April 2014

April 29 2014

Thank you to everyone at vaidyagrama for an absolutely wonderful day! We wish we could stay longer. Dr.Omprakash was wonderfully informative and helpful along with the whole team. Very peaceful and spiritual stay. We are looking forward to coming back and staying for longer and will recommend this to everyone. Thanks!

Swamiji Pratyagbodhanandaji, Sri Surya Narayan, Anand Sukhadia, Akshay Oberoi, Jyothi Oberoi

April 28 2014

Vaidyagrama is a jewel in Ayurveda and in village making and in so many things.

Thank you for all the kindness and responsiveness of everyone and for treatment for such excellent magnificent food.

May everyone here grow and prosper and help heal the planet.

I will see you soon.

Margaret Mahan


April 27 2014

Thank you so much for creating this unique and wonderful place and space! It is in fact a healing place – silent, peaceful, healthy, simple, connected, joyful…

After 5 weeks with intense experiences I’ll return with a fully heart. You remembered me to the truth – forget about the future and live each day according to the teachings, confident that everything is given by God and the He loves his children.

So be grateful for every experience whether it is easy to digest or not, because it is given by God.

“Go beyond” likes and dislikes, go deeper, experience the truth, see the great opportunity to polish your diamond, that is your own heart until it is getting more and more transparent. Give your best without being attached to the results. And cultivate an inner smile. Enjoy yourself.

With deep respect and love! You are all in my heart!


Freiburg, Germany

April 25 2014

I didn’t really know what I was getting into or what to expect when I booked my 7 days stay at vaidyagrama. The name was given to me by a work colleague whose hometown is Coimbatore and knows of someone working here (Gita who I never got to meet!). I knew very little of Ayurveda before coming here but was looking for somewhere relaxing where I could feel safe by myself and enjoy some treatments. And that’s what I got! Initially I as disappointed about the lack of activity and gentle nature of everything, being used to an active lifestyle but I soon realized I needed this and killed my time reading and writing which I never find time to do. I really enjoyed my treatments (oil body massages every day!), the daily yoga and satsang sessions, the planned activities such as the cooking class and group dinner, the morning prayers and meditation and the opportunity to see 3 pujas in my short stime here! I also really loved the opportunity to see the kitchen and I am so grateful to Dr.Aruna and the wonderful cooks for taking the time to explain everything about how to make the delicious dishes that were served to us every day especially my favourite coconut chutney.

A few things I suggest are to give visitors information early about things like laundry, food times, what items are available (eg. Water, toilet paper etc.) and cost, how to use the phone and internet, how to borrow from the library etc. Most of these things I wasn’t aware of for days and it would have been good to know them upfront, even from another piece of paper in the hessian bag. I also would have loved additional yoga in the morning and was always a little disappointed when the satsang wasn’t live – perhaps someone other than Dr.Ramkumar could take it in his absence? It would also be good if there were more books on Ayurveda in the library. Personally I also would have liked more information about my treatments and medicines at the start instead of having to wait until I left, but that is my nature to want to know exactly “why” all the time.

Overall, I’ve had a wonderful time here and am grateful to all of the staff for their kind natures and all the work they do to ensure we have a pleasant stay and effective treatment. In particular my lovely therapist, Dr.Aruna, Dr.Somu, Sonia and Aparna (for her emails before I arrived). I met some wonderful people here who I will never forget.



April 25 2014


  • Good ambience
  • Blocks are meticulously planned
  • Good and timely service
  • Caring attitude
  • Doctors and all staff are emotionally balanced
  • Excellent location – far from the maddening crowd
  • Very good upkeep and maintenance


  • Printed instructions of do’s and don’t’s can be wall mounted in each room
  • Each room may be provided with audio visual equipment for telecast of satsang, healthcare tips etc. Control can be maintained on its operation
  • Shorter duration sessions can be considered



Trichur, India

April 23 2014

I am grateful to the staff at vaidyagrama for all of their support and expertise. I wasted 4 years trying to find a solution for my back which I injured during a fall. I finally found relief because of vaidyagrama. Also, the cooking classes provided were very helpful as well as the lectures by doctors on Ayurveda. I especially enjoyed the yoganidra and the patient yoga. My body has come a long way when I think of the first day that I arrived and I also really enjoyed the prayers conducted here. Especially the Narayaneeyam. The commitment that the staff have to being there for the patients is rare, and I know that my mother will be in good hands when I am able to send her here for treatment.

With much love and gratitude

Gita Chavda


April 19 2014

I am Sreedevi from Chennai. To get treatment for severe headache and for diabetes myself and my husband used to visit here often to get treatment here.

Here everything is good. The type of treatment here is very nice. Though at first it finds little difficult to take the medicines because of sour taste, but soon we get cured and that is accepted. Beyond this, the environment I love most. Cool climate even in summer and trees and flowers all around the buildings, I loved it most. Another thing every year I celebrate Chittrai 1st at home. This year I enjoyed it in vaidyagrama. A beautiful arrangement of Vishukani I am so happy on that day seeing Kani. Now the taste of food also improved. The traditional way of doing prayers at morning and evening makes me feel very good. Every Thursday night doing group dinner makes everyone to join friendly bringing home atmosphere to feel like we are not missing home too. And every Friday evening doing cow pooja, that also very interesting.

Totally vaidyagrama seems to be a place of Indian traditional culture. Two weeks goine just like that. Came as a patient, returning back as a woman of culture with fresh mind.

Thanks a lot to all the staff who made me to enjoy my presence here.

Thanking God who gave me the opportunity.

Love to all and Love to God

With Love



April 17 2014

I had a wonderful time here. I stayed here approximately 1 month and feel more cleansed in body, mind and spirit.

Everybody is very kind and friendly here, I enjoyed all the treatments very much and also the consultations with the doctors.

It is a very good place for healing and I will tell a lot of people at home about this opportunity here.

Nicola Emmerdinger


April 16 2014

To all at vaidyagrama – all your faces smiling yes and hearts I carry with me into my prayers with so much love and gratitude in my heart for your loving care, compassion, joy, wisdom, humor and love.

Every time I come, I have “less words” for this gratitude..you are family in my heart and will always be a part of me.

With much love

Dharani Burnham


April 14 2014

Dear vaidyagrama staff

Thank you with heartfelt appreciation for my wonderful stay of 19 days here – my first time for proper Panchakarma treatment. Besides the marvelous treatments and visits with my doctors, my personal highlights of each day were the simple but tasty meals; the “light yoga” class with Renu; the sankirtan in the evening; and the warm assistance by any staff member on whatever question or small need I might have. Aparna was especially responsive and “there for me” as was Somu at the office. Dr.Om is certainly “hands on” helpful in every possible way; out of his way!

But not enough room to thank everyone. It is generous of you to provide so many classes and prayer sessions. It would be really helpful to have a complete daily list of the opportunities each day, because my mind was craving peace, I did not attend many satsangs, but couldn’t know the subject in advance. The extreme bank charges of 7% are unheard of by me – when using a credit card. I was not informed of this in advance – could have figured out another method of payment in advance. Equally confusing is the practice of putting the charges in USD amounts. This creates too much ta la la about bank exchange rates and even more confusing about another 2% waste of money on the currency exchange fees. I hope you come up with a clearer way of presenting the charges from the get go; some sort of info sheet? If you simply charge in rupees – a fixed rate – per type of treatment – the USD is a doomed currency anyway!

Of course I am grateful for the extra loving care but only wish to help you @ vaidyagrama present these financial considerations effectively because I wasted $200 on bank fees. I would be happy if ½ of that could go to you instead and ½ back to me too!

God Bless

Pierre Pulling

California, USA

April 19 2014

My dear friends at Vaidyagrama!

From the bottom of my heart, Thank you all. The words fall utterly short to convey how meaningful an experience this was – to get to experience Ayurveda firsthand and done gently and carefully, in a good way. I would be remiss not to mention a huge thank you to Dr.Ramkumar and Dr.Robert Svoboda for reassuring us that we should consent to treatment and stay on – and to Dr.Omprakash and Dr.Harikrishnan – thank you for your patient and steady service and care. We are blessed in multiple ways by the experience here…. May blessings flow to you all.

Gratitude also to Devi Mata for guidance, grace and support

Om Namah Shivaya!

Jon and Sarah Osiris


April 13 2014

I was born in 1929 and I never expected to be in India in my old age. I was here for six weeks. Never expected that I will have an interesting time here. I was well looked after, had never a dull moment, because I had a nice lady looking after me day and night. I like all animals and enjoyed looking at the cows, dogs and birds.


I decided to put my mother here who is 84 years and after reading the reviews on the internet. My mum had a great time and looks 20 years younger after all the treatments. At times, she was a reluctant patient becoming annoyed at the rigid regiment of massages, diet and restrictions of “NO BANANAS” – her favourite food!

She survived very well and has improved her confidence in walking and in many way looks and feels better. Thanks to all the staff! Especially Lakshmi who my mother was calling “MAMA” – as she looked after her so well.

Thank you for everything


April 11 2014

This village made the milestone changes in my life (internally and externally). This place has given a “U” turn in my career towards the positive approach and to lead a very happy life with my spouse and kid. The place which gave me the confidence of life. I can able to see more changes in internal than external due to atmosphere here, the care taking people around me, doctors and the infrastructure. I wish to be associated with vaidyagrama through my lifespan. Thanks to one and all to the care given to me and support to live better.

With heartfulness



April 10 2014

An admirable concept with strong idealistic background, excellent organization, well thought, simple, nice architecture, wonderfully warm people…it was like being a child again being care for – no shopping, no cooking, no washing, no cleaning….

But there were challenges too.. sleepless nights, the big heat, back pain (suggestion – a good latex mattress or similar for patients with hurting backs??)

And highlights – the yoga classes, satsang, the mantra prayers, celebrations, chats with wonderful people from all over the world…and most of all, the fantastic treatments with fragrant hot oils. Oh..I loved the podikizhi!!!

Time went by so quickly, it was amazing!

Thank you for your wonderful patience with a couple of impatient pitta patients!

Would love to see that beautiful garden flowering and green!!

Helga & Carlos

Madrid, Spain

April 2014

Oh my God, I fought with myself the first week…not moving…no yoga…seemed impossible. But listening to the wise words of Dr.Harikrishnan, I got finally where I wanted to get. Inner peace, a more or less calm mind, and many good planes for the future.

Thank you for all, lovely Sameena, your hands are heaven on earth. The team is warm and kind; the food was great. See you again.

With lots of love for all of you



April 09 2014

Dear team vaidyagrama

Thank you for your kind patience and care. It has been a wonderful stay with caring doctors, therapists, gardeners, housekeeping and various other staff with their ever present smiles.

Thanks to you what I imagined would be a challenging time, has been a breeze and I am leaving feeling good but with a heavy heart as it is time to say goodbye for now.

Pari Thirumalai


April 09 2014

Bless you all

It was a great time for me to be here again now with my father. Personally I had a wonderful time.

My father had some hard time to adjust to the weather and food and treatments but after 40 days he is very happy about his health and what he accomplished.

The doctors, therapists, cleaners, gardeners and any person working in the vaidyagrama are so humble, so nice, so great and have lots of compassionate love to all of us.

Thank you very much for everything



April 07 2014

Hare Krishna! All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

I would like to thank vaidyagrama for the special care and treatment provided here. The environment here is very nature friendly and I felt like home. The garden, the rooms construction and the entire culture here is very nature friendly. The staff here are also very well trained and well behaved. They were very punctual in providing all the needs for me. The culture of satsang is also a very good idea. It gave opportunity to interact with others and share experiences.

Treatment wise also it was satisfactory. Special thanks to Dr.Ramadas and Dr.Harikumar for regular guidance during the course of treatment.

I am very grateful for giving the opportunity to perform sankirtan with all the other residents over here. It will be really a great idea if you can continue it even after I leave.

Overall, I was very happy and inspired to be in the family of vaidyagrama for the last few days.

Thank you very much

Hare Krishna!!!!

Navayogendra Das

April 06 2014

Thank you to all the staff, the doctors, the therapists, the administration for 24 days hospitality full of kindness and warmness from the hearts. Now I feel much better physically and mentally. I deeply appreciate the wisdom and the knowledge of Dr.Harikrishnan and want to thank you too Dr.Ramanandan and Dr.Omprakash also! I felt very privileged to have such a wonderful therapist SAMEENA!!!

Now I have the strength to follow up on all your advice and so the healing process will continue in a good way.

You all gave me the feeling of a member of the vaidyagrama family.

With deep respect and love


Munich, Germany

April 02 2014

Many thanks to each and every person of vaidyagrama for giving me all kind of support and I am leaving with lot of hope that I will be alright very soon as the doctors told me, and I am thankful to the therapist girls who did their best for me and special thanks to Ms.Renukaji who gave me here precious time and taught me how to practice on my own to overcome through the problem which I am suffering for years, and many thanks to all they have been very kind to me. May Allah bless them all. (Ameen)

Sadiya & Sajid


April 01 2014


Namami Dhanvantharim Adidevam

Surasurairvandita Padapadmam

Loke jararughbhayamrtyunasam

Dhataramisam Vividhousadhinam

I bow in thankfulness to all the vaidyas of vaidyagrama and to all other people who work and live here and make this all a healing and wonderful place. Healing for mind and body, changes take place upto the DNA level; the disease, the demon (asura) starts to shiver on mental level (anger, fear etc.) and on body level (what is named as disease).

But this is only a beginning, changes are slow so thanks again for the healing impulses that you have given – now I am responsible to continue and to water the plant of health so that it can grow…

We enjoyed our being here in this authentic place of Ayurveda. Leaving with a happy and a sad eye; happy because knowing we come again!

Heike & Hubertus