APRIL 2016

April 30 2016

Dear Vaidyagrama

I saw you when everything was bare and I see you now.

Congratulations to all of you who made this happen. The accommodation is really good compared to a lot of Ayurveda hospitals. The belief and effort on your part was terrific.

Dr.Harikrishnan is a caring doctor whose insight goes way beyond book knowledge. I was in good hands.

The pantry staffs evenings and mornings was erratic on some days. But this is minor. May help if certain things mundane this was routed through other channels and the doctors could focus on medical staff. Bell ringing in room gets too intense and rings etc.

I would have liked a few more options and activities and an extra plug point in the balcony area (Was sorted with an extension board, thanks)

My prayers and best wishes to  vaidyagrama.

Thank you guys for everything.


Mumbai  India.


April 28 2016

Bhadram karothu satatam badari vishal !

May lord badari vishal shower his divine grace to vaidyagrama and its faculties.

May the spirit take you up.

Jai Badari Vishal

Badari Prasad namboodiri,

Former Ravalji of Badari mutt.

April  27 2016

When I started looking places to experience (Ayurveda Panchakarma),   had very specific things that was looking for which involved more than just a physical treatment. I decided to come and check out this place (Initiative instincts I guess).

 As soon as I walked in to the doors of vaidyagrama I knew I made the right decision. I just felt “Right”.

During the course of 24 days I felt very happy, calm and content. I felt that I am at right place, doing right things for my body, mind and soul.

I felt extreme pleasure being around very nice and courteous human beings. This place proved to me that language is no barrier for spreading love and joy.

I also loved the fact that now everything and everyone is in harmony with each other.

I leave tomorrow but I feel this is not the end but a beginning for something very beautiful and amazing. Vaidyagrama hosts multiple events.

I realized that I did not realize the significance of those activities and missed few of them.

It will be great to know the details and significance so that I can make a conscious effort to attend the ones that I missed this time.

Until next time – stay blessed and happy. Sending positive very positive thoughts to everyone and wishing happy and prosperous life.

Amiyata Kalia

Florida USA


April  27 2016

This is the third visit of mine to vaidyagrama. Three years back, I slipped and had a leg injury. I took treatment at Mumbai and Pune but could not get relief. Then I came to vaidyagrama and I got lot of relief and hence I came continuously for three years.

The doctors and staff of vaidyagrama are very cordial and looked after me very well. I pray to lord almighty, that vaidyagrama prospers and its name and fame reach for and wide. Many vaidyagrama will come up in India and abroad.

Swami Samvidananda Saraswathi

Nasik India


April 25 2016

I am very happy to be at vaidyagrama. This place is like an ashram and therefore like home to me. I talked to Dr.Ramkumar and others and got some idea regarding founding principles and philosophy behind the conception of this project and how this dream materialized in so short a time.

 I am very amazed and pleased to know all this and would recommend every one coming at vaidyagrama to learn about this. For example, I learnt that traditionally in Ayurveda, doctors and patients lived in the same place and this has been implemented in vaidyagrama.

As a result, the doctor and their interaction with patients is of a much superior quality than other similar institutions. Satsang with doctors is another wonderful feature, which helps patients to understand doctors and Ayurveda at different levels.

Another thing, which is worth mentioning is related to money. Vaidyagrama naturally charges for the treatment provided, the attitude of the people here is not commercial but very service-oriented.

One scope for improvement is in the area of English language skills of therapists and other staffs

Swami Adhyatmananda giri


April 22 2016

From the minute I walked through the front door, I felt the positive energy here! Over my 21 days journey, the staffs have been more like family to me and I have felt that each one genuinely cared about my well being. The beautiful staff always had a smile for me and it is clear that they love what they do here. Things I liked about vaidyagrama.

Pretty much everything but my favourite ritual had to be morning prayers with Dr.Ramadas, what an amazing way to start and finish the day. The love that bellows out of Dr.Ramadas during his morning practice is so contagious that you cannot help but start your day with joy! Apart from the sessions with my fantastic therapists, Morning Prayer was up there with my favourite things here at vaidyagrama!

A big thank you to the ladies, who cleaned my room and smoked out the mosquitoes, thanks to the gardeners (wow! Great job they do too), the lovely man care takes and turns the lights on and off   day, the ladies at the front desk, all in the stores, laundry and a special big thank you for the kitchen staff who cooked the lovely nourishing food every day (Yum!) that helped me get well. Thank you to everyone else in the back ground. I am grateful to you all and you will be in my heart for ever.

Apart from the staff, I met some amazing like minded people who I believe will be friends for many years to come.

Over all my experience has been great and I am happy with my outcome!

Would recommend vaidyagrama to every one!

Thank you Vaidyagrama!

Pam Edwards

Brisbane Australia.


April  22 2016

Dearest Vaidyagrama,

Just wanted to say thank you to all the Doctors and staff that make this place possible. This place is a true gem and gift to humanity making healing a complete experience on all levels, body, mind and spirit.

I have met some of the most wonderful people during this stay. I am so grateful for a place like this to exist on earth.

It was my first time here; it certainly won’t be my last. Thank you to everyone at this healing retreat.

Much love and light

Elena Deodato

Italian/ Canada

April 20 2016

Bismilla irrahman irraheem

As we leave Vaidyagrama today after 21 wonderful days of healing, rest ad relaxation in a natural environment, my wife, my friends and I wish to thank Dr.Harikrishnan, Dr.Ramkumar, Dr.Kesari, Dr.Arsha and all others who took such good care of us with such a kind heart.

We would also like to thank all the therapists, administrative staff, the kitchen staff, the cleaners and gardeners all of whom joined to make our stay here comfortable and carefree.

We have been here many times before, and each and every time we leave here in better health and peace of mind and with hearts filled with gratitude.

Thank you all

PS: Special thanks to Hakeem and Dr.Aruna

Hon.Ex.President of Maldives, Maumoon Abdul Gayoom


April  14 2016

Dear Vaidyagrama family,

I was profoundly touched and delighted with your warm welcome, kindness and excellent care that you offered me every minute of stay here. It is truly a blessing to have experienced life in a place like this where peace, love, respect, friendship, kindness and support forms the building blocks for a community that heals minds of bodies of each and every patient.

Thanks to all therapists especially Shyni, Bindhu, Sindhu, Devi and Mythili. Thanks to all the staff who was more than helpful. Thanks to Dr.Ramadas, Dr.Harikumar, Dr.Aruna and Dr.Krishnadas for skilful medical support and guidance. I feel a lot better now than when I arrived here one month ago. Thanks to all of you. Also thanks to Dr.Ramkumar and Dr.Kesari for wonderful knowledge. I will surely stay in touch and visit again. I will also continue to recommend this place to my friends and clients in my soon-to-be-opened Ayurveda practice.

Who know may be we will co-operate more in the future.

I would love to come such as a student too!


Invest in language training for therapists

            Leave leaflet with virechana instructions to patient(Water drinking, what is not allowed etc) on the day of procedure

            Include 2.5% credit card charge in the price or inform clients about it in advance

                  Include some more modern clothing in your shop as well as vaidyagrama souvenirs

       With much love and respect



April 13 2016

Dear All

I have been at Vaidyagrama for 38 days.

 I felt is a true healing place and I am so grateful for vaidyagrama. I will be back here at least twice a year. Doctors, therapist and the staff here are so wonderful and this is a great place for healing.


Sive pourazima



April 11 2016

Dear all at Vaidyagrama

There are so many people here to thank for helping me during my stay here at Vaidyagrama.

 I have received so many kindnesses from so many of you.

Thank you to shyni, Lakshmi, Jameela, Maheswari, Indu and Babitha and all of other therapists that I worked with as a volunteer. Your patience and kindness to me I will never forget.

Thank you to sindhu, shyni, maheswari, sashikala and sreelakshmi for taking such good care of me when I was receiving treatment! Thank you Lalu for making sure I was fed.

Thank you to Dr.Ramadas, Dr.Aruna and Dr.Harikumar. I always knew that I was in good hands.

 A special thank you to all of the doctors at Vaidyagrama who guided me while I was volunteering, especially Dr.Om, Dr.Harikrishnan, Dr.Kesari, Dr.Arsha. thank you to the kitchen staff – you all work so hard every day! Thank you to housekeeping and the gardeners – especially Rajamma. Looking forward to seeing you all again soon!

With love and appreciation!

Belinda Baer


April 11 2016

This place gave me an opportunity to step outside the western culture of go, go, go and embrace meditation for hours on end.  It was exactly what I needed and created a more centred space for me to be to be when I return to the states,

To all the staff and doctors thank you for making a peaceful for waking physically and mentally.

I hope to return again soon.

Blessings and be well!

Sara Brownstein



April  11 2016

To the vaidyagrama team.

Happy vishu in advance……

I am really happy to visit this place after 5 years. Thanks a lot for supporting me to recover my health.

This is a perfect place for mind, body and soul.

Sunitha vinod,

Cochin, India.


April 11 2016

From Neha and family

We had a wonderful experience and we will definitely come back for more such experience

Doctors, staff and therapist were so supportive with friendly approach towards us

It was our first visit, still we felt like we were at home.

Treatment were effective, we wish we could stayed longer to heal completely.

Few suggestions from us

Some provision to keep insects away from room

That was the only problem we had

Thanks With lot of love

Neha and family


April 11 2016

I am eternally grateful to have received the opportunity to come to Vaidyagrama and for the care and support during my 3 month stay.

I feel as though my words cannot properly convey the gratitude that resides in my heart towards my experience here.

I have no idea of the transformation I was to go through when coming here…

With great patience and wisdom, the Doctors that were in charge of my care allowed me the space and consistency to heal all of me, not just my body.

Thank you to my Doctors Dr.Harikrishnan, Dr.Kesari and Dr.Arsha – I would not have been able to last if it was not foe the support and understanding I received from you – each in your own ways. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Also a big thanks to my therapists(Sreelakshmi and Babitha), the ladies at the front desk, the ladies at reception, Keerti, Dr.Krishnadas, the cleaning staff, the man who turns on the lights in the evening so we can see where we are going, all the Doctors(Of course), the laundry staff and volunteers… each and every single person that plays their very important role in the running and care of Vaidyagrama everyone at Balagrama too 

A few suggestions:

     Sell a medicine tumbler (+ accessories – mortar, small bowl etc) with the Vaidyagrama logo on it(We are to take medicines when      leaving here so would be both functional and a wonderful souvenir)

     Sell an Ayurveda  cook book with recipes used at Vaidyagrama

     Sell a Vaidyagrama postcard


This place is like a dream! I would not be where I am today without each of you.

Thank you for having me and thank you for being!

With utmost respect and a place in my heart,

Much love



April 05 2016

Second time visit! I am very happy to see familiar faces and to be treated with same main doctor. Many thanks to Dr.Harikrishnan, Dr.Arsha and Dr.Kesari and therapists – Lakshmi, kalpana, indu and Jameela and the house keeping – senbagam and mallika. I am very grateful that doctors and therapists responded to my complaints, irritations and requests with great patients. The housekeeping kept my room clean and tidy. All of your hearty team work kept me going through treatments comfortable and pleasant.

I love Satsangs, prayer and activity. It is very meaningful and useful for mental care and educational purposes.

I am also very happy to see the prosperity of Vaidyagrama community new staff, new temple promotion of various volunteer projects. I have been telling my friends about Vaidyagrama, my authentic ayurveda experiences.


 Mantra or music during treatments

Burning incense or aroma in treatment room also would be nice

I am looking forward to my next visit

All the therapists I met here are very friendly and caring, as Lakshmi is the one taking care of me most of time. Special thanks to her being there. Her caring makes I feel hearty and homely.

To all the therapists who joined in my treatments. Your healing hands ease my pain and make me happy from inside out.

Thanks to the sweet and lovely girl, kanaka  (in the front desk)

She is very generous to share her precious jasmine with me.

Thanks to gardening, food preparation and all the staff.

Sumiko Keiko,


April 03 2016

This is a truly magical place from a long last past. I did not realize such a place existed. In a world where this therapy is needed more than ever, it is a gift. Thank you to everyone who has made vaidyagrama a reality.

Some suggestions:

Make the animals a more accepted part of the family – Dogs, Cats, Cows

Cows need a gate and preferably another  paddock  or two so they do not need to stand tied up all day

All the animals should be fixed and the staff should be introduced to them so they are not afraid. Tiger and Pluto should be taken out each day and all the animals should have regular meals.

An effort should be made to not interrupt treatments once they begin. Supplies should be kept in each room so it is not necessary to go into an occupied room. After 3 or 4 interruptions the treatment is much less effective and the patients can leave more agitated than relaxed.

Therapists in my opinion should focus on treatments and other help should be arranged for preparing and delivering food and medicine. Protect your therapists. They are a blessing, (except the ones who mindlessly chatter) are at the heart of this place.

A small cultural difference – some rooms (306) always have wet mops, rags etc hanging or laying to the trees and it is distracting to try and focus on your food and not stare at the mops.

Great experience! Many thanks –

Annie and Gopalika,


April 01 2016

English lesson for therapists

Respect for googly dog who found this place and made it his home. He helps us heal

Please walk two dogs in cage

Build walk way that is covered to temple, so we are not tempted to sneak out there. It is wonderful temple. Make it possible for us to go.

For children’s home swings and slide and trampoline

Small house for family by school to stay. Good for school English.

Cooking classes! MORE and they should be Ayurveda

Value older therapists. They are better in my opinion best if they live here in village and have family.

New comer patients tell them about contents of bag daily program

Explain about not going out. (Nobody told me..)

Make poster for feeding old ill people – explaining how one can donate to chart.

Explain that heal for 100 people is a nice birthday present for a family member or relative or friend.

Make small certificate for birthday date and donation amount

Gardening – water plants in late afternoon not Midday sun or early

Massages especially oil pouring on head, no talking to much

Better ask person if they want music or not

Cleaning – wipe tables with water

Please massage harder!

Olivia Reynolds Germany