AUGUST 2017 

August 31,2017

I am so grateful for our time in vaidyagrama.

A truly big thanks to my senior doctors, junior doctors, therapists and staff.

We had a wonderful experience, and we hope to see you again.

Our suggestions:

All staff should speak basic English and hindi language.

Also, there should be some physical activities.(Indoor)

Our best wishes and lots of love; once again, thanks.

Rajeshkumar Agrohia


Ajman, UAE.


August 30, 2017

I had no idea what to expect and I can honestly say it has been nothing short of amazing! A true honour to have been cared for so well by the therapists, doctors, admin, as well as other patients. I can finally say I have a happy place, and I use the word honour because this kind of exceptional care is rare in U.S. I very much look forward to returning next summer with my mother. Vaidyagrama is overwhelming in the most wonderful way.

A great place and people to spend my birthday... with beautiful gardens, very relaxing even for my eyes; I loved eating the food with my fingers.

I cannot thank everyone here enough for the love and care. I haven’t got it all figured out, but I know it’s all gonna be okay and am a bit closer than when I arrived. 

Preeti rocks. Dr. Ramadas and Dr. Ramkumar are the best. 

Dana Donaty


August 29, 2017

I came to vaidyagrama with very little knowledge of what it was going to be like. My intuition said that this was what I needed and I came here ready to surrender my body and mind. It was this attitude and trust that allowed me to gain the most out of my treatment and time here. 20 days later, I am leaving cleansed, calmer, with a lot more peace of mind and like the pot in my courtyard says- FAITH in the journey of Dr.Ramadas said on day 1, I have found balanced answers to a lot of my questions.

I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude for everyone here at vaidyagrama. 

A special thank you to Dr.Ramadas and Shinymol for your kindness and patience.

I am truly blessed to have had this experience.

Endless love and gratitude, 

Priya Poomallil 



August 29,2017

I have felt happy and truly well cared for at Vaidyagrama. This is my first time and i am leaving with lightness in my joints, heart & mind. I have cleared my pathways on many levels.

The first few days were difficult but the energy of this place helps you detoxify. THANK YOU ! To Dr.Ramanand, Dr.Anupama, to my therapists, to Preeti for food, to the lovely lady who cleaned my room, to Praveena and all the great people who make this place a sanctuary for becoming a better person.

See you again! 


Naheed Carrimjee


August 27, 2017 

Namaskar! To all the beautiful people from this place with their kindness, their big caring hearts and their profound knowledge.

I had a very good time here; it went fast and yet seems to have been a long journey, which still has not end. 

I want to express my gratitude to my doctors and therapists.

Thank you for your wonderful work. And the special environment is a blessing.

A place with a Vision, and full of heart and spirit.

I will come back, again.


Ulrike Zachhumber

Europe​​​​​​​​​            ​​


August 27, 2017

I came here not well, and am going back feeling lighter in mind and feeling healed.

It a place for mind, body and soul.

I thank Dr.Ramkumar, for his Vision, and his team to start Vaidyagrama.

My special thanks to Dr.Ramanandan, Dr.Harikumar, Dr. Mubash, and therapists Devaki and Maheswari and others including maintenance people.

Everyone is so dedicated in their service. Be it, all doctors, office staff, the kitchen, garden and other staff always sincerely go about their work.

Thank you again and i hope to be here again next year.

A special thank you to the doctors, and Preethi - Thank you for bearing my bothering; but all the same it has been a divine experience.

Om Nama Sivaya !

Pallavi Madhavlal 



August 26, 2017

The three weeks we spent in Vaidyagrama gave me and my mother the opportunity to bond with each other and talk more about things we have no time to talk about at home. Because of the peace and quiet, I was able to catch up on lots of school work and I feel that the three weeks here are not only useful for spiritual awareness, but also for doing things one cannot do at home. My mother and i would like to thank Dr. Ramanandan and the group of therapists working in block 6 for just being so kind to us.  We will come back soon!

Thank you!

Jelena Williams and

Aleksandra Williams


August 26, 2017

To all the amazing staff at Vaidyagrama, the doctors, therapists, the cooks, the house keepers; and absolutely everyone have such a warm and enveloping energy around them that just pulls you in from the minute I got here. I have felt so much gratitude and if feels such a privilege to be here.

I now feel i have a direction with my health and my whole being. I didn’t know much about Ayurveda when i came, but through all the experiences i am going through from treatment, satsangs, pujas, group dinners, meetings new people -  it has all helped me to grow in myself on so many levels.

Being here has truly been a blessing- “being in a right place at the right time”! 

Thank you. 

Much love, 

Satwant Ghattaora


August 26, 2017

As i sit here on my last morning, mouth still fresh with morning kashayam (!), my heart fills with gratitude and my ears fill with bird song.....

How much better can it get! 

The complete and absolute feeling of being nurtured.

Grateful a third time round to my Dr. Ramanandan, my Dr.Harikumar and the added spirit of Dr. Mubash.

To Devaki and her team of therapists, and all the beautiful women who served us with such grace.

To all the rest – never forgetting Dr.Ramkumar for his wisdom..

 and my friend Dr.Ramadas ( also my card playing mate) - Your presence fills this place up magnificently!

Such a privilege to keep coming and know that i have you-VG - to nestle in to every year.

Grateful to my family for making this time for me and most of all to the one above..... my deepest thanks!

I don’t want to forget – Preeti (new addition to VG.....Better late than never!)

Shireen Gandhy Jungalwala

Mumbai, Maharashtra


August 26, 2017

Wow...what a journey! 

It’s been amazing and tough in equal measure, but the results have been absolutely worth it.

I feel lighter; my asthma, eczema has improved significantly and i am leaving with a calmer head. Am sure I will feel much more energetic once I get home too.

Thank you all the doctors and nurses for your kindness and attentiveness. And for keeping me on the straight and narrow through my cravings!

I hope your centre continues to blossom and grow, so that you can offer this treatment to many more people.Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to come here.  I am eternally grateful.

Sarah Summers


​​​​August 24, 2017   

Coming to vaidyagrama has been one of the most powerful experiences I have ever had. I did not know what to expect. I chose to put myself in the hands of the Universe. I feel truly blessed to be a part of this wonderful place and now am a part of vaidyagrama family. 

My time here has impacted me in so many levels - spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. I feel truly blessed, and thank all of you for your incredible life changing opportunity. I have learned so much.

Thank you Dr.Ramadas and all the amazing doctors; your work here is truly kind.

Thank you for the amazing staff cooks, gardeners and all for creating and keeping such a beautiful space.

Thank you all therapists who all are so talented, supportive and caring. And especially Shiny who took great care of me. I will see you all again next year.

Much love to you all! 

Brenda Halkias



​​August  24, 2017

We came to Vaidyagrama with an open mind, not fully knowing what to expect.

We were able to understand and experience the meaning of Ayurveda as well as the principles and values behind it, during our stay.

We leave tomorrow with an enhanced feeling of goodness and awareness. We would like to put in a special word for the professionalism and constant attention we received from the Doctors. The therapists were also very helpful and caring.

We shall certainly return to review the experience.

Satyajit Boolel & Urmila Boolel



August 24, 2017

Dear Doctors and staff of vaidyagrama,

I came here for the first time. Everything is very nice. Everybody served us very well. And I am fond of the plants i liked the experience here so much. The staff are also very well trained. I am happy that I came here. I have backache and am now slightly better already. I may come again. Thanking you everybody.



August 22, 2017

We have been here for 22 days. We had a great relaxation and rejuvenation. The treatment and care was all up to our expectation, and we had great satisfaction. The daily activities in vaidyagrama were also interesting and informative.

The treatment was very good and we could feel the improvement during the course of the treatment itself and we are expecting complete recovery in the mean time with the same confidence.

And we have planned for a yearly visit to vaidyagrama...We thoroughly enjoyed the ambience, food, care, activities on the whole.

Sincere thanks to Dr. Ramanandan, Dr. Harikumar, Dr.Mubash and other junior doctor Dr.Anupama. 

 Thank you very much doctors, staff, therapists for your dedicated services. 

Dr. P M K .Elangovan MBBS. 



August 21,2017

I have been here for 21 days. Thanks to the doctors and therapists for hospitality. I’ve lost weight, my skin is clear. I’ve become more relaxed and calm.

Thank you very much! It was the most peaceful and relaxing days in my life.

Much love from Russia.

Anna Rozentsvit,


August 21, 2017

Dear Vaidyagrama, God bless you! 

Pranam to all. Always God gives opportunity to meet like-minded people. In this place, I really enjoyed each and every minute of the days. I love this place because doctors, therapists and other people are so humble and we can easily approach them.

My back pain is completely gone. Thank you so much. Really, me and my husband want to come back. We are going to miss this place, people, environment, therapists and doctors.

My humble namsakaram to Dr.Harikrishnan, Dr Kesari,  Dr Athulya and Lakshmi chechi. By God s grace, may you all enjoy good health, long life, enough prosperity, wisdom and peace. Be blessed by the divine. Thank you...Thank you from bottom of my heart.


Gangadevi Devdas



August 21, 2017

Dear Vaidyagrama,

My stay was great. I enjoyed the treatments. They were relaxing. I also enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere and the natural scenery. It was nice to take walks outside. The services were all great and the level of care was very good.

Overall, I feel I am leaving better than when I came in. Wish you all the best! 

Jagannatha Prabhu



August 19, 2017

Thank you for reducing my back pain. This is the only place that has provided some cure to me. I really enjoyed the peace and quiet. All the doctors are really patient and kind.

Thank you for all your help.

Kriti Rekhi

Chennai, India                                                                                                             


August 18, 2017

Thank you for all the good you are doing here. It’s just a great place to be, with all the lovely people and this wonderful garden.

Evita Glaettli 



August 16, 2017

Dear Doctors and staff at Vaidyagrama, 

This has been the first time for Basanti and I to Vaidyagrama. We had heard great things about Vaidyagrama, but the reality is it is even more special. 

Firstly and most importantly, every one has been so warm and loving to Basanti... that is to be remembered always. And then the approach of the doctors, their presence in terms of being genuine and gentle is deeply appreciated. Like many, I had been to other doctors for my health issues- but now I feel I am on the right path. 

Also, the building design, the pujas, the cooking classes, garden walk, are all in our memories. Most of all, I love that the whole area is surrounded by Ayurvedic herbal plants and trees. Truly wonderful! 

Nayna  Jhaveri 



August 15, 2017

“Everything happens for a reason”. It was a blessing, being able to find out about this amazing, peaceful place. It healed me in so many ways. Leaving with many lessons and full of love.

Thank you to all the amazing staff. All your hardwork is appreciated - From the doctors to the maintanence staff. Everything is so well organized. You can tell much thought was put in to every part of Vaidyagrama.

First time here, but hopefully not the last. 

Much love and health to all,

Giuliana Martinez




August 14, 2017


You know, the hardest Arithmetic to master is that which enables us to count our blessings! 

That’s what I have learnt in these 15 years that I have been coming to Vaidyagrama. Whatever I feel physically or otherwise, “what should I do now ?” 

The team at Vaidyagrama echoes “ WHATEVER IT TAKES, LET’S DO THAT “! 

Thank you all Lord Dhanu, Shiva, Maa, Hanu, Doctors, PR, therapists, organisers, admin, food, cleaners, gardeners and everybody.

Thank you for the nurturing renewal and for Being there! 

Lots of love always,

Poonam Sareen



August 13, 2017

Had a very nice and productive stay in Vaidyagrama. By productive, I mean, my healing process was good. This is my second time here and the place only gets better every time. The doctors, their sincerity, eye for detail and concern for the patients' well being are quite an eye-opening experience in today's world.

Arun Chidambaram



August 13,2017

This is my first visit to vaidyagrama. It is a wonderful place, calm, peaceful & full of Nature. Deeply grateful to dr.Harikrishnan and his wonderful team Dr.Kesari, Dr Athulya, Dr.Radhika for their kind, humble care & concern. They gave very special attention to each and every small detail and need.

Sincere thanks to my lovely therapists Shabiba, Vaishnavi & Indu.T hey always take care with lots of love & smile. I’m leaving with lots of lovely memories and better health & wish that I get complete cured. 

Wishing V.G great & wonderful success in their purpose of healing! 

With love,

Sakina Mufaddal 



August 8,2017

It has been a wonderful time here at Vaidyagrama. Feeling totally relaxed both mentally and physically. No words to thank Dr.Harikrishnan and his great team of doctors and therapists.

The housekeeping staff too deserve special mention. Food was also very good. Look forward to coming back next year.

Sujatha Rajendran


August 8,2017

Had a nice stay and treatment in Vaidyagrama. Learnt a lot about Ayurveda. It was totally a new experience. We would like to thank everyone for making it feel homely.

Thanks for everything and wish you all success for your great service!

Padmavathy S and Guhan Senthil 



August 07, 2017

First time here, and it was definitely a lovely experience. To be far away from home for about 3 weeks seemed really long, but it went by quickly. Special thanks to Dr.Ramanandan, Dr.Harikumar, Dr. Anupama, Dr. Sivajyothi, Dr.Mubash and the therapists Pravina, Reshma who were really caring and helpful.

Some interesting encounters and bonding were made over these few days, and that made our stay even more enriching. Finally the day of departure has come, and it is with a heavy heart that we are leaving.

Planning to come back again next year.

Heart full of thanks!

Santa Alleck

Prasant Alleck


August 6,2017

To all the wonderful people at Vaidyagrama,

Our arrival at Vaidyagrama brought us to a completely different world, so calm and close to Nature with a sense of strong connection to the ancient Ayurvedic Healing.

Although the first few days were a bit difficult to adapt, we soon adjusted ourselves to the lifestyle at Vaidyagrama with the help of the caring Doctors. The lovely, caring staff & the meticulous cleaners, made our stay very comfortable.

We are very grateful to all the Doctors and the therapists who treated us, and we appreciate their patience in addressing our requirements during our stay. A fact to be admired at Vaidyagrama is how well all the staff are trained & disciplined.

A very special THANK YOU to Dr.Harikrishnan, Dr.Kesari & Dr.Athulya for taking such special care of our health. Our therapists Kalpana & Mrudula, Lakshmi, Vaishnavi are very kind and caring. Today we leave Vaidyagrama with lovely memories and a better health, which we wish to keep & continue for the days to come.

All of the charity works organized by Vaidyagrama need much recognition and admiration. Wishing Vaidyagrama Great Success & a wonderful future in these endeavours to heal people in need.

All the Best! 

Athifa Hassan & Asima Hassan 



August 4,2017

My very first time in India and of course I have spent all my time at Vaidyagrama. I did not experience anything of the outside world. But I came here for healing, and that I did. 

My  4 ½ weeks here were not always easy, as my body went through the various detox processes and not always reacted as I expected. So learning to live with the highs and lows of healing; the mental challenges as well as the physical were also a learning curve.

Thank you to the Doctors and other staff for helping me through my lows, celebrating with me my physical highs.

Vaidyagrama was exactly what I had expected like on the website.

The healing space that has been created is beautiful, calming. I am so impressed with sustainability approach, living simple in line with Nature. Hardly any waste; and all the recycling that is in place. Living by example is the way to change this world.

I had a wonderful healing experience on all 3 levels - Body,mind and spirit !

Thank you to everyone for being so human and welcoming; and allowing or better me with the opportunity to feel part of the Vaidyagrama family.

With lots of love to everyone! 

Keep up the good work.

Ines Putzman



August 04, 2017

Dear vaidyagrama staff, doctors..

It is serene, heavenly, five star, conscious, eco-friendly, divine, loving, caring, patient, mystical, compassionate, fabulous, miraculous....These are just a few of the words to describe vaidyagrama and the staff, facility, food, people, events and community. I will never forget this special place and all of the love and care I received while here.

Dr.Ramdas, Dr.Aruna, Shyni and the therapists, housekeeping, cooks, administration, doctors, gardeners, I thank you for the very important work you all are doing to save the people s life, to make this world  a better place.

Vaidyagrama has no comparison. The beauty here is breath-taking and I will have these gorgeous patios, gardens, forests, covered walk ways and kind faces imprinted in my heart and on my mind forever. I cannot wait to come back with my family. I will share this experience with everyone I know. Preeti, thank u for your five star meals; and Aparna, thank you for making this happen. Dr. Ramadas, thank you for everything. I send all my love.

Shannon Factor



August 03, 2017

The place is filled with good vibration and energy, which gives the feel and confidence that we can recover soon. Such helping and kind therapists (Efficient Bindhu and sweet Archana) and housekeeping staff also made our stay very pleasant. Not to miss out all the doctors who keep checking for my welfare. Such a wonderful place that you are maintaining.

Kudos to the great team work and hard work! 

A special thanks and gratitude to Dr.Ramadas, who has taken away my fear from me and shown me a great path through love and Ayurveda. Move over, this place given me a lot of spiritual thoughts and knowing, which will help me to live my life and lead it holistically. Keep flourishing! 

With all the love, 

Chitra  Samichetty

Tamilnadu, India


August 1,  2017

To My Dear Vaidyagrama Family,

I walked through the door of Vaidyagrama two weeks ago, with goals that my doctors in USA thought would be impossible to achieve in 2 weeks. I leave tomorrow having already surpassed the goals I had set for myself. 

This is a magical place and every plant, brick and animal seem to be in sync with Nature... I felt it even before I was shown my room!

Vaidyagrama has showed me a new real and more evolved way to live. I hope I can apply every thing I have discovered here to my daily life. If every one in the world had a little slice of vaiyagrama, peace would prevail in the world. 

The doctors Dr. Harikrishnan.K.K, Dr Radhika, Dr.Athulya were professional, positive, encouraging. I trust them completely. Dr.Ramdas' pujas healed my sprit, setting me back on the path of self realization that I had strayed from.

My three lovely, charming therapists – Indu, Vaishnavi, Shabiba - your very touch soothed my wrecked nerves. Your love could be felt in every drop of water you poured over me. I wish you all a happy life! 

Preeti - for churning out one great meal after another. If I could eat like this all the time, I would become a better person. 

Aparna -  for answering my endless, annoying questions for the last few months. 

And to all those who work behind the scenes to heal people who they might never see. Thank you!

And thank you Dr Ramkumar, for making such a place possible. 

I hope to be back next year! 

With love,

Sena Gopal

Boston, USA