December 31, 2018

I came to Vaidyagrama with a knee pain which was not going away inspite of taking medicines. Within 10 days of starting the treatment, the knee pain vanished.

The treatment were very intense, the journey through helped not only physically but mentally and emotionally to slow down and take care of my health. Excellent care, food and treatments. I would recommend this experience for all, especially to staffs of Vaidyagrama.

Geetha Mohandas



December 31, 2018

A nice nourishment for my body and soul. A very good place to take care of myself. I receive good advices and now I feel sleepy at 9.30 and I can wake up at 5.30. i am not too nervous when I don’t sleep and when there are noises every day something new to listen with nice peoples satsang and chanting I hope next years to learn move the morning chants .all people have are kind and smile. The doctors very available!




December 29, 2018

Dear Doctors and staffs,

Thank you for your meticulous care and attention. Thank you for living Ayurveda. I go home after a 35 days of panchakarma and look forward to the rejuvenation part of this cycle.

Inspired I am




December 29, 2018

Dear Vaidyagrama Community,

My heart brim's with deep gratitude for all the love, kindness and skilful care. I have received over the past 6 weeks.

You have shown me how to tend my body and stabilize my mind. You have taught me how to deepen my spirit. Because Ayurveda lives in all of you here. It now lives in me. I bow to all of you with profound respect and love.

Pamela Fuller 



December 28, 2018

Dear Vaidyagrama family

Once more I had a wonderful stay at Vaidyagrama and hopefully it won't be the last one. Thank you that I had the opportunity to stay again at this most wonderful place.

My special thanks goes to Dr Harikrishnan, Dr Mini and Mrs Lakshmi for their excellent dedicate care during the last few days which were not so easy for me.

A big thank you also to all other doctors therapists and staff members for their kind commitments and supports which made my stay so comfortable.

I will miss you warm wishes 

Claire Burri,



December 26, 2018

We have a very nice stay at Vaidyagrama. So nice and satvik place. Good for the body, mind and soul. Very well organized and managed with wonderful surroundings. Thank you very much for the nice care we get. The doctors are wonderful. Dr. Ramanandan take care of us so nicely, personal and empathetic, as well the others, Dr. Hari Kumar, Dr. Aiswarya, Dr. Arun etc.

Dr. Ramdas inspire us every day with his Chanting mantra and lectures. Therapists done a very nice job, Arun and others and specially Santosh with his personal and dedicated attention. Vaishnavi and the other lady to very good care of our needs and the rest of the staff always ready to help and very nice. 

So only I can say thank you very much for your dedication and I pray that the Lord bless you to maintain so good work and spirit in this wonderful place with this nice spiritual atmosphere

Hare krishna-Jay Radhe Shyam

Jagannatha das

Juan Blanco



December 26, 2018

In the midst of cities expanding everywhere with pollution and noise this place is an Oasis Neutering body mind and the spirit with its tranquil environment and nature. Everything is done here with care and love from the rooms to the detail attention to patients needs and health.

Also the therapist and cleaners do things with care and cleanliness.

Will surely recommend to friends since the doctors don't only treat with Ayurveda but live with the principles themselves.

May you continue and thrive in the years come.

Raman patel



December 26, 2018

Thanks  Vaidyagrama for giving me the rest I needed thanks, for your generous time and wisdom Dr.Ramadas and Dr. Renjisha so kindly checking on me everyday Thanks to all the other lovely star i met along the way too.

 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year



December 26, 2018

I will return and return and return 

Annick boe



December 26 2018

Thanks for Vaidyagrama for giving me the rest I needed. Thanks for your generous time and wisdom Dr. Ramadas and to Dr. Renjisha for kindly checking me every day. Thanks to all the other lovely staff I met along the way too

Merry Christmas & happy New Year




December 25, 2018

This is second visit had many challenges for me . I was not well when i arrived and was often unable to let go of my fears. There was much love, care and skill offered me for the four weeks and although I am not sure of what will awact me in the next months. I have learned many valuable lessons. My room was perfectly located and I spent many hours on my week with the birds especially. Even though I am unsure right now, I can see a path  more clearly for addressing especially emotional fragility. Even something so simple as chronic hoarseness place my voice above my throat. when I am afraid and the sound that comes out. I have not been able to accept. So shiva’s breathing instructions have been very helpful. I will seek further help to move my mind and my self back down into my heart.

I have deep gratitude even when sometimes. I have not been able to touch it skillfully.

Ms. Bethan



December 25 2018

Dear Dr. Ramkumar, Dr. Ramadas, Dr. Harikumar, Dr. Mini, Aparnaji, all therapist, housekeeping team and the rest of Vaidyagrama family.

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for your love and care. I am grateful.

Merry Christmas and happy New Year



December 19, 2018

Thank you Vaidyagrama for providing this love for healing. Thank you Dr. Harikrishnan for your caring and wisdom. I thanks to all the doctors and therapiest for loving much and good care of me. The treatments, food and medicines were also healing. So many of my symptoms already disappeared. 


Ms. Raquel 



December 18, 2018

I feel very lucky and blessed to have had the opportunity to be here at vaidyagrama. I have so many people to thank, starting with Aparna ji for accomodating me. The ever smiling sonia and the front desk team instantly made me feel athome and comfortable. Infact the whole team has been very warm and caring. I cant get over the smiles & good vibes everyone of the staff sends out. Thank you Dr. Harikesh for pushing me to finish my ghee each day and Dr. Siva jothi for checking up on me. Dr. Mini you are a star. Thanks for all the chats, I feel like I have made a good friend and I hope we will be in touch. Dr. Harikrishnan I cannot thank you enough. You are easiest the kindest, gentlest, wisest doctor I have come across. Thank you so much for reminding me to surrender and teaching me to be still. Shalini, Deekshita and Devaki are such amazing people always smiling and always putting us, the patients before even themselves. There were days I could see they were tired or not well but they continued with what they had to do with a smile sakunthala. I love the philosophy behind everything at vaidyagrama. It is so much of what our world needs today. It was definitely what I needed and has been my sanctuary for the last 25 days. I am having major pangs about leaving and I really hope I will be back again soon. 

A big Thank you to vidyagrama and everyone who helps in making it happen.

Ms. Karishma Sahi



December 17, 2018

Nanri Everybody.

I met wonderful persons(Doctors, Therpiest Room cleaners, other staffs and patients).

I never forget you!

I know detachment is important so attachment is not back and I will think about you.

Thanks to be like you. Please be happy. Take care of you.

Have a marvelous 2018 end and coming year 2019......

Ayurveda and vaidyagrama will be in my heart foever.

Thanks for your patient, await, smile.......

My english language is horrible but my heart send you many thanks and love.

Ms. Estelle Dandurand



December 16, 2018

 Thank you Vaidyagrama for another 3 weeks of care warmth and healing space at all levels of my being! I am deeply grateful for the calmness that Vaidyagrama offers - the space, the doctors and therapists! It’s very soothing! Thank you very much Dr Hari for your caring and wise demeanour! It puts an anxious mind at rest, just seeing you and a few words from you and I begin to see positivity and immense hope! It is amazing how fully present you are, when talking to me!I feel heard and understood! Thank you for putting forth very realist expectations from me, who continues to be invested much in senses! Thank you and God bless you!

Thank you Dr Mini for your engaging presence! You manage to hold multiple veins in your hands very well! May your qualities spread and nourish all aspects of your life!

 Lakshmi Didi grateful for your caring hands! You have love in your heart and it show beautifully in all you have done Day after day for me! God bless you is heartfelt, I can tell god bless you too!! Anju thank you for your calm presence, it does a lot without you’re doing!! Adira I love your gentleness. May you see much growth as a therapist in the years to come!

Thank you, Dr Ramdas, for your chanting and your easy laughter, my regards and best wishes to you always!

Dr. Ramkumar what do I say???I love your satsangs! And I love and cherish our on and on conversation! Each visit I go back with at least a great thought to ponder over and leaves and many more warmings’! May God's grace be in plenty for you!

My prayers love and best wishes for Vaidyagrama,

For all who serve here and for all who come here to heal.

 Housekeeping - thank you for all you do for us!

A suggestion treatment rooms and bathrooms should be cleaned thoroughly by cleaning staff between treatments.

Kitchen-I have seen improvement over my last three visits! Please keep up the good work. Healthy food and good taste can go together at all times made this thought be the energy in Vaidyagrama kitchen.




December 16, 2018

The peace of Vaidyagrama can be sensed as one approaches the entrance that sense of peace remains strong me in after the intensity of the treatment nor the strangeness of the food nor the black wriggly insect that bit me at mid night.

To say that the kindness caring sensitivity are all so intrinsic point to a … impulse and manifestation which is a healing inspiration in itself.

With deepest gratitude and appreciation




December 16, 2018

Thank you for this paradise on earth made true.

Your vision, ethic, respect of nature in all aspects, your humanity, love, compassion, and real kindness, care in every moment have astonished me. 

Thank you to Dr. Ramadas and Dr. Renjisha, to Bindu and all the therapist who took care of me every day with so much patience caring, listening.

Thank you to the house keepers who made my place beautiful every day. All the persons who are working in the garden to make it a heaven, and the amazing cooks…I have never eaten such a delicious and so sattvic food.


I come back with one sentence 

“My body is amazing”

I wish and hope to come back soon

Not for panchakarma but for other reasons

Take care of you all.

With love and joy….




December 15, 2018

Dear Vaidyagrama community

I can't say it has been the easiest of most comfortable of stays, but then it's not meant to be. The all-pervading love and consciousness that all of you hold in your heart and share with all of us, looking to heal is powerful and bright.

Too a hold our hands through the healing time. Thank you for sincerely taking care of us wishing you love and happiness condiment in your lives.




December 14, 2018

Dear all the staff members at Vaidyagrama,

This is my first visit here. At first the quietness of the place scared me but as the days passed I love this peaceful environment. All the staff from doctors to the cleaning people are very courteous and helpful. This place has some of the best Ayurvedic doctors. Dr. Ramkumar, Dr. Ramadas (my doctor), and others. They have found a perfect combination of Ayurvedic medicine and spiritual healing. They strive not only to cure but heal the patient from deeper inner perspective all my therapists were also patient and wonderful. The facilities design is basic from the perspective of modern conveniences but that is by design. I believe the goal here is to have the patient know themselves by being away from all the worldly pollutions. Doctors here are very spiritual and conduct satsang and prayers to awaken spiritually and impart knowledge of Ayurveda. I here also enjoyed group dinners meeting other patients from different parts of the world. Have also enjoyed entertainment after group dinner.

Overall first time visit was very good. I am impressed. Only one complaint mosquitos, even though staff doing fumigation multiple times a day to control the mosquitos population but it seems are winning the battle. God bless all the people of Vaidyagrama and big THANK YOU




December 13, 2018

 I am very grateful to all the staff of Vaidyagrama thank you for your love and treating me like family .I pray that Vaidyagrama continues to help people in the journey of body mind and spiritual health as Dr. Ramadas says Wow it is Amazing!!! 

Much love 

Dheeraj Agarwal



December 12, 2018

Dear Vaidyagrama 

Hare Krishna

This is my first time in Vaidyagrama but I am feeling I am I already a part of this wonderful Vaidyagrama family. I never felt myself a patient, this is very peaceful and cooling to mind and heart to stay here, during my two weeks of treatment. I able to see that the doctors and all the other staff are very happy, spiritual always giving their love selflessly to each other and whoever they meet, always motivating the patients positively.

 This is really wonderful which we can't see in normal hospitals I am very happy to be here because I learnt how one should love other, from Heart by looking at the people here .I understood the meaning of love ,humanity and spirituality I want to offer my deepest gratitude towards my doctors who cared me a lot during my treatment Dr Ramadas, Dr. Renjisha and Dr Arun special thanks to Dr.Ramadas  who never felt disturbed when I was asking many questions to him, he was always happily ready to answer all my questions and to motivate me, inspiring me ,to be positive I must say he is a special gift to all of us given by Lord .

Thank you very much for being a wonderful doctor and a spiritual healer especially of mind. I am offering my respectful obeisance onto Dr Ramadas and all other doctors and staffs including the cleaners.

Thank you for all the Satsang’s, classes, Yoga nidra, meditation, prayers and food. Thank you for giving me the wonderful experience here.

All the best wishes always 

Hare Krishna


December 12, 2018 

What does beautiful time here go??

It seems I just arrived and......

Dear Vaidyagrama you are my Christmas in the true sense and spirit of this amazing holiday, Holy season .This is my fourth holiday visit, my health has improved with care and supervision of Dr. Ramadas and amazing therapist Kalpana and Geethu. Beautiful stunning hands and warm hugs and healing oils. The conscientious housekeepers too. 

It’s said we make our own heaven here on earth and there is a tremendous wisdom in that statement. Nevertheless I am always amazed at the community that exist here and feel it can only be inspired, graced by a higher force. Am filled with gratitude and in awe of everyone here, good hearted, bright friendly souls all and everyone joining in this healing ,happy ,inspirational place Unique on the planet .Thank you for this divine place, nature own .For the last three night I have been going to sleep without a sleeping pill after 15 years 5175 Nights. It's been long journey and coming to Vaidyagrama has made it possible.

Thanks to Dr. Ramadas for his presence and special thanks to Dr. Sajna for her love and care. I am simply grateful and I am filled with happiness from every minute here. I am sad to leave silly enough to wish I come take every one home with me. Wish we could all get on a big bus and sing all over the world together .I'll be happy thinking of everyone and looking forward to my next visit. Many blessings to all thank you for the healing the spirit as well as the body

Thank you for being.

Much love

Rachel baller



December 10, 2018

I am vasantha bandaru, Thank you VaidyaGrama team, thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the panchakarma treatment and the love support you all offered me. I will highly recommend your services to all my friends, and  next time I will stay here thank you so much.

Vasantha Bhandaru,



December 10, 2018

My heartfelt thanks to Dr. Ramdas ji, therapist Libin, other doctors and entire team of Vaidyagrama .Attention to detail in everything that you do here. The patient care, taking care of event simplest needs and the love shown to each other makes this place a heaven.

I pray for you to continue success in healing mind and body.

Shiva muthuswamy 



December 9, 2018

It was a very interesting experience being in this Serene environment with the chirping of birds. It was a very different kind of experience with spirituality included in the treatment.

The staff and doctors are very approachable and friendly, only thing I would like to comment in the food - You need to have a good dietician who can give a balanced and nutritious yet light in the stomach depending upon the individual need of the patient. There is too much coconut and banana in all the meals.

This is my honest feedback

Thank you once again all the doctor and staff specially block B Dr Ramadas.

With gratitude

Renu sheth 



December 07, 2018

To the temple of healing Vaidyagrama

Feeling healed and rejuvenated.

Thank you Dr. Harikrishnan and Dr Mini for the involvement with which you reach out. This has given tremendous confidence, helping me on the road to a healthy life.

Very courteous and loving staff, each one of them. Enjoyed the informative satsangs. What to say about the ambience it's so calm and spiritually uplifting.

I also heard about the many social causes for which Vaidyagrama has extended its helping hands prayers for all success.

Much love 

Rohini Mohandas



December 07, 2018

True to its name Vaidyagrama has been a holistic healing village to my body and mind. I am amazed at how at a physical level there has been an amazing transformation in span of two weeks. The Psoriasis that has haunted me for 2 years, now a phenomenal change under the care of Dr. Harikrishnan. I am truly thankful to him from the bottom of my heart. I am sure with his continued treatment and advised dietary plus lifestyle changes from my side I would find complete cure.

At a mental level this has been the first time I have attempted to stay solo in my thirty seven years. With my fear of sleeping staying alone I could not have pulled it up, but for the positive vibrations and secure feeling Vaidyagrama gives by way of the chants, satsangs, the beauty of the tiled passages brick and clay walls the timely sambrani smoke and flows the friendly smiling and loving stuff. And of large most importantly the birds and the greenery. I wish you would put a mesh around the sit out, so that we can spend longer hours outside safely protected against the insects and reptiles.

Dr Mini you are solely and all in all, with your energetic and smiling self-looking into all aspects of our stay and treatment. And also sharing some lighter moments during our conversation thank you so much. Hope the sapling I planted grows.

Dr. Harikesh you were very thoughtful to check on me every now and then during my rather tough "snehapanam" days thank you!

Dr ramdas for his soulful rendering of the Vishnu and Lalita Sahasranama, it add so much strength and positivity during our stay.

Thanks to all the therapist who are each individually so sweet and caring. Anju Subhash etc. my special thanks to Lakshmi chechi for genuinely caring for me and to Devaki for her personal involvement and attention during the days I had a painful back. She is really good. Athira for her sweet smile and her enthusiasm to do everything right for us.

She sure has a great future.

Lastly to shenbagam Chechi for her effective housekeeping.

May Vaidyagrama continue to grow thoughtfully and sensibly?

Roopa Mohandas



December 5, 2018

Very nice and energetic place for rejuvenation Therapy. I have been coming here from 2013 April and I am inspired by the dedication of the entire team of doctors therapist and the caretakers.

Very happy and want to make it once in a year for rejuvenation.




December 5, 2018

Beautiful healing atmosphere and attentive core an every level. And especially enjoyed listening to birds and nature in my porch.




December 3, 2018 

A nice nourishment for my body and my soul, a very good place to take care of myself, I receive good advices and now I feel sleepy at 9:30 and can wake up at 5:30. I am not so nervous when I don't sleep and when there are no noises every day. Something new to listen with nice people (Satsang chanting) I hope next year to learn more the morning chants.

All people here are kind and smiling, the doctors are very available.

Thank you