December 2016


December 31 2016

Om Namaskar and Namaste,

My deepest gratitude to Vaidyagrama, The Doctors, The Therapists, cooks, Cleaners, and all Admin and souls who support this healing heaven .I have healed, Grown and experienced so much in my short time here. Your un ending patients and compassion has targeted me the most. I am having with a full heart true conviction that love is the ultimate medicine .May we meet again and all see this beautiful Ayur  village there for many year to come.

Love to any fellow kripalu journeying souls who stay here and deep appreciation for the entire guest what remarkable souls are called here.

Thank you

I Love You,

In deep Respect,

Katherine Wilson.



December 29 2016

Vaidyagrama is Eden here on earth. In January of this year (2016) I cashed in all of my delta Sky miles so that my mother, Cynthia and I could come to India together. Less than three weeks after securing that tax I discovered a lump in my light breast.

In a matter of weeks, my life as I knew it who shaken. Because of my early detection I was thankfully only stage IC, however, because I was 37 years old, my doctor insisted that I take the genetic test. It turned out that I carry the BRCA2 genetic mutation.

My mother was tested some months later and also has this. Fast Forwarded to 3/4/16- I had a double mastectomy and all the nodes they removed had cancer cells, 23 weeks of chemotherapy and 28 days of radiation left scans and considerable pain and tightness around my heart. I should mention that in 2014, my husband suffered 3 strokes at the age 40.

We also moved one lines from New York to TN in 2013. Lots of stress and no good way to deal with it.

It was always a tremendous beacon of light at the end of a dark and often perilous tunnel, coming to vaidyagrama. My correspondence with Aparna immediately can’t set my mind at ease. After one large flight answered the world (ATL –SENEL-MUMBAI) we missed one flight to Coimbatore so arrived a day late to Vaidyagrama a chuckle now. Remembering how high strange we both were sitting in the reception area, sipping ginger tea. Dr. Harikumar  received us warmly and on a personal note ,Wisely noted that the tie reason I was here was to mend my spirit ,This place, All the staffs, My treatments ,The care of Dr.Harikumar and Dr Ramanandan, Supported a significant amount of physical healing but the greatest gift of all was the lightness of spirit . I was again found joy in playing my violin. As my spirit soared so did the magic. I shall never forget Christmas Eve and playing beloved carols and enjoying fellow patients to sing with the tune of Dara, My new (old) Violine.

Cynthia and I also could not give thanks enough to darling Geetha, Reshma and Vineetha. Dr.Sivajyothi   whose sweet, Calm, watchful presence made our stay here unforgettable. We will be returning.

Thanks Vaidyagrama for the fertile seeds of self care, gift of friendship and peace.

Happy New Year

Cynthia Stroud Watson

Bryony Stroud Watson

Tennessee, USA


December 29 2016

I came to vaidyagrama with a specific plan looking for a combination of relaxation and improving my eyesight and acidic teals. But as my time here unfolded, I realised that you can’t plan for the lessons that life decides to teach you, especially when coming to such a sacred place like vaidyagrama where it feels you have at god’s home and at is mercy.

In the 12 days that I was here, I only had 5 days of treatments but the lessons and spiritual realisation were some of the most valuable than I ever had in my whole life and even greater than last year when I stayed for longer as it this place just keeps on getting better. Somehow vaidyagrama worked out it magic and gave me what my mind thought it wanted as the mind is always such a tricky monkey.

It’s amazing how the healing you receive here comes not just from the treatments but from just being here with yourself and seeing love in action in the staff, therapists and of course doctors. Every moment every interaction becomes so meaningful and so healing at every level.

Thank you Dr. Ramadas, Dr. Aruna, Dr. Harikumar for all your patience and teachings.

Thank you Dr. Ramadas for answering my crazy calls even in the middle of the night and for our last conversation when it just suddenly all mode of sense and tears in my eyes came that were not burning or acidic, How magical was that!

Thank you everyone for all your smiles and all the therapists for their kindness and love.

Please continue with this work.

Thank you shiny for the nice bed time massages and nice conversation.

With love for all of you.

Vanessa Leon

London, UK.


December 29 2016

There are few times in life when I have felt so grateful. Today I leave vaidyagrama with a feeling of having been loved, taken care of and helped heal in very special ways. Dr. Ramadas, Dr. Harikumar and Dr. Aruna have been excellent in listening to my doubts and have guided me to not only heal my imbalances, but more importantly to be closer with my soul. My purpose is to keep my soul happy at all times as Dr. Harikumar told me.

This was my second time at vaidyagrama and its amazing how again I am learning with more than I was expecting to receive. I am leaving with important life lessons, which will be invaluable to continue my healing to develop a new relationship with myself, one that will heal me everyday not just physically but also mentally and emotionally.

It is the spiritual background of love behind each action of all the staff at vaidyagrama behind also each smile that makes this place so unique. Please continue keeping such an open heart as that is as healing as all the treatments you love is contagious! I will also always remember how Dr. Ramadas taught me to trust my body capacity to heal and to believe more in myself. Pain is only there to be loved as that is an indication of the body. One just needs to accept and love our karma. Lastly all of this would not be possible without the amazing care of the therapists Vinod  Sachin and Sreeraj have been fantastic always giving their best to provide the best possible care.

Thank you to you all. I will always have you in my heart.

Noel Garcia



December 28 2016

A heaven of serenity and healing Vaidyagrama is truly a treasured space. To be honest I was a little apprehensive about spending one entire month in a place so far and away from everything familiar but the end my experience it is safe to say it has not only nourished we physically but mentally and emotionally as well. Everyone here is extremely committed to the aim of healing and ensures that the environment is conducive to that.


Dr Harikrishnan, Dr Kesari, Dr Mubash, and Dr Arsha are amazing. To all  the frantic times I would go receiving to them they would ever so peacefully settle my doubts with smiling faces Laxmi, Kalpana, Indumathi, Anita, the housekeeping team and all the other therapists were great! It was my special to experience their selfless dedication.

Dr.Ramkumar satsang were always a storehouse of knowledge and insight.

Dr. Ramadas prayers and presentation were very memorable.

Community dinners are something I looked forward to every week with great food and company. Big cheers to Preethi for ensuring that the kitchen dishes out such great food.

A big thank you to the entire team who works timelessly behind the same.

All in all this was an enriching and heart-warming experience.  It enabled me to in touch with my creative skills again and to just hit the pause button. I now realize how important it is to just stop and simply be.

Kudos to the whole team for creating and maintaining this gem of a place.

Lots of love


Jaipur India


December 28 2016

This is our stay at an Ayurveda healing centre and we are impressed. Impressed with everything the doctors, therapists, support staff, food, and treatment. Environment and the love go on.

The best part of this place is that is eco friendly.

The stay was relatively short but we have learnt a lot during this visit and hope to make significant life changes.

Thank you vaidyagrama

Solai Ramanathan



December 27 2016 

Vaidyagrama, truly authentic experience 

A beautiful place with the truly wonderful staff doctors providing all experience conducive to healing at all levels.

Congratulations to and my heartfelt gratitude to the Visionaries and founders of Punarnava for creating this space so we can all have an opportunity to imbibe the essence of Ayurveda the art of living.

Thank you deeply to all this staff especially Dr Ramadas for his guidance and kindness to my Therapist shiny, Archana, Manjusha for tirelessly taking care of all my needs and making my stay here so nurturing which I needed.


May God bless Vaidyagrama and its community 

Much love 

Mamta Pranjivan



December 27 2016

This is my third visit to vaidyagrama in the last one year. Although these last two visits have been rather short I'm so grateful for the opportunity to visit this little Oasis that allows me to get in touch with my true self.

When I first visited this place I did not know anything about Ayurveda and I went back with the goldmine of knowledge and understanding and experience of what contributes to good health.

The warmth and generosity of the doctors and staff feels my heart with gratitude.

The birds and the trees and the quiet and peace calm my mind.

The prayers Nourishes my soul.

The healthy diet and treatment nourishes my body.

 I return with a spirit that feels nurtured Thank you one and all Vaidyagrama

Manisha Mudgal



December 26 2016

Another wonderful experience totally unique.

Thank you Hare Krishna

This is a sacred space. I am so grateful to have found you all that you continue to show me.

Love and wonderful adventures for 2017

Emily Reed 

London, UK


December 26 2016

I am so happy to spend Christmas in a lovely place full of care I came here not so well slowly realised how the life My I'm leaving is contributed to its life is been telling me to slow down and ignore the signs and tell my body forced me to stop it took a lot to get here but when I did I had a complete face.

 Dr Ramadas is a magical person example we should all try to be us all the staff here I put no names because everyone including those who is smile but whose names are unknown to me and faces too.

I know what a community spirit is and the Inspiration on this land is seed in itself. That grows into this heaven. 

I am sad to leave and fully grateful for the patience, understanding and dedicated love that beats in the pulse of Vaidyagrama.

I am inspired when I have learnt so much that I did not know even though I wish I searched before coming here.

Everyone here has fruitful by healing transition and the beautiful treatments. I have made an addition I didn't expect. There is still so much to do and I hope to contribute in the future as I know my relationship to this humble but very special place it's only beginning. I have change in so many ways and it is only the beginning.

Thank you with such deep gratitude for the work and traditions you done. It is magical, mystical and so natural all at once.

Thank you for creating a plan for us so lovely to be to rest to stop to heal learns and begins again. During my stay I have observed myself are all noticeable where I did not see clearly before.

Thank you for the new beginning perfect at the start of New Year.

God bless all

Lillian Chou



December 25 2016

Happy Christmas to all

 At vaidyagrama it was a very immense  6 days to short for a deep experience, a love the most the morning and evening practice to live and experience it was a bless love and enjoy all the treatment.

Like to thanks all the staff and the doctors.

Nikhil JC Leal



December 25 2016

Coming to Vaidyagrama was a blessing.

Discovery of what a healing village actually means was a beautiful experience. The combination of deep spirituality, unwavering commitment and easy goingness touched us profoundly.

We are ever grateful for the cozy nourishing magic you have created here.

May it proliferate and live a long life of its own.

Thanks for all the care which revoked most treasured childhood memories, and for all the inspiration which hopefully will materialise in something good and of course for the gift of the present.

Love and blessings

Tatiana and Pavel



December 24 2016

This is my second visit to Vaidyagrama. I have been more impressed after leaving how it all started how it has progressed to the present state. I am proud to be Indian and utterly delighted that Ayurveda is spreading across the world and it is truly authentically practiced in Vaidyagrama. After practising medicine UK for last 37 years I wish conventional medicine and Ayurveda join forces to better most of many patients who suffer with pain and disability and early mortality. I have every faith that with such a dedicated team medical, Therapist, cooking catering, cleaning, Administration who do their jobs so efficiently with a constant smile on their faces. Vaidyagrama will go from strength to strength.

I have learned so much from daily satsang with Dr Ramkumar and Dr Ramadas cannot express my gratitude in words to my Dhanvantari Dr Ramadas. God bless to all those who works here.

Dr.Sushma sabnis

London, UK


December 21 2016

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for looking after me and educating me during my stay at Vaidyagrama. The attention to detail and care given during treatment are really outstanding. The environment is so supportive to healing which is hard to find. 

The open mind of Dr.Ramkumar is really inspiring and it was a pleasure to hear him talk on the whole ranges of subjects.

Shiny was an angel therapist always very helpful and full of good heart for the patient. I wish I could stay a bit longer so that the body and mind can get closer to being one with nature.

I hope you returned in the future I wish all the stuff here good health and prosperity in the New Year 2017.

With love 





December 21 2016

At the end of 3 weeks stays. I cannot see yet fully the impact of the whole treatment and all the influences and surrounding atmosphere I am curious how this will unfold in the next months at home in daily life.

What I can say now is the longer I was here the better familiar at home I felt.

I want to thank for all the care, support to all who work contribute to this place here to wake it a true healing place. I enjoyed greatly the quietude and friendly holding of the place.

Deeply impressed by the great vision you are shoving together to enlighten it great respect for this.

Most important for me were the satsang given by Dr. Ramkumar this open mind inspired me deeply and some of his outlining thoughts of what Ayurveda is about gave me new perspective may be learn to listen to your body see I want to cultivate.

Thanks to all




December 22 2016

Thank you is not the right way to express my Deep and grateful feelings vaidyagrama meant for me a strong stop in my normal life full of food stress and anxiety. At the beginning was the shock. The empty life and doctors telling you that you don’t have to do nothing Where really had requests.

A part of me was not aware of resting- resting -resting not thinking –not thinking –not thinking the other part of myself instead started to enjoy the new empty life, soon filled of new simple things like birds, flowers, rain, sun song, Prayers and love . Now my challenge is to make win the second part of myself a little be farer from mind and rationality. It would take time but it will happen.

Yesterday, I planted a pomegranate tree in the garden. Each fruit will born from this little in your life will be my infinite.

 Thank you to Vaidyagrama.

Thanks to Dr. Ramadas and his loving smile.

Thanks to Dr.Aruna for her kindness and support.

Thanks to shiny for her lovely touch and wonderful smile.

Thanks to Dr.Ramkumar for the interesting satsang

Thanks to Preethi for allow life and food talks.

Thanks to the entire patient staff from the house keeping to the smoke lady.

Thank you even for the other patients in vaidyagrama.

Sharing together helped me a lot.

I will be back soon. I am sure.


Elisia Menduni



December 21 2016

A thank you does not seem to convey our deepest gratitude to everyone at Vaidyagrama. However we hope that we showed everyone here the same kindness, love, patience and attention that we received. Not knowing what to expect before arriving but having faith that everything will work out Vaidyagrama exceeded all our expectations. The pure serenity of the environment was our first clue that this place is a rarity and a treasure. We knew we were in the right place immediately and with watch passing day, we became so comfortable in our mind, body and soul. We cannot say enough about how Vaidyagrama is so conducive to the healing process.  This was our last visit and certainly won't be our last.

A big heartfelt thank you to all our therapists reshma, geetha and our Dr.Ramanandan and Dr. Siva jyothi for all their hard work and smiling faces. We enjoyed all the satsang with Dr. Ramkumar and Dr. Ramadas as we learned something new about Ayurveda and ourselves in each session. The community dinners were a real treat and fostered a real sense of community. The food was fantastic too. To all the staff, working behind the scenes thanks you for making our stay enjoyable, clean and comfortable. To all the cooks, the food was extremely delicious thank you for nourishing our bodies. We wish everyone here at Vaidyagrama a happy healthy and joyful 2017.

Happy New Year.


Murali dharani, Ilam and Meha muralidharan

Vancouver, BC, Canada 


December 20 2016

My second visit to Vaidyagrama, because the first visit really ended before I could finish healing. 

 I came with the intention of supporting stem cell treatment to regrow knee cartilage.  I stayed to nurse one of the kittens who were attached to buy a dog.

Kudos to Dr. Ramadas who lives advice given by Lord Saturn to the king. A physician looks to alleviate the suffering of all patients.

Thank you doctor for your help with my patience. 

Thank you also to all staff some remembered from my previous stay, others new family.

Blessing on vaidyagrama and all the wonderful work done here and  blessings on all the creature (2,4,6,8 or milli-legged )  who inhabit this Sacred space.

P.s. I will always remember the plentiful smiles.

Christine allon



December 20 2016


Yes it has made as proud Indian, yes I feel proud that Ayurveda is still alive and it is our medical science Vaidyagrama has proved it.

The committed Services of not only physician and the Therapist but also the entire team who was behind the scenes are highly appreciated.

Thank you very much entire team of Vaidyagrama Excellent everything please keep it up.

Kavita and sadanand



December 18 2016

I was in search of the authentic Panchakarma experience that could make a real difference in my life I have not been disappointed.  Further the energy and the vision of Vaidyagrama offered inspiring and uplifting I could not have to sell a better place for the healing that so badly needed Dr Ramanandan was patience and answered all my questions.

Felt to talk safe in his hand and eternally grateful to him generosity of spirit. Vaidyagrama gives you what you need most and what more could we ask for? I loved the Satsang with Dr. Ramkumar love the ambience and the simplicity of the place. Love the cats to please do not ever send them away.

To all in all thank you to all the staffs that make it happen.

Much appreciated and eternally grateful.

In terms of suggestions the cooking class could be so much more substantial and informative given how important the role of food is in Ayurveda this class is critical and could be developmental full Ayurveda cooking class.

Also perhaps then could be a little more variety in the food offered without comprising in the principles.

Lastly given the cost, perhaps the essentials like toilet paper and soap could be provided in the bathrooms.

With much love and appreciation


Sydney, Australia


December 18 2016

Very good hospitality and thank you for all of staff Vaidyagrama.

T. Sivakumar

Sri Lanka


December 18 2016

Dear vaidyagrama

The experience here exceeded our expectations. We are leaving with so much gratitude and appreciation for the ways in which Ayurveda and healing is practiced with so much authenticity integrity and humility.

All the thoughtful attention that goes into everything from the smallest architectural details, to the responsibility towards eco friendly practices to ultimately the practice of Ayurveda wisdom in its purity all of this contribute to such a conducive atmosphere of deep wholesome healing.

We have been touched by Dr. Ramanandan humble and soft spoken manner, Dr. Ramkumar down to earth, yet palpably lucid wisdom and articulation of the values behind Ayurveda. The way in which all the staff members share a gentle smile and place that hand on their heart to great feels deeply welcoming.

Spending time here has helped my husband and I reconnect with each other and reconnect of our own values of simple and honest living.

We are filled with gratitude for all the beautiful work and values being cultivated at vaidyagrama.

Our intention this morning as we planted a papaya and tulsi sapling and bid our silent goodbye to this amazing place was clear. May this plant grow and benefit all those who come here to heal and give others the gift of healing May vaidyagrama thrive and prosper in its vision.

With lots of love


Praveen and Afreen




December 17 2017


A space for mending and rejuvenating the body bringing serenity and joy to the mind

Deep rest and healing for the spirit through the wisdom, enthusiasm and dedication of all the wonderful doctors Dr.Ramadas, Krishnadas and Dr Aruna.

The healing hands, warm hearts tireless works of all the treatment massage girls, I call them goddesses.

Very special thanks to Bindu whose loving service and Great ability were fantastic. I will not forget the instructions straight mam, side mam in a hurry.

To Sonia and Lovely Bindu on Reception for their patience and love connecting us all to the outside world.

Thanks to Geetha and preethi for their wonderful service and cheerful support. All and every one at vaidyagrama for making it such a welcoming place but more importantly a Silent, still and loving space.

With Gratitude and love and May the work long continue.

Rosey Dunstan

Sydney, Australia


December 12 2016

Sometimes in an afternoon in between naps and reading luxuriating in a place of pure. Contentment and quite, there comes as if carried by god's grace and mystery a deeply subtle joy I remember from childhood. It's a quiet medicine and can only be an experiencing love for me this is god's blessings made manifest at Ayurveda healing centre Vaidyagrama.

Thank you shyni and shynimol, Akhila.

Thank you jaysree giving love with beautiful smiles and loving hands, just giving with strength intelligence beauty and care amazing.

Thank you Dr. Ramadas, Hakeem, Dr. Krishnadas and Dr. Aruna. I am sure of one thing I can trust my doctors who are healers and Dr. Ramadas is priest too healers. Helper’s holy ones.

The great mother earth nurtures us and silence holds us gently and surely.

Thank you peace 


Rachel Baller

California, USA.


December 15 2016

Many many thanks to God and Gurudeva 

H H Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj and Gurumaharaj HH Sri Swami Chidananda ji Maharaj Om Namo Narayanaya. 

I came for treatment and git little relief but my knee pain and back pain treatment is successful. 


Sivananda Ashram




December 15 2016

The holistic of the healing centre are the doctors, each one is a gem.

Next is the healing centre itself very clean and very spacious 

The staff is disciplined cooperative well behaved – Hats off

One small complaint,

Wastage of food, please do something about it

Veena surekha and Sumen Surekha



December 15 2016

My home Vaidyagrama. This was my second visit here and and I can just say that it has always Taken Me by surprise with its greenery calmness pious environment and dedicated team of staff therapist and doctors I have in pain and I am leaving with smiles

Bless you Vaidyagrama 




December 15 2016 

Thank you so much.

Having left the manic and stressful world of London city, three weeks later I feel revitalized and rejuvenated.

Truly humbled by the hours of care dedicated to me the therapist Lakshmi and team have thoroughly  looked after me and made me feel at home.

It's been a wonderful opportunity to stop and just be a chance not many of us get in the UK.

Thank you to the doctors for all their care and to all the staff at Vaidyagrama who make this place a joy to experience.

Avnee Trivedy 



December 14 2016

After 21 hour flight from San Francisco I arrived here with a very clear question about my health since the flight had made my blood pressure out of my sight which turned out to be my good fortune as Dr Ramadas and Dr Krishnadas applied their skills to the situation along with Assurance that there was really nothing to be concerned about the blood pressure treated as I received appropriate medicine in the come atmosphere here best of all there came the advice don't ever worry about it again advise I am pledging myself to follow as best I can

 In addition to this wonderful doctor I thank my Therapist in their respect treatments as I learn to follow directions straight, side, sit. I am grateful to these lovely experts

My understanding of Ayurveda group has a tongue Satsang with the doctor Ramkumar and felt openings today profundity of their discipline in his deeply intelligent presentations.

Every day I was touched by the beauty of the centre and its Garden the staff takes such a constant and meticulous care of every part of this place.

It was good to hear as how we were grammar sucks to help their local area and its people what a blessed tree is growing here with the gratitude and every good work

Mary stein



December 13 2016

First time in India

Feels right that my first truly to India is doing and being an authentic heartfelt and explorative voyage into the self.

The protected and nurturing environment here at vaidyagrama helps to restore the nervous system to an even state and gives you the chance to switch off from the outside world and go within.

The lectures satsang workshops and chanting are all great though it was the few or more days that it chose to retreat even further staying in my room a lot and just watching nature and reflecting that I began to feel more healing taking place. Wonderful being surrounded by like minded and inquisitive people coming here as patients.

Felt a high level of care from doctors and in the treatment plus all the staff were looking lovely smiles. Looking forward to feeling the effect after leaving.




December 12 2016

Our third stay here

Treatment is good.

Massage is excellent.

Staffs is dedicated

Doctors are good.

Mostly it is last restart for treatment all far you come here to get well.


They believe in each that is great Man proposes god disperses

 All medicines and treatments is god’s will he proposes you get well.

People some have from far and wide with only hope.

Dr.Harikrishnan is dedicated to mankind. May be live long to heal the sufferings of humans.

Sundar and Sangita Gulabani.



December 12 2016

Thank you for all of your care and love over the last 3 weeks everyone at Vaidyagrama has made my stay here special and I look forward to future visit what a nice way to take a break and give my body the rest it needs wishing you all many happy returns in 2017.


Paula Crossfield



December 12 2016

While only have for 11 day of treatment I have with deep gratitude been reminded of the vast healing power of our body with the support of the complete science, art, knowledge of Ayurveda. I will be back.

To Dr.Ramadas and all the doctors, therapists and staff a very big thank you for giving of yourselves so generosity for all the smiles and for this healing pure and lovely environment.

How can one not feel heal and rejuvenated when surrounded by healing plants, clean air food and lovely birdsong.

Thank you for the satsang which aided my healing and understanding.

Thank you for the beautiful sacred chanting and prayers.

Thank you for your kindness and guidance and love and expert advice.

With much love and good wishes

Suzzane Karla Roy



December 11 2016

Vaidyagrama. ..Oasis is the midst of chaotic world. A place for complete healing of mind body and soul. 

Each day unfolded perfectly. All days spent here were fantastic. A place where you totally Ayurveda yourself. 

My stay in Vaidyagrama was not just getting treatment but also a life changing experience. 

All the doctors here are excellent, knowledgeable and highly experienced and the treatment given is excellent. My special thanks to the amazing doctor Dr Ramkumar for helping me in treatment and guiding me for many things in my life.

The setting is wonderful and the environment very clean and pious you get a feeling of homely atmosphere. The vibes you get here are many positive. 

Food is very good and makes you feel good about yourself.  Also learnt here that how important it is to eat on time. 

I thank the doctors, the therapists and the whole staff of Vaidyagrama from the bottom of my heart. My special thanks to Dr Ramanandan, my therapist Reshma and baby my house keeping lady.

Ps Dr Ramkumar thank you for bringing me here. Loved your satsang. Looking forward to meeting you again and coming back to Vaidyagrama again very soon. Amazing experience. 

Thank you

Keep up the good work 

Way to go. 

Deepthi and prakash 




December 10 2016

Dear Vaidyagrama staff,

I would like to thank you all for your wonderful care. From the doctors and form our therapists all were wonderful in caring for supporting both my wife and I. I would also like to thank all of the cleaning staff, cooking staff, reception staff as well as everyone us.

A stay at vaidyagrama is a very special healing experience the closeness to nature and natural ways is wonderful for the body, the mind and the soul.


Mr. Bonnard Christopher



December 10 2016

Thank you for your support and care. Thank you for the keys to be healthy and more positive life

A special thanks from my therapists for their work and smiles.

Thank you all the team of vaidyagrama

Ms. Oddam Oung



December 09 2016

I am very grateful to all the team that makes vaidyagrama such a perfect place to rejuvenate body mind and soul. This is just what I need to recover from the very stressful and fast faced living environment in the west. I will continue to recommend all my patients to come and visit you. I hope to keep caring back too for many years and to bring my family too.

You are doing a wonderful job you should all be very proud to be part of this beautiful project in the service of Ayurveda and the service of mankind.

My Deepest Pranams

With love.

Ariadna Landman



December 09 2016

Vaidyagrama will be special in my life. After 30 years god created this time and place for me to review my mind is relationship to him.

I enjoyed my stay peaceful able to think positively

Dr.Ramadas has a pleasant demeanour always willing to explain and help as I do not know Ayurveda. He is a man of integrity and professionalism.

Lalu, shiny mol and Deepa have helped a lot, Preethi for helping with the food.

Aparna focused was very helpful as I did not give advance time for arrangement

I am blessed god bless all the staff and vaidyagrama.

Will come back to see the papaya plant.

With love and prayers.




December 08 2016

Thank you for this peaceful place and thanks for the empathic little moments before I had to leave after 7 days because my father’s health

Time was too short I just arrived feeling that the calmness helps me to become great in mind. Thanks especially to Dr. Kesari for his friendly mood and eyes.

I like the support you give to the poor people in the villages around.





December 08 2016


Another wonderful morning just been outside the first time after treatment fields free after 4 weeks here I can say that I sound field generally more free times were not always easy for me Hey Raja mentally and physically I arrived here in very turbid mind stage but thanks to wonderful environment the whole team here creates it is possible to gain better Re Discover one's own space within

There is no one that I would thank specifically everyone fulfilled their role not only but patiently meet and served Me with my turbid mind and demanding manner.

And where words were missing body language came in.

This has been a wonderful experience to be re calibrated and be shown what actually matters in life.

My biggest learning’s

There is plenty of potential to love myself more that I am less living an illusion divined life now.

May this Ayurveda, spiritual place strive and grow.

Wishing all the best 




December 07 2016

Finally my mind is in Silence. My soul is motionless I can see myself as I am I can see my body as it is I can be hold reality as it is on my life as it is.

God bless the loving strict and happy doctors that have helped me in this hard journey of life and of healing.

God bless the lovely Therapist and all the generous in the patient staff God bless the trees flowers the papayas god bless the cow and the Bull.

God bless the Cat, Dogs, birds the mosquitoes and frog

God bless the rain and the sun.

Thanks you to Dr. Kesari, Dr. Harikrishnan, and Dr. Arsha Be Dr. Mubash.

Thank you Vaidyagrama

With much love


Mexico City.


December 05 2016

We have really enjoyed our stay at Vaidyagrama   especially the beautiful environment, the trees wonderful bird life, the cows and lovely cats which I am sure keep the snakes away. The morning/evening prayer a highlight. The food was not to our likes but we understood it was a requirement for optimal healing.

We would sincerely likes to thanks Shyni k who was incredible therapist, always consistent, caring, kind and positive and who goes above beyond in her support for patients. We also want to thank   Jaya, a hard worker with the biggest heart. All the Vaidyagrama staffs are amongst the too best people we have met.

We want to personally thank Aparna for all her assistance and happiness she bestows in everyone.

Finally we want to thank Dr. Ramadas for his excellent care, advice patience and loving guidance in correcting body, mind and soul.

Dr.Aruna for her extreme patience answering all our questions; she is an exceptional doctor with unmatched interpersonal skills.

Dr. Krishnadas for his great humour, lovely smile and gentle, caring qualities

Once again thank you vaidyagrama

Julie woodeson and Rina Minton



December 04 2016

Jay ganesha

We would like to provide feedback about our stay at vaidyagrama. Be greatly appreciate Dr Ramkumar suggestion to come to Vaidyagrama​for us you receive treatment to improve our health.

During our stay at vaidyagrama we received tremendous daily support from Dr Ramadas and Dr Aruna who provided as with incredible patients and endless assistance to ensure you understood the treatment process in its entirety.

The entire Therapist and other staff members were caring, helpful and always greeted us with lovely genuine smiles.

Vaidyagrama is heaven on Earth with the surrounding beautiful garden and bird life.

We would like to thank all the doctors Therapist and all the other staff members from the bottom of our hearts for providing an excellent environment for patients to improve their health.

Finally we would like to thank you for leading and guiding us on the most wonderful spiritual journey.

All the very best and we love you all.

Our sincere thanks to Aparna kavita and Geetha for all their support and help they provided.

Om Shanthi Om Shanthi Om Shanthi

Love you all best wishes

Renuka Aruna and shankuntala 



December 03 2016

I sincerely admire the whole project of Vaidyagrama with their Gardens herbal plants medicine producing the natural way of living healthy and simple food support and donation to co villagers, sophisticated doctors beautiful poojas, useful daily satsang meditation morning and evening prayers.

I love it all great idea

Thank you for being here for us thank you for wonderful experience thanks a lot for your care and inspiration for healthy daily lifestyle.

The greatest thanks to Dr Harikrishnan Dr Arsha Dr Ramadas Dr Ramanandan Aparna and Lakshmi 

Hope to see you all again.

Elena N

Cyprus Russia


December 03 2016

Thanks for everything wishing to all happy nest.

Iveta Emelyanova



December 01 2016

Vaidyagrama village nest called to us so quickly an urgency in is to help is heal we had no time to think about what it would be like to live in this process place.

Within 2 weeks of decision in the USA to come, Jane, Anne, Skye we were here embarrassed on the good care of Vaidyagrama.

Dr Ramanandan Dr Dr.Sivajyothi Dr Harikumar who has been extremely kind and patient and steadfast in their faithful at healing will happen.

Devi give Maheswari have held as with kind one touch and with Sweet assistance from Reshma Vinita.

Nested rested washed prayer filled bump while challenging has to go deep and let go.

Each of our unique needs for healing met with humanity and such thought full patient carrying support from our team of Ayurveda healers.

I am particularly grateful as a mother who brought my daughter here for a reset in her life she has been tenderise the sweetness between us renewed.

And to share this experience with my best friend Jane.

Thank you I feel so blessed to have had this experience why the government gets a toner of humanity can heal living simply kindly with care for all

Om Shanthi

Anne stocker



December 01 2016

For the last 23 days you have touched me with your hands your keen insights, and loving care my heart has been touched by each of  you, I thank you from my heart to your heart for the divine healing  you provide

Jane Johnson



December 01 2016

I come here to get well physically and ended up getting well mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically

Thank you all

Skye Robinson