. It was like a retreat this time. Getting the chance to look at my inner world and, by chanting the prayers and the satsangs, to better understanding of the Hindu approach to the Universe, Hindu philosophy and religion, the connection between the world of Gods, of mankind and of the animals. I felt very well treated again by Dr. Harikrishnan, Dr. Soniya, Dr. Aruna and Dr. Sreeji and the therapists and I am deeply thankful to all of you. I liked the opportunity to get in contact with some of the patients. And I deeply respect the enormous endeavour of Geetha for the people living in the surrounding villages of her and all of you, to feed this hungry old ones and to look after the young ones and giving them the opportunity to go school and get the leaders of tomorrow. I hope to be able to continue this process of new insights. And coming back next year.

Reiner Steinweg



December 27, 2019

Deciding to come to Vaidyagrama was a perfect holiday gift I gave myself, a gift of presence being present with the body and mind.

Thanks to the fabulous team of doctors, therapists and the entire staff who comprehend responsibility, work restlessly, give cheerfully and practice accountability with utmost devotion and respect.

As I celebrate and honour this journey today, I humbly bow with the deepest gratitude to everyone here who has been a part of our healing journey.

We look forward to visiting Vaidyagrama next year.

Thank You all once again for all the care, support and healing energy.

Special thanks to all the doctors who presented during the satsangs. They were informative and very enlighten.

Prabhakaran Purushothaman

Harini Prabhakaran

West Australia


December 26, 2019

Kudos to entire Vaidyagrama team. We had wonderful time here. This is the best relaxing time for ourself ever had. Serene place, smiling staff, conducive for healing. I think below discussions would make patients in- sync.

What are the initial findings?

What are the treatments?

Benefits of the treatment

What to expect after treatment?

Whole hearted best wishes for future expansions. Thank you all so much for making our stay so pleasant.

Ranganatha Bande

Texas, USA


December 26, 2019

Dear all,

Grateful to all of your service with smile on your face all the time. Enjoyed chanting Vishnu sahasranama and Lalitha sahasranama and other prayers. Had a great time with all the guests, doctors and the therapists. Thank you all at Vaidyagrama for supporting the community and maintaining go green policy.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon.

Bharathi Linganna

Texas, USA


December 25, 2019

Thank you for your exquisite knowledge, very kind and dedicated care and for the patience with all my questions.

I take with me, with gratitude, your smiles, advices and prayers and hope to see you again very soon

Mellissa Rakovic



December 26, 2019

Margi and I leave tomorrow. This is our second visit since Feb- Mar 2019 .The morning and evening prayer atmosphere here, physical layout, location away from all hustle/bustle (meaning quiet and no distractions) in addition to care and healing, regular attention to patients attached us back. The environmental awareness and the self-sustaining concepts are at work here- that is an added plus. We must thank Dr. Ramanandan ji, Dr. Vinod ji and the entire staff consisting of all therapists, laundry, housekeeping, IT, reception, accounting and pharmacy.

We wish continued growth to Vaidyagrama as they add new clusters.

Tushar Dhruv

Margi Dhruv

Houston, TX USA


December 25, 2019

Merry Christmas to you all

I would sincerely like to thank you all for a wonderful experience and comfortable stay.  This was my first time coming here and having treatment and despite the bitter medication and the no sleeping, I have had the most amazing time.                                                                                     

Coming here has given me the opportunity to reflect, rejuvenate and better my health and wellbeing.                                                                                                                                                                        I am very grateful and thankful to all the Doctors and therapists that have taken care and supported me during my stay.                                                                                                                                                     I can’t thank you enough. Wishing you all Love, Peace and Harmony.

Bharti Meisuria



December 25, 2019

Merry Christmas to everyone at Vaidyagrama.

Thank you very much for all your support and care during our stay here. Thank you, Dr. Ramanandan, Dr. Vinod and Dr. Prameela for their continuous care and attention.                

 I and my mother enjoyed healing together and the precious time here. My mother will take India in her heart to Poland.                                                                                                 We hope to be back soon.

Thank you


Karolina Raczynska

Dorota Raczynska

London, UK


December 24, 2019

Dear Vaidyagrama family,

This is my first visit to this amazing family. I am touched by the care and healing given here by the doctors, cleaning staff, therapists, staff at back office and the reception. The spiritual ambience of this place has uplifted my soul morning and evening. There is so much positivity in Vaidyagrama that I feel like coming back, again for my healing.

Thank you Vaidyagrama family for all the love and warmth shown by each and every person I have come in contact with.

Sajitha Warrier

Texas, USA


December 23, 2019

Dear all,

Thanks for the kind attention during my Laghu Virechana. I had only 9 days, but the staff and also the doctors were really attentive and caring.

There was a little bit of noise due to the construction of new block but it was understandable.

Hope to come back with more time in the following years.


Illan Fernando


December 22, 2019

Dear Vaidyagrama team, including all staff, therapists and doctors, thank you for creating such an awesome healing space. It has been an amazing experience for Sonal and I, even though for such a short period of time. Please keep up the spirit and hope to visit again sometime in future.

Best regards

With a lot of love and blessings

Sonal and Sandeep



December 21, 2019

Health is wealth. Peace of mind is happiness. Ayurveda showed us the way. This is not a treatment place, but an Ayurveda retreat in the heaven. We are very much overwhelmed with your care, devotion and love. Dr. Harikrishnan, I like your philosophy how healthy argument stimulates your brain. Love your motivation. Dr. Soniya, you are a sweet person, your care with smiling face itself a cure. What a pleasant staffs at this illam. 19 days we didn’t miss out family. We wish and pray all staffs here are happy and healthy with peace of mind.

Bye for now.

Mrs. Sugunambigai Ananthanadesan and Mr. Arunasalam Ananthanadesan



December 21, 2019

A journey inwards, a sanctuary for healing and heightening one’s consciousness.

Deep gratitude to all at Vaidyagrama for providing the space.

Emma Louise Balnaves



December 21, 2019

I say “Neti Neti” since what you have given the “Nameless and Unseen” and nothing is better than that.

Thank you

Sunder Nath (Shandor Remete)



December 18, 2019

Thank you to all the staff here at Vaidyagrama and here at Vaidyalayam. It has been a very restful and rejuvenating stay here for the past 5 weeks; I have really appreciated your kind and accommodating hospitality service. I have particularly loved the lighter and lighter feel of this block. I have enjoyed watching the birds. I’m leaving here feeling really great – BTW Thank you

Ian Glen Thomas



December 18, 2019

Dear Dr. Ramadas, Dr. Ramkumar, Dr. Vasudevan, Dr. Mini, Dr. Sajna, all my divine therapists, housekeepers, laundry staffs, birds and bees, Hakeem for a comfortable bed for an old back, the beautiful warmth and healing rain falling and nourishing trees and plants – Thank you. This is my 5th year at Vaidyagrama and it becomes 5 year old filled with childlike happiness and sing song joy… MAGIC always, healing with happy, healing with touch, healing so much…

Thank you for wonderful classes and thank you for being a magnet for amazing souls from all over the beautiful planet to come and know each other. If got for a brief spell and then travel back to here, becomes restored and healthy.

So much learning here, so much to carry home each year. I leave with a new practice to integrate into my diet, my lifestyle, my soul. Thank you Astrologers and Swamis for blessed pujas, lighting up all circuits in heart. I return again and again without thought to a source of ancient wisdom and health, whole health harmonized.

Thank you Dr Ramadas for your amazing warmth, beautiful smile, and melodious heart felt chanting morning and evening prayers. When I am so far away and my day is almost opposite sunrise, sunset, I am warmed and strengthened thinking, recalling, facing that magnificent, singing out, care to one and all and PRAISE.

Thank you again all, May God Bless and keep you always and may the essence of Vaidyagrama forever in its time radiance always. OM Shanti Shanti Shanti.

Rachel Baller



December 15, 2019

To, everyone in Vaidyagrama community,

Thanks again for the great hospitality service is always great and you guys take care of patients so well as usual.

It is happy to see Vaidyagrama growing, new buildings are coming up with a great plan and create more. I wish Vaidyagrama to grow fast and treat 200 people soon.

I would like to thank Dr. Ramadas, Dr. Vasudevan, Dr. Sajna and Dr. Mini for the extended support and taking care of me very well. Also I would like to thank Biju within and Chiranjeevi for great massage. Thanks to all staff including Athira, Midusha and Naseera. All the best for future plan, I am definitely a fan of Vaidyagrama and will definitely return back soon.

Thanks to everyone once again,

Chakrapani Rao



December 15, 2019

To the Vaidyagrama family,

I don’t have words enough to express my gratitude towards each one of you here be it doctors, therapist, cleaning staff, kitchen staff, for the people in back office and reception.

Truly understood what it means to live a life full of humility, compassion, love, care and devotion and not just praise it.

I’m taking back so many life lessons back with me although my stay here was only eight days.

Lent the most valuable lesson of pulling oneself on the top of priority list and spreading the message of positivity.

I really hope I am able to carry forward some of my learnings is not all as I go back into the real world.

Thank you all once again from the bottom of my heart and hope to see you all again.

Om namasivaya:

Ritu Goul

Gurgaon, Haryana


December 15, 2019

Dear Vaidyagrama family,

I have no words to thank all of you for the love, care and warmth that I have received from each and every one of you in these three weeks. There’s been truly overwhelming experience. I am humbled by the dedication of all the therapists.

The time I spent in Pooja every morning and evening was divine. All the satsangs and lectures where full of knowledge, wisdom and life lessons.

Dr Ramadas, and each and every doctors of Vaidyagrama has a healing hands and heart.

Thank you so much for giving me the mental and spiritual peace and strength. The kind of physical and mental peace experienced in last three weeks, I have never experienced before

Every person of Vaidyagrama staff has a positive smile on their faces.

I have learnt so much in this three weeks and I hope to spread some of this positivity within myself and around me.

Thank you for everything and I miss everyone and everything at Vaidyagrama.

Love you all,

Mona Agarwal



December 14, 2019

Fantastic stay and will definitely back soon (but not too soon I hope). I had no bad experience having my own company for a decade full of growth and change tell me that Vaidyagrama have many fruits to harvest on internal organization of course without losing what makes Vaidyagrama so unique and great, especially as the place and organization grows more on the admin side, medical team very well-functioning.

Thanks again

Kasper Leschly



December 14, 2019

We have been very touched by your kindness, hospitality, and so much care and attention from Dr. Harikrishnan, Dr. Sreeji and all the therapists, even the cleaning lady. Everybody has been so nice and contribute in making this place an excellent environment to nest, to reconnect to one's self and to heal.

Every time the service is improving! Keep up with the great Job and forever. Thank you for preserving authentic Ayurveda.

Group from Guadeloupe (Linda Malti Gobindoss, Sandra Papillone, Girele Marie Joelle, Joselyne Simone)



December 09, 2019

I am so glad I made the decision to come to Vaidyagrama. Everything was so well organized, clean and well thought out. I thank Dr. Harikrishnan for the personal care. I thank Dr. Ramkumar for educating me in a new philosophy of eating and thinking love the charity work that is being done. Wish all those affiliated to Vaidyagrama lots more success in healing and expansion of new projects.

Kashvi Rekhi



December 09, 2019

Thanks to all

Ruivo Mendes Diogo



December 08, 2019

Thanks for the hospitality and care. The vision of this place being sustainable and expanding wellness to the community is beautiful and inspiring.

All the best                                    

Noa Gottfried



December 07, 2019

We are thankful for this amazing hospitality that we received from each one of you.

You touched our heart in a warm way with all the service, treatments and any other interactions we had with you.

Special thanks to Archana who took such great care of us with a loving smile and a kind heart. And of course the rest of the therapy staff for putting their hearts in the therapy sessions.

We are grateful to Dr. Ramadas for his unique personality and for taking the time to not only listen to us with extreme care during the consultations, but also offering his mentorship for other worldly subjects. Big thanks to Dr. Sajna, Dr Mini and Dr Vasudevan for their kind attention.

Pinar and Roei Behri



December 07, 2019

Thank you very much for a peaceful and memorable stay. Staff was very sweet and always ready to please. I enjoyed my retreat here and appreciate all the kindness offered. Best of luck with your incredible project for your Ayurvedic communities.

All the best.

Rhonda Fogel



December 07, 2019

It feels so good to be in a place where people are smiling with a true smile and to be treated with such sweetness and care. It is a true privilege.

Thank you so much to all at Vaidyagrama.

Valerie Ellene



December 07, 2019

Waking up at dawn with the sounds of birds, cows, cats, wind among the trees, leaves, I felt at peace and at home at Vaidyagrama and I am sad to leave. My therapist, lovely, gentle, smart, Vidya and others, served me my kashayam and saluted me with smiling faces always. Doctors took their time with me and I see in their eyes the genuine interest for the things I tell, a sincere effort to get to know me and for sure love. My room cleaning lady Shenbhagam came every morning with buckets of lemon grass smelling cleaning agents and we chatted about this and that as she cleaned my rooms spotless. Oh! I am impressed how everyone communicate in english. I was able to convey my message every time I needed to. I felt loved and cared for here. Dr. Aruna, Dr. Soniya, Dr. Sreeji checked in with me three times a day. Dr. Harikrishnan invoked trust in my heart, not only for ayurveda as a system but to entire humanity because in their efforts and personalities what we, humans were made out of originally goodness and light.

I am leaving with a touch of sadness in my heart as I already feel like part of a big family. But at the same time, I know that I will take them with me their love and care good memories, laughter and healing will travel through space in my heart. Like all families I know they will be there for me in times of need and I will surely come back again.

Much love and many greetings

Defne Suman



December 07, 2019

A place where one is able to rest and reset, listening to the song of unknown birds, the wings of butterflies and heartfelt mornings and entering prayers..

Where there is time for watching the trees grow, the insects meditate or carry on with their duties.

A place where mosquitoes and cockroaches are befriended, as much as frogs and geckos.

Where we are so kindly and dedicatedly taken care of it is almost like being an infant again, in the hands of the grant mother.

With sleep gratitude to an extraordinary team of people, who made us rest and ready to nurture and give it back to the world in due time.

May the spirit of Vaidyagrama remain unspoiled.

Alexandra Hoang Gilbert

Paris, France


December 07, 2019

Thanks a lot.  It was really good time, when I was here, nice place, lovely persons, and effective treatment. I will recommend this place for friends and wish for Vaidyagrama growing up for long years! See you all next time.

Andrey Galitskiy

Moscow, Russia


December 07, 2019

Sincere thanks for all the knowledge and wisdom shared and the kind care and attentiveness to our wellbeing.

We appreciate our healing time here.

All your warm smiles will stay in our hearts with much gratitude

Judy Chih- Ping Yu

Jonathan Mark Horner

Oakland, California


December 06, 2019

Thank you for all the love, warmth and nurturing and the knowledge and expertise that was so willingly shared.

Being here has reminded me of how it can be at home.

With eternal gratitude and heartfelt thanks

I love the endless smiles…

Lara Yvonne Thornton

Melbourne, Australia


December, 06, 2019

An amazing experience in a beautiful community with the biggest heart.

Gansell Jaymin

New Zealand


December, 06, 2019

Thank you so much for attention and detail. It was an absolute pleasure to stay here. You are doing wonderful work and I hope many people will be able to discover Vaidyagrāma and contribute to the places for the whole community.

With Gratitude

Amelie Prema Gita Strecker

Barcelona, Spain


December, 05, 2019

Overall, another excellent experience at the healing village. Sure to come back.


Assistant Doctors=Marvellous

Therapists=Attentive & Gentle

Housekeeping=Absolute pristine cleanliness

Floor staff=Very friendly and attentive


1. Music in therapy needs to be toned down. Whole complex starts buzzing with unnecessary "noise".

2. Quality of music could improve. Not all flutes and chanting are pleasant to ears.

3. Some of the guest are no help either in terms of noise.

My very best to the entire Punarnava/Vaidyagrama family in sustaining this noble initiative. May the spirit of it continue and be blessed by the benevolent deities.

Jai Sri Ram!!

Murari Garodia



December 05, 2019

For helping me find that space in myself for the opportunity to rediscover the sustainable path and rhythm of my life and above all the sense of caring nurture and sincerity in all that you do here at this healing village…

I thank you!

You made it feel like a home and I was one of your family


Laurence Michael Cook

South Australia


December 02, 2019

Dear Vaidyagrama Family,

It has been such a blessing and a privilege to have spent 21 days in a very special healing village amongst a team that makes us all feel special and loved. This is a place where people are happy. I loved the morning and evening prayers and the satsangs were truly educational and inspiring. I enjoyed the food and it was always a happy moment when the food would arrive.

It was wonderful to learn more about the history and philosophy of VG. I was very touched to hear about how you are not only looking after patients but also the wider community. This place feels very special and sacred. The purity of heart and authenticity runs very deep here.

I would also like to extend a special thanks to Dr. Ramadas, for his devotion not only to his patients but also to the prayers and satsangs.

And of course a big thank you to the Doctors, office staff, therapists, cooks, cleaners and everyone who contributes to making VG the special place it is. I will definitely be back.

I thank you Dr. Sajna for your warmth and dedication.

Karen Jenkinson



December 02, 2019

Vaidyagrama is a right place for those who need of Ayurvedic treatment to improve their health system. I wish to thank Dr. Harikrishnan and team for the dedicated service provided to me and my sister during the treatment days. I highly appreciate the team of therapist crew who did their best for the treatment, as well as the serving of medicines and food in timely manner.

Finally I am very much thankful to the founders Of Vaidyagrama choosing their region in Tamilnadu and it is really a gift to the State of Tamilnadu as most of the Ayurvedic centres are in the state of Kerala. Vaidyagrama is a crown for this region.

My special thanks to Dr. Ardent who share his ideas and given me tips of Ayurvedic treatments

Thanks to All

K.P Kalamegam



December 02, 2019

As my wife Lakshmi and I leave Vaidyagrama after a 2 weeks stay. Happily it has been a very satisfying experience and of course deep from Kerala, we felt at home speaking in Malayalam which itself give us a feeling of kinship. The accommodation facilities were comfortable and functions without an air conditioning unit. You are in the various treatments prescribed for you from morning to evening. In particular, the doctors took special particular care and attend to promptly to your every query. The environment was indeed natural. Chanting and the architecture merged well with it. All in all, we enjoyed thoroughly our experience and we look forward to coming back soon. Hope the centre gets to be more popular and many others will benefit from it.

We are originally from Kerala and residing at Mumbai

Vivek Nair

Lakshmi Nair

Mumbai, India