August 23, 2020

Dear Vaidyagrama family,

First of all, I thank the entire Doctors, therapists and all the management and other staff here at Vaidyagrama and Punarnava.

Especially I thank Dr. Ramadas and Dr. Ardent. Both are very helpful and quietly powerful persons for handling and approaching the patients. In our experience both treated us and are friendly. 

Thanks once again! 

It is not a hospital. This is our family, and its staff and others are my family members.

We will be missing this family and this environment. The days we stayed here are not forgettable. It was a good experience.

Both of us will be coming again in the future for the services given by this family.

M. Marimuthu Raju,



August 6, 2020

Vaidyagrama has always provided authentic Ayurveda care. Everything from the treatments to the schedule that is followed here, gives the person who comes here, relief from their symptoms and encourages them to make changes for themselves.

I would always want to come back here for treatment for as long as I can. Very warm and affectionate each person is. I wish VG all the very best in their ventures!


Uttara Venugopal,



August 4, 2020

My family… Though I have made multiple visits to VG, this trip was different since I came here after a car accident and fractured bones (2 place sT12&L1) to my spine.

Despite my first attempts in consulting with different specialists in U S my back was not fully healed and instead it had worsened when I landed here more than 5 months ago. Though covid situation made my stay longer than intended, it was a blessing since the doctors at VG worked with my fractured spine and other related conditions.

Today I am stepping out almost back to my normal self-feeling more CONFIDENT, more at PEACE and HAPPY with the tremendous progress that I have made with my overall condition.

I have probably troubled the doctors no end during these 5+ months but all CREDIT to the DOCTORS that they bore with me and my constant litany of issues and helped me fully recover.

Though I am a great believer in Ayurveda and an ardent fan of all the doctors here at VG, even I did not expect that I would make a near full recovery. I am GRATEFUL to all the doctors for all their help and support to put me back on my feet!

Loads of Love,




August 16,2020

This is our first visit to vaidyagrama. Our special thanks to Dr Ramanandan, Dr Ardent, Dr Arun, Dr Sonia, Dr Renjisha for their wonderful treatment. 

Food served is very healthy, according to our convenient and age (to chew). 

Therapist and all the staff are very dedicated. 

Satsang programme is very interesting; we can learn about Ayurveda and understand.

The quiet and natural environment, Satsang poojas, prayers and the whole atmosphere vibrate with positivity and healing. 

Once again thank you for taking such good care of us!

With best wishes,

Suriya & Sekar, 

Coimbatore -Tamilnadu


August 20,2020

It is my second visit to vg. At first, I am very grateful to Dr Ramanadan and Dr Ardent to help me to reach vg for my treatment in this pandemic. Thank you, Dr Ramanandan, Dr Ardent, Dr Soniya, Dr Arun, Dr Renjisha for the wonderful treatment. 

Therapists Geethu, Radhika, Kalpana and Semeena and all the staff are very helpful and dedicated. 

Satsang is a lovely programme; I enjoyed it. 

Prayer in the morning and evening are very divine in Dr Ramadas’ voice. 

Thank you for the tremendous care.

Jeyalakshmi Asokan, 

Chennai - Tamilnadu