APRIL 2021


April 30, 2021

To the family of Vaidyagrama

I would like to thank all of you for the wonderful stay I had here I was totally taken up the humility and caring attitude of all staffs. For me Vaidyagrama was like a family home which made us extremely comfortable. Looking forward to coming again and be a part of family                    

Aruna Tara



April 28, 2021
Vaidyagrama has been one of a kind healing experience for me. The whole environment - and Doctors, Therapists, Staff, cleaners, helpers - are conducive to help us recover. Everyone is extremely caring. 

The best part about the treatment is the Satsang sessions where the doctors explain to us about Ayurveda and its basic principles, thereby educating us. The natural environment, activities, food, and treatment are like a, once-in-

-a-lifetime rejuvenating experience.
I am extremely glad that I had the opportunity to experience this and wish to come back again. Special thanks to Dr Ardent & Dr Ramanandan for the utmost care.
Mr Utsav Agarwal
New Delhi, India


April 27, 2021 
This is like one-of-a-kind experiences for me. My first ever stay @ some place alone for a course of 21 days and I really felt at home, could not have asked for more. The way people took care of all the needs and comfort no words could describe. 

I am so very thankful for all the doctors who took time to talk to me every day apart from the medical terms. Dr Ramadas is simply a sweet person. I had two, three doctors visiting me every day and they all made saw I feel good & happy. 

More than the physical detox, I am excited to take the positivity I gained here. I feel cleansed in body, mind & soul. 

Loved the stay and would be back for more. The therapists were so kind and lovely specially Maria, she just was there every time I needed anything.
Thank you VG for this memorable experience! 
Loads of Positivity, 
Ms Akila N
Coimbatore, India.


April 24, 2021
Vaidyagrama is a very special and blessed place. The love and sincerity of the Doctors is the biggest asset and most precious gem. Special thanks to the hard work of all the therapists, staff, cooks and behind the scenes hearts and hands for giving this place such life. Thank you, Dr Ramadas, for so much love and care to us both.
With deep gratitude! 
Mr Ashwin & Ms Vena Chitturi,


April 23, 2021

So wonderful to see such a beautiful space for healing created here. When I visited this space 10 years ago, there were just a few of the first patient rooms being built and a great grand vision for what the future held. I am truly delighted to see how everything has manifested and I can say without a doubt that it is the energy of the place, the devotion of the doctors, the therapists, the staff, the director. 

I have come here to help my mom heal - she and my dad will continue to stay here for a full 90 days and I feel safe and happy to leave them both in good hands of such a caring and loving folks.

I look forward to referring many patients from my own practice and circle of friends here for treatment, courses and continuing medical education.

I look forward to building an ongoing relationship between my centre in the US and Vaidyagrama and collectively putting on efforts into promoting and spreading and spreading authentic Ayurveda.

Thank you all for a wonderful stay and I stay, and I invite, each and every one of you to come to visit us in San Jose.

Much love and positive vibrations, 

Dr Deepa Ramachandran.

California, USA


April 22, 2021

Dear Vaidyagrama family

First impression:

The location of Vaidyagrama is the first thing that impresses us. A little away from busy world, but not too far as well. The ambience that we see inside the premises is wonderful. The designs of our rooms and other facilities were well thought off. Smiling faces all around, just like this beautiful flower that we get to see in your garden. 

The treatment experience.

We were well taken care of the doctors and staffs. Before each kind of treatment, the procedure is well explained by the doctor and it makes feel well comfortable. We also have the feel like we are in safe hands as doctors have very good knowledge and what that must do.

The therapists were well versed with their duties and that have made sure that we are comfortable throughout the process. All our doubts were answered properly. 

Stay experience.

With the clean and well-maintained room, always available 200. No one has ever said no. The services provided by staffs were excellent.

We enjoyed the company of birds, cows, butterflies around our illam, the group lunch sessions were memorable, the Satsang talks were informative


Food was served on time and quality was more than sufficient most of the time. All staffs were very kind and understanding when we ask for change in food, the kanji served on most of the evening had a smoky taste which was very difficult to eat although we got it replaced. can be improvised.

Room lighting very strong lights, internet and Wi-Fi charges were seem on higher side. Also, connection issues were present throughout our stay. Hot water availability in rooms was limited. We do not wish to disturb the staff.

Overall, we had a great experience at Vaidyagrama thanks for the entire team for taking care. 

S. Thulasimani, K. Kathiravan




April 13, 2021

I keep coming back for a reason. Vaidyagrama is a magical healing place; and even though it can be very demanding at times, they know what they are doing. I thought my problems would persist forever at times; I am obviously feeling a little better. 

I am endlessly grateful for all the people who took care of me and for their enormous patience. My therapists were all phenomenally dedicated and lovely. They healed me with so much care, I could not ask for better. My doctors were endlessly patient whenever I needed something, and I am equally thankful. Housekeeping and garden staffs and all the others always have a smile for you. Reception will make every wish come true. 

The cows give us their delicious milk and calm us down with their eternal vibes. The flowers who give us wonderful colours. The birds that sing wonderful songs, the trees that provide shade. The wonderful prayers mostly by the wonderful Dr. Ramadas. Dr. Ramkumar with his seemingly endless wisdom and knowledge. All the junior doctors and senior doctors for showing the knowledge. Dr. Harikrishnan for doing his very very best to teach me.

Thanks to all of you, I will be forever grateful! 

Victoria Pascalina Moser,



April 12, 2021 

An oasis of peace and tranquillity in a harsh world outside. That is vaidyagrama - the whole team of doctors, therapists and the entire supporting staff work towards holistic healing for the wellness of both body and mind. We are leaving this place in a much better condition than what we were in when we came a month back.

Thank you Dr. Ramadas, Dr. Ramanandan, Dr. Anupama, Dr. Vinod and the entire vaidyagrama team.

Ps: Best wishes to Dr. Ramkumar for his wonderful vision.

Respectful regards, 

P. Rajan and Radha Rajan

Bangalore, India


April 10, 2021

The harder the journey, the greater the joy. Authentic Ayurveda is to heal you than to please you. This is precisely my experience in the last three weeks. Everyone does everything they can to make your life easy without compromising the treatment you are going through. The therapists and the supporting staff do make your life easy.

If you really want to be healed and are willing to go through the journey, then this is the place.

Dr. J M Sampath

Bangalore, India


April 10, 2021

Vaidyagrama is an appropriate place to come for proper treatment. Doctors, therapists, accommodation, care - everything is very good.

Swamini Athmaprakasananda



April 09, 2021

35 days of peaceful Ayurvedic treatment, calm surrounding and helpful staff. For the few days I felt homesick and then I was well attached with the staff here, who treated me like a family member. It was so motivating here that even the other patients who were here were friendly and motivating. Prayers - I used to go through out. 

My treatment was a peaceful experience. Doctors here was so kind and caring. The ambience was so good. Diet was nutritious. Especially, the herbal tea and soups were so good. Walking spaces were comfortable and nice to walk on. Physiotherapy was soothing. I am much motivated for my recovery.

Bhuvaneswari Srinivasan, 

Coimbatore, India


April 06, 2021 

Vaidyagrama is truly an authentic space for healing, and it lives up to its name and reputation.

I came here in pain, having tried all possible allopathic options with no positive outcome. Just as I was beginning to lose my hope to regain my mobility, I was encouraged by an American friend from LA to try this traditional and time proven Indian medicinal system of Ayurveda/

I am grateful that I took the advice, the results were instant. I realised it is not just the medicines, therapies and carefully designed nutritional diet that were working. It was the entire ambience and the positive energy at vaidyagrama that was letting the body heal itself. It is no wonder that patients who come to Vaidyagrama for healing are bonded with this place forever.

I wish to keep coming back, hopefully not for any specific ailment, being here can simply recharge your system and make you ready to face the outside world.

Wish to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to all the doctors and support staff for their highly personalised attention.

Special thanks to Dr. Ramanandan and his team of doctors. Dr Anupama, Dr. Vinod, therapists – Suraj. Vinod and Santosh

Dr. Ramadas for his amazing prayers or chanting that energised all the patients.

Dr. Ramkumar for finding time to conduct regular satsangs, sharing his insight to a variety of subjects to keep us happy and healthy.

Dr. Sampath for spending his time with us, and for his wonderful book ‘Inner Realities’ which kept me a good company.

Thank you to each and every member of vaidyagrama who worked to give us their utmost attention and care.

Ravi Garyali

Chennai, India


April 04, 2021

What exactly is love of God?

God is love and it is a warm fuzzy feeling. I came to Vaidyagrama two times and highly recommend it for rejuvenation and for spiritual retreat.

The people are so kind, the food is delicious, and the treatments are effective.

A wonderful to place to wonderful place to experience authentic Ayurveda.

The therapists are wonderful. Applying treatments with years of experience.

If you are longing for rest, a space to heal and possibly reconnect with your soul them, I hope you go to Vaidyagrama. The amount of compassion you will feel may bring you to happy tears. 

Thanks, Vaidyagrama! 

Gopi Dutt Akash, 

Delhi, India


April 03, 2021

The experience of stay in Vaidyagrama cannot be put into words - “it's incredible".

Super abode to heal mind and body with a wonderful, coordinated efforts of each and everybody.

Thanks, and regards, 

Well wishes! 


Delhi, India


April 03, 2021 

Staying at Vaidyagrama is like 'stay at home' kind of feeling.

Meticulous efforts of everybody made our stay wonderful and s easy.

Natural surroundings of the place are superb.


Capt. Vijay N Kumar

Delhi, India


April 01, 2021 

28 days just flew by! It was so much more than just a healing experience. Feels like we acquired a whole new family here. Thank you so much! 

And for Vaidyagrama itself – it was not just the doctors, the therapists and the medicines that bring about healing process – it is a whole system that is conducive to healing.

I leave this place as a much richer person in spirit.

I was here for my husband’s (Vijay Paul) treatment post a massive stroke. He made so much progress here and ‘WALKED’ out of here.

Thank you all! 

Deepa Vijay Paul 

Maharashtra, India