August 29 2013

To the wonderful vaidyagrama community of angels

Thank you for a wonderful unique experience and a lesson in caring and devotion, thoughtfulness and understanding. It is your positive and gentle nature that is all part of the cure.

Thank you for the healing, the opportunities for complete relaxation and for the simplicity. The environment is lovely and conducive to lots of introspective thinking.

I feel blessed to have gained some basic knowledge of Ayurveda and hope to learn more and retain some of the practices I have learned here.

You have a unique gift that I feel grateful to have been a part of.

A big thank you

I wish you every success in all your worthwhile projects and your vision.

Thank you Dr.Ramkumar, Dr.Ramadas, Dr.Aruna, Dr.Omprakash and so many who made this a joy

Anjali Mathrani, New York, USA

August 24 2013

We are glad and thankful to have been able to share these days with all of you. We are already feeling the benefits of Ayurveda’s treatments and we take with us a new awareness we will certainly apply in our daily life.

Thanks to Dr.Ramkumar for sharing his precious knowledge and his sense of humor.

Thanks to Dr.Harikrishnan and Dr.Om Prakash for their kind, dedicated and patient attention.

Thanks to our therapists for their professionalism and for making us feel comfortable.

Thanks to all the personnel for their always kind and smiling attitude.

We wish you all the deserved successful development of this project.

May God Bless You

Marie Pradin & Jean Marie & Paul, France

August 22 2013

Om Sri Sairam!

Thank you to vaidyagrama, the Devas and divine Beings who are ever present here and to the doctors and staff especially to Dr.Ramkumar for having the courage and faith to allow his “Punarnava” vision into becoming reality, thereby benefitting all the souls who are drawn here in this pristine healing sacred space!

It is with deep gratitude and love that I leave here today, with admiration for the doctors and staff here, especially Dr.Harikrishnan who treated me with such kindness and gentle caring, & Dr.Om Prakash for his sweet smile and being everywhere at all times!

The two therapists Sasikala and Sameena were wonderful with a very gentle and caring attitude. Aparna and Kavitha were very helpful and great – all in all everyone here is divinely inspired with Dr.Ramkumar and his team and it was truly a blessing and a genuine healing experience here for me.

I feel much better than when I came and intend to be back here again.

Much love

Many Blessings

Mira Sai, Puttaparthi, India

August 19 2013

Glory to vaidyagrama!

Glory to its righteous and self-sacrificing founder, its wise and dedicated physicians, its caring staff, its lovely patients, its self-sustained natural farming….

All glory to vaidyagrama’s endeavor to live simple and happy!

I carry great benefits with me…

Many thanks and all my blessings

Karen Verloo, Belgium

August 18 2013

Dear Vaidyagrama family

I was extremely apprehensive in coming to this place as I never quiet believed/understood alternative medicine. But when I came here and my treatment started, I was beginning to feel rejuvenated. The surroundings, doctors, the staff, it seems they blend into one another to give us patients (are we??) comfort and a feeling of great well being.

Looking forward to be with you once again, I remain

Shriram, Hyderabad, India

August 17 2013

Dear vaidyagrama family

Veena and I were very apprehensive when we came here wondering how we were going to stay here for two weeks away from our home and addictions. But after we came here, we found that the entire place is organized to make you feel completely at home. The doctors – all of them very caring, gentle and down to earth. The staff are very polite and understanding.

The place itself is very quaint and situated in such a way that there is constant breeze blowing through. This I think for us was a great part of the healing process as well.

On the whole, what we came here for, was achieved and we go back quite happy and content.

Paul & Dr.Veena, Chennai, India

August 16 2013

Thank you so much that you are. I’m really happy to be in this place.

Thank you

Nensija, Latvia

August 16 2013

Om Namah Shivayah!

We feel blessed to find this place. And we are happy and surprised that there is place where there is Vedic tradition. Everything was perfect and we learn so much. Food was like in restaurant.

Thank you, we will be back!

Sisters Iveta & Nora, Latvia

August 14 2013

Have completed 7 weeks treatment and care at vaidyagrama as a follow up from 6 weeks here last year. Based on both experiences, there is here care, concern and compassion. These 3 qualities along with health, money cannot buy.

At vaidyagrama, I experience the simplicity, sincerity, serenity of a blessed environment.

At vaidyagrama, I experience through all the doctors, therapists, housekeeping & admin staff nourishment and care.

It has been a healing as well as a spiritual experience. I came with a walking stick and am leaving without the support of the stick – thank you all.

I pray you will all continue to serve with the love that you all do.

I pray more and more can be blessed to experience vaidyagrama.

With my sincere gratitude

Love to all

Yazdi Jehangir Bankwala, UK / Singapore / Malaysia

August 2013

Dear friends of vaidyagrama

I can best describe vaidyagrama as a place of holistic healing where we blend seamlessly with the nature. The natural methods of farming followed at vaidyagrama looks like a picture out of the book “One Straw Revolution”. The concept of living at vaidyagrama goes way beyond the healing aspect. There is a subtle message telling us to respect all living beings and share the earth with everybody as equal creations of God. The way plants & flowers, vegetables and herbs grow along with wild grass & weeds in a natural garden tells us to seriously think about making some changes in the way we live.

Needless to say, the doctors, staff and everybody at vaidyagrama were always smiling, courteous while going about their work in the most professional way, making my stay at this place truly memorable. By the end of my stay, may be with a pinch of salt (or rather no salt!), I have learnt the goodness of living on simple food, and hope to make serious attempts to follow it.

The community programs taken up by vaidyagrama in the villages around here are truly heartening.

With best wishes to the vaidyagrama family.

Rajeev, Chennai, India

August 11 2013

Dear Vaidyagrama family

It has been an amazing three weeks of rest and relaxation, peace and quiet.

This quiet of the mind and complete slowdown of the body has been a tonic for my soul. I felt I was back in Rishikesh, only the surroundings were different.

I will take back with me Dr.Ramadas’s booming voice saying to “inhale” and “exhale” and his really jolly nature.

Dr.Harikumar’s beautiful rendering of the Vishnu Sahasranama and Lalita Sahasranama, will still resound in my ears.

Dr.Om’s speed at appearing & disappearing and always being seen rushing around with so much energy is amazing.

Dr.Harikrishnan’s patient answering of all our questions on Ayurveda over & over again and shyly disappearing at being asked to sing at group dinners will remain in my mind.

Dr.Aruna’s patience in allowing us to choose the books from the library.

A big thank you to the awesome staff, therapists, cleaners, gardeners everyone here including the wonderful cooks. A special thank  you to Sajitha who has been so gentle and loving.

All my fellow patients, it was wonderful meeting you all. The time spent here has flown.

Dr.Ramkumar, what can I say to you except a big thank you for having this vision and bringing it to fruition. God Bless you and may vaidyagrama grow from strength to strength.

If I can be of any service in any way, please feel free to call me.

Many many thanks to all of you. Stay beautiful and Blessed always.

Much love

Durga, Bangalore, India

August 04 2013

Dear friends, dear doctors, dear everyone

Thank you so much for being on this planet.

The night arrived here and entered the place and read the little booklet, I wrote in my diary : I can hardly believe where I landed, I feel like I am in heaven. All is quite beautiful, mindful, respectful towards nature, respectful towards me, sustainable – amazing!

And I feel like this now that I am leaving so blessed to have you in the big market of all kinds of Ayurvedic places.

I often have felt this place more like an ashram rather than a village. Your place is steeped in prayers and meditation. No day starts & ends without a prayer. No treatment starts without a prayer.

It has made me feel very at home here. And it has touched me again & again. How everyone I met, from doctors, to therapists, to other staff or cleaners & gardeners, is so full of friendliness and care. There is a certain innocence to it, particularly in this world where almost all medical care has become mere business.

Special thanks to the satsangs. They have inspired and taught me so much.

The rain was sometimes a bit challenging but I understand that it is the most beneficial time for panchakarma. Understanding a tiny bit of Ayurveda, helps me to stay disciplined and carry on.

Actually I have to say special thanks to each of you individually – everyone has contributed to my experience.

It was never clearer how my own state of mind is the lens through which I see because there were moments where I hated the place and everyone in it. Luckily these moments passed rather fast.

Thank you also to my fellow patients. It has been so heartwarming to share all stories and often so hilarious too. Our dinners and songs together were highlights.

Beautiful places like vaidyagrama attract beautiful people. I met amazing souls here.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart – many blessings for your projects!!

Much love & gratitude

Rani Willems, Holland

August 03 2013

All friends, doctors & caregivers at vaidyagrama

The 21 days of living with all of you has been a unique experience in my life of nearly 79 years. Sharing our pains and aches, our ups & downs, our tears & laughter! I had not expected anything like this. But it has to go, as all our worldly experiences do – down memory lane.

The dedication of & firm belief of the doctors, the devotion of the therapists & staff is awesome.

Just a suggestion is to raise the height of the toilets to help those patients who have knee & back problems. And maybe have someone man the nurses’ station when the therapists are away at work, so that patients call bells are answered.

May God bless vaidyagrama and all of you so that it will grow from strength to strength! And now my fingers are paining, I cannot write any more. But my prayers are with you.

Shashi Ghulati, Coimbatore, India

August 2, 2013

What happens when you don’t move during one month from a place?

What happens if you are taught to have maximum rest, under these nice covered roofs in these beautiful gardens?

These are the first questions that I put in my diary.

Today as I am leaving, it feels that a circle starts to move, to rise.

Where does he go to? Wherever it came from, and wherever it wants to go to, it has to take me within. Let it go – my doctor would reassure me.

Where are you in it?

During this one month, vaidyagrama was my warm home where I belonged to.

During this month, my position in the circle changed.

What happened? Would my doctor like to know?

A few days I was covering the whole circle and didn’t come over my ridiculous life that seemed to be in such moments as a bad comedy in which I had forgotten just the right words. My small part of the whole world became too big and I was standing in the light and darkness at the stage I built up. Being in the play, I already had forgotten the audience.

Yesterday I was walking through the garden. I realized that I could see my “world circle” with a smile from the heart. I was a small light human being. Suddenly I was asking myself – is it possible to feel the absolute? I know a final answer to absolute questions will only be possible if my life is finished.

I know being here in vaidyagrama was an impulse and trial to come closer to myself, to come closer to you, who were taking care of me so well, to come closer to the absolute.

Being here was feeling all these helping hands, cleansing voices and the mind that suddenly found the right words to jump out of me.

Here I AM

Here I WAS

Here I am going with the idea to be present, and silent, truthful and loving, healthy, smiling and knowing, compassionate and good.

Whatever has been given has been given.

I take your positive spirit, your vision and words with me.

I hope that they contribute to a better world.

Here I will BE.

Martina Osterreich Judenburg, Vienna, Austria