APRIL 2020

April 25, 2020

I have been here for almost 8 weeks. I came as a student, then I became a patient and now a free recovering patient in all stages of my stay here every day was a wonderful experience, full of serenity, nature, education, patience, love, surrender, health, support and many other things, I experienced during my stay.

As a person studying Ayurveda, in my free time vaidyagrama taught me so much about the essence that I would have never been able to find in books. I was able to experience the Ayurveda lifestyle in many ways. My doctor, Dr. Ramadas has been so inspirational and has touched my heart with his wise, patient, loving yet humble nature. A man I have grown accustomed in seeing many times during a day, which I will miss once I leave. He also has a great team Dr. Sajna, Dr. Vasudevan and some great therapists. Thank you, doctor.

Vaidyagrama is not a hospital it is a lifestyle to be experienced. Vaidyagrama cannot be explained, it must be lived, it becomes an experience by knowing the staff, the doctors, the therapists, by eating the great meals served three times a day, by attending the inspirational Satsangs, being a part of the community lunches, attending prayers and pujas, by walking under the tile covered pathways made me realize that paradise was nowhere but on earth.

This unplanned long stay of mine made my body and mind feel great and my soul feel quite content. Living in the moment is what is offered here constantly.

I advise everyone who comes here to surrender to what is offered. Each and every moment to indulge in the offerings of the beautiful nature and to let go, just let go….

I would like to thank everyone who made me feel at home and comfortable and I hope that I will once again have the opportunity to visit vaidyagrama and my wonderful Dr.Ramadas.

Much love

Dennis jonathan burkut



April 18, 2020

I came here at the recommendation of friends who had great success with chronic illness at Vaidyagrama with excitement and anticipation.

I arrived on March 8 for a 3 weeks detox.  Now thanks to a country-wide lock down, I have been here for almost 7 weeks?

My time at vaidyagrama has taught me a great deal about myself and a simpler way of life. Vaidyagrama grew on me slowly as I experienced the full range of human emotions – joy, sadness, anger, frustration, irritability and more. The community of doctors, therapists, office, cooking and cleaning staff are wonderful and see their work as duty. They serve us all with a smile on a daily basis and in spite of these tough circumstances (virus lockdown).

In terms of my health, Ayurveda has helped to improve some issues. The jury is still out and time will tell. I remain committed to staying with the medical protocols for at least 6 months to see more long term effects.

Vaidyagrama has created a beautiful and severe environment which truly helps the healing process. The various other daily activities were also good (especially the cooking classes)

If I were to suggest a couple of improvements, it would be-

Establish a system to access and develop a nutrition program to meet individual needs and then write it down and give it to the kitchen.

Improve communication flow between the treatment team

I sincerely hope that Vaidyagrama achieves its vision without compromising quality.

Your dedication to an ayurvedic way of life is inspiring.

Heartfelt thanks for all!

Beroz Ferrell



April 15, 2020

Last few days have been a great journey towards the end of stay at vaidyagrama. Am surely going to miss this lovely place, the caring staff in this block and doctors who have much mature approach towards someone like me, who is a bit difficult person at times (specially food)..

But they gave me so much, that I lost the charm of asking more on special food.

It is interesting journey here and its worth to experience few times in our life, as I perceive it here emotionally.

I will miss all my lovely new friends who also came for treatment and some of the special doctors I met here and therapists (apology for spelling mistakes)

Hope to take all the positive vibes and ongoing healing to my soul and body.

Wish to come back in future with fresh thoughts and zeal.

Thank you all for a lovely extended time due to the lock down…

Om nama shivaya

Ajay Pal Agarwal



April 14, 2020

Namaskar and Nandre

Thank you to all – lovely staff and vaidyagrama team

My Heartfelt gratitude to all because of whom the healing happens at all levels.

So much care is taken to look after each aspect from small to big

I Enjoyed the nurturing here

The satsangs at the mandapam

Prayers at the Brahmakamalam

Treatments by the therapists

Visits by the doctors

Food and kashayam

The atmosphere, the herbal forest, the chirping of birds

The humidity, the heat and welcome relief in form of thunder and rain.

The coolness of the sprinklers

Chat sessions at the mandapam

Wifi connections available at the mandapam only 

All of it was wonderful experience beautiful and fun.

I will always cherish the wonderful moments shared here with all.

Thank you for creating such a beautiful space for healing

It truly is an ayurvedic lifestyle.

The love and care that we get here is like a mother looking after her child selfless and pure.

Harleen Kokri



April 14, 2020

How lovely it is to be so well looked after and cared for in such difficult circumstances

Thank you

Estella rosemary



April 13, 2020

A safe heaven during extraordinary times! If the staffs were distressed, they did not let it be known -polite, professional, and kind. Athira (therapist) stood out- naturally empathetic, attentive, and good at her job. I hope she will have the opportunity to develop and progress.

The tranquility of the place added to the feeling of being looked after. The philanthropic projects are inspiring.

Thank You

Priya Dewan



April 1, 2020

Dear All at Vaidyagrama,

This is my first experience with Ayurveda, and I am certain I could not have chosen a better place. The environment, warmth from staff, treatment, and the facilities, make it a home away from home and strengthens my belief in this ancient Indian healing system.

A special thank you to Dr.Harikumar, Dr.Soniya and Dr. Ardent. Their concern and special care to all my requirements made me feel more like family than a patient.

Dr. Harikumar calm demeanor, understanding my issues, reassuring words made me always believe I was in safe hands and I could just surrender without too much thought. His talks about philosophy and spirituality helped me immensely.

Likewise, Dr. Soniya and Dr. Ardent’s constant tracking of my emotional well-being and treatment progress, not only as doctors but as friends is really appreciated. I must say I also enjoyed chatting with them on topics other than my treatment on some evenings!

The satsangs were great opportunities to understand spirituality and Ayurveda in greater detail, kudos to all the doctors of course having Dr. Ramkumar’s satsang everyday was an icing on the cake!

Enough cannot be said of all the therapists whose constant smile, cheerful faces, and willingness to assist always lifted the mood, apart from being a life lesson. Lalu, Sujith, Ratheesh, Kannan, Uday, Salman were excellent in their dedication during the treatments.

Athira, Maryamma and rest of the team of girls were always there to help. A special word of appreciation to the staff from housekeeping and laundry.

My long stay here has helped in instilling some important lifestyle habits.  Going back feeling much better both physically and spiritually and look forward to living the promise of leading a healthy disciplined life.

Just some feedback before I end:

It would be immensely helpful if some more information could be provided around the treatment being carried out including benefits. Likewise, some details around daily medicines, their purpose as well as time intervals between doses would help particularly for folks like myself who are undergoing treatments for the first time. Whilst questions were always answered and queries resolved, a more proactive approach will help particularly to patients with language barriers or those who are apprehensive to ask. Perhaps a printed one. Thanks once again and keep up the good work!

Warm Regards

Abhir Adyanthaya