APRIL 2015

April 27, 2015

My dear family at Vaidyagrama 
18 days complete as I depart tomorrow... I came to Vaidyagrama with an open heart and mind knowing close to nothing about ayurveda. I leave with a full Heart and a great sense of well being.
The passion with which this place is run is palpable from Dr. Ramkumar to all his Incredible fellow doctors, assistant doctors, to Therapists, to cooks, to cleaners, to the gardeners - each one has a sense of ownership - an unusual sense of giving which one rarely encounters in the modern world.
Vaidyagrama has three things which keep its engine running 
1. A great amount of caring
2. Immense intelligence 
3. An abundance of love 
So many times I thank you for your mere existence 
I would like to acknowledge the few that I had a constant personal support with –

Dr. Ramanandan - accurate and precise analysis, a pleasure to listen to 
Dr. Sajna - deceivingly young but so knowledgeable and strict 
Radhika - who has got god’s hands when she lays them on you 
Chinnu - sweet assistant therapist who will be one day great under the support of her mentors
My Cleaning lady who diligently attended to my room while I would be in treatment
Dr Ramadas - the divine among us all who became a friend and

Dr.Om - was such a fountain of knowledge every time he opened his mouth ..
And doctor Ramkumar - words fail me to describe you...

Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Shireen Gandhi Junglewala

Mumbai, India


April 26 2015

Vaidyagrama is such a gem! A rare jewel in ayurveda.

I am so grateful for the loving care of everyone I worked with and the staff in general - what an amazing family. Everyone who works here is continuously blessed. Will be exciting to witness everything that grows here:

The gardens

The facilities


Community projects


It’s truly a dream comes true.

All of my love and gratitude!

Tenley Wallace



April 25 2015

Vaidyagrama is like my second home. I am so comfortable and happy here. Even at home one is not looked after and cared for as we are in vaidyagrama.

The doctors, the therapists and all the other staff are so full of attention and caring.

Dr.Ramadas who is so positive and happy always sets a great example. I took my time to hear the satsang by Dr.Ramkumar which is the highlight of the day, the puja all the positive energy around vaidyagrama makes it a happy, healing place.

The cleaning staff always smiling and doing a great job under the guidance of Hakeem. Dr.Om Dr.Harikumar all have made my stay memorable. Keerthi helped us learn a lot on our ipad and Iphone.

Thank you everyone    

Rasheeda Anees

Mumbai, India


April 26 2015

This is my third visit and I am amazed at how this oasis in the desert has blossomed.

 As usual I have had an amazing, productive, fruitful stay.

 I cannot thank the attentive doctors and staff. They have made me feel so welcome, calm, comfortable at all times.

I am in deep gratitude to all of them and look forward to many more enlightening trips to vaidyagrama.

Thank you




April 25 2015

Very pleasant and satisfactory stay as usual. My third stay in two years.

Great work by Dr.Ramkumar and team hope to visit again.

Naveen Kumar



April 22, 2015

My heart is smiling again
I had stopped smiling and feeling alive. My aura is pulsating again
I had stopped changing people's life. My joy had been absent for many years. I can make love with heaven again, because my soul can see an infinite array of possibilities in my journey.
It may seem egoistic but my words have awakened the desire to continue serving humanity I felt dead before March 26 2015 ...
Vaidyagrama staffs, therapists, birds, squirrels, agnihotra, pooja, wood massage table, incense, night nature sounds, rain, heat, ghee, green gram Kanji, dosha, coconut curry, herbal water, annoying Internet system, mosquitoes, Satsang, many different smiles every day, chapatti that I couldn't eat, butter milk, cow’s smell, rose flowers shower, dum, the smoke and anything else has changed my life for the better.. I'm just another grateful being who was blessed with such an experience.
Healing process is almost never pleasant but I am happy I can project in my smile how happy my body is: It feels open doors to the path of becoming whole again 
There is no greater feeling than knowing we have helped someone to be happy again. I'm happy again and I will come back again and learn to love much more all those who had shared a smile during my journey at Vaidyagrama...

With deep gratitude love and compassion 
Rosemary Arruda



April 21 2015

This is my first place of healing and ayurveda village, that I visit at all.

And am so thankful to god Brahma for this opportunity to see how India can be clean, whole and caring.

Thanks for every doctors for Dr.Ramadas, sindhu, housekeeper, who find time and sincere to listen, care and help.

I see that this place will grow and become more and more holy, healing and amazing place.

Where to return for self being for healing jiva, spirit, atma and free yourself.

All you guys are amazing am very happy to find you meet you.

 I will see you next time for sure.

Healing is a never ending process as our souls are so never stop a way, darlings.

I wish you all the power to never stop an increase

Love you all

Maria Alasina

Riga Latvia


April 17 2015

Dear all at Vaidyagrama

This is a prayer as much as a thank you and a wish –

may this space grow and nourish those who daily give so much energy, and also offer care, their care;

may this space of care grow and multiply incrementally, organically, but also towards infinity;

may this force of care attract others who care to let themselves be cared to continue caring;

may this space and the energies which animate to nourish all and;

may that spirit of care, which is a spirit of a common and being and becoming with flower further;

let it always stay concentrated on this horizon of withdrawing from the community of money, which has so much compromised the consciousness and ethics (not just standards, norms, customs but also the way of life is used, lived, undergone, experienced) of humans and which has dulled the senses of such a point that even those who are able, and have their faculties determine life not “worth living” this is what accounting minos have done, made as book keepers of life.

Here we have found a place to turn the tables, lay down, one the back to the left, and right, to get these toxins out, the same which are put in our foods, in the earth, in the air and water and may be first and foremost in the minds, what comes after? This remains a task for each of us who come here.

For now the semblance of exchange, with the use of money may still allow all of us to not receive what is actually unfolding here or wants to unfold here.

It is love, a love which is very difficult to apprehend because it emanates from and goes toward the common, that which conjoins us to one another and to all forms of life.

May this space and each of the living community of vaidyagrama keep and remain  in this grace and spirit of love and of the profound conjoinedness, being-with-ness and to continue the experiment, experience to amplify that in our lives  and with others.

What is a life and what is a body, what can a body do, how can it be used and conjoinedness force, potency care is it able to do more than reproduce, collect, circulate money, make money, strange idea to make money, what is it to make a body, a community, a love, a life, a cure, a care or a carelessness. 

We must be careful here to perceive this care which comes from within and without us, nevertheless carries us, this is what I am, we are, may be you could call the common.

The common must be cared for because that is what I find here, that is what brings to us any ancient common non-commoditised knowledge such as ayurveda and it is what equally nourishes, waters, blows the wind on the plants, foods we nourish ourselves on. Without it life would not be liveable.

This prayer or wish is to allow and let this force and passion continue and flourish and not be discouraged in difficult movements and to also always find the joy in what you do and the care with which you cultivate this space and your own lives.

And also a prayer for those who pass through this place to also be touched by this spirit of a common and to recognise within their own lives how they may create a path toward that place, that place which, where, when counting makes no sense. We have had enough of this world of counts and accounts; they have made the world senseless. Thank you each and every one person at vaidyagrama for returning us to our senses (our common senses)

With love

Ayreen and Rene



April 15 2015

Words are not enough to express the experiences at vaidyagrama. It takes us back to those pure Satya yug times when peace, love, caring, sharing of knowledge and ecological existence were all pervasive. From Morning prayers and pranayama, healing treatment by very caring therapists – jameela, lakshmi have shown vatsalya bhav, while shrilakshmi, young rural Non-corrupt girl with her great seva bhav, simple and nourishing food, soul nourishing and heart enriching Satsangs with Dr.Ramkumar and Dr.Ramadas, evening prayers with Dr.Ramadas, Dr.Harikumar and Dr.Omprakash have all been healing me at many levels.

Geetha and kavitha have been very supportive. All the housekeeping staff – Baby, Devi and others have made sure we get homely and comfortable feel in the room.

Vaidyagrama has lived true to every word that is written on their website or in the booklet. In fact it has much more in subtle and energy from which is difficult to express. The healing trees, birds, people, medicines, treatments every aspect here is an integral integrated spiritual web.

The founders have beautifully re-created ancient Vedic rishi Sanskrit. My gratitude and pranams to all.

Dr.Harikrishnan’s diagnosis and guidance throughout has been a wonderful healing. Dr.Omprakash and Dr.Haritha’s youthful energy has been very refreshing.

All Satsangs have made me very nourished.

Dr.Mala Kapadia

Mumbai India


April 15 2015

The Vaidyagrama is really true according to its name. I feeling here everything and everybody are systematic. I would like to thank to each one who any at post and activities because all one serve by heart. Here all people just live like family members. It is very nice situation. Here at vaidyagrama we stayed 24 days, But this time so fast passed as I feeling. I have feel here just like an ashram also because here at vaidyagrama a SHIVLING is saturated and every morning and evening somebody one worships. So the internal and external atmosphere is very very best. This is plus point of vaidyagrama

I like, we like by heart really the VAIDYAGRAMA.

Hari om

Swami Samvidanand and Swami Shankaranand

Nasik and Himachal Pradesh India


April 16 2015

I was not scheduled to come to vaidyagrama, however since my daughter who lives in Mauritius and my wife rasheeda had confirmed their 3 weeks stay of vaidyagrama, I decided at the last moment to join them. Now i have decided to leave after 2 weeks treatment, as unfortunately I am deeply depressed here, Even though I am with my loved ones.

Food does not bother me as I hardly have my appetite.

I think I have lost a few kilos in weight which is good and feel much lighter.

Since coming here I have been crying a lot everyday as I said earlier is terribly depressed.

I can hardly sleep at night in fact in two weeks and have had only one night good sleep.

The various treatments are unique, such as shirodhara, the accommodation is very basic but very comfortable.

For me to pass the time of day is very difficult. Besides reading the newspaper and books and also playing cards with my family in the evenings there is little else to do.

Walking is a must and there are good path to walk among the trees surrounding the path.

A lot of people have benefited from this treatment and there are several lectures given by doctors, which I attended.

Mr.K.S.M Anees

Mumbai, India


April 16 2015

Thank you

I came not with any specific ailment but to get some time to myself to spend time with my wife in an environment she enjoyed so I came mildly apprehensive and leave as reliever.

I have been trying to understand what makes vaidyagrama so different so special. It adheres to the ancient texts it tries to remain authentic as possible it is built around a core group of people with the same strong beliefs, but what it achieves eventually is a whole much greater than the sum of its parts.

It has created an environment where everybody plays their part big or small, which makes it such a special experience for the patient and that include the cows, tiger and Pluto and the dog who first comfort

I thank -

Dr.Ramadas for looking after me, for his humour, his satsang and for his wonderful sonorous pujas

Dr.Harikumar for his compassion as a doctor and at the pujas

Dr.Ramanandan for his explanations and laughing

Dr.Om for all his knowledge, generosity of spirit and omnipresence and

Dr.Ramkumar for the knowledge filled satsang and his vision - may it grows beautifully.

I also want to thank everybody else the therapists, the cooks, the support staff, everybody who makes this wonderful place wonderful and who contribute immeasurably towards their unique energy that is vaidyagrama.

I look forward to returning.

Bonney Ghosh

Sydney, Australia


April 15 2015

It has been a very special time at vaidyagrama on so many levels.

I came here 45 days ago feeling dead to the world but now I feel alive and inspired to re-engage with my life.

I am incredibly grateful for all the love care and patience I was given by all the people that cared for and interacted with me.

The space is beautifully situated in simplicity with nature down to the humming bird that visited me every day.

What is being created here is quite remarkable a true ayurveda community with large vision. What is even more impressive are the people that manifested and run this place with heartfelt, dedication and the willingness to evolve and grow with vaidyagrama/punarnava, because grow it will into something amazing.

Helen Chantler



April 12 2015

There is a saying: All the good things are three

I whole heartedly agree in terms of vaidyagrama

1. The emphasis on the spiritual in the healing process.

2. Doctors and therapists who seemingly know what they are doing.

3. Love goes through the stance with an extraordinary good and clean food.

I would not consider my time pleasant, because my body went through a challenging period and there were times, when I just felt like a vegetable on two legs.

Nevertheless, my spirit was lifted again and again through the certitude from the doctors and the treatments of the therapists and the love from the kitchen staff through their food.

All the three main ingredients mixed with humour, laughter and the unique Indian smiles accompanied through entertaining satang and powerful prayers and pujas created a perfect healing environment in the midst of all smaller imperfections. I am looking forward to see the unfolding of my healing process back home, full of conviction that it will happen.

Special thanks to the unconventional and deep caring and humour of Dr.Ramadas, the patience of Dr.Aruna and the  great treatments of Ganesh and Madhu. Also to Aparna for her unusual helpfulness and Dr.Ramkumar for the great exchange.

In Deep gratitude

Drik Reiche



April 10 2015

My heartful gratitude to each and every one person dedicated to vaidyagrama for it is your combined work that made my journey here an exceptional one.

I came cluttered in mind and depleted in spirit and leave lighter and better equipped and face my destiny.

Vaidyagrama very quickly turned into a spiritual retreat for me and I thank everyone I encountered during my stay here for your contribution towards it.

Importantly I must thank my teachers:

Dr.Ramdas for your wisdom and example of living life with forthright clarity.

Dr.Harikumar for your exemplary trust in the divine and

Dr.Ramkumar for your articulate delivery of complex philosophical thought.

Each of you were essential teachers and I leave rejuvenated and enriched.

I pray with gratitude for the well being of each person involved in vaidyagrama from the driver who brought me here through to all the doctors, therapists, the gentle ladies who cleaned our room, the cooks, the laundry people, the gardeners, the admin staff and others who work tirelessly behind the scenes.

God bless you all.

I wish you well in all your endeavour.

With many thank from a well lubricated and nurtured soul

Madhulika Ghosh

Sydney, Australia


April 03 2015

What an inspiring vision to create such an oasis of peace, sound eco healing spiritual practices -a family of doctors, Therapist, cleaners, gardeners, cooks, admin staff and patients!
Not to mention the birds, squirrel, kittens and dogs all giving loving care, warmth, Giggles lightness and joyfulness to hospital more like coming home to unconditional love!!
No matter what so personal. No aloofness, such gentle 'management' How can I thank you all -you make me all smile when I think of you.
Dr. Ramadas ji I have never met such a jolly man as you, a doctor; you give such a good medicine in your humble wise jolliness!

Dr.Om Prakash, Dr Harikumar, Dr. Aruna, Dr. Harikrishnan all unique in every way all of u engaged in all the programs so rich and inspiring. 
My Therapists, Sri Lakshmi, Maheswari, maya, Sasikala magic hands! And Jameelaji wow you are great!
Yadhu always on time with my early soup and extra fruit .
Dhanbhagyam amma for the Jasmine and fresh pillows slips always.
Thank you.
The cook for my special meals I am now addict to rice water and Sonia I wish someone would provide you with an endless supply of pens so you can sign off our Internet times.
Also thank you to the kittens and dog who despite being forbidden fussy friends did add to that and Pluto with their wagging tail and playful antics.

Some days very much enjoyed their visits and I do hope that Vaidyagrama adopts them officially by giving them the veterinary care and food necessary.
After all they are also part of what happens serendipitously not really Strays ,sincerely their arrival cannot be ignored.
They certainly add to the healing environment.
I am in awe with all your community and environmental projects what an example you're setting for the world.
Dr. Ramkumar what a visionary and what an inspiration -still much too fine time
-yet with such a vision is much vision so much care, sensitivity and love
-living spirituality not just in words how can it not grow.
Many many thanks from my body, my heart, and my mind.
Forget to mention Hakeem and Manoj too for fixing doors and that supply of soap nut liquid! What an experience.
And also how could I forget my first estherji Namaskar email reply from Aparnaji and then you.
Aparnaji trying to track down my lost money transfer night to the last day:
Oh my god and then there is a Remaji and  Geethaji so many others goodness.
If I have left you out it is not because you mean less!
It is late now and I must get some sleep.
Much love always and may you always all be happy, plants and legged and feathered friends alike.

I hidden life, vibrant in every atom.
I hidden light shining in every creative.
I hidden love, embracing all in oneness.
May each who feels himself as one with thee
Know he is therefore one with every other.
Shanti Shanti Shanti
Annie Besant

Esther pockrandt



April 03 2015

Stay at Vaidyagrama from March 3 to April 3 2015.

Wonderful! Wonderful! And wonderful.
In this world people  looking for peace, but in everyday life people fighting with other people ,other country ,fight with another country (war) but at Vaidyagrama we fell the peace !
This is amazing that there is no any kind of noise here just Peace.
Love to hear the birds singing it makes our heart peaceful.
People think that Heaven is up in Sky, but nobody has seen it, it is just imagination but we find here at Vaidyagrama.
All the doctors are very knowledgeable are ready to give any kind of questions and answers and the staff are very Cooperative and work with each other with a smiling face we feel so lucky to be here at Vaidyagrama been nature and environment.

Babubhai and jashodaben Patel



April 02 2015

I came to Vaidyagrama on the Recommendation of my sister Madhulika.
This has been my first experience of ayurveda treatment for me.
I have to thank the medical staff and treatment staff for taking such good care of me.
I really appreciate the personal care taken by the doctors especially Dr. Ramadas and Dr. Ramkumar and Dr Harikumar.
I also appreciate the room service given for everything.
Thank you again for everything you all are doing great job in the ayurvedic field of medicine. I wish for the prosperity o of vaidyagrama.
In the service of the mother 
Manorama Vira

Bangalore, India


April 01 2015

I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation for all the love and support given here at Vaidyagrama. Big thank you to each and every one of the staff for your efforts in making the healing village possible.

It has been such a privilege to be a part of the beginnings of this vision and I hope to see it continue to grow and Blossom through time experience and learning.
My experience here as given me a Such an incredible opportunity to reconnect with the essence of my being and allowing my nervous system to settle feel healing to truly begin.
A special thank you to my Doctors your wisdom of ayurveda so deep I have so much respect and admiration and gratitude to both of you.
I also want to specifically thank Aparna for making everything happen.
Thank you everyone for the care but most of all thank you for the friendship.
I wish you all successful evaluation of this healing village and of the other inspirational projects manifesting.
Love and blessings 
Satya Louisa Miller ,USA


April 012015

What a beautiful time and place had here. So many people to thank for their extensive kindness and willingness to help. Aparna, Geetha, Keerthi, Dr.Om, Dr.Harikrishnan, Dr.Ramadas and Dr.Ramkumar, Biju, Vinod, Lakshmi, Shyni, Sonia, Nikhil. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

A much needed time of dedication for me forever grateful.

Wishing love and all good things for the growing vision of vaidyagrama.

Billy Rosa