August 2014

August 31 2014

Dear Dr.Ramkumar, Dr.Ramadas, Dr.Ramanandan and Dr.Sajna

My two weeks stay at vaidyagrama has led me on a path to heal an injury that is four years old! It has also put me on a path to heal mentally and be a stronger better person. You have treated me on all planes of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – of my personality.

I thank Dr.Ramanandan and Dr.Ramadas for being with me during this process. You have encouraged me and provided a strong shoulder and your time and patience. I thank Dr.Sajna for introducing me to the Ayurveda Shastra.

I am grateful to you for healing me and also offering to guide me after I go back in the world of competition and stress.

I am thankful to my therapists Ms.Maya and Ms.Devaki for putting their best efforts during the treatment. I have seen them sweat and take that additional step to help me. I also thank Unnimaya for giving me medicines, always with a smile! She has cheered me up on many occasions!

I also thank Ms.Chitra for taking care of my surroundings so they can also encourage my healing.

Vaidyagrama is a great place to heal and get in touch with oneself. I go back learning a lot about me.

Thank you

Anjali G

Mysore India

August 29 2014

Dear family of vaidyagrama

I left home with lots of stress, pain and tension. But when I reach vaidyagrama, the warm welcome of Dr.Ramadas, Aparna, Dr.Harikumar makes a big transformation in my stay here for one month.

My health has improved a lot with the help and dedication of the vaidyas, the therapists and the entire staff. I like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

A special thanks to Renu and Madhav for their contribution in Yoga, kirtan and satsang. Thanks to Dr.Haritha for your love and care and beautiful smile. I am going back home with good feelings and much healthier and happier. My blessings to all of you and hope to see you soon.

Lots of love

Chandra Ganpat


August 28 2014

Dear vaidyagrama

Thank you very much for all your kind and generous service and care. I have never taken care of myself so much until I came here. I appreciate everyone in vaidyagrama who created such a beautiful place with love and care.

Thank you and I’ll miss you all.

Fumino Nasimatsu


August 28 2014

Dear vaidyagrama and family

Thank you very much for everyone’s efforts and heart put into the healing that made my stay so peaceful. So close to nature and allows me to hide away, rest and heal my body, mind and spirit.

Throughout my stay I have learned a lot and there are many things I have not experienced before and I have done it here.

Special thanks to Dr.Harikrishnan, Dr.Omprakash (Mr.multipurpose), Aparna, Sonia, Hakeem, Dr.Ramadas (Om Shanthi Shanthi), Aruna (good food), my therapists, Sameena, Indu, Shantini (my morning clock) and the rest of the team.

Please continue your journey doing what you are doing now so wonderfully and may God bless you all and give you all the energy to carry on….

Finally I want to thank Dr.Ramkumar for having such a vision of a “healing village”. I am very proud of you!!

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I am glad and so lucky to be here!

Chik Lai Ping


August 28 2014

Dear vaidyagrama

It has been a wonderful new experience for me and my son at vaidyagrama. The doctors, therapists and staff are all full with patience and caring.

My thanks to Dr.Harikrishnan and Dr.Om for their care, attention and knowledge in treating both myself and my son.

Thank you

Devika Rani


August 28 2014

First of all I give thanks to vaidyagrama doctors, therapists and staff. Those are creating nice Ayurvedic healing center.

When I was very sick and weak for bodily pain, at that time my Guru Maharaj (spiritual master) H.H.Bhakti Charu Swami sent me to vaidyagrama for treatment. Vaidyagrama is a very wonderful place and the environment is really good for body, mind and spirit soul. Today finished my 21 days treatment, the pain in different parts of body reduced. I take medicine and advice from Dr.Ramanandan. I wish that after I take medicine, I will be able to fully engage in devotional service to the Supreme Personality of Godhead Sri Krsna. Thanks to everyone especially thanks to Dr.Ramadas, Dr.Ramanandan, Dr.Sajna and Aparna mataji those are always taking care of me. Very especially thanks to Spiritual Dr.Lord Dhanvantari. Hare Krsna!

Govindananda Das

ISKCON, Mayapur, Kolkata, India

August 27 2014

I feel very fortunate to have been able to return to vaidyagrama a second time. This beautiful retreat here of healing, caring and love is an environment the world needs. The warmth, caring and devotion of all the people involved is very uplifting.

The treatments are wonderful with positive results as in my case. I have learnt a lot from my doctors who are extremely knowledgeable about all kinds of healing and willingly spend time explaining. The spiritual aspect is what I reacted the most (not religious!) but what will keep me coming back will be the ready smiles so healing and genuine of all.

It is very difficult to single out any 2 or 3 people. But I would like to say a big thank you and I will be ever grateful that they came into my life.

August 2014

Dear friends

Tomorrow I’m leaving vaidyagrama with a mixture of feelings in me.

It’s been a wonderful experience the time I spent here, but also a real pity I got ill during my stay here and had to stop treatments. That’s why I’m leaving a bit sad because the benefits going on were very very good!

I have enjoyed the contact with nature so much in this piece of HEAVEN, I had time for myself and also time for others…made incredible good friendships with people from all over the world!

It’s been a kind of retreat as well, with time for silence, beautiful contemplation of mother nature, time to slow down for introspection and time to think just of myself.

I really enjoyed the food, specially the dosas with chutney..mmm!

But above all I want to say thanks to all people who make our stay here so special and comfortable – therapists, administration staff, cooks and doctors!

Thanks dear Aparna for all your patience and your help in organizing, cancelling and changing my flights and trains so many times! Thanks Dr.Ramadas and Dr.Harikumar and also Dr.Haritha for your love, care and attention every single day I’ve been here, specially when I was feeling sick. The feeling of being in such a special “hospital” treated with so much care will never be forgotten!

Thanks Renu and Madhav for your classes, talks, concerts…it’s been great all the time we shared! Wish you all the best for your projects! And finally thanks to all patients who became close friends for all we shared, and all the support I got on my “difficult” days here….I leave with great memories and with a deeper sense of connection with the UNIVERSE, our MOTHER NATURE and all the HUMAN BEINGS in this WORLD.

I will miss you all so much!

Griselda Menero


August 23 2014

Time disappears here in vaidyagrama and gives way to life.

Thoughts and action and movement too all grow in significance.

Polcus from the Gods nourish body and soul to heal. Attentive doctors follow each step of the healing process, formerly diagnosed with their medical expertise and spiritual guidance. Lovely angels partake in the ceremony with care, their hearts beating in tune to their movements, they knead and glide their knaving hands on naked bodies breaking the dams, restoring the flow, harmonizing the body and soul.

I know now what it is like to be a goddess. Thank you to Aparna ji for her wonderful organization prior and during my visit. Thank you Dr.Harikrishnan for your concern, clairvoyance and wisdom. Thank you Dr.Omprakash for your humility, your laughter, your energy. Thank you to all of the therapists in my block with special thanks to Jayanthi, devoted, caring and a wonderful therapist. Thank you to all of the other patients who crossed my path, your smiles will always be with me. Thank you Renu for your satsangs full of helpful information about Ayurveda, Yoga and life in general. Thank you for sharing the beauty of your soul. Thank you Madhav for your smiles, your intensity, your strong and lovely voice, your Yoga. Thank you for beautiful sattvic food, for teaching us how sacred it ought to be. Thank you for keeping us clean and secure, for your administrative patience. Thank you all for showing us the way…

Christine Laurian


August 23 2014

Thanks to vaidyagrama

Ella and Svetlana

Tambov, Russia

August 23 2014

Dear vaidyagrama

Thank you for all

It’s a beautiful place

Mikhail Shiliu

Moscow, Russia

August 21 2014

Dear vaidyagrama

Thank you for accommodating me in such a kind, professional and welcoming manner.

Your environment appears to be very conducive to health and rejuvenation.

I would ver much like to return at some point.

With kindest regards


New Zealand

August 20 2014

We sincerely appreciate the motive and ambition behind the starting of this noble institution for a noble cause. We congratulate all the doctors for their dedicated and tireless service.

Under the doctors’ supervision, the office, the staff, medical store and the kitchen and above all the prayer hall, treatment center etc. function homogenously.

And further, patients are well taken care of by all the staff by smiling face and patience.

Vaidyagrama will stand for –

V for Vitality

A for Ability

I for Individuality

D for Dedicated service

Y for Yearning for service

A for Ambition

G for Godlike affection

R for Rest

A for Aiming at healthcare for all

M for Motherly attention

A for All round health care

“Plant raising” in the memory of the patient is a marvelous job. Really really good and fantastic. I really really appreciate the initiative and this will bring a lot of laurels to the institution.

We wish you all the best and also wish the service will continue forever in the years to come.

Thanking you

S.Natarajan and N Rajarajeswari

Chennai, India

August 20 2014

Dear vaidyagrama and everybody

When I think about my stay here at vaidyagrama, I think about the quote “Change is the only constant”. Initially I was very apprehensive about coming here, maybe even a little skeptical about whether my stay here would really help me with my problems.

I came here with no expectations, ready to embrace a different life I would have here in my 1 month stay. I couldn’t have been more pleasantly surprised or happy with the changes that I experienced here. I had just had one of the most turbulent, testing years of my life. I was coming here from a year full of tears, pain, panic attacks and depression. If you know me, then you know that this description is probably the opposite of how I usually am. Although the first couple of days here were tough, I could feel that the energy here was so positive and conducive to both physical and mental / emotional healing that I felt comfortable and finally, could start to look forward to a sort of peace I had lost a long time ago. The people here are just absolutely lovely whether it be the doctors, therapists, housekeeping or any other member of the staff. Seeing their shining, smiling faces made me want to smile. I want to thank my first therapist Maya for giving me comfort and unconditional love in my first therapy session. Without her smiling face and words of kindness, that first day of treatment, it would have taken me much longer to adapt to the life here. Her acceptance of my scars and problems and unfailing hope that I had a bright future ahead of me made me feel hopeful after a very long time. To my other therapists, and Sajitha akka, thank you for doing your job with such passion and taking care of me. You have helped me more than I could ever express.

To my doctors, Dr.Ramanandan and Dr.Harikumar, as well as Dr.Ramkumar, thank you for your exceptional care and attention to my needs. Your ability to pinpoint the perfect treatment for me has given great results, and thank you so much, especially to Dr.Ramanandan for sitting with me every day and talking to me about my worries or hopes and giving me your guidance. I appreciate it very much.

Thanks to Chitra, the housekeeping staff in my block for always greeting me with a smile that made me want to actually wake up. To the kitchen staff, thank you for letting me help out so often. I promise next time I’m here, my chapattis will be much better. Thanks to the laundry staff for letting me use the terrace shade and letting me help you with your work. Thanks to Maheswari akka for treating me like a friend and becoming one of my favourite people here. There were so many special moments here that I will hold dear in my memories. Thanks to Geetha and Suresh for letting me be as involved as I could with Punarnava Trust and your social work even as a patient.

I am writing this now as a different person from who I was a month ago physically. I cant recognize the 17 year old girl who came here. I haven’t felt this good in a long time. I have made so much progress, it is almost as if the peace of the lush greenery and pleasant breeze found a way into my mind. I am truly happy here and I will never forget that I was thus. Change is the only constant. But here, I’ve never been happier to accept that truth. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart, for everything.

With love

Sanchaya Satish

Princeton, New Jersey, USA

August 18 2014


I leave vaidyagrama feeling I have a wonderful family here, and this is one of the paradises on earth.

My heart has opened with joy as my body feels revitalized, renewed and my mind is enjoying a tranquility that I did not have for a long time.

You have healed and nourished my body, my heart, mind, my soul!

You all do what you do with LOVE and the best intentions, as well as with professionalism.


Today’s Krishna’s Janmasthami. May God bless you, your families and friends with many blessings!

I hope to see you soon!

Thanks, Thanks, Thanks!

Eva de Francisco


August 18 2014

Have just read the comments in the space here and have had a little cry. I don’t really feel charged by my experience here. I certainly have had aches and pains massaged out by the “magic hands” Maya and Sasikala and learnt about the process of digestion and doshas balancing. I take useful lifestyle advice plus learn sadly how right my mother has been all along! She is queen of “moderation”!  I have also lost weight – a bonus!!

But I hope that the 3 months regeneration Ayurveda will show the difference. But I leave quite scared, anxious and unsure of why I come. Reading about the “healing within” others have mentioned – I am not sure if I’m closer to finding her than I was when I arrived or the mental health role of staff. I haven’t felt safe enough to “let go” here. I hear some amazing stories of physical health charge and will suggest the place to friends who need help with that. The environment (when the builders are not working) is peaceful. I have enjoyed my outdoor bed – bird watching plus art observation plus early morning walks. Smiling staff (lesson from Dr.Om, Hakeem and Aparna) are amazing. “Do as I do” is a great model to work from plus the ideals plus vision (Sampath + Yazdi) is strong and thorough here, something the West and I learn from.

Thank you for providing the space, care and knowledge



August 16 2014

Thank you for your kind and loving care. I experienced from everybody and especially from Dr.Harikrishnan, Dr.Omprakash and the rest of the staff, in helping me to be able to heal my knee.

Endless devotion and helpfulness and making me feel comfortable day and night.

I learned a lot about a healthy lifestyle and being more aware of what I eat and care for my body.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you


August 16 2014

I want to say “Thank You” to every staff. They are very kind and gentle, and it is their most impressive point.

This trip to India is the first for me, so I worried about food and room. But vaidyagrama had beautiful nature and healthy food. It was fantastic.

My life in Japan is busy but I’ll take peaceful days to my home.

I’ll be back. Thank you!

Teppai Kamaguchi


August 15 2014

I came to vaidyagrama for Ayurveda treatment for 21 days. I have enjoyed my treatment and feel that this is not only a treatment place but also a holiday rest place. I have attended daily prayers at morning / evening. Everyday we have one class i.e. yoga class, cooking class, cow pooja, and doctors’ satsang, video show etc. We have not felt much about our disease. Therapists have given me good treatment. Every day doctors visit my room regularly. I am taking my medicines. Vaidyagrama will provide diet food. It reduces my weight also. Vaidyagrama situated in a very good calm and peaceful place for taking treatment. I have enjoyed all my 21 days without any disturbance.


Chennai, Tamilnadu

August 15 2014

My time at vaidyagrama was only two weeks but it was two of the best weeks of my life. It was difficult to adjust to the abstemious lifestyle at first but the doctrs and staff were extremely friendly and helpful with all my questions and needs. I met so many people from around the world through group activities – yoga, group dinner etc. – and got the wonderful experience of going into the village and meeting the children. Everything about these two weeks was perfect – the adaptation to a more healthy lifestyle, learning about Ayurveda during the satsangs, enjoying the relaxing oil massages, and being able to immerse myself into the greenery and warm environment of vaidyagrama. I really hope I get a chance to visit again and thank you so much to everybody for making my stay so comfortable and pleasant for helping me become healthier and happier.

Aishwarya Bhadada

San Diego, CA, USA

August 14 2014

Today is day 50 of my stay. The third consecutive year that I am here. I came in 2012 with a condition that required a joint replacement. The latest scans show there is a significant improvement. The doctor in the scan unit was surprised by what treatments could have resulted in such improvements. With patience, and following all the suggestions here, makes a huge difference.

At vaidyagrama, life is a new experience to heal the body, the mind and soul too. The love and compassion of all here is a joy to experience. Besides the great treatments and people, they encourage you to “awaken the healer within”. We are blessed to be here. As most of us are seekers of Truth, a good place to start is to allow our “healer within” to grow and nourish us.

My gratitude to all at Punarnava.

Yazdi Bankwala

UK / Singapore / Malaysia

August 2014

“To my favorite Master” – Wish you all the best...Thanks to all for your nice welcoming. Special thanks to Dr.Omprakash for his sunny smile and medical expertise, to Dr.Harikrishnan for his extremely accurate diagnosis and compassion leading to my healing process – and of course to all the team of therapists who made the healing possible with their loving hands.

To the cleaning staff, who has so much empathy and kindness. Thank you to Aparnaji and team for making everything so smooth and comfortable.

With love and warm regards

Catherine Farache


August 13 2014

Tomorrow we leave vaidyagrama after 2 weeks; it was a very important time for our health and our relationship, partnership…

As we are vegetarians, it was not so difficult to accept this interesting food. We go home with new recipes for us to cook.

These treatments were a marvelous experience for us. We also loved the yoga lessons, informations about Ayurveda and food, and the singing time in the night.

We thank for the philosophic discussions with the wise doctors.

What we missed is a long walk in free nature and more silence for relaxing because of building site noise.

Many thanks from the two Austrians.

Karin & Henry


August 13 2014

I’ve been here for 20 days. When I first came here, I was impressed by beautiful nature in this garden. In addition to that, therapists and staff are kind and cheerful.

All doctors are honorable persons. They taught all of what I wanted to know. As well as physical thing, I learned most mentally.

These days are the most beautiful days than what kind of other experience.

Thank you so much!

I wish all of you here good health and happiness in this village will spread all over India.

About Punarnava Trust, I was deeply moved by Geetha’s story. I might be able to work as a volunteer in the local village after this treatment.

Thanks for teaching me a truth of life.

With warmest regards…

Kumiko Kamaguchi


August 12 2014

Dear vaidyagrama

I feel blessed to have spent time at this place of holistic healing, love and family. I only wish I could stay!

Everyone here has taken special care of me even when I ran away from the ghee. The open hearts and genuine caring demonstrated by every single staff member is an inspiration and reminder to us all of how each of us individually can contribute to make the world a better place.

Fiona Evans

New South Wales, Australia

August 09 2014

To all at vaidyagrama

Thank you for creating and maintaining this beautiful authentic place of love and healing. I am very grateful to have found this oasis and am most fortunate to have been able to spend the past month with you all. By bringing to life the ancient wisdom in this time and place, a great gift is brought to us all which is, not confined to this spot but being spread all around the world as each of us are healed and return to our homes.

It is quite extraordinary! I am honored to be part of the “family” now and look forward to seeing the success of all the future projects.

Barbara Waldorf

Boston, USA

August 08 2014

Tomorrow I leave vaidyagrama. It is a beautiful place and I feel sure that the vision of the founders will manifest. I have had an overall good experience but I know that staying for a short time does not allow me to take in the full healing of the place. The doctors and staff members have been very helpful and attentive.

At first (for the first 5 days I was here), I was in a room very near the construction. I had a cold and was not feeling well and the extra noise was not helpful. For the past 2 days, I have been in a very pleasant room with a lovely verandah all set in nature. I know it is hard to “grow” the facility and have construction while patients are here – but it is important to assure a peaceful spot – unless the noise does not bother people.

My trip to India this time was very hard on me. When I arrived in vaidyagrama, I had a cold. I feel grateful that I was in a place to get medicines for my cold.

I am very impressed with the work Geetha and others are trying to do with the local village. The initiative of trying to educate rural people about how to live good quality lives through sustainable farming is very very important. I understand that more than 70% of Indians live in rural areas and perhaps vaidyagrama’s efforts can be replicated in many other places in India.

Perhaps sometime in the next two years, I would be able to come to vaidyagrama for a longer time. Then I would be able to take in the full healing of the place. Or perhaps I might be able to volunteer some time to the efforts in the local village. As I am an educationist, I feel that I could of some help.

In any case, vaidyagrama is a place that I will not soon forget.

The doctors have been very helpful and diligent. Drs.Ramadas, Ramanandan and Harikrishnan were kind and supportive.

I am grateful to Madhavanand for telling me about this place and I am happy that I have had a chance to visit. It was great to see Renu (another friend) while here and I enjoyed her talks and Madhav’s yoga sessions.


Dr.Maureen P.Hall


August 09 2014

Aum Sri Sai Ram

I am at a loss to express all that I feel about vaidyagrama, the doctors, the therapists, the ever smiling supporting staff. In a sense, words are not adequate to convey the wonderful feeling of a very pleasant, healing, spiritually charged, environmentally friendly place – verily a healing paradise on our mother earth. I am all of 84 years old, came with a lot of aches and pains, now returning greatly healed, feeling 10 years younger; 74 years young!

The satsang with Dr.Ramkumar is a great learning experience about this ancient, eternal science of Ayurveda.

The place is charged with enriching activities from dawn to night; the sacred hymn chanting greatly enhances the healing process.

Special thanks to my doctor, Dr.Ramanandan and therapist Santosh – a name very appropriate.

May Baba bless you all to carry on this noble work.


Bangalore, India

August 06 2014

The last 21 days have been the hardest but the most fulfilling days  of my life – in terms of my health. While the period has had an astounding impact on my health and well being, it has also taught me a great deal of restraint and self-control.

A phenomenal job by Dr.Harikrishnan, Dr.Om, Madhu and all other support staff. Very methodical and systematic diagnosis and healing. Great care.

May Punarnava / vaidyagrama grow leaps and bounds and emerge as the epitome of Ayurveda in the world.

Thank you very much for everything

Prabhat N.Ramesh

Bangalore, India

August 06 2014

Dear vaidyagrama

This is my second visit to this healing village, and it is still the beautiful and calming place I left last time. My experience here has been more difficult this time. Having to focus on my health and my health only without any distractions was not always an easy task. However the kindness from the therapists, Dr.Om and Dr.Harikrishnan made everything much easier. I am so very thankful to vaidyagrama for believing in my ability to heal, sometimes more than me, and feel so very blessed to have been cared for by them.

Thank you vaidyagrama for everything



August 06 2014

Dear vaidyagrama

First of all we both wish to thank everybody for the nice “TLC” (tender loving care) given to us during our stay. This “TLC” has gone right into our heart and soul. We have understood more the importance of the spiritual connection for healing of our mind / body. We are so happy to have discovered vaidyagrama where we can take care of our mind / body / soul.

We have understood here the importance of the spiritual connection for the healing of the way we are and how we should be and also where we have to go down the path of our karma.

Thanks to all our doctors the nice explanations, patience and for the interesting satsangs which gave us most understanding side of things, as being a group, many questions came up which we had not thought of before. We also like to thank our therapists for their conscientious treatments. Everybody was friendly and helpful, always with a nice smile.

Also, we were most impressed by the work of “Punarnava” at the local village. It is so important to assist by joint efforts, by doing “hands on” especially with the children as these are the future of India. Let us move to a more peaceful and exciting future with the motto “Life is Good”.

We are leaving with a peaceful mind, feeling of “a light body”. Surely we will return next year for a longer stay.

Hari Om

Theodore and Jacqueline


August 04 2014

Today was the last day of treatment here at vaidyagrama and we are leaving with such a happy and satisfied feeling.

It is the first time I have come across where doctors and therapists first pray for you before starting any treatment.

Their compassion towards us dissolves all our worries away. They sensed that we were new to Ayurveda and that we had some doubts.

The treatments were difficult to accept at first but gradually we got used to it. The food was terribly bland and we could not get used to that!

However the result was terrific! My daughter Mariam’s skin condition improved dramatically. My mom’s swelling in the body reduced and I lost more weight than I expected to.

Vaidyagrama, I thank you from my heart.



August 04 2014

Dear vaidyagrama

Gosh what a journey it has been these past 21 days. From the outside, you are foreboding and scary (hey I’m 15!) but on the inside, I must say, it is quite beautiful. The doctors, therapists and the staff are so wonderful and caring, even if there is an immense language barrier. But you always managed to help me, to make me smile. The ghee treatment really took me out of it, but everyone always did their absolute best to try and make me feel better! I especially want to thank Dr.Omprakash for making a very welcome effort to have my food tweaked so that I was able to eat it.

Also thanks to Drs.Ramkumar and Harikrishnan for holding wonderful satsangs and taking time to explain and answer every single question I had, even if it was repeated. Renu, I only attended one of your food satsangs but I had great fun, so thank you so much for that, it was a blast. Sameena, you are the best therapists I could have asked for, and you helped me so much in so many things that it is not easy to put into words. Thank you for bringing me flowers and introducing me to your adorable daughter. You, as well as all the doctors, are godsends.

And lastly, thank you so so SO much to all my fellow patients who went out of their way to humor me and bring / recommend me books and talk to me and just everything. Everyone I met really impacted me in a big way and I really do want to keep in touch so we can share our post-treatment diet woes together! Everyone I met, patient or staff, was so warm and wonderful, you really helped.

With the exception of the food and the ghee treatment, I must say, it was fun and eye-opening. I’ve learned so much and it will change my lifestyle so much. I’m sorry if I’ve ever been too much at times but I have no regrets. I’ve gotten healing that no other medicine could help me with. It has been a gift from God.

Thank you..I’ll miss you all (but not the food!)

Mariam Shaikh


August 04 2014

I leave vaidyagrama tomorrow with a heavy heart and wonderful memories! I cannot fathom how much I have learned in just 21 days – it will change my lifestyle for sure. My healing took place at more than one level, for which I am very grateful to God and the hands and minds that healed me!

Dr.Ramkumar, your satsangs were the highlights of my day. Your immense knowledge and the group sharing was something I looked forward to. A big thank you to my doctor, Dr.Harikrishnan, for his patience and evaluation, to the every smiling and cheerful Dr.Omprakash and to my therapist Sameena and the rest of the staff. Where in the world can you achieve healing with so much love and caring!!

Thank you all for the wonderful experience!!

Munira Shaikh