November 30 2012

The vaidyagrama family :

Where do I begin?

From the time, this wonderful, amazing place was recommended to me more than a year ago by my dear friends? Or the moment when I decided to leave the frenzy of life and work in Mumbai, to come away and take a break?

The first time in my life, I was giving health any importance at all. Like all city bred people will tell you the same thing. Work has always been of paramount importance. But with God’s grace, I got this opportunity to come to this most wonderful place and it has been a life changing experience. It taught me how to be alone, by myself and still not be lonely. This one month stay here has proved beneficial in all aspects of life : spiritual, physical, mental and emotional. At all levels, I have grown; and all heartfelt thanks to the full team. I have never seen such wonderful teamwork, where from the people who came to clean the rooms; to the doctors who so piously treat and care for the patients; you leave only as a family member; not as a patient.

May God make more vaidyagramas all over, so that more and more people find joy, peace and healing all the way to their souls!

There is such a positive energy in this place!

May this place be blessed forever!

Panna Jhaveri

November 25 2012

First of all, I would like to appreciate such a wonderful concept. The whole idea of holistic treatment and self-sustainment has really appealed to me and my mother. We really had great and different experience.

This is the first time we are into such a system, though we found it a bit hard to cope with the system in the beginning, but as time passed we really got into it.

Thank you for all the support and guidance and hope that we will continue this relationship in future too.

Jasheer Kadri
Kannur, Kerala

November 23 2012

This small note is to express in words the experience of a lifetime. Blessed by the Divine and guided by the motive of “healing” troubled bodies and souls, the people at vaidyagrama are a family of the most enlightened and motivated. That it will be the torchbearer of our heritage in the safest of hands is glory unto itself. For one like me to experience and participate the experience of a lifetime.

Dilip Choksi

November 22 2012

Dear family of vaidyagrama

To get it cleansed the body from inside is a wonderful experience. I am very touched by your family that you see “God” in every one who comes to vaidyagrama. It is amazing the way you do seva, and with your this attitude, we get cured and go back happily.

I pray to God that vaidyagrama day by day grows and more and more people get benefit.

Thanks so much for everything

Asha Mehta

November 16 2012

Praise the Lord!

Dear Doctors and all the vaidyagrama family members

I came here to be with my dad, who had come for a 21 days treatment, and this is my second stay here with you (lasting only a week).

I thoroughly enjoyed my stay here. The ambience and the energy of this place is amazing. The stillness and tranquility helped me to quieten myself and put many issues in my life to a better perspective. It was conducive for prayer and meditation.

The love, simplicity and sincerity of each one of you leaves pleasant memories. You practise wha you preach. We don’t find too much of that in this world. I also noticed this place by default has been a sanctuary for many people. Thank you for the ideals you follow here. The simple but valuable lessons I picked up….I will try to incorporate in my life.

Treatments were good. Thank you. Having been in the bosom of nature, I reluctantly return to the noisy world.

Thank you for the physical and spiritual healing that I have experienced; moreso the knowledge that I had acquired when I interacted with other patients.

Vaidyagrama has become my family’s “getaway for wholesome healing” place. Greeting from Peter, Charles, Pathma, Anni and father. He wishes to specially thank Dr.Harikrishnan, Dr.Ramadas, Dr.Om Prakash, Dr.Ramesh Babu individually. Dr.Ramkumar, the caring Mujeeb, Indu, Kanaga and everyone who assisted him. Last but not the least Kiran for the innovative food and Hakeem!

With thanks and gratitude

Flora, Bangalore
Mr.Santhiago, Malaysia

November 2012

My dear friends, doctors & teachers @ vaidyagrama

I came here for some quiet healing and time for reflection & learning. I go away tomorrow with a deep sense of contentment & gratitude for everything each one of you have shared with me and other patients here.

The place is immaculate with all facilities provided with great forethought and care…leaving nothing wanting!

The food was simple, never felt this kind of lightness in the body after a good meal –each meal! I would certainly enjoy more variety and fruits but I understand that each meal has been carefully thought out & planned! Thanks to Kiran, cook & kitchen staff.

The staff, what can I say…never seen a place where all the staff seem so happy & peaceful ready to share a heart warming smile and serve with care. I was very privileged to have the beautiful Maya & Safira, Fasila, Indu, the little smiling Maheswari, all so well-bred & professional too. Hats off!!

The evening satsang, the extraordinarily peaceful chanting of Lalitha Sahasranama held me spell bound each evening – enjoyed and soaked in every bit of it.

My doctors – Dr.Harikrishnan and Dr.Om Prakash leave me feeling so grateful for the care and concern, always with a gentle smile and a very comforting presence…was like having my mother with me….

Thank you Dr.Ramadas & Dr.Harikumar for the chanting, great voices…

Loved the bhajans and it is nice to see young people interested and engaged in these activities; a rare sight for a city-dweller like me!

Enjoyed the chatter of lovely Rituparna. Got to make some friends from all over the world.

I have found time for myself and been able to spend this healing time after many years.

And for all this experience, I have to thank Aparna who was my real introduction to this place. She is the face of vaidyagrama for me, and it is her commitment, conviction and professionalism that brought me here.

Dr.Ramkumar, thank you for taking time out to talk to me & I am totally inspired by your vision & work. Wishing you and the entire vaidyagrama family from the bottom of my heart…May everything you intend materialize…so that more & more people can benefit from Ayurveda & much more…

“I bet there will be nobody who will come here – to vaidyagrama only once! The atmosphere so magical, the people so loving & caring (and they know what they are doing), a healing & uplifting energy that pervades your entire being…you leave happy, healed, contented, wanting to come again and again…

A great vision taking roots for a beautiful self-sustainable community that is bound to make the world a better place to live in!

With much love & gratitude

Saraswathi V

November 2012

I am bereft of words to explain the quiet and serene atmosphere of this beautiful place.

The rooms are clean and comfortable.

The staff are warm and friendly.

The treatment is given with utmost care and concern for the patients.

The food is good and healthy.

Dr.Ramadas is a very kind and soft-spoken gentleman, who along with other doctors, takes good care of the patients.

Overall, the experience was pretty good. We’d like to come again.


November 2012

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Each and every part of this place is truly amazing. From the doctors and nurses to the workers, cooks, and plants and bugs. Every part is doing its duty to contribute to the harmony and rhythm of the whole.

Vaidyagrama is a beautiful blossoming of nature’s healing power. Patients are warmly welcome to sit in the womb of Her Healing Energy, and feel at home in that space.

One can find great comfort knowing that vaidyagrama and the Punarnava initiative is reviving the knowledge of the ancient people. Places like this one, with the help of Ayurveda, will heal the world.

Many thanks to vaidyagrama and Mother India for all that they give.

Warm wishes and LOVE

Christopher Pickles