December 31, 2012

Our ‘Vaidyagrama’ experience is a gift given by my friend Dr Srinivasan, Psychologist of KMCH Coimbatore.

I consider this is wonderful gift for this New year 2013. Our stay in “Vaidyagrama Village” is worth remembering.

We were received with smile by Dr Ramdas, Medical Director on 29th Dec . Even though our stay was short we thoroughly enjoyed the stay, hospitality, treatment and food.

We came here looking for a change. We got plenty of motivation to change to a healthy life style.

We were looked after by every one of the Vaidyagrama team.

We will go back with pleasant memories and rejuvenation.

Our best wishes to the team in the Vaidyagrma village for very bright future and pray almighty for their everlasting , happiness and healthy life.

“Happy New Year Team Vaidyagrama”

With love

Dr.N J K Periasamy, Coimbatore

December 31. 2012

Happy New Year

We spent some time in the facility.

It was enjoyable & good for our mental and physical health.

We like to come again.

Thank you,

Dr S Dharmalingam, Coimbatore

December 31, 2012

Hello All,

This letter should b e written in a week from now after I am out of here. But this couldn’t be, so I write now.

I’ve had  some really good times and the worst of my life also.

The treatments were good and I leave here hoping to be more healthy in mind and in body. This will take some patience.

Thank you Vaidyagrama


David Elias, Israel

Happy 2013

December 26, 2013

I leave here knowing that I have taken some very positive steps with improving my health. This wonderful place offers healings at many levels. As I finish my second visit, I look forward to doing my third in the end of Dec 2013. Take time to really get to know yourself and  stay open to everything around you here.

Tom Grant, USA

December 28 2012

Who would have thought this Ozzie would have returned? So many doubted. In fact, Angie & Shantha took bets that when I said I was returning to vaidyagrama, I would change my mind.

Yes, I always say the first time (Feb-Apr 2012) was hell, but and it’s a huge but, it did me the world of good. So much healing from my six weeks. Not just physically but also spiritually and psychologically. This was the kindest thing I have ever done for myself.

Back here for only one week is far too short a stay but I am sure there will be improvement nonetheless.

As always the doctors have been fantastic, as have the therapists and all the staff. There have been many improvements and lovely to see the campus “Green” this time after the wet season.

Perhaps I have changed in more ways than I realize because less is bothering me.

Thanks for all the love, care, patience and kindness

One patient said the other day that I looked like I was returning home when I arrived on Saturday…wow…says a lot

Love always

Linda, Australia

December 28 2012

Well here I am again…8 months later…I missed the cunji…(not)

Thank you to each & every one of you. This healing village is truly an amazing sanctuary! The complete holistic approach, the treatment which I love (special thanks to Maya, you are an angel); the surrounds and nature, the strict diet (no butter chicken here!) the ambience, environment, truly a healthy retreat without the sun lounges & pool! But..seriously thank you for your knowledge and wisdom, kindness and warmth but most of all for your genuine devotion towards a simple and better way of living. See you again soon….

Angie, Byron Bay, Australia

December 2012


Thank you very much for all the love and care. This is my very first Ayurvedic experience and it truly is a very memorable one. A special thanks to all the therapists who took much good care of me. A special thanks to Dr.Ramkumar, Kavita and Aparna for arranging all the pujas. It made my trip so memorable.

Thanks to all housekeeping ladies who did a wonderful job of not only cleaning my room but bring some laughter to me daily.

Last but not the least my heartfelt thanks to Dr.Om who was like a younger brother, and Dr.Harikrishan who took care of me just like my father would have.

I wish all of you the very best. May Swami bless you all abundantly

Thank you

With lots of love


PS – I’m surely going to miss you all. I will be filled with all your fond memories.

December 25 2012

Merry Christmas to all at vaidyagrama

My second time for a month long treatment. Special as always and makes one come again and again away from the daily commercial stress and things. Million wishes to Dr.Ramkumar and team of Dr.Harikrishnan and Dr.Ramadas and Dr.Om (as energetic as always)

Wishes to therapists who were close & friendly – Mujeeb, Vinod and Madhu.

Especially a word for Indu with pleasant smile always and Kanaga.

Makes one want to return many times

Balu Mahalingam


December 23 2012


I have received immense pleasure, kindness and powerful introspection. I very much look forward to my return.


Dharina (Llynda Combs – Walker)

December 2012

Dear vaidyagrama

Thank you and bless you for taking such great and loving care of me for the oh so very short two days I was here!

Had I known what a loving and sacred place it is, I would have allowed a few more days; however the two days here was perfect for ending my India travels.

The doctors are so personable and full of compassion. I learned a great deal in such a short stay due to Dr.Ramadas’s insight and prescription. The food is fantastic and the treatments are divine!

My strong intention is to come back to vaidyagrama November 2013 for a longer stay.

Thank you for the healing!

Om Shanti

Bhakti Foster

December 22 2012

I would like to thank everyone at vaidyagrama for making our short stay an excellent Ayurvedic experience. Clean air, satvic food, kashayam etc. has made us feel so much better. Our special thanks to doctors for answering all our questions patiently and openly. I enjoyed the cooking demonstration. I learnt to make beetroot chutney and wheat dosa. This was very tasty.

I wish vaidyagrama to realize their dream of helping people living simple, living well, living healthy and living happy. I wish them to prosper and flourish and keep healing people.

A few suggestions –

Room lighting could be improved to enable reading

 Food could be made more palatable

Services like internet could be improved

Best wishes

Lalita Singh

December 20 2012

Vaidyagrama – temple of healing!

Moreover the passion and dedication that I have experienced here is beyond imagination! I express my appreciation and gratitude to the doctors who are healers themselves, the care, the warmth and love they have showered on each one here is so true and from within! And the rest of the team be it therapists, housekeeping, kitchen & maintenance. Each one works with full dedication and are always with a smile. I thank all of you for making my stay so beautiful.

I understood very little of Ayurveda and it is only after meeting the doctors here that I have got a deeper insight. It is a slightly different science/theory still going by the early books and making us understand the deep meaning..which is so spiritual and opening up the mind.

I came with the idea of just accompanying my sister and brother-in-law, but as I got involved I realized that if one surrenders and accepts to the environment and the philosophy, there is a lot of benefit.

The center is very beautiful and calming. The vibes are positive…From the city life of Bombay…it was like heaven!

Very relaxing and after years, I am glad that I have the insight of giving time to myself!

Though short, the experience was overwhelming and would definitely like to return for a longer duration in future.

I wish you all the very best in taking vaidyagrama forward! I am sure if you maintain your core beliefs, you will be able to bring in a lot of faith and admiration.


Lots of love to all

Rita Dalal


December 18 2012

I got a phone call from a friend who was at vaidyagrama taking treatment. She said “Amita you have to bring Harendra here. Your husband needs treatment. It is fantastic and you will need not regret it.” I was due to come to India much later but I preponed my trip, and brought my husband here. It is totally a new experience for us. Though we know Ayurveda, but had never experienced it! The place is calm and serene. Staff and doctors are friendly warm and spiritual. I feel my husband & I both needed this change and treatment. We are very glad that we have come here. Thought is short 10 days! We will certainly return to vaidyagrama for a full treatment. We are touched by the staff and the doctors. They are all so very caring and concerned (hard to find in this world today). They have taken so much pain to explain to us (ignorant ones) the benefit of Ayurveda and how it works for each individual. I am thankful to everyone here. They have made us feel at home! We thank everyone from bottom of our heart. We have learnt a new way of living!

Thanking you all very much

Harendra & Amita Mehta

New York

December 18 2012

How wonderful it has been to see sparks of inspiration ignite, grow, take hold and form into the beauty that is expressed through all levels of vaidyagrama. You are loved, deeply admired and bring forth the highest respect.

Thank you for creating a healing space which resonates far beyond your heartland. It is carried far across the world.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

With love

Kay Hughes and lucky husband Richard who echoes all the above glowing comments! Merci beaucoup

December 16 2012

Special thanks to Dr.Harikrishan, Dr.Om, therapists who all attended to me and each and every one else who work here. The first day I was here alone, I really cried thinking of my mom whom I lost a couple of years ago. I cried because I was guilty that I had not reciprocated her love in all these years she was alive. But despite my guilt I must say I am so cruel that I miss her a lot mainly because I miss her pampering and the care.

I say this here because I got so much of care and concern from the doctors at the vaidyagrama. I felt being at nothing less than a mother’s home. Though I cheated the doctors and exceeded limits in laughing, chatting or wandering, he always found out. Typical isn’t it?

I leave this place with a heavy heart, but I am happy at the same time.

My special thanks to Dr.Ramkumar. My best wishes to vaidyagrama

Geetha Kailasam, Chennai

December 14 2012

To All My Family at Vaidyagrama

I leave tomorrow. I will be leaving my home that is what I have come feel being here for these 20 days. Home away from home!

I want to thank each and everyone here who has made the experience of being here a special one! And all the smiling faces and helping hands from the gardener to the staff – therapists, Dr.Om, doctors & Kiran, Hakeem – all always there to help and answer questions without hesitation – and of course all the doctors – selfless and healing!

The commitment that each one has for this heavenly place is something I take back with me. My stay here has been truly successful in mind, body & spirit. There is an inner peace – I do not remember when in the last 35 years did I have 20 days without an argument or feeling of disgust, anxiety or anger. I experienced this here. It has brought a calmness within me and I hope to be able to keep that with me.

My special thanks to all the doctors and pray for this vision to blossom into a great healing and nurturing community

My heartfelt thanks to one & all

Rhuta Jhaveri

P.S. – Lima, Kavita, Dr.Aruna, Aparna, Sonia – thanks for entertaining my many requests!

December 14 2012

To the Vaidyagrama family

I cant describe how blessed I am by my experience here. The care, love and compassion shown by all is so selfless. May your vision continue to succeed and grow. Blessings to all

Much love


December 14 2012

I have great respect & gratitude for the entire vaidyagrama staff. Everyone here has made me feel welcome, safe and well cared for. The doctors are all kind and loving, giving of their time so generously.

I am in awe of the vision of vaidyagrama and pray for continued success & growth.

May each of us plant and nourish the seeds of vaidyagrama in our own communities and that way help spread this amazing vision around the world.

Thank you and bless you vaidyagrama family!



December 14 2012

Good to be part of this satvic “big dream”. My absolute favourite is all the wonderful, warm, loving, friendly people who create the community here. My deepest gratitude and appreciation for your generous spirit and welcoming into your family. We are all blessed.


December 12 2012

Vaidyagrama feels no different than the forgiving home I imagine did to the returning prodigal. A place and time to atone in a familial embrace. To the doctors, therapists and the extended vaidyagrama family that probed, pummeled, oiled and rid my mind and body of excess baggage, my heartfelt thanks. May your tribe grow and prosper.

Aurobind Patel, Mumbai

December 12 2012

This is my first experience at vaidyagrama. I must say it was a wonderful experience. The care and concern shown by everyone is much appreciated.

Wishing all the best and every success to vaidyagrama.

Thank you

R.Puvan, Singapore

December 12 2012

Vaidyagrama – an amazing place

Firstly, I would like to thank all the doctors, therapists, chef and housekeeping. Ever since young I always suffered from stomach pain. It used to be so bad that I could not eat all my favourite food. Now after treatment & with medication I am able to eat all my favourite food without getting any pain in my stomach. Thank you everybody – I hope that vaidyagrama would be able to cure many more people who are in pain. Once again THANK YOU

Vaishnavee, Singapore

December 12 2012

Veni Vidi Vaidyagrama. It has also been fulfilling mentally, spiritually & physically. I shall return.

Much love & respect for all here at vaidyagrama.

Ashok Vaswani, New York, USA

December 10 2012

Thank you vaidyagrama! Thank you to all the staff – doctors, therapists, chefs, gardeners, room ladies, cows, birds, butterflies and the ever impressive Mother Nature for making my stay at vaidyagrama so healing, so beautiful & blessed.

I take home many wife lessons. I leave behind all that Mother Nature will make beautiful again.

Best Wishes


December 09 2012

When I landed I was gloomy with pain & now I am blooming like a flower with health as good as a coconut tree. If you ask why coconut tree? It’s simply because all you feel is lively green energy “inside” you. You feel refreshed, rejuvenated & here you actually breathe.

At vaidyagrama, life has been different. Your food habits have improved. It’s amazing how simple food and ethnicity of people can do to you. Everyone here is cheerful and welcomes you with all their heart. A simple “thank you” sounds puny compared to the way you’ve been healed. The doctors are definitely amazing. The therapists’s hands are like “goddesses hands” especially Maya – God bless you, you are like a tough engine who knows the pain points even before I knew; Samina – you’re blessed with heavenly hands. The way you were confident about me, bless that lively soul; Sajitha – gal, although you are young, you are good but there is a chance for you to be amazing; not but the least, all the other therapists who worked on me a big heartful of thank you.

My gratitude to all the doctors, staff, housekeeping – Bhagyam – she’s been like a mother to me. Gonna miss you all; Baby – thank you for everything.

Quick feedback – open communication will get you a long way.

I wish “vaidyagrama” all the very best for the New Year and keep many more coming. Cause we would definitely like to see you grow.. Like my dear cousin Kiran says “when there is good or higher purpose, things will fall into place”. Gonna miss you too buddy. Take care of yourself & Be Open cause being at vaidyagrama, one sure can learn a lot!

Hearty thanks once again to One & All

Lots of love, respect & good wishes


December 2012

Hello All

Thanks to the vaidyagrama team for making my stay here “a wonderful experience”!

It’s been long since all these experiences below happened –

I had a chance to listen to so many different types of bird chirps!

I had to eat bitter gourd!!

I had to sleep “alone”!!!

I was away from my “MANAGERS AT OFFICE”!!!!

Internet not being available consistently was a blessing in disguise!!!!!!!

The daily treatments have helped considerably in reducing the muscle stiffness throughout the body.

Thank you all once again!

With great hope of sorting out the root cause of pain in next 3 months using these medicines. It’s time for me to go back to the usual routine…

With a “12 kg” back pack of medicines of course!....

Good luck team


December 07 2012

Hare Krishna!

My dear vaidyagrama

My 24 days stay with you made a feeling of oneness with all of you. While healing is being done in any hospital, your focus on social well being, physical and spiritual well being & eco friendly atmosphere makes you very different from others.

Well behaved and trained staff without any inhibitions is a feather in your cap.

My sincere gratitude to all staff in particular to Dr.Harikrishnan, Dr.Om Prakash, therapist Mujeeb and always smiling and pleasing mannered Sindhu!

Last but not the least, a suggestion – the bathroom & the treatment room cleaning needs to be re-looked into as leaving to therapists is not reaching your standard – and CLEANLINESS is next to GODLINESS!

With best wishes & sincere prayers



December 06 2012

Vaidyagrama is a serendipitious surprise. One only returns to a place if one feels at home. This is my third visit!

I am pleased to report that your treatment was most successful with most of the psoriasis lesions having cleared up, the almost disabling arthritic pain limited to no more than morning stiffness and the diabetes gone completely. My heartfelt thanks for your gentle care.

My heartfelt thanks to the doctors and staff for the love and care that you have showed during a difficult period. I feel as though I have become a member of the vaidyagrama family.

My best wishes for all the success you richly deserve

Logan Govender

Durban, South Africa

December 212

Thank you dear vaidyagrama community for creating a “home away from home” and family atmosphere so our love for Ayurveda could blossom and our “swasthya” in all aspects could align into its true nature and be balanced. Thanks for your friendship, guidance, love, care and inspiration.

We pray for your success in all your endeavours as they come from a pure divine place for the better of the world, its people and environment; when the heart of the people is in the right place, success is inevitable!

Thanks and wish you all…the very best always

With deep regards and best wishes

Gaganraj & Rupinder

December 04 2012

Om! The vision of the founder of vaidyagrama is so extraordinary and in touch with the Supreme that it will bear fruits. It already has, as I can experience every day, from the very first moment I stepped into this place. All the encounters with vaidyagrama family members, from doctors to the lady who attends the cows, have been such a heartwarming loving experience. One’s health is addressed not only on a physical level but also on an intellectual, emotional and spiritual level – it is holistic and wholesome.

To me, this is a place of hope. And since the hospital will be part of a much bigger community, it will also be hope for all these people.

My deepest gratitude to all and everyone who has made my stay here an absolutely outstanding experience, it is engraved in, and very dear to my heart.

Pranams, Prem and Om

Christine Burri, Switzerland

December 02 2012

This has been a long awaited 2 year journey. I saved and scraped and worked really crazy hours to get here! I got here just in time as well! I was on the edge of a nervous breakdown. My life has always been about service to others. I have never thought about taking “true time” to myself. Yet here I am on my LAST DAY feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, healthy, clean, strong & ready to conquer the world.

From the moment I got here and was greeted by the whole staff, I felt an energetic shift slowly happening in & around my body. It’s nothing you can explain but it’s something most people feel when they come here. In just two weeks so much has happened not only physically, but menally, emotionally, spiritually, subtly & socially. I was able to let go of patterns that I had with me for years in a couple of days; amazing! I felt completely nurtured. It was such a foreign idea to me to be cared for. Now I care for others! I loved the “round the clock” attention. I truly felt this was my home away from home. I look forward to hopefully having another opportunity to come back here.

Thank you for helping me shed so much darkness to allow the light to shine through again.

Light & Love

Gloria Quezada

Washington DC, USA

December 01 2012

As I savoured Madhu’s hands going over my body with soft, firm pressure one last time this morning, I thought about my journey to vaidyagrama.

Yes, it has been a long journey and I was destined to reach here. The journey began as a team when I dismissed all traditional knowledge systems as bunkum; superstition parading as brands – science. How can anything that is not subject to empirical proof be a science?

In my late thirties, the experience of the rat race of living in a tortured “modern” world, climaxing in a heart attack left me thinking that maybe there was “method” in the “practices” of tradition and that “the new” does not necessarily need to be “good”. But also felt that the practices and beliefs of an agrarian/non competitive/non mercantile/non materialist society would be an anachronism in the 21st century. Any attempt to become that would be futile.

In vaidyagrama today, in my 50s having reached here by accident, not by my design, but maybe by a larger design, I have realized that a holistic lifestyle is possible.

This is not an utopian dream but a reality.

This is not Ayurveda encapsulated ready for consumption, to be popped in your mouth. This is Ayurveda to be lived in, to be experienced. You savour yourself and you savour life here.

I return rejuvenated, recharged, reassured and hopeful that our attempts and fights to find meaning will not go waste.

B.Kailasam, Chennai

Film Maker