APRIL 2018


April 30, 2018

Thank you all, thank you so much for everything.

My special thanks to Dr. Ramanandan for giving me confidence in taking the treatment. Also Dr. Athulya and Dr. Kesari for answering all my questions patiently.

The therapists were really very nice and had patience with me. Finally, to all the back-office staff and housekeeping staff.

Thank you once again,

Kavitha Rammanohar



April 30, 2018

First, I wish to express my gratitude to the entire Vaidyagrama management and team for the excellent hospitality and care, me and my family was offered during our 3 weeks stay.

I came with problems of chronic allergy and it is now the 4th day after Virechanam that I feel free from any symptoms. I pray that I have recovered, and will follow the medication and food as advised, and hope that I will be free from this 25 years long ailment for life.

I am grateful to the team of doctors, therapists and other staff.  Of particular mention is Dr Harikrishnan whose wisdom and guidance helped me out of this chronic problem. Thanks to the entire team for putting up with us and for being so helpful in every respect that made us feel like home away from home.

It was very enjoyable, and despite the hot weather, 3 weeks seem to have passed without realising that we have come to the end of our stay here.

Team Vaidyagrama - keep up the quality work you all so diligently accomplish to help people Heal Naturally.

We will be back!

Thanks a million,

Ashok Patni



April 28, 2018

I have been to many so called healing places, but all end up being either a spa or a weight reducing exercise. I was very sceptical when I was planning and the first thing I told Dr Harikrishnan that I did not want to lose weight. Having spent 21 days here I can confirm that Vaidyagrama offers most authentic Ayurveda treatment and with their holistic approach they are capable of dealing with incurable diseases also.

My experience has been excellent. Dr. Harikrishnan has been outstanding with every day care and holistic approach to what my body really needed.  Dr. Aruna, Dr.  Krishnadas, Dr. Shivajyothi have been very good support.

All staff, from kitchen and to therapists, cleaners, were nice and gentle. I strongly recommend people to visit Vaidyagrama once a year to cleanse their system for living a better life.

Aarti Patni



April 24, 2018

Happy holy and whole!  beautiful, blissful and blessed....

With my deepest gratitude and profound love... Thank you all for your kindness, smiles, nurturing, and healing care, and for being a guiding light in our world, a community of open hearts.

May Britt Ostersen



April 23, 2018

My message to all at Vaidyagrama!

Dear All,

When you look at the bigger picture I found everything in Vaidyagrama amazing and unique in approach. Remaining smaller details will evolve as time passes.

 I found that everyone here makes sure that patients are taken care of well. All of the therapists and other care takers work hard to make us feel good and at home.

My Dr. Harikrishnan has spent time explaining the importance of spirituality during the healing process. All the doctors Dr. Kesari, Dr. Athulya, Dr. Aruna have excellent bedside manners.

One person in particular, Dr. Ramkumar, has given insight about life and how important it is to let go. He is a powerhouse of knowledge and charisma. 

I loved Vaidyagrama philosophy. It has touched my core. Vaidyagrama is in my soul now.

See you all in October.


Pritima Kaushik



April 21, 2018

Dear Vaidyagrama ,

Thank you for making my 18 day stay in Vaidyagrama a decent and pleasant experience. 

 I would like to thank all the doctors, therapists, housekeeping staff, the gardeners and helpful reception and admin staff, for their dedication and sincerity in which they handled my treatment as well as making the environment pleasant. 

The philosophy of bringing spirituality into the healing process is much appreciated. The various Satsangs conducted by doctors were very useful as well as enlightening, explaining how body which the basis of our live functions to alert us of the potential harm we are creating when we are not following the basic principles of food habits, exercise and rest, and most of all a positive attitude with a 'balanced mind'.

I would also like to suggest the following areas of improvement,

1. Reorganise the library such that the book can be easily found. 

2. The kitchen pots which have been used for evening food preparation be cleaned and kept away the same night.

3. Train the young therapists so that they will continue their education beyond the school in which they have been trained. 

I wish Vaidyagrama all the best in their serious approach to healing process as well as bringing awareness about body. 

Thank you!

V. Ramachandran



April 21, 2018

Dear Vaidyagrama,

My heartfelt thanks to all doctors, therapists, and all other support staff at Vaidyagrama.  What can I say after this 21 days of soul searching experience here!

As I am gnawing at my pen wondering how I could thank all the people here enough for all dedication, care and service showered up on me during my stay here, I hear the buzzes of our dearest friends who without fail kept us company from sunset to sun rise, I mean the mosquitos.

Came here expecting this place to be just like any other hospitals that I have been to. Nevertheless, I was so wrong!

The satsangs, the morning and evening pujas and the sight of Swami Guru Priya Ananda,(the wondering monk in saffron) made me feel like I was at an ashram and completely forgot that this was a hospital.

A special thanks to Dr. Ram Kumar for his satsangs and a very special thanks to Dr. Ramanandan for appearing at the door 7.30 AM - 7.40AM,  he comes around to check on my progress, Needless to say, I had to force myself out of bed early, not to be caught sleeping by him!

So, thank you everyone@ Vaidyagrama. God bless all of you for your great services and take care everyone.

You will always be remembered!

Humble Pranams!

Mathavee Vadiveloo



April 19, 2018

Vaidyagrama is a vision for the future of health that is built on the steadfast integrity of the ancient principles of Ayurveda and the spirit of right living. The excellent care from the doctors and the entire staff creates an atmosphere of safety and trust, where one can let go and relax.

The Satsangs were great and indispensable for understanding the process; as we went through it a wonderful camaraderie between the patients also developed. Prayers were the Alchemy.

Admittedly, I had moments of frustration and some doubt, and felt unclear of the choice being made. I feel that more time could have been given to explaining what was going to happen and why. That said, when I ask the right questions they were answered with excellent clarity. Special thanks to Dr. Aruna Ji and Dr. Ram Kumar for that.

Vaidyagrama is a blessed place!  I believe in your work for the future of the health and humanity. From my heart thank you for your unwavering care, love and clear attention.

With love and pranams,

Paul Weitz (Shambhu)

Chicago, USA


April 13, 2018 

I am happy to find this place with silence and peace. The doctors are really caring, and the staff are very helpful. They respect the patients. The treatments are really helpful. Thanks to Dr. Ramanandan and the all staff of vaidyagrama. This is my second Visit to vaidyagrama. Hope we come again here.

Thank you, all of you!

Sunitha Rajender Kumar



April 12, 2018

Thank you to all the doctors and entire staff of Vaidyagrama  for my memorable stay. It was wonderful and an eye-opener sometimes, in spite of the fact that the dry hot weather tried to ruin it .

God bless everyone here!

Om Namah Shivaya

Rani Rajan



April 11, 2018

After 2012 and 2015, it is my third stay @ Vaidyagrama. This time I felt that my energy level increased already during the treatment greatly. So I am convinced that my symptoms will again be gone as soon as I come home. 

I thank all the doctors as well as the entire staff for their super care. My best wishes to them too. 

Peter Schnider



April 09, 2018

Dear Vaidyagrama team,

 Thank you very much for your kindness, hospitality and for making our stay very enriching. The entire campus is beautiful and serene. Every person has been polite, thoughtful and always wanting to help and serve.

The treatment has been a wonderful experience and after many years, I didn't have a single moment when I felt heavy in stomach. The food was natural and also tastefully prepared.

We are particularly impressed with your activities to support an orphanage, old people in the surrounding villages and build a beautiful self-sustaining village based on Ayurvedic principles.

We wish Vaidyagrama the very best and look forward to coming here again.

Thank you for everything,

Arindam Kumar Bhattacharya and Sujatha Bhattacharya



April 09, 2018

Thank you very much, Vaidyagrama.

I am very grateful to my destiny for bringing me to that incredible country with wonderful people living here! I am also grateful to the God that brought me here to that special place - Vaidyagrama - that was the first experience of such a kind of treatment in my life...

This place with its amazing team granted me a lot and I believe I will be continuously develop the experience and knowledge you gave to me! I want it very much!!! The special gratitude from me is to my wonderful doctor - Dr. Harikrishnan K.K.! Thank you, dear Doctor, for your care and professionalism! Thank you to my therapists and all the staff starting from gardeners to the doctors!  Everyone is so good and kind, that helps us to get maximum out of the treatment!


Valery Tsygankov



April 06, 2018

Dear Vaidyagrama team,

It was a wonderful experience staying here for 21 days. The place is really beautiful with the pathways connecting all the blocks. We have learned a lot about the lifestyle, food etc after coming to Vaidyagrama, which we would implement after going back home. It was a total different experience to get treated, learn about body constitution, herbs, food and many other things. We did not miss a single Satsang since arrival.

It was difficult initially to stay without TV, AC, internet in room. After a couple of days, we felt good to give ourselves rest during treatment and stay without social media, internet full day, work etc.

The only suggestion from our side is to do something for the flies, bugs etc, as it may give stress to few patients like me.

Thank you!

Rishi Khemka and Geeta Khemka



April 06, 2018

Thank you every one at Vaidyagrama

I am sitting here staring at the box of medicines I am taking home with me. I am leaving yet, I am taking a whole check of Vaidyagrama with me.

I have been with you all for a month. Its mainly been a joyful time, yet a little frustration crept in, which I couldnt quite overcome cos of the language barrier to explain my needs! Despite that, you all did your best to get me back and made end out of the pain, for which I thank you!

I am grateful for the loving care of doctors, Dr. Ramanandan, Dr. Harikumar, Dr. Anupama, and Dr. Sivajyothi. Dr. Ram especially for his kindness and thoughtfulness.

Vaidyagrama is a very special place for sure, and there are some exceptional people here to attend we all. The smiling and very sweet therapists and the expert hands of Devaki.

I am sad to leave, yet happy to go back to the world with none, to be with my family again.

And these medicines that sit before me will be a daily reminder of you all.

Thank you for everything!

Rita Marshall

United Kingdom


April 06, 2018

It has been, indeed, a home coming experience for both of us.

This is our second visit to Vaidyagrama and as expected, we return to our normal life, fully rejuvenated and positively charged.

We post on record our indebtedness to our doctors, therapists and everyone who helped us to heal faster. We are forever grateful to Vaidyagrama which pulsates with divine life energy and promotes SHANTHI everywhere.

Many thanks for your soul nourishing Satsangs, prayer and satvic food. Thanks for the serene atmosphere and your dedicated medical service.

We feel honoured and humbled.

Prof. Dr. A .Balakrishnan

Prof. Dr. Jayanthasri Balakrishnan



April 06, 2018

I came to Vaidyagrama tense, fearing what is here. Today i do not want to leave. It has been so wonderful.

Dr. Ramdas and Dr. Sajna gave me personalised attention. The staff in the treatment room was efficient and caring.

I felt at home. God bless all faculty and staff who heal. To have this gift is to be blessed. To receive it is to be more blessed.

A big thank you!

Neera Chandoke



April 05, 2018

Namaskar, Vaidyagrama!!

I want to deeply and truly express my thanks and gratitude for your amazing help through my difficult time. I am leaving here inspired and hopeful... and feeling sooooooooo much better!

I hope to return soon.

With love and admiration and thanks,

Neil Eric Dorfsman

California, USA


April 04, 2018












These are some of the words /adjectives to describe Vaidyagrama, however in actuality word are insufficient to describe this wonderful experience.

A special thank you to Dr. Ramanandan whose wit and charm breaks down barriers. Dr. Harikumar who asks me funny questions every day. Dr. Anupama and Dr. Sivajyothi whose dedication is very much appreciated.

To the beautiful therapists, Devaki, Reshma, Deekshitha, Athira, and Anitha who have given their unconditional and absolute care beyond my reproach. Finally, to Devi who has kept my room spotless.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

Anushia N Siva Subramaniam



April 04, 2018


Thank you for giving me hope in humanity. This is a place for healing at so many levels, even those unknown.

Manisha Verma

New York, USA


April 03, 2018 

Dear Vaidyagrama family,

What a joy to live in this community of love for a whole 25 days. I am grateful and humbled by the care and passion of all the doctors, the therapists and the entire staff who made my stay here healing and rejuvenating. Even the garden staff, to the kitchen staff to the administration, everyone does their very best to make the patients feel nurtured and cared for.

A special thanks to Dr. Ramanandan, Dr. Harikumar and Dr. Anupama for your wisdom and loving care from Day 1. Vaidyagrama is definitely a healing village and I look forward to returning again.

With love and gratitude always,

Thank you for the music nights... it was so wonderful to sing to the whole community!

Daphne Marjorie Tse

Texas, USA



April 03, 2018

Dear Vaidyagrama all the people living here,

The time passed as fast as I healed here; not only my body. You all create here a very special surrounding and the feeling of protection and goodness. Thanks so much for your healing prayers and your explanations about this, Dr. Ramadas. It is  not only the body, but you have to maintain the body and follow that.

I will hopefully send you my daughter next year to get healed.

With love,

Ursula Sauter



April 02, 2018

Dear Vaidyagrama team,

It is my second time here. You created such a beautiful space where I always feel so protected and cared for. This place really symbolises harmony for me where all is where it is supposed to be.

I am really thankful that this place and amazing people working here exist. Here I find the real healing in all its dimensions.

Looking forward to see you next time!


Nina Denise Victoria



April 02, 2018

It is hard to find the words to express my gratitude to everyone at Vaidyagrama. My experience goes way beyond my expectations. I am very alive inside.

Thank you to all the doctors, the therapists, and all the staff. Each and every one had such an impact in my healing process.

Thank you for keeping Ayurveda in its true tradition.

Claire Lalonde (Chandra)



April 02, 2018

Dear Vaidyagrama team,

I am amazed at how beautiful and clean, full of love this place is. The dedication and expertise of the doctors and therapists has brought so much health to me. Thank you for teaching me how to eat, how to live, and how to care for myself and for others.

Thank you,

Subblakshmi Iyer

San Francisco, USA


April 01, 2018

Dear Vaidyagrama team,

Deep gratitude for your expertise, compassion and service. I am departing feeling like I have actually achieved my intention of pushing a 'Reset button' for my physical, emotional and spiritual wellness.

I am deeply inspired by what you have and all creating here. Thank you... Care for elders and young people in the community, and all investing in a whole system of community health, is truly magnificent.

Ten thousand thank you!

Peter Evans

Seattle, USA