April 2017

April 29, 2017

Om Namah sivaya!

Thanks a lot for taking care of me. All the staff are doing a good job. I had a wonderful experience during my stay here.

Thanks once again!

Swamini Parameswariananda

Uttarakhand, India


April 29, 2017

I most appreciated the Vision and grounding foundation of Vaidyagrama to reconnect to the natural way of living in harmony with Mother Nature.

The most inspiring and nourishing part for me was Satsang with Dr Ramkumar. I appreciated his patience and full presence to answer all of our questions, and to offer spiritual and medical guidance and encouragements. I always felt uplifted in his presence. Even though I don’t feel significant changes (or even a slight decrease in my vitality), I am inspired to go back home and continue to live my life in harmony with myself and therefore Nature.  I know that everyone’s intentions here were for healing, and I with Vaidyagrama family continue to stay in integrity with your Vision for this community, for the surrounding villages and for the world.

I am also inspired to continue my work at home by bringing natural healing to people and loving energy to the land.

Many blessings from my heart.

Yulia Azriel

Indiana, USA


April 28, 2017

Vaidyagrama has been a very good experience. It has healed me in many ways, and has provided me new ways to look at my actions, decisions and experiences going forward.

The doctors are very knowledgeable as can be seen during careful and caring treatment.

The environment is very conducive for healing, and it is pleasant to spend time here, to allow the treatment to work in a natural way.

The fellow residents provided time to each other, and we get to know them; they were genuinely affectionate and good people. It would be wonderful to re-visit, and to recommend such a place to my friends and family.

Lots of love,

Rajat Dawar



April 28, 2017

I leave happy, having made the effort to come, and am very grateful. My heart is content and my soul nourished from the prayers, the healing talks and Satsangs. I hope that while growing, the Vaidyagrama family is able to keep on giving the best loving care. I leave with the hope that the medicines I carry will improve my condition the way I need.

Thanks to everybody!

Celsa Maria Fernandez



April 28, 2017

Very calm and cool place to refresh and relax. All the staff and doctors are nice, so kind and took good care of me. Food which is provided is special to mention and is yummy. Over all, a very good place to visit to get relaxed and get our body rejuvenated.

Thank you all.


Neyveli, Tamilnadu.



April 28, 2017

Dear All

I had a great stay and felt very welcome with all my family. Little Noah was well looked after, so thanks to the entire team.

The treatment and care was fantastic, as was the atmosphere created for good healing.

Best regards as well wishes,

P.S.: Noah was very grateful for all the extra care and attention showered upon him from the therapists (especially Reshma) and the doctors.

Matilda, Glynn Perkins, Noah

London, UK


April 25, 2017


Dearest Vaidyagrama. Thank you so much to all the staff.

My special thanks to Dr. Ramanandan and other doctors and my therapist Sachin.

Thanks to Reshma and the housekeeping staff. Everyone took very good care.

With love,

V. Mohan Prasanth

Coimbatore, Tamilnadu



 April 25, 2017

I had made arrangements for Panchakarma somewhere else in Kerala, but something did not feel right. It was in the middle of a busy town. I decided not to go and got Vaidyagrama number from another place which was full. I was a little homesick, so I thought of dropping it and just head home. But when I got a response from Vaidyagrama it all fell into place. It felt right and I was heading for a treatment which I didn’t know much about. A driver picked me up from the airport and we drove further away from town ending up in a beautiful quite place in Nature. I was greeted by Kanaku, who was friendly and helpful and who has helped me many times after. Big thanks to you Kanaku, for your service and friendliness.

Then treatment started immediately. Wonderful Dr. Ramadas said “we will help you ground and settle.” Being in India already for 5 weeks with extremely poor sleep, after treatment I was put into a state of happiness, contentment and sleepiness. So very fast I could get rested and settle in this wonderful healing village. Then real treatment began with bad tasting medicines, pleasant massages and not so pleasant treatments, which were also necessary for doing the cleansing.

When I came I had a chronic condition lasting for 20 years. Now 1 month later, my condition has completely changed. Only small signs that there is still treatment needed which I will follow-up at home.

I have felt that I have been so well taken care of here. Warm, helpful, diligent women to clean my room, kitchen staff making wonderful food.

Thank you to wonderful therapists giving treatments. They have all been nice, but special thanks to Jayasree and Shyni who have been my main therapists. I would like to bring you home with me! You have been kind, skilful, smiling and wise. Thank you and also big thanks to all the therapists helping me, you are all wonderful!

I want to thank all the doctors. I know all have participated in discussing and helping find good treatment for my disease. So I want to thank you all, also Dr. Ramkumar for wonderful Satsangs. And to the team of doctors who has worked closely with me.

First I got a little confused with many doctors helping me. But seeing and feeling your care and skilfulness I feel very thankful and privileged to have many wonderful doctors around. I’ve never felt in such good doctor-hands.

Thanks to Dr. Ramadas, for your warmth, wisdom, skill, playfulness and integrity. I have felt so safe under your wings. I have enjoyed our consultations, the pujas and Satsangs. I admire how you live and practise Ayurveda.

Thank you Dr. Aruna for your warm heart, humour, sensitivity and wisdom.

Thank you Dr. Arsha for your diligence, your overview of the situation and your ability to see all the details.

Thank you Dr. Krishnadas for your sensitivity and energy.

Thank you Preeti for being so engaged in making the food so tasty. You inspire me to continue Ayurveda cooking.

Thanks to Geetha for your enthusiasm for the Punarnava Trust project.

All the best to all of you. I’m going to miss you, but I look very much forward to going home and I’m planning to come back to this beautiful healing village, which is true Ayurveda.

Katinka Salvesen



April 25, 2017

Greetings to you

My heartfelt thanks to everyone who took care and showed infinite love. I enjoyed the atmosphere here, which is cool. The treatment is very good, and I will follow that at home. I enjoyed the beautiful trees, flowers and air.

B. Dheenadhayal

Tirupur, Tamilnadu



 April 24, 2017

A beautiful place filled with peace and positive vibration. Came here with a few medical problems, but after the treatment I feel like all my health concerns have disappeared.

Thank you very much for the attentive care, for all the love and exceptional service. The therapists were very kind and understanding and very helpful in every way.

My special thanks to Dr. Arsha and Aruna for the care and honest advice.

The place, greenery, ambience are beyond awesome. Housekeeping staff were very helpful and thoughtful.

A special thanks to the cooking team, for being able to accept our suggestions about food. I should say your food has brought about healthy changes in me.

My therapist Bindu was really amazing. Big thanks to her for all her patience and care. The entire team was excellent on the whole. Archana, your innocence inspired me in a special way.

I am very much grateful to my cousin Rekha for recommending Vaidyagrama. I will for sure, recommend to all my friends and family.

Last but not least ... My heartfelt thanks to my vaidya Dr. Ramadas. I can’t thank you enough for all your support and positive advice and all the love, concern and care. You are one amongst the wonderful people I have come across in life.

I am very much impressed about your knowledge and experience in the field of Ayurveda and holistic healing.

Thank you for everything. I will always be grateful for this experience you all have given me at Vaidyagrama.

I am looking forward to joining you all for my 21 days treatment in a few months.

Thank you for all the inspiration, love and peace.


Lakshmi Prabha and Manju Bargavi

Erode, Tamilnadu



April 23, 2017

A very well thought plan, which is executed amicably, offering Ayurveda treatment with immense hospitality.

It is a very good place for treatment, healing, rejuvenation, retreat, change of mind from the machine world.

A very special thanks to all staff, hospitality team, therapists, doctors, kitchen staff, who are very kind and helpful.

Thanks to Dr. Ramadas and his team of doctors especially Dr. Aruna and Dr. Arsha for very good treatment and advice. Thanks to therapists – Shyni, Ilyas and Laluprasad for treatment. I will recommend this place completely for treatments and healing. It has good service minded people and a nice environment, totally detached from normal daily routine.

Thanks very much for your well thought efforts!

Palani Raja. S

London, UK


April 23, 2017

It was a wonderful and awe-inspiring experience here at vaidyagrama. I am grateful to my brother for having introduced me to this.

Thanks a ton for the concern and love from the entire team of doctors, therapists, everyone at vaidyagrama inclusive.

I am humbled by the attention given to me by the therapist and doctors.

I have never been convinced before about Ayurveda treatments. But coming to vaidyagrama has given me immense hope that I can lead a wholesome life again.

Thanks to Dr. Ramadas, Dr. Ramkumar, my therapist Shyni, Dr. Aruna for instilling such strong confidence in Ayurveda, which I am sure to follow for years to come.

Special thanks to all the pearls of wisdom of Dr. Ramadas and Dr. Ramkumar during the Satsangs. After this short stay here I am definitely one step closer to being at peace in both mind and body. The amount of dedication brought in by the doctors and especially the therapist has amazed me.

Thank you everyone at vaidyagrama, for instilling hope and better thoughts towards my own existence.

Amazing spirit and please keep up great efforts!


Lavanya M

Chennai, India


April 23, 2017

Thank you all for everything!

This was exactly what I needed right when I needed it. I will carry this momentum forward with me as I travel.

Thank you again

Michael Richard Gearhiser



April 22, 2017

Vaidyagrama = Cultural people

I really felt cared for. If one fights for years an unseen heavy disease 24 hours a day, one truly appreciates just the fact someone comes and wants to fight on your side. What to speak of allies who are also qualified to fight.

My thanks go to all the members of vaidyagrama community, and special thanks to Dr. Ramanandan, Dr. Harikumar, Dr. Sivajyothi, Dr. Mubash, Sachin, Reshma, Vinod and Sajith who took personal care of me, and kindly and patiently tolerated my misbehaviour.

Purnananda Dasa



April 22, 2017

I am forever grateful for an unforgettable experience at Vaidyagrama. Since day one, I was surrounded by exceptional professionals that make me feel like home. Special thanks to our dearest friend Dr. Mubash for taking such good care of my sis and me. Thanks for your support and invaluable pieces of advice during my stay. Hopefully our paths will cross sometime in the future. You will be always welcome in Canada.

I am going to miss the treatments and lovely staff that took good care of me here. Everyone was so accommodating of my needs and I will never forget the extra steps you guys took to make me feel comfortable. I enjoyed every minute of my stay and would like to extend best regards to each and everyone at Vaidyagrama.

 You guys are awesome... keep it up!

Lina Kudzhak



April 22, 2017

I am beyond grateful for this amazing and very much rewarding experience that I have gained during my 3 week stay at vaidyagrama. 3 weeks ago I came here as a very anxious and impatient human being whom I didn’t like myself. From day one I have been surrounded by lovely, kind and very accommodating staff. This helped me transform into a much more patient and accepting person more over. I have found my balance here (even though my Pitta is still a bit higher that it should be)

Special thanks to our absolute and favorite Dr. Mubash. My sis and I will truly miss you a lot, but we hope to see you shortly when you come visit us in cold Canada.

The ladies that did my treatment are very nice and lovely! I really enjoyed their company and treatments.

Food could have been better while on Ghee (ha ha, more beetroot soup next time, please) Great experience overall and I will recommend vaidyagrama to everyone I know.


Dina Kudzhak



April 21, 2017

Vaidyagrama is an oasis. I am very privileged to have been treated in such a wonderful environment with lush gardens, delicious food, beautiful people and wonderful therapy (the ghee treatment was trying but I got through it). All the doctors, therapists, chef, cleaners were always smiling and happy to help with anything. I am happy and positive about my stay and would not hesitate to recommend vaidyagrama to friends and family back home.

A truly healing village!

Thank you

Pravina Mehul Soneji

London, UK


 April 21, 2017

From the minute I arrived in beautiful Vaidyagrama, I felt super welcomed and enjoyed every moment of my 3 weeks a lot. (Except the last cup of ghee). Thank you all for taking such good care of me and for making my stay unforgettable.

I loved the amazing food, the great treatments with so many lovely people, all the Satsangs and those impressive prayers. Thank you also for the delicious community dinner, and of course the daily doctor’s consultations in which I always felt in professional hands.

 I will especially miss the beautiful surrounding of the Nature.  I think I have never heard any noise of cars for such a long time in my life. I am very grateful that I could stay with you and wish you all the best for the future.


Luise Dorothea



April 19, 2017

I am deeply grateful to Dr Harikrishnan and his wonderful team of doctors- Dr Radhika and Dr Athulya for their excellent patient care, support and consultations.

 Thanks also to the entire therapists, the cleaning crew for their timely care and assistance and to all the kitchen staffs, front desk staff and all the other staff members of Vaidyagrama, who have collectively contributed to my healing process during my stay here.

With many thanks, Namaste

Padma Rao

Vellore, Tamilnadu



April 18, 2017

What an experience! It was totally accidental that I turned up at vaidyagrama and my trip was just out of curiosity. Had severe stiff neck and shoulder issue and was looking for a solution. What I got was mental solution. The whole environment is peaceful and serene. My Dr. Ramanandan was great and so was Dr.Rekha. The entire staff is very friendly and always helpful.

The food was perfect, didn’t miss my tea and coffee. The morning and evening pooja is only of the hidden secret here, and was totally rejuvenating.

Will be back!

Devarajan Ganesan



April 18, 2017

Om Shanti, blessed staff of vaidyagrama.

Thank you all for the very kind service. My stay here for the first time for three weeks, was extremely beneficial for my health and I learnt a great deal as well. It seems the treatment here is excellent, and I will recommend vaidyagrama to everyone who is interested in healing thank you again.

Om Namo Bhagavate vasudevaya!

Om Sri Maha lakshmyai namah!

Swami Pranavananda


Sivananda Yoga Center.


April 17, 2017

How to put it in words…..

What an outstanding place, stay and journey it has been.

I felt engulfed in a cocoon of love and care from the moment I arrived… from the staff always smiling and ready to help us anytime, to the dedicated doctors ever present, kind and compassionate providing healing, not for the disease but the entire person’s body, mind and soul. It is due to these daily interactions and Satsangs that I became mad about Ayurveda life and I got inspired to continue on the path.

Thank you to everyone here at Vaidyagrama is deeply grateful for all the love and care you provided to me.

Sonja Bogensperger,



April 14, 2017

Vaidyagrama is a very good place for healing. I along with my wife Mrs. Shakunthala Prasad came here for the 4th time. My Dr.Harikrishnan has done miracles here. Dr Kesari and other staff are very caring and affectionate. Food is very good. The holistic environment is excellent .My treatment is still on and I have decided to come to Vaidyagrama again in the month of October 2017. Satsangs by Dr Ramkumar were very inspiring.

Thanks to Vaidyagrama for personal care and attention. Once again a warm thanks to Dr Harikrishnan and every one.

R.A.Prasad  IAS(Retd)

Lucknow, India


April 14, 2017

Nice to stay here in this peaceful atmosphere; doctors are very kind and caring. I am so happy that you have cleansed my body and mind. Service was beyond excellent.


Chennai, India


April 14, 2017

I am coming here consecutively for the last 3 years. It has been a great experience in Vaidyagrama. The treatments of Vaidyagrama are very comfortable and soothing. Doctors, therapists and other staff of Vaidyagrama are very good and doing their job sincerely. My special thanks to Dr.Ramkumar and my sincere prayer for all the patients who come to Vaidyagrama for treatment.

Swami Samvidananda Saraswati

Nasik, Maharashtra



April 13, 2017

Many thanks to all the staff, seen and not so seen, here at Vaidyagrama. Your care and love helps the healing, and the refined expertise of Dr. Ramadas, your Vision of community and abundance for all is inspiring. I will come back for another rest and rejuvenation.

Nura Tashiro



April 13, 2017

I and my wife came for treatment here on 4th April. We were a little worried about how we are going to finish the 10 days treatment with the new environment and food. Initially we were not able to manage, but after the 2nd and 3rd day passed, we were manageable to accept both.

Today is the 10th day and I am very happy and proud to say that we would like to stay for some more time, if not for my business commitments and our family. Our mind is very fresh rejuvenated, started giving more importance to our health. At this point; we would like to thank Dr.Harikrishnan and his team of doctors for taking care of us individually, thanks to all the therapists who are doing wonderful job. The housekeeping is good.

In the initial days we had problems with food but later we got adjusted and got used to it. Thanks to Preeti for accepting my suggestions. On the whole Vaidyagrama is not only a hospital, but also a spiritual space. Learned lot of things but very difficult to express. We are leaving tomorrow, but we will come next at the earliest.

See you soon.

Ramakrishnan and Kala Ramakrishnan



April 12, 2017

The two words that come to mind when I think about my stay at vaidyagrama are Quality and Wholesome. Everyone from the doctors, junior doctors, therapists and staff provide the necessary treatments to make your mind, body and soul wholesome again. Many places attempt to achieve this goal, but only few meet it with quality care as a staple. The doctors and staff (everyone included) are extremely attentive and caring. I truly believe that I have learned what the beauty of not just a doctor, but a healing community looks and feels like.

Dr. Ramadas’ approach to healing the body is one that keeps the breadth and depth of life and the humor capacity in mind.

Dr. Aruna’s  capabilities as a doctor make me want to come back again.

Dr. Arsha’s caring nature which makes her comes to my room ten times a day when I am not feeling well is a true sign of a healer.

The therapists respond smilingly to every back and call, and the house keeping staff kill as many spiders as you ask them too.

Thank you all for the quality care we received. I am sure I will see wonderful results in the long term.


Anjana venkatesan



April 09, 2017

I came here with a lot of questions in my mind and a very great hope. I am so happy that I came. After talking to Dr. Ramadas I realized that this is the place where I will be cured.

Thank you very much Dr.Ramadas and his team of doctors and staff members. All are wonderful and caring people. Satsang is a good idea and is very informative.

I am looking forward to visit vaidyagrama again with my husband.

Thank you all and very grateful

Bachi Tamboly

Mumbai, India


April 07, 2017

Vaidyagrama is not just healing the health issues. It also heals the mind and soul in a peaceful atmosphere. It is a pleasant stay for me. I had lost my hope before I came here. I gained my life back in Vaidyagrama. The doctors, therapists and all other staff are very polite; and it is a real blessing to open our problems. Vaidyagrama is not only rejuvenating the body but also the soul. The stay here has given me a complete satisfaction in between the machinery routine life.

Thanks to all the staff who are working here to heal our problems.

Rekha Vedagiri

Kanchipuram, Tamilnadu



April 06, 2017

By the grace of God and Guru.

I am very glad and blessed to be here in vaidyagrama.  It is such a wonderful place where can get physical, mental, intellectual as well as spiritual support. We can learn here how to live and lead the Divine life, which is very essential in our human life. During my stay (from 03/03 to 06/04)

I learned a lot about Ayurveda, how to take care of my body, daily prayers, chanting, worship, cooking class, and had the company of good peoples. The helpful doctors, therapists, all the staff the wonderful advisors, different types of treatments, very clean room, greenery,  good air - all inspired and lifted me to develop my confidence, will power, good health, especially in satsang with Dr. Ramkumar -  it is a very valuable time in my life.

I am very thankful, and grateful to this family, who offered Ayurveda care here at the homely vaidyagrama.

I pray and invoke the Almighty Lord, all the saints and sages for them to shower their grace be upon the vaidyagrama all staff well-wishers, who are physically, mentally and financially supporting for its future.

May God bless all with good health long life, peaceful, prosperity, happiness and all auspiciousness and my prayers.

 With earnest regards.

Thanks to all of u.

Swami Gurupriyananda

Uttarakhand, India


April 05, 2017

My first visit to vaidyagrama and it seems to be the beginning of a long, enriching association! The very first view of vaidyagrama took my breath away - was it possible that such a place actually exists!

 As the days unfolded, it seemed that petals of the violet lotus were as beautifully crafted and bloomed as did the amazing team of doctors, therapists, support staff and everyone else who is part of the vaidyagrama family from the dry wit and discernment of Dr. Ramanandan, who patiently allowed me time and space to ingest 150 ml of ghee, to the sweet melodious voice of Dr.Harikumar whose wisdom and Bhakthi was inspiring; Dr.Mubash’s attention to detail, picking up on subtle nuances of energy and mood changes; to my therapists the amazing Devaki in whose hands I felt safe and loved, the effervescent ever giggling Maheshwari whose smile was the best ray of sunshine to wake you up with kashayam; Geetu and Reshma are efficient and polite.

Preeti - a complete surprise to have a Haryanvi Jat girl so transformed by the vaidyagrama ethos, whipping up delicious south Indian fare with consummate ease.. Bright and chirpy Aparna, the mover and shaker Geetha, and all the other medical directors whom I prayed with in the morning and attended the Satsangs with Dr. Ramadas, Dr. Harikrishnan and Dr. Kesari.

You have together woven a web of love, warmth in which each patient feels safe and protected, so much so that the thought of stepping back into the world seems a scary thought.

I had the privilege of speaking with Dr. Ramkumar and receiving his Vision, expanding beyond vaidyagrama to balagrama, the senior citizen project, the green school etc; and I am super excited and charged because I too want to belong to this community.

Thank you all. Love,

Puneeta Roy

Haryana, India


April 05, 2017


I am not sure if it is the love of doctor and staffs that has been healing me or the medication and treatments; perhaps the whole holistic approach.

Thank you Dr. Ramadas and other doctors. Thank you Shiny my therapist - your love, care and kindness are beyond words and that is very healing to me. I felt taken cared for and pampered.

I hope to see you all next year!

With love

Haleh Ashkevari



April 04, 2017

Firstly, the atmosphere was awesome. Treatments were too good. Then the doctor’s consultation and hospitality were good.

With love,

Lathasri Dinesh kumar

Chennai, India


April 04, 2017

I discovered Vaidyagrama by gut, googling the internet. In a way I flowed. This space has something special, it slowly reels you in, giving you time, drawing you into a tight hug that you just don’t want to leave. It allows you to find your space, a bit like a womb. I found the conversations with Dr.Ramkumar and with other patients, (we by the way, the most interesting mix of people I have met in a long time), resonating with my inner struggle. The internal medicines and the external Satsangs, poojas , conversations,  set afire synaptic connections that make one come alive.

Thank you, Dr.Harikrishnan and Dr.Kesari for keeping an eye for me. Therapists Biju, Arun and Yadu have been great.

You all have a great space here. I wish the community grows larger and the dreams of the founders come alive.

Thank you for the healing! Lastly I thank the Creator for bringing me here, the medications, the food, the rest, the care.

God bless you all, the earth the universe. Om shanthi

Sainath Choudhury

Mumbai, India


April 01, 2017

Being at vaidyagrama has been such a learning experience. When you are always busy in your normal life, it is a total shock when you can do nothing but take rest.  I went through a week of torment before my mind finally relaxed a little. I could have actually used a full month to let go more. I am so grateful to all the therapists and the doctors, the heat and boredom. I am clearer, happier and healthier for this experience.

Thank you

Kelly Coogan



April 01, 2017

Stay at Vaidyagrama was giving a feeling of lifestyle in ancient India - “Pure. Natural. Pious.” It was an experience of understanding Annamaya Deha, an experience, which took beyond physical boundary. My sincere Pranams to all Vaidyas and helpers of whole treatment... Of course, including the office staff. I will keep up the medication and style of life with a principle of Ayurveda.

Madhusudan Damle



April 01, 2017

We have had a lovely stay at vaidyagrama. The aesthetics is so compelling. The central tree in our block bathed in light, is a photo shared with all our friends.

It’s amazing that a once-barren plot of land is now beautiful with flowers and pretty birds.

We have loved the food. Cannot understand how we managed to lose some weight.

Above all, everyone has been friendly and helpful, and taken great care of every aspect.

Dr.Ramkumar’s satsangs were thought-provoking and enjoyable. Vaidyagrama is an embodiment of ancient indigenous knowledge revived in a great organization.

CEOs can learn from the open discussion at the satsang!

We also appreciate Punarnava Ayurveda/ vaidyagrama efforts on working closely with the village, and in particular, Balagrama.

Thank you

 All the best!

Shikha Sharma and Sanjaya Sharma

Mumbai, India