October 31 2012

To All of you vaidyagramites :

This was my first Ayurvedic treatment. I came here to take care of my arthritic knees and other joint problems – much improvement. I found vaidyagrama so peaceful & relaxing, and the citizens of this little world – from the doctors to the staff, house cleaning etc. to be really caring and dedicated.

Very impressed with the architecture of the buildings. I was told that the design was all yours, in which case each one of you who participated in the design should be awarded a degree in ARCHITECTURE!

Suggestion if I may :

How about putting some seating in the corridors and the sitout areas?

An easy chair in the sitout areas of each room would be appreciated as so much time is spent in the room

Need a proper reading light in the room since so much of one’s time is spent relaxing in one’s room, reading becomes an essential part of the day

Although a confirmed meat eater, I quite enjoyed the food at vaidyagrama. The “tea” was fantastic.

See you all next year.

Thanks for everything

Narayan Nair, New York, USA

PS – Very impressed with your 15 village plan; I’d be interested in being informed of the progress

October 27 2012

Vaidyagrama is a health service centre. Here the treatment is given not only with medicine but with kindness and prayer. There is divinity in the selfless service to the suffering humanity. I am really happy to see the divine atmosphere, wonderful service (treatment) in a most hygienic place with their dedicated staff.

I wholeheartedly congragulate all the doctors & staff of vaidyagram and pray almighty god to shower his abundant blessings on them.

Sincerely Yours

R.Peter, Bangalore

October 26 2012

Under advice, my doctor in Almaty, my daughter found the concept of vaidyagrama, which was based on the harmony of Nature. I didn’t believe and decided that it is only good advertising. But it is a new campus; there will be new bathroom and will be no fungus.

Now I understand, that I was not right. Everything is natural here. Building, furniture, textiles, windows, doors and smile of the girl therapists.

My thanks to Dr.Harikumar and Dr.Ramadas who listened to my stories about my night and morning pain. I feel their care day and night.

I never forget the smiling face of the girl therapists full of love and light.

Thanks to Mrs.Aparna for understanding all my problems and helping me to visit this magic place.

Also want to thank Dr.Aruna who took care of me and gave me good advice for my stupid questions

Dear Mr.Kiran and kitchen team, thanks for my good appetite. Now I love Ayurveda food.

Thank you, thank you, thank you my dear Shiny and Selvi, Kanchana – I felt your care day and night

Also the rest of staff so modest and modest and hardworking – thank you

Dear Kavitha and Sonia Thank you for your help and care

Mr.Hakeem I am very sorry that our block was your headache day and night

Thank you Dr.Ramkumar and the team; thank you for creating this centre. It’s really “Island of Hope” not only for us, patients, but other people from nearby villages. I wish you good luck in your initiative.

With love

From Yelena Ostanina, Kazakastan, Almaty

October 25 2012

I lived with a notion that life is very complex but my 26 days of stay at this serene place has completely changed my thinking. This place is truly “magical with full of positive energy and vibrance”. My life has been transformed for better and this place has helped me to discover myself. I am carrying back the knowledge of Ayurveda and the basic principle of life “SIMPLICITY”, “PATIENCE” and “COMPASSION”.

While I say thanks, I would like to say that vaidyagrama is like a family to me and I would like to be associated with this vaidyagrama family forever.

I wish vaidyagrama all the very best.

With love and regards

Sangeetha Rajeev, Hyderabad, India

October 24 2012

This was a journey into another world where I felt at home within the first moment. After three weeks, the only desire left is to stay longer in this healthy nourishing and inspiring atmosphere. What makes it so special is the perfect “masala” of knowledge and experience, loving care and humour, dedication and commitment of everybody, spirituality and wisdom and the power of rituals – based on a great vision and embedded in this green oasis of tranquility.

It was a deeply soul searching experience. I especially loved the prayers and poojas. Some knots deep inside me dissolved and there seems to be no need of an arrow anymore. The world now needs a lot of vaidyagrama spirit.

From the bottom of my heart.

Thank you to one and all of you!

Blessings and love

Susanne, Austria

October 21 2012

I happened to visit my cousin who was taking treatment and I was very impressed with the location and environment. After the review of my cousin, mom & aunt, I decided to undertake treatment. This is my first time and I should say it is a truly rewarding and memorable experience.

Would like to thank Dr.Harikrishnan, Dr.Om Prakash and Dr.Ramkumar for their patient and valuable advice and guidance. My thanks to Mujeeb for his excellent therapy and Mrs.Aparna for all her help. Would like to thank Baby, Kanaga and Fazila for their services in housekeeping and serving meals on time.

Wishing vaidyagrama ALL THE VERY BEST.

With love

S.Chandrasekhar, Coimbatore, India

October 13 2012

I came here without any knowledge of Ayurveda and its treatment. I wondered how the oil will make one to feel painfree which was chronic throughout the day, 7 days a week and 365 days in a year. But it was a wonderful experience for me after the first week of my oil massage. It surely did wonders because of oil as well as the therapist who did the massage every day with a smile and they took my pain as if they feel everyday.

I should appreciate all the doctors who spend their time to educate the patients regarding treatment as well as healthy lifestyle. Satsang became an eye opener to me to bring awareness to my body as well as to my tongue. It will be challenging to win my tongue after leaving this vaidyagrama food especially kanji (which was tasteless when I started but now I started to wait for that “kanji”)

Prayer, meditation, yoganidra helped to calm my mind. Vaidyagrama with its calm surroundings has given rest to my body as well as my mind.

I would like to thank all the doctors, all the therapists, cleaning persons, all the staff, cooking persons who provided knowledge, confidence, rest to my body as well as to my mind, timely food, medicine and comfort. I thank you all for an unforgettable experience.

I wish this team work should flourish to treat the patients who are in pain. I wish each and every person’s dream in vaidyagrama to come true and it will make them happy.


Priya Govindarajan, USA

October 11 2012

This is my first time visiting vaidyagrama to see my wife and my cousin sister who were taking treatment here. They said that they feel better. They recovered also. During this time, I met Dr.Harikrishnan; I have mentioned my back pain. He asked me to stay for 6 weeks to take treatment. I stayed here and had treatment. Now I feel better.

Doctors are very nice and simple. And all the staff look after the patients very well. And they served the medicines and food in time. That is more important to patient.

I pray to God that this institution grows to serve more people.

Patient, Coimbatore

October 09 2012


a home away from home

where you can feel “LIVING”

no doctors here; friends with healing touch and add value to our lives

amazing conduct by each staff member “acting responsibly”

 this is my second visit (apart from my one visit with my wife) and for me vaidyagrama is just like our home

Not picking names; thanking all who gave their sweat to make this place “the best place to be”

Wishing Dr.Ramkumar and friends all the very best in realizing this dream.

Proud to be associated with you.

Vinod, Calicut

October 07 2012

Dear vaidyagrama!

You all are one family to me and I have infinite gratitude and appreciation for all the attention that I have received here for an entire month.

It was not always easy for me, since the challenge to stay put in my self brought all my own ghosts up to the surface of my witnessing, but I always had the good support needed at the time.

I am leaving this sacred place with a warm heart and a peaceful mind.

Blessing you all! With love

Eduardo, USA

October 07 2012

This is my first visit to vaidyagrama. Everything is special here. We start the day with prayer which gives positive energy and the whole environment gives a relaxed mind. For today’s life, it is much needed. My sincere thanks to Dr.Harikrishnan & Dr.Om Prakash. Doctors’ simplicity and caring love towards the patients and the day and night service must be mentioned. The dedicated treatment of the therapists, staff’s sincerity, serving food on time with utmost care & affection – all to be appreciated. My thanks to Dr.Ramkumar, Dr.Ramadas and also to Mrs.Aparna and Mrs.Kavitha for all the help. My full appreciation to the great team effort.

With best wishes

Bakthanayagam, Coimbatore

October 03 2012

The lovely home starts its day with prayer which gives many positive energy to everything. The doctor’s love and simplicity, the staff’s caring and sincerity, the affection and dedicated treatment of the therapists, the affectionate housekeepers and workers, which are the four strong pillars, with spiritual roof of this dignified HOME. What else to say! Keep it up!!

My hearty congragulations and best wishes to every one here. My special thanks to Dr.Harikrishnan. I am going from here after 17 days with good health. I wish to come again to this sweet home only as a guest!!

With love

Saraswathi, Coimbatore

October 02 2012

Hi, this is Meenakumari for second time in vaidyagrama. Everything is special here. Healing, doctor’s care, therapists’ service, food, housekeeping and so on. When I come here, it feels like my mom’s house (no mom’s place for past 7 years). One great thing to mention about the place is that “healing occurs with our knowledge and awareness”. Doctors play an important role in making many things to become lighter in our life.

Thank you “all of you” for all the good happened inside me. Leaving today with good amount of positive energy.

S.Meenakumari, Coimbatore

October 01 2012

Vaidyagrama is not just an Ayurvedic hospital, it was like our native grama or I can care it as our second home. Initially, from the faster world we came in and felt difficult for a day or two; thereafter we feel really very lovely. Usually in a hospital atmosphere, you feel more sick than your sickness. For me, it was a spiritual tour being in the hands of the Divine for two weeks. After my hostel school days, I’ve been back to taking food at proper time. I shall try my level best to keep up the timing of food hereafter throughout my life.

My sincere thanks to Dr.Harikrishnan, Dr.Om Prakash, Dr.Ramadas where I got addicted to his daily prayers. Of course, our thanks to therapists Santhosh, Vinod and Mujeeb. We should never forget the person who gave us timely food and medicine – Kanaka and Fasila – thanks to them. Our special thanks to Dr.Om Prakash who took so much care of us; vaidyagrama should be proud of having such a dedicated and sincere person. Again our thanks to all the staff at vaidyagrama.

I love kanji and appalam

Yours with love

Patient, Coimbatore