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 August 2012

 August 31 2012

My first stay. The wonderful environment with nature friendly approach to everything that is here. This itself gives one a peaceful & relaxed mind that is required for healing.

The expertise of doctors under the gentle leadership of Dr.Ramkumar. Dr.Harikrishnan – the ever gentle & soft voice and expertise. Dr.Om whose energetic and honest positive guidance definitely helps one towards the healing process. Of course the therapists Mujeeb and Vinod and the tender caring hearts of Indu and Sindhu can never go unnoticed.

Thanks & regards

M.Balasubramaniam, Coimbatore

August 31 2012

Dear vaidyagrama team

Thank you all for creating so much with your beliefs and philosophy. I’m grateful for having found a place where one can entirely rest one’s soul, regain energy and focus on healing. Every one of you is so much at heart with it and does one’s best to make us feel better. Thank you all and all the best on your future journey.

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti


August 31 2012

It is for the first time that both my wife and I had the good fortune to be inmates at vaidyagrama though for a short spell. It was indeed a novel experience at this institution where the doctors and staff take meticulous care of your body and soul. The eco friendly surroundings of vaidyagrama needs special mention. We are indeed grateful to Dr.Ramadas, Dr.Harikrishnan and Dr.Om Prakash who spared no efforts in taking special care of us and carefully monitoring our treatments during our stay. Our special thanks to Dr.Ramkumar who made special enquiries about our comforts during our stay.

We look forward to visiting vaidyagrama again in the near future.

With best wishes

Rajagopalan Nair & Usha, Kerala

August 30 2012

A natural way of healing your ailments through proper care by physicians and motherly care by the staff. Each and every one of them need to be appreciated for doing their daily chores without a murmur. Let vaidyagrama grow to new heights in the coming years.

Thanks & regards

Mukundan Pullat

August 28 2012

I used to deliver lectures in Ayurveda based on my chemistry background and childhood days experience and exposure. For the first time, I am experiencing a small bit of the Ayurvedic knowledge by directly subjecting to 10 days of treatment in vaidyagrama.

I started with reluctance and with a bit of fear whether I can continue and complete the 10 days course.

Literally speaking, I got energized and I am a different person now to an extent of 40% change. That too in 10 days. I liked everything here. If each and everyone becomes more and more smart, vaidyagrama will reach new heights by 2012. Smartness in walking, talking, behaving and so on for integrating modern and ancient.

Your family member

Dr.Gopalakrishnan N.

Directors IISH, Trivandrum

August 24 2012

My second visit to vaidyagrama was even better than my first. It is wonderful to see how the village is expanding and improving all the time. It’s also pleasant to be welcomed back by so many caring staff members. I hope to return soon.

Karen Matz, USA

August 24 2012

This is my first visit to vaidyagrama and I must say I am extremely happy. The doctors, the therapists, the service everything has been so wonderful. I am definitely going to bring a lot of my friends here, and would love to come again soon.

Thank you once again for everything.

With lots of love and wishes

Greeshma Mohandas

August 23 2012

Dear All

This was my first visit to vaidyagrama. After being here for 28 days, physically and mentally I feel like a near fine person. Inspite of being a non-vegetarian, I enjoyed the daily vegetarian food very much. The daily satsang and weekly group dinner etc. were an unforgettable experience. I was deeply touched by the sincere and friendly attitude of the therapists and the supporting staff. I would also like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to Dr.Ramkumar, Dr.Ramadas, Dr.Harikumar and Aparna for taking good care of me. Once again, I would like to thank each and every one at vaidyagrama for making my life so easy and eventful. Hope to come back again.

May God bless all of you


Mani Joseph, Kuwait

August 21 2012

This is my third trip and every year I am amazed at the progress vaidyagrama has made. We feel at home here and this says a lot. We can never thank the entire team enough. Kind, caring, professional are not enough words to thank them. Keep up this excellent heaven of peace and tranquility and hope to see you soon.


Nazneen, Mauritius

August 21 2012

For several years, I have been coming to vaidyagrama. It has grown year by year into an oasis of tranquility and beauty. The sense of peace and positive energy is wonderful. This is surely brought about by the wonderful staff. The doctors who are all so caring, dedicated and brilliant. All the therapists are gentle and so concerned about your well being. The staff in the pantry, housekeeping are all excellent.

Of course not to forget Dr.Ramkumar who makes this place a wonderful healing experience.

Good wishes and God bless to everyone at vaidyagrama

Thank you

Rashida Anees, Mumbai

August 19 2012

Dear team

Being my first Ayurveda treatment, I was a bit skeptical and uncomfortable. But just after a couple of days, I was with full of confidence and comfortable and was positive that the purpose of my stay here would be fulfilled.

This would not have happened without dedication and commitment of each and every staff here (doctors, therapists, housekeeping etc.). Special thanks to therapists Maya and Indu.

Thanks for making my stay wonderful and I am eagerly looking forward for my next visit.

I am really carried away by genuine treatment given here, the purity, beautiful environment.

Above all, I loved the food here, kudos to the cook!

Thanks to all vaidyagrama members once again.

Good luck

Warm regards

Hema, Canada

August 16 2012

Dearest vaidyagrama team

I would wholeheartedly wish to thank every one of you – the doctors, therapists, ladies cleaning the room, washing my clothes, cooking staff, gardeners – for this memorable experience. Everyone has always showed great warmth, a smiling face and heart and has made my 3 week stay truly a successful one for mind, body and spirit. I loved the peace, serenity, nature, satsangs and prayers, and hope to be back with all of you very soon with my family.

Lots of love and great continuation

Maya Jhuboo from Mauritius

August 11 2012

Many thanks to the doctors and the staff for the dedicated care on the rather bumpy road of my stay in vaidyagrama. It was definitely not the right season for me to come here – next time, I will be prepared better. Vaidyagrama is a wonderful concept. I wish you all the best and that it continues to flourish from here further and further.

God bless you all

Anita Ginter

August 11 2012


I came to vaidyagrama with an open mind not knowing what to expect. Slowly I began to understand a little about the approach of Ayurveda through the one-to-one discussions with the doctors and also through the daily satsang.

Vaidyagrama is as much for the physical cleansing as it is for the spiritual awakening and opening up the mind. Truly, a holistic cleansing village!

The dedicated and affectionate doctors, the therapists & housekeeping staff who perform their duty with pride and passion, the ever-smiling administrative staff and also the kitchen staff who ensure our requests are met – all make vaidyagrama a perfect place for anyone who would like to look inward into one’s own body, mind and soul.

During my stay, any request I made, any suggestion I gave, if appropriate, was attended to immediately.

I now look forward to the next set of 3 blocks on the northern side of vaidyagrama.

The prayer all, community center had played a very important role in all of us, bringing all the inmates into a cohesive community.

I would like to see vaidyagrama becoming well known within its own country as well soon.

Namaskarama! Best wishes!

K.R.Krishnamurthy, Bangalore

August 10 2012

Dear vaidyagrama team

Many thanks for the amazing experience. Our family had a fabulous stay, lost lots of weight. You will see us again.

Until then

Francesca & Vetry’s family, Doha

August 08 2012

The experience at the vaidyagrama healing village was just amazing especially the dedicated staff who gave us the best services with a SMILE on their faces.

The ambience was breathtaking. I’ve never experienced such peace and solace.

Did not miss home in another HOME with a wonderful family!

I shall definitely recommend this place to the people I know need healing.

Wish you all the success in your future endeavours.

Best of luck and a BIG BIG THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU who took care of us during our short stay.

Bless you all

Meena Chatterjee, Delhi

August 08 2012

Vaidyagrama is simply blissful. The stay here is a joy because all the doctors, therapists and co-workers gives you a sincere comfort and caring and compassionate feeling. I have travelled retreats – health & luxurious spas, but I maintain this place is genuine and the Best. I go from here happy and will pass my experience to all and encourage people to be blessed with a visit to this place.

Vaidyagrama is neat, clean and bathes in the natural beauty of green pure environment. THANK YOU ALL from the bottom of my heart. Health is wealth and everyone should be aware of this. All my good wishes to vaidyagrama that it grows bigger and bigger and services mankind to attain a healthy body and mind.

The touch of spiritualism is a touch of attitude of gratitude to the Lord which vaidyagrama adds to its treatment.

God Bless

Rima Soni, Mumbai

August 03 2012

Vaidyagrama – this is a wonderful concept – I enjoyed the stay here. My stay gives me lot of good experiences to take with me. A place surrounded by greenery, light hearted people, kindness, caretaking, selfless services, always smiling faces of the staff and spiritual atmosphere really helps nourish one’s health as well as mind. I take this opportunity to thank one and all of you in vaidyagrama. My sincere thanks to all the doctors of vaidyagrama. Treatment was very good. May God bless you all.

With lots of love and best wishes

Latha Mahadevan