December 2014

December 31 2014

I feel I have filled back up from the well of vitality and simple presence that is so palpable at vaidyagrama. I arrived with my stock of books and writing to do – and on my last full day here, I sat on my patio all day and just watched and breathed, no actions to do or tasks to accomplish. For me, this is what vaidyagrama and Panchakarma teach; how to stop the incessant doing and to reside in faith, Nature’s rhythm keeper.

I am so grateful to all who keep the fire burning so brightly here – the fire of deep intelligence, the fire of worship, the hearth-fire of home – thank you to all at vaidyagrama who have built (and build again every day) this rare community of kindness, compassion and respect for healing – a true temple of love.

I am honored to think of this place as my second home. See you all again, when God provides. Jai Ma!

Ivy Ingram


December 2014

To All at VG

Thank you for looking after me and helping me get better.



Mumbai, India

December 2014

Dear All at VG

I came for the first time with many apprehensions and reservations, not sure whether the treatment would help, almost as a trial.

From my first day here I was rather impressed by the personal treatment of my Drs. Ramanandan and Prasad. My healing was quite quick and my body responded really well to treatment.

As the days progressed my trust grew and my inquiry began which was well satisfied by Drs. And also by Dr.Ramadas and Dr.Ramkumar were a delight to talk to.

Pray for the progress and well being of this thoughtful Ayurvedic idea – may it heal many and may its healing powers grow.

P.S.  The innovative Xmas party taught us many beautiful Arts!!

Best wishes


Mumbai, India

December 30 2014

Dearest VG

Much gratitude to all staff for accommodating and taking care of baby Laksh. He has grown so much on the love of all the staff and patients; surely this has had a significant impact on his overall development. The “grama” has helped to raise a child which is a true Vedic ideal.

I have seen much improvement in the operation of vaidyagrama since 2011. The garden, room maintenance, therapists have all improved in the level of service; and yes, even the food has been better!

We appreciate all the care shown by Drs. Omprakash, Haritha and Harikrishnan at all hours of the day and the awareness to our needs as a family.

The satsangs by Dr.Ramkumar has been a highlight as well as the Narayaneeyam and other pujas.

As always the therapy has been challenging, rejuvenating and insightful all in one; we hope and pray for good health in all its elements for the upcoming year 2015!

Samastha Loka Sukhino Bhavantu!

P.S. – Laksh will miss you all

Peter, Lavina and Laksh


December 29 2014

I was looking for a serious authentic Ayurveda place in order to go through a 4 weeks experience of Panchakarma treatment.

And I think I got to the best place for me. It was much more than I have ever expected.

Not only did I find a true Ayurveda place, but also a vision that has become true. Everything fits together. How people treat each other, the way of living with nature, the social projects, the spiritualism. It is a great example and I wish there will be many mre places like this in the world.

During my stay I not only went through a physically healing process but also an inner process! Vaidyagrama was a wonderful framework for that.

I thank you all for making it possible to live such an experience and I wish you all the best, lots of love and that you never stop living your vision.



December 29 2014

I am leaving but vaidyagrama stays with me in my heart and mind – it is a new imprint that will protect me from now on.

Vaidyagrama is a vision and a dream come true. An evolving practice which is also my dream as a music-psychologist. Bhakti medicine, yoga and bhakti, meets healing with a systematic approach that is precise, smooth and intense, a delicate balance between detachment and love.

Love pervades – and puts, seals, everything together – the land, the herbs, the people, the therapists, the doctors, the buildings, the workers. Everyone has a smile to offer at all times.

Healing and reconciliation starts…with a lovely smile.

Thank you

I came to vaidyagrama after an almost traumatic experience in a highly expensive hospital in California. It took 6 months of recuperation with a doctor that will not look at my face, see me for a few minutes, and never – until today – confirmed that I am cancer free – she keeps saying “we don’t know”. Even my condition in allopathic medicine doesn’t have an updated name. Thus when I came here, the first two days I realized and released all the repressed anger with that doctor, and started transforming that negative emotion into compassion for her.

That medicine didn’t have heart. It was not precise or individualized. It was lacking bhakti – that is what I learned and integrated here – it is like those western doctors don’t have a complete training – the education of the heart is missing.

Now all is clear in my mind. The fear is lesser. I forgive as much as the time allows. Here I love the therapists torch – pure devotion. Sameena was my healer with Bindu. It was like returning to Mother’s Lap. The doctors – Dr.Ramanandan and Dr.Prasad, they were careful, intelligent and each visit was more familiar and informative. I learned so much about Ayurveda and Yoga. The yoga nidra was a great discovery – as well as the nourishing satsangs and superb FOOD – I love the variety.

I will make sure to return every other year and go deeper in my awareness of SELF care, rest, slowing down and as a Yogini, to keep cultivating bhakti wherever I go, do and dream.

Thank you Swami Sitaramananda for bringing me here and thank you to all the plants that keep us alive, feeding us with ancient wisdom and renewed prana

Thank you all the staff of vaidyagrama

This place is a TREASURE found in Tibet Buddhism – they are very secret places called BEIRUTH (loose spelling)

Om Sat Chit Ananda

Silvia Nakkach

December 28 2014

Vaidyagrama is the place to BE!

The vision for what is possible is truly amazing. The atmosphere creates a feelingthat through awareness, inner healing does happen.

The grounds keepers, housekeepers, cooks, therapists, administrators, doctors share with an open heart their LOVE that holds the space for transformation & healing!

Thank you

From my grateful heart

Richard Hunt


December 27 2014

Reflections from vaidyagrama

The sweet taste of kashayam

As dawn brushes awake the day

Doctors & patients chanting together

Healing prayers vibrating from hall

Into windows, hearts and hopes

In every corner of the village

Take it easy, healing is happening

Simplicity is kanji

Gently disturbed digestion

Simplicity is rest, silence

Holding a mirror to my turbulent mind

Darting like a tiny blue bird

To anywhere but this moment

Keep it simple, healing is happening

Therapists, their hands flowing

Love mixed with oil into every pore

Then pummelling and patting

Infusing nature into my body

Till it recognizes it is home

And cleanses all its fights and fears

Trust my process, healing is happening

Each consultation and reflection

Each satsang and conversation

Surfs the waves of my journey

Storms of doubt, grumbling mind

Gripping onto familiarities

Sneaky and hidden

Till soothed into letting go

To a new lightness

New possibilities of living, truly living

Awake, vital, calm, in harmony

This is the prayer I took from vaidyagrama –

May I have the grace to Trust God’s will

Take it easy

Take it slow

Trust my own journey

Keep it simple

Healing is happening

Namaste and blessings to you all

Anne Maree Wilshire


December 2014

Dear vaidyagrama

Thank you so much for the treatments and care. No words to express all my emotions and thoughts regarding this wonderful place.

God bless you


December 27 2014

There are so many elements that contribute to the healing of vaidyagrama. For me, the most precious of these is the heart-melting unconditional love, respect and gentleness of everyone who is part of this village.

From the embodiment of living Ayurveda that I experienced from Dr.Harikrishnan & Dr.Om. From Dr.Harikrishnan I received so much generous wisdom of trusting the healing journey - & trusting myself with God. From Dr.Om, I learnt about lightness and play – a wonderful herbal knowledge.

From therapists, tenderness and consistent care and ability to truly be with me through the treatments – every day!

The housekeepers who cleaned with such joy and care. The office staff and Aparna whose love and concern radiates vaidyagrama, even before I arrived.

So thank you from all the levels of me and the bottom of my heart. Specially Drs.Harikrishnan, Om, therapists, Sameena, Jameela, Lakshmi, Srilakshmi, Sonia, Hakeem, Aparna and everyone else.

Anne Marie Wilshire


December 26 2014

Dear Dr.Ramadas and Dr.Aruna

There are no words to describe how we feel and how to thank you. You are the most humble loving caring motivating spiritual people. You have received us so warmly and made us feel very comfortable, in fact created a home away from home.

Devaki, Pradeep, Chinnu , Mallika are such warm comforting caring people always taking care of our needs. Hakeem always checking on our needs and comfort levels.

This has certainly been a great life experience which will never be forgotten.

We go back home taking your great qualities which we will share with our children, family and friends.


Pradeep & Nalini

South Africa

December 25 2014

Coming to vaidyagrama has been such a profound, amazing, strong and healing experience. I have enjoyed every minute of this process even the harder ones – made me dig deeper and look harder and stay stronger. I feel strengthened and rejuvenated and my troubled migraine head is calm now. Everyone I met at this amazing and special place has contributed into making the atmosphere and environment at vaidyagrama to a place filled with good energy. The beautiful therapists, the spiritually oriented doctors, the open patients, the smiling and hard working staff – I will miss you all but I am sure I will come back here very very soon.

I wish the best for 2015 for this truly special place.

Much much love

Sara Eliassen


December 2014

Really appreciated the time out to spend time cleansing and restarting the system after a number of years of neglect. Fantastic doctors and staff make the whole experience fantastic.

Lewis Kouts


December 24 2014

What an absolute gift to take refuge and retreat in such a humble and safe healing village. Only such a short stay this time, and although ghee was not received as expected, there has been much healing of the mind and body. The energy and openness of all the staff, including the special doctors has left me feeling extremely warm and no doubt will come back for a longer treatment.



December 12 2014

For many unknown reasons we build physical and mental AMA. This is the secret of western society to keep the body-mind by continually building upon the foundation. In the East, there are many therapies to let go and give to God.

The challenge to the westerner is to let go albeit slowly of our attachments, becoming empty again. This can be a challenge.

The staff at vaidyagrama have become adept at helping many people balance the elements within the body. And have understood the process well enough to be patient with the patient.

Love and kindness

Craig Dickson


December 2014

I came to accompany my wife on this treatment. I was one of the rare few that came here without speaking to anyone who has been here. What a wonderful decision it was to come here. I feel cleaned from within. The process of the cleanse was very deep psychologically. I experience great stillness during the process. The care and love of everyone here is deeply touching. Archana deserves special mention. She was always there for us. Wishing her the very best in the future. Sasikala and Ganesh are two therapists who we wish to acknowledge. Both were excellent.

We enjoyed the spiritual tenor of the place. This was so deeply healing. Dr.Ramadas’s chants were uplifting.

A couple of suggestions to make people’s stay more comfortable. It would be good to have backup hot water supply in the mornings in the winter. Second, an ATM facility, on campus would be greatly appreciated.

All in all, we had a fabulous stay. We hope to remain in contact with everyone here. Look forward to coming. Heartfelt thanks to Dr.Ramanandan and his team, Dr.Prasad and Dr.Sajna for making our stay so memorable.

We also wish to thank Keerthi from IT who went out of the way to help us when our chargers were blown off by the high voltage.

We will be back soon

In gratitude

Jayanth Narayan


December 21 2014

Punarnava, by name, Punarnava by reality. I have regained my sense of humour and a more detached viewpoint. I have been renewed at all levels of being. Enormous gratitude to all at vaidyagrama for making this such a special healing sanctuary. Especial thanks to Babu for being such a friendly personality. May the sankalpa, sarve bhavantu sukhinah, be Shiva sankalpa.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti



December 16 2014

I will always look upon my time at vaidyagrama and upon the doctors, therapists and staff with deep affection.

I cant explain the gratitude I feel, the fullness I feel in my heart overflows as tears.

Authenticity permeates vaidyagrama. Parts of my journey have been challenging and I felt supported by a genuinely loving and caring team, correction family, throughout my entire stay.

I pray for your well being and I pray that as you expand, you find ways that suit the vaidyagrama paradigm. You have my support for this journey.

There is something very special about vaidyagrama and I feel truly blessed to have found my way here.


Teresa Cameron

December 16 2014

“On this path, effort never goes to waste and there is no failure. Even a little effort towards spiritual awareness will protect you from the greatest fear” The Bhagavad Gita

I came here with the mindset to have no expectations and to accept life on life terms. Some days this happened and some days it did not. Through this experience I have truly learned that the moments I choose to surrender and let go, are the exact moments when God shows up to remind me that I am never alone. I have realized through the amazing staff here that I am loved…UNCONDITIONALLY. That we are all the immortal light, simply dwelling in the light, sustained and encompassed by the light. The more I accepted this during my seven week stay the more I realized the oneness that exists. This oneness…when I remember it….keeps me in conscious contact with God and reminds me that my purpose is just allow the universe to work through me….Thy will be done. The greatest most potent medicine that I learned through this journey is love….

LOVE HEALS. Thank you vaidyagrama for pouring your love on me.

Peace and love

Shivani Fayvor


December 14 2014

One word; No, two words – NO WORDS.

No words to express 8 days of sheer bliss and joy. From Aparna and Hakeem who patiently guided my way here to Dr.Sajna, Dr.Prasad and Dr.Ramanandan…time just flew by.

The treatments were very effective – but more importantly, this place makes you rethink many many things we have taken for granted at a fundamental level.

All staff were courteous and always smiling – special thanks to Archana who made sure I never ran out of water.


Sandeep B.

December 2014

Dear vaidyagrama

Thank you so much for a very moving and special experience. Healing in this way is really how it should be done!

On this last day, I feel light and radiant, at peace and with a smile. Everyone around me is remarking “Anna – what happened?”

And I have to thank you for this.

Maya especially is a caring, talented and intuitive therapist.

All the doctors – you make me laugh and cry, and see my funny faces when swallowing ghee at 5.30 in the morning!

I learned so much about myself, health and healing.

You have really created something special here at vaidyagrama and I hope your dreams for it continue.

Thank you for all the chanting and prayers. Beautiful!

All the best wishes to all



December 14 2014

I have heard about you from a Brazilian friend, who is a yoga teacher and also studied Ayurveda in States, at Albuquerque and I absolutely don’t regret my decision to come here.

All is so peaceful, the nature, the plants, the birds.

Doctors are very available (excuse my English if it is not the right word), open, and really efficient. Them and all the staff have always smiles for any patient.

Thanks to them, to the wonderful therapists who took care of me every day.

Discussions and activities were interesting. I could also discover the Indian religion.

Body and Mind are now ready to follow my trip in South India.

I hope I will come back.

Thanks and love to everybody here in vaidyagrama



December 10 2014

Hey! I am Rajendran Peter from Bangalore. This is my second trip to Punarnava. As soon as we enter, half of my pain is reduced because of the care by all doctors and staff. The environment inside vaidyagrama is unique and marvelous. I am relieved of all my aches and pains with the wonderful treatment. My special thanks to dear Dr.Ramadas and his team who are always cheerful and friendly. I also thank the therapists, Pradeep and Sindhu and team, for providing me timely medicines and food.

Thanks to one and all at vaidyagrama

Rajendran Peter


December 10 2014

It is very difficult to express all of my emotions and thoughts regarding this wonderful place on the paper…

I arrived here first in March 2014 and it passed less than half of the year when I was back!

Vaidyagrama is really a unique place and it became already a second home for me, and the staff became a second family, though these two things are too difficult to divide! There is no place on earth, where I felt myself so much comfortable – spiritually comfortable. It has really become a home for my soul.

Thank you my friends (Russian friends) who opened this place for me. Thanks to all of you here in vaidyagrama  for feeling myself so good here, for being so kind, so warm, so open and true in everything. Thank you for the opportunity to find myself again and being near during this journey I experienced through my inner world while being here! Thank you for being my family and thank you for staying my family always in my heart.

Now it is made more easier to live, knowing that there is such place in the world where you always can come back and where you are always welcome!

Of course, thank you very much for the treatments, professionalism and the results!

The special thanks to my doctors, Dr.Harikrishnan, Dr.Omprakash, Dr.Haritha. Thanks Renu for wonderful and deliciously healthy food!

Thanks Aparna for organizing everything in a perfect way and helping with all the requests!

Thank you everybody here!

I love you!!! And leaving today, I know that I will come back again as the house is such a place where you always come back! Good day!

Olga Tsygankova


December 2014

I have visited three other Ayurveda centers before coming to vaidyagrama.

The first thing that caught my attention was the clay based architecture. It is like living in an earthen pot – cool, cozy and comfortable.

Vaidyagrama is the first treatment center that provided me with a holistic experience. Beyond the medicine, concoctions and therapies, I overwhelmingly benefitted from the emotional rebalancing. The prayer sessions brought peace to the mind and energized the physical self. The satsang sessions provided the philosophical framework and insights into living healthy, happy and meaningful life.

My wife and I also enjoyed the rustic charm, serenity, clean air of this haven.

The doctors and staff are cheerful and helpful. I was particularly touched by the attention given by Dr.Haritha and Lakshmi to my wife who was sick for 3 days. Also special thanks to Biju, Madhu, Vinod and Indu, and of course to Dr.Harikrishnan.

Sunderraj and Jelena

December 11 2014

Dear vaidyagrama

Thank you so much for the treatments and care. I was here for 21 days. I feel lighter and stronger than when I arrived. I was in pretty bad shape, having pain in my right side and numbness. The pain is gone and most of the numbness. My blood sugar has stabilized and I feel good about changing the way I eat at home.

Thank you Dr.Aruna and Hakeem for letting me play with your daughter. It was a highlight of my stay!

Much love to you all!

Rozeray Pohim


December 09 2014


A conference of birds

On the way to the prayer

Before dawn

Gas candles lit


A squirrel rushes before me

Along the rail

Under the roof

Over the pavement

Colors fluid

In the fabrics

Of the saris

Of women

With hair

Promising on a dark night


Tucked behind the head

With prayers

Each blossoming paruthi

Embraces a dying one

Until it falls on the ground

Into dust

We go

Out of all places

This is the place

At the end of a dirt road

Off Rottigoundanur

Off Coimbatore

Where the bells ring



Amsterdam, Holland

December 8 2014

I discovered this nice place because a friend told to go there and I am a “complete addict” (in the good way and sense) of vaidyagrama here near Coimbatore. I will come back again!

The treatments are very strong but very good. And I found what I want to do when I will be able to speak more fluent English. I am a French girl 69 years old but I have time to come back at another time for a real treatment about 3 weeks or even more. The contact with people is kind and friendly. I will tell to me family and my friends. You have to know “vaidyagrama to Coimbatore”. I keep in memory all the staff and all people who work here.

The food (for French is so important is wonderful and too much and I better when I started! Thanks to doctors and helps…thanks to all girls and boys and service girls. You are for me…for me!

Martine Marescot


December 06 2014

I came here to help my daughter-in-law with my grandson Laksh. I had no intention of going to an Ayurveda clinic. I must say I have been pleasantly surprised, it is truly a healing village, looking at healing in a holistic fashion as prescribed in Ayurveda.

The atmosphere is conducive to healing, peaceful, clean, food cooked by traditional means, organic, etc.

The doctors are patient and caring. My therapist massage person Lakshmi was a delight.

Morning and evening prayers were a special time, adding to the charged atmosphere.

Satsang was very helpful, such a learned teacher/master, helping dispel my ignorance. No question was “silly” or “not relevant”, treated well with equanimity.

Thank you to all the staff, there in the background as well as those interfacing with patients.

Adhering to silence, moving around quietly is important.

Crisanti Moris


December 04 2014

When I first came to vaidyagrama nearly 5 years ago, it comprised no more than 5 buildings. On this, my 5th visit, it has grown into a village of numerous buildings, too difficult to count. I had the pleasure of being the first patient to walk through its newly erected portal last month – it continues to grow and grow.

It is not so much the impressive architecture but the warmth of the welcome one can expect at the gate. The doctors and the staff without exception match the healing tranquility of the surroundings with unfailing warmth and care to ensure speedy and assured recovery. It feels like returning to one’s own family – a home away from home!

My grateful thanks to all the good people of vaidyagrama who combine ancient healing traditions, steeped in deep spiritual belief, with loving care in an ambience of peace.

Logan Govender

South Africa