August 30, 2018 

Vaidyagrama is tranquillity. Never before have we been to such a calm, peaceful, and pleasant home. Every person here wears a smile. That is perhaps the beginning of all healing. From the housekeeping staff, to the therapists to the doctors, each one carries an aura of wellness in them. In such a quiet, I have been able to listen to what I feel about me from within. Often in clutter, we fail to listen to ourselves, but coming here is a way to self-discovery. This place is beauty, tranquillity and peace. We have received a lot of love from here and we leave lots more back here. We promise to come back another time for more number of days. When life is a race, places such as Vaidyagrama seem like a finish line. We will be back soon, thank you so much for so much of care. 

Lots and lots of love, 

Waliana Rafeeq 

Rafeeq Mohammed 

Yaunis Mohammed 

Zaaki Mohammed          



August 29, 2018 

Since I am a practitioner of Ayurveda in Japan, teaching at a small school, I knew the importance of ayurvedic lifestyle; but by coming here and spending some quiet time mostly by myself, my body and cells learnt the real meaning of it - the regular life style, simple food, early bed time, away from stress and smart phone etc. I stayed here only for 7 days, which was not enough to eradicate my problem; however the quietness of mind which I gained here is my treasure. I feel open and serene. This Nature-friendly environment is so kind and welcoming. Thank you, the great team of doctors here. I would like to come back again. 

Kaori Hata 



August 28, 2018 

This is my third time at Vaidyagrama, so now you are my family and when I arrive it’s like coming home. I get sad when I leave always, the better for my visit. 

There are so many positive comments in this book. Because of this positive, because you are my family, I want to say this is the time to focus on the details. Details are foundation of the future. 

Please do not expand further before you address the following:




All my love to you all! 

Gary Dyson



August 28, 2018 

This is my first time in Vaidyagrama and I have been so pleasantly surprised and astounded! First of all, the environment surrounded by beautiful trees and the beautiful verandah facing the trees. So beautiful is the sound of the leaves and the sounds of the birds! Never seen a place like this, which is open on all sides (corridors), full of trees. No sound pollution. Such a joy, and soothing to the soul!

All the staff and therapists are so gentle, kind and caring. Always pleasant. They take such special care of us, in the treatment room or otherwise... They are always alert. They always put food in my thali, explain what was what, and place my hand, giving me big spoon, on the thali. They pointed out where my medicine was all well. The doctors too were also so considerate and took real good care of me. All in all, it has kindness personified! A real wonderful energy and a perfect healing space! I am so blessed to have come here, and it all started with the wonderful Aparna, who promptly replied and accommodated me well despite my health crisis causing uncertainly of making the trip. Thank you Vaidyagrama. May God bless every person here! 

Miriam Batliwala 



August 28, 2018 

Second time at Vaidyagrama. Like the place for a lot of reasons. Most important is the people. Their humanity, patients, smiling face and genuine attitude is commendable. This was Onam festival time. Lot of people on leave, extra pressure on every one, specially the little girls, but smile doesn’t vanish. Happy to come back!

S.S. Mukherji 



August 28, 2018 

I started my first panchakarma forty years ago and have completed four of them so far. In all these years of panchakarma in Kerala, this is by far the finest of all treatment centres. This Panchakarma is accomplished with a surgical precision not to be matched anywhere. This is such a holistic environment treating body, mind and soul. The staff from the very top to bottom are so wealthy of respect and love as they are living expressions of these qualities. A special thanks to Dr. Ramkumar, Dr. RamanandanDr. Anupama (so full of joy), Aparna (A pure light) sakthi and the entire staff. I have been here for two months and look forward to returning. Also, the fellow patients are truly fascinating creating a real family. 

Thank you Vaidyagrama!

Daniel Buberl



August 27 , 2018 

Dear Vaidyagrama team, 

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the panchakarma treatment and love and support you all offered me for the whole stay. I am sad in leaving, yet happy with the new vitality and foundations laid for continued self-care on all levels. I will highly recommend your services to all my friends, and next time I will stay for longer. 

Much love and thanks again.

Paul Hunt



27 August 2018 

Coming to Vaidyagrama has been a blessing, a big gift from the divine. I had no clue about this place and it fell into my lap. I will always be grateful for this. I am going home with a new hope about life, a healthy life actually!

All the doctors are so wonderful here. They all felt like family to me. Even the therapists and other members of staff served so lovingly. I have found another home at Vaidyagrama. 

Love and regards to all!

Shashi Prakash

New Delhi 


August 25, 2018 

Dear Vaidyagrama 

Thank you so much for this healing experience. I feel truly bless to have the opportunity to be here. Since my arrival here, I have felt myself in the right track and in the right place. 

The connections I have made and the people I have met have been unforgettable. 

I hope to always carry a peace of the spirit of Vaidyagrama and Dhanvantari in my heart. 

I am eternally indebted to the universe!

Many blessings and well wishes…

Happy Onam!

I pray that I will be able to use all that I have learned to help other people and continue to spread Ayurveda. 

Sarah Dunfee 



August 24, 2018 

Today's my last day at Vaidyagrama, last day of this year because I will come back for sure. 

Thank you for welcoming me so warmly and making everything most comfortable for me. 

Big thank you to Dr Harikrishnan who understands like nobody else, how bodies work and always make me better after treatment. 

This is my second time at Vaidyagrama and each time I learn something new about Ayurveda, about me! Thank you to my dear therapists, especially Lakshmi who makes me feel just like I was her baby and it was so relaxing. 

Thank you to all the staff who has been working so well, to make my stay best possible. Thanks to all the doctors who took care of me this year and last year. 

All the best for you all!

Katia Thomas




August 22, 2018 

Dear All  

This is my second visit with a longer duration than previous visit. 

I thank all of you for the excellence service done here.

It is an amazing experience to be with myself here. 

The ambience, the friendly staff, good doctors with Dr. Ramadas being a good counsellor also. Positive feeling. Need to record the food is more tasty than my last visit.

Rajiv Nathan



August 22, 2018 

Dear All at Vaidyagrama, 

Absolutely amazing experience I had through my short stay. Utmost care is taken in to consideration for all aspects of living.  God bless you all and your families, abundantly for your patience and caring attitude. It does help physically, emotionally and spiritually to realize One self. It has made a difference to me in my thinking and life style. 

Big thank you to all.

Keep up the Good work. All the best! 




August 21, 2018 

Vaidyagrama is for me a place for my body, mind and soul. The place is so peaceful and feels like home.

The Doctors, Therapists and all the staff from office to all the others are so caring and always smiling. This is my second visit and I know I will come again and again to be happy and healthy.

I thank god for sending me to this beautiful heaven. Thank you all and specially Dr.RamkumarDr. RamanandanDr. Ramadas and Dr. Harikrishnan for making your dream come into making this place a beautiful healing centre and I wish you all the success in all your future ventures. 

Pallavi Madhavlal 



August 21, 2018 

How lucky I am to be here for a second time. So be able to heal my mind, body and spirit in this tranquil oasis is a gift.

I thank each of my doctors for their infinite patience and unparalleled care given to me. Dr. Ramanandan, Dr. Kesari, Dr. Athulya always with a cheery “Hi”. The wonderful therapists who pound our bodies, so our souls can come back rest restored!

Devi, the girls at reception and in the office, the man who pushes the ‘neem fire’ cart, all with their smiles and warmth to remind us we are at VG - another remainder of the warmth of this place.

 “When my conscience leads me, I land up where I ought to be. When my ego leads me, I land up where I want to be. Being able to be where I ought to be is often superior than being able to be where I want to be.

Thank you Dr. Ram kumar for including us in your dream!

Meera Chauhan



August 21, 2018 

This is my first visit to Vaidyagrama and every morning I wake with deep gratitude for all the staff here, all the animals, plants that provide deep healing. Dhanya and Indumathi gave me deep treatments every day. They work so hard and are dedicated to Ayurveda. 

The food was the most nourished i have felt, I could feel all the love in hands who prepared it! 

I feel stronger physically and spiritually, the changes were a huge shift for mind is clear, calm and focused to move forward on the Ayurvedic path of knowledge. 

Thanks to all my doctors who helped me with the healing process.Dr.Ramdas with his beautiful smile, big heart and nourishing energy and look forward to my visit again. Want to become more involved in the vision this healing village is crating. 

Love and sight 

Sondra Hamilton



August 21, 2018 

I loved every bit of Vaidyagrama experience.  Dr. Harikrishnan, Dr.MiniDr.Harikesh and all my lovely therapists Devaki, Anju, Archana looked after me and my wellbeing really well. Treatments helped me lose weight and I am feeling much better, emotionally and physically 

Neha Singh



August 20,2018 

Dear Vaidyagrama

You really are that - A healing village! This was my second visit and I was so happy to bring my husband, to share this beautiful experience. From the moment we arrived, with Dr. Kesari waiting for us, until the days we were preparing to leave- nothing but love, warmth and good humor from the entire staff.

We deeply thank our doctors including Dr. RamanandanDr.Athulya and Dr. Kesari for their care and my therapists Lakshmi, Kalpana, Vaishnavi, Athira for their care and dedication. And all the women who participated in my treatments. By the way- I love hearing the music they play!

Thank you also for allowing me to have a satsang and speak about my book. You all are part of my future plan! Geetha is amazing, as is Aparna, Krishna and Athira- All playing above in making our stay smooth, healing and fulfilling. I send much love to you all & Dr. Ramkumar. 

Susan Weis Bohlen 



August 20,2018 

I felt I had a home here and the room I was given was my own home. The doctors, therapists and staff here taken such good care of me. 

I love the treatment received by Dr Harikrishnan, Dr Sivajyothi, and therapists Devaki, Deekshitha, Shalini and Lakshmi Chechi were good too. 

Dr Harikrishnan and Ms Aparna were very understanding regarding the financial part too. However, if not for them, it is a little difficult to discuss it openly with the staff. More in my email. 

 Lots of love,




August 19, 2018 

Dear Vaidyagrama family! That is really what you are: One big family that reaches beyond the VG property! It is like JM Sampath states: when life’s purpose is larger than self, life becomes a means to achieve the purpose! This is what I have experienced during my stay with everybody: not only the doctors, but also the medical staff, receptionists, housecleaning, gardeners etc.

You have a beautiful vision and you live it, really! A good example for other organizations, companies, the world. I have enjoyed the treatment- It has brought a better balance between body and mind and soul. I enjoyed the satsangs- a good means to get to know more about Ayurvedapractice of being in here and now.

I enjoyed the company with the VG staff and the fellow patients. I thank you all for the big heart you have for all living beings. And beyond those who are here.

My daughter Florina who is in another Ayurvedic place, also feels love you have for others. Thank you, thank you, for welcoming us in your family.Till we meet again.


Hylke De Cock 



August 19, 2018 

A beautiful and wonderful healing experience for me and my family members who accompanied me. Although some of my family members only insisted on coming to assist me as I am a stroke patient, all of them went through the treatment after seeing the treatments being done. We are very satisfied with our stay at vaidyagrama. I only came after two and half years of my stroke.

There is slight improvement to my health now after the treatment. The swelling of my legs have gone and I can walk a bit better. My skin problem, psoriasis has improved tremendously.

The various activities (Satsangs) and prayers kept us occupied. The lush plants and trees with the early morning tweeting of birds gives a beautiful peaceful environment to patients/ bystanders. Thanks to all the doctors, special mention to Dr.Ramanandan who is always so caring and listening patiently to my stories and sharing's, not to forget Dr. Anupama and Dr.Kesari and Dr. Athulya and all the staff and therapists, especially JayasreeZainudheen. Only suggestion is it would be better if hot water is provided in the rooms for patients. Also, although we are animal lovers, the cats were a bit disturbing. Over all a truly amazing and satisfying experience for all of us at vaidyagrama. Thank you all. 

Korisathan Karuppiah 

Sitaletchmi Sinnathamby 

Ratha Karuppiah 

Kayethria Karuppiah 



August 15, 2018 

Every year when I have to leave VG (this being my fourth visit.) I say a prayer: Bring me back next year- let my calendar be free yet again for the gift of yet another year of Vaidyagrama. My two beautiful therapists Shyni and Prajeesha would tend with such love in their eyes that the nourishing post therapy was enhanced even more! 

Dr. Ramanandan, Dr. Athulya and this time, the added attention of Dr. Kesari who was as always the healing touch! 

Dr.Ramadas for his friendship and our comradeship at cheating at cards- He fills up the place with his mere presence!

The prayers, the talks the ever enlightening Dr. Ramkumar who never fails to broaden one knowledge. Devi who kept my room so wonderfully clean, the gardeners, receptionists, the lovely Aparna and the fantastic Geetha. May the child in you continue to enamour us with your stories! 

Always blessed! 

Shireen Gandhi 



August 15, 2018  

This is my fifth experience at Vaidyagrama, so forgive me for the same comments.  

Nothing changes, everything remains wonderful. The staff (all of them) with their wide smiles, gentle and kind ways, and their simplicity is most definitely part of the treatment and the care. The doctors are so very knowledgeable and have a wonderful way of the practicing their knowledge to all. 

I am impressed with the doctors here, who are so kind and caring and have a charming sense of humour. The environment is beautiful, so lovely to see all the trees grown. All planted by those who come to stay in Vaidyagrama and partake in this ancient system of medicine. Enjoy the stunning outdoors… 

With kinds, regards and namaskars, 

Anjali Mathrani 

New York  



August 15, 2018

I am so happy that I finally made my maiden trip to VG. My dearest cousin Shireen has been telling me about it for a few years now! I can see why it means so much to her and to others that I have come to know in the past few days.

I do realise that seven days is hardly enough experience all that it has to offer and inspired to factor a complete 21 days retreat in my calendar next year. Dr. Ramanadan, Dr. Kesari have been caring and attentive, as also the staff and therapists. Dr. Ramdas’ presence is also wonderful. Aparna’s warm and cheerful manner is heartwarming and makes one want to visit.

My deepest gratitude to Dr. Ramkumar for creating this wonderful place with the remarkable Vision and dedication. 

I look forward to be being here again. 

All the best!

Parveez Chinoy



August 14, 2018   

Vaidyagrama has been a wonderful experience for me! I can describe it as serene, soulful, rejuvenating, enlightening, caring, healing, spiritual and calming. 

Thank you Dr. Ramadas, Dr. Harikumar, Dr. Ramkumar and all the doctors here for being so attentive and caring. 

The staff and therapists are polite, helpful and skilled at what they do. I have learnt a lot from the various interactions and satsangs during my stay. 

My sincere gratitude to all of you 

Best wishes, 

Shefali Kapadia 



August 13, 2018

To be at vaidyagrama is a gift. I feel replenished by the Vision and the practice of VG. The benefits of which each patient enjoys in mind, body and spirit.

Thank you for showing us the way to be. Thanks to Dr. Ramanandan, Dr. Athulya, Dr. Ramkumar, Dr. Kesari, Dr. Ramadas, the therapists and each and every person who make us feel like part of this dream.

I look forward to coming back with warm regards and best wishes.

Naheed Carrimjee



August 12, 2018

Dear All,

Thank you for thinking up this place, thank you for leaving your lives to come make this what you have. Thank you for the care and deep thoughtfullness, the piety, the knowledge and all else that you take trouble and we folks enjoy.

Will come back is a promise I have made to myself. 

Your dedication to the cause is inspirational!

Dinaz Noria



August 12, 2018  

Thank you Vaidyagrama for an incredible experience. Much gratitude to Dr. Ramadas and Dr. Harikumar for their attentiveness, and the therapists for their care and skills. 

I hope to inculcate what I have experienced here and expect to be back again and again. 

All the best!

Bansie Vasvani 



August 11, 2018 

First of all, no words to describe. Thanks to the whole Vaidyagrama team.

God bless you all for healthy and wealthy life to serve all. You all are awesome. 

Special thanks to Dr.Ramadas. Shall meet again for these superb treatments and environment. 

Thanks once again from the deep of my heart.




August 10, 2018 

Vaidyagrama is an oasis of peace, kindness and knowledge. Someone can get in touch with himself again. This cannot be possible if the team of Doctors, therapists and all others would not share the values of kindness, acceptance and love. 

I thank all of them to do such a great work, and wish them to prosper with such care for the patients also in the future. 

Thank you all from my heart! 




August 11, 2018

Being in VG family is one of the great achievements in my life. The past 15 days of staying in VG is always to remember in my life.

It was a very good experience which the therapists here in VG for mind and body. 

The infrastructure designed and maintained to give peaceful living for everyone who are staying here.

Wish to extend my days unfortunately commitments!

Hopefully my frequent visit will be here whenever the possibilities. I am going to miss many of my newly developed VG relatives. 

Thanks for all the doctors!

Peppin Paiva



August 08, 2018

I am always sad to leave vaidyagrama. Family and some friends never understand that.

The doctors and the staff are 75% of the healing, and always there for you.

The environment is extremely healing. I have been here so many times and that in itself shows how I have benefitted and how much I look the place, and hope to be back many times. My best wishes to all the projects this amazing place is doing. 

Dr Ramkumar has a Vision, and with the help of his amazing doctors and staff, I hope it all comes true. 

Rashida Anees



August 6, 2018 

Vaidyagrama has been a wonderful experience for me. I describe it as serene, soulful, rejuvenating, enlightening, caring, healing, spiritual, and calming. Thank you Dr.Ramadas, Dr Harikumar, Dr Ramkumar and all the doctors here for being so attentive and caring. The staff and therapists are polite, helpful and skilled at what they do. 

I have learnt a lot from the various interactions and satsang during my stay 

My sincerest gratitude to all of you. 

Best wishes, 



August 5, 2018 

A shooting star across the night sky sends blessings to one and all at Vaidyagrama! A blessed place.

With love and gratitude,

Ben and Suk Wah Bernstein


This is our sixth panchakarma. I am constantly amazed at the steadfast, consistent efforts everyone is putting into preserve the integrity and purity of Ayurveda while giving great care to the comfort and ease of patients. This is a healing paradise. Lucky us. 

With love from all my heart.  

Suk Wah  



August 5, 2018 


This was my first experience with Ayurveda and with vaidyagrama. Thank you to Dr Harikrishnan and his wonderful team of doctors and therapists. 

Dr Sivajyothi, Dr Mini, Dr Harikesh were all wonderful and took care to see me well. Vidya, Athira were also good and did a great job with my treatments. 

I didn't come to vaidyagrama with a lot of expectations and everyday was a pleasant surprise. 

My favourite place was Brahmakamalam, and I really enjoyed the prayer time and the various prayers that I could sing and chant, post the group sessions. 

Really thanks for all the wonderful staff most of whom we don't see. But they manage to keep things running smoothly. 

My sessions with Dr Harikrishnan were wonderful, and his way of dealing with my questions and patiently answering them is something I will always cherish. I planted a papaya sapling. My thanks to the housekeeping staff as well. My best wishes and thanks. 

Yeshasvini R.



August 4, 2018 

Health is wealth, yet it is often undervalued by many of us, until an injury forces us to stop and re-evaluate. A positive life force is following through Vaidyagrama. This is evident from the care received from all of you come in contact with, as well as the care taken with the surroundings, people, environment. What is here is what we all need - kindness, compassion and a way of life that encompasses the seasons, growing older and moving from external dissipation to internal quiet. How fortunate to have happened upon this place. 





August 2, 2018 

God bless the serviceshere!

We are thankful for the staff of Vaidyagrama for giving that chance toenjoy and living this life style ofthis environment The doctors and the staff of this centre are God gifted one especially Dr Ramadas is God gifted to the patients. We always like his medical and spiritual knowledge. And also thanks to Dr Radhika and Dr Sajna. 

Nature is best medicine! 

Rajkumar and R.R Suganya 



August 1, 2018 

Om namahshivaya 

I am eternally grateful for Vaidyagrama + all that it encompasses. It goes way beyond words. Thank you all for making my stay here a pure delight. 

With love, 

Georgina Jenkins 



August 01, 2018 

Vaidyagrama is my home away from home, an extended family that takes care to nurture and treat me to better health. 

I am left in awe, and amazed at the smooth functioning of each and every department at Vaidyagrama. My pranams to Dr.Ramkumar for setting up Vaidyagrama and being my teacher who seamlessly guides me towards a more holistic living practices. 

The Doctors are very knowledgeable, caring and patient with me. They tolerate my childish nonsensical behaviour my tantrums (mostly revolving around food!!) 

The therapists know their job, routine and disciplined practice. 

The support staff, kitchen staff, office staff, technical staff, each and everyone at Vaidyagrama is soft spoken, polite, helpful and self-motivated, the harmony is palpable. 

The peace, quiet, serenity, prayers, chanting, satsangs, classes, walks, therapies and free time teaches one that the answer to all that is churning within is “how to live a simple, healthy, happy, holistic life without stress, anxiety and constant noise and struggle”…. Back home, I continue to try to imbibe the Vaidyagrama teachings and experiences among the chaos. 

Thank you and pranams to my doctors – Dr.HarikrishnanDr.MiniDr. Sivajyothi and Dr.Harikesh, they worked to help me through my Snehapanam and treatments daily. And a few issues of discomfort. 

I would like to suggest better tree planting in front of rooms 305, 306, 307, 308 blocks plus a wall fan in bathrooms and better hygiene in the kitchen. Some more thought into the food options and possibilities. Dr. Mini was very concerned and caring throughout my stay. 


Some good films on health and holistic talks could be shown 

A fan in the bathroom 

Better hygiene in kitchen  

Twice/thrice a week some interesting educational films

A few current magazines 

A better , more realistic food and nutrition options 

Some patients from different fields- knowledgeable and well experienced – could give a talk and share – like Ted Talks. 

Intro talk + films important to show on Vaidyagrama and its work and activities would help  

A well-facilitated proactive follow up program with patients 

Marketing and donor relationship manager could be more proactive 

Darshan Shah