January 30 2014

This is my second stay here and for me it feels like a home away from home. There are definitely elements to staying here that are difficult to adjust to. The quiet environment, the lack of rigorous exercise, the unique taste of the food are all aspects of staying in a rigid “retreat”. These all become minor issues after the first days and are soon replaced by the positive healing and relaxation provided by every level of employee and every doctor who cares for us all.

For me, the activities are sufficient since my life is filled with constant demands by many people. There is a balance here of solitary time and companionship of others. I have shed layers of stress, laughed a lot, prayed and chanted and slid around a table in sweet smelling oil!

Thanks to everyone, staff and patients for another valuable experience.

Dr.Ramadas you are a natural treasure.

Ella Huber

January 29 2014

I thought the vision at vaidyagrama was strong and heartfelt, following the Ayurvedic principles strictly. However there is definitely a lot of fine tuning to be done on all fronts. The daily activities are minimal, needing to be changed weekly. The boredom here is a big issue that needs to be addressed to provide patients with a more enjoyable stay. Besides these few negative comments, vaidyagrama does have a particular charm that takes away the stresses of the modern day life.

Dean Boor

Brisbane, Australia

January 29 2014

Many thanks to the doctors and all the staff who so carefully with such love and attention took care of us. Thank you for your sensitivity, patience, and professionalism! There really is a real family and we are its members. I do not know the best place for boy and SOUL! Have not left yet, I think when I come back again.

Health to you and your families, success and inspiration along the way! And once again thank you very much that you have created such a unique place.

Take our bows

With gratitude and warm wishes

Svetlana and Irshat


January 27 2014

Dear Vaidyagrama doctors and staff

Thank you for a once-in-a-lifetime experience! The bad food was excellent!! The really bad and bland food – not so much (on 1 of  6 days – not so bad. The chef does need time off)!!!!!!!

I hope to come back with my wife and given vaidyagrama’s record of continuous improvement, look forward to seeing what changes have taken place in the interim.

I have made a handful of suggestions for improvement and sincerely hope tha the next time I visit I will hear the good news that vaidyagrama is a true family that is part co-op – partly owned with profit sharing by the workers – does not matter how small a share – it’s the idea that counts!

Thanks again for a wonderful experience

Bashir Anastas

Palestine / San Francisco

January 26 2014

Happy Independence Day!

I love the sounds of the birds and animals. The simplicity of the environment was conducive to the healing process. Thank you to the wonderful staff. Dr.Ramadas is like a bundle of joy. Dr.Harikumar is bit more serious counterpart, but equally dedicated to your health. Thank you to therapists Ramesh, Vijay and Vinod. While being here I reached a profound state of relaxation I have never felt before and feel rejuvenated.

Since I know that these letters will be read by future potential attendees and also by the dedicated staff, here are some things that could use improvement :

Better organization – when a patient first arrives, orient them to all the activities tha are available. It took me several days to sort that out, and I know I wasn’t the first one. Even just a photocopy of the schedule would be sufficient

Housekeeping needs improvement. Clothing does not really get clean, but at the same time they are rough on clothes. A shirt & shorts were damaged

I had issues of mosquito bites and I discovered that my mosquito net had holes in it

It wasn’t until the end of my stay that I realized you could have new towels – I had been using the same ones and washing them. I also had to ask for my bedsheets to be changed. My pillow cases had become filthy due to the treatments.

While the overall experience is great, there are many organizational imporovements that could be made.

Also some acknowledgement of some people’s needs for more activity etc. – ie. Some bending of the boundaries – would only improve the experience here.

This is a note to all who may consider coming here – there is a level of rigor involved in doing almost nothing all day. I am glad I did it, but be prepared for the reality.

Thanks again and safe travels to the many amazing new friends I made here. Many blessings to vaidyagrama as it continues to grow and heal.

Roy Kim

New York USA

On 08-Feb-2014, at 4:31 PM, Roy Kim again wrote:

Hi Aparna

I wanted to write a further thank you note to Vaidyagrama that you can put on your website, if you wish.  Having travelled through the rest of India now (through Rajasthan and Rishikesh), I can say that Ayurvedic treatment at Vaidyagrama is very authentic and a great value.  If I can give one piece of advice to people who may be considering going to vaidyagrama, it's to listen to the doctors!  I had already booked my India trip with vaidyagrama at the beginning and a bit of travel at the end.  When dr ramadas advised not to travel afterwards, I thought (a) I've already booked the travel and (b) how bad could it be?  Will you really be that tired after treatment?  The answer is yes!  Panchakarma takes your body down to levels you likely have not felt before, and India is not an easy country to travel in--even if you are staying in five star hotels, getting to and from airports, hotels, etc. is trying. Also, I didn't think I'd need the medications afterwards.  I did!  I got quite sick after leaving vaidyagrama, and luckily there was an Ayurvedic pharmacy in rishikesh from which I was able to get the kashaya medicine.  This is not to dissuade anyone from coming to vaidyagrama--on the contrary, it is one of the best things I've done.  What it gives you is a chance to be still and quiet while the physicians bring your body into balance--it is a complete, holistic balancing of mind, body and spirit. There are other places where you can do this for more $, but vaidyagrama's program is great.  Sure, there are a few items that could be improved upon, like housekeeping and some of the therapists' skills, but overall your time spent at vaidyagrama will do you a world of good and you will meet interesting people, both on staff and as guests.


Roy Kim

January 26 2014

“learn to act / to do / to follow things completely or leave them totally”

While staying in vaidyagrama, I realized how important that phrase is for healing, believing, trust and faith.

I am very thankful for the deep seriousness of all the doctors, therapists and the staff in living the Ayurvedic lifestyle to complete in passion and love.

I learned so much about the overwhelming human species.



Berlin, Germany

January 22 2014

So the time has come to say yet another farewell or rather…see you again in the not so distant future!

To all of you (doctors, therapists, staff, cooks, Kuttikrishnan – I love your food!, and housekeepers) – thank you all again so so much for all your efforts, energy, patience and kindness. It has been felt & appreciated on every level!

I’ve started 2014 in the same place as I started 2013 – I don’t think I ever want to be anywhere else! Another complete circle (hopefully there’s has been more healing, growth, transition and learning for the 2014 start?!)

You have all become such dear friends & like family to me – people I hold and cherish in my heart!

I look forward to seeing you all in December and helping vaidyagrama and Punarnava continue to build/grow into a fabulous healing community.

Thank you all so much again.

Do take care (and enjoy the kanji!!)

Emily Reed

London, UK

January 21 2014

Sri Sai Ram!

With a heart filled with deep appreciation and gratitude to ALL at divine vaidyagrama and many hearfelt Blessings

With love

Mira Sai

January 20 2014

Hare Krishna!

I came to vaidyagrama upon the advice of my guru maharaj – His Holiness Bhakti Charu Swamy Maharaj and his holiness always wants everything first class. Rightly so, this place was a blessing for me. I feel rejuvenated and very energetic after this visit. I want to thank all doctors, staff and everyone at vaidyagrama who made my stay a pleasure filled experience.

Thank you very much for letting us chant Hare Krishna Mahamantra everyday. It means a lot to me and helped lift up my spirits. Special Thanks to Doctor Ramadas and Doctor Harikrishnan. You are my saviours and are helping me avoid a major surgery! Hope to visit this place again.

Hare Krishna!

Yours in the service of Lord Krishna, Srila Prabhupad and Guru Maharaj!

Gitakirti Radhika Devi Dasi

New Jersey USA

January 20 2014

Hare Krsna!

Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya

This place is wonderful. I like to see regular Bhagvad Gita and Srimad Bhagavatam classes to further enhance the spiritual vibrations of this place.

Srimad Bhagavatam 1.2.18 says

Nasta prayesu abhadresu nityam Bhagavato sevaya

bhagavati uttama sloke bhakti bhavati naistiki

By regular attendance in classes on the Bhagavatam and by rendering of service to the pure devotee, all that is troublesome to the heart is almost completely destroyed, and loving service unto the personality of Godhead, who is praised in transcendental songs, is established as an irrevocable fact.

I had read “Medical Nemesis” and “Limits of Modern Medicine” by Ivan Illich about 15 years ago. While the book points out problems with Allopathy, it fails to offer a solution or practical tips.

A book titled “science of homeopathy” by Ekkirala Krishnamachari, presents a somewhat clear explanation of the problem, to focus on. At vaidyagrama, I am convinced that the approach and practice is clearly superior to the discussion in the above books or any other medical book I read.

My three weeks stay at vaidyagrama was one of the best time offs I have taken. It has completely changed my outlook to health. I am totally impressed with the environmental ethos of the place. I am glad that I got to show my toddler kids lots of plantain and coconut trees. This place is a good model to follow for other sustainability projects. I am involved with a sustainability project, but vaidyagrama model is better.

There are a large number of people yearning for better medical care. There are a large number of genuine people who are misguided by modern medicine. They will benefit from a better knowledge of Ayurveda theory and practice.

I humbly beg vaidyagrama team to consider writing a few books to help in this regard. In particular, they should record their daily discussion sessions and post the same to their website regularly. I can help with hosting space if desired. The discussion sessions are pearls that should be made available to a wider audience.

I like to congragulate the team. They are humble, sincere, perseverant, knowledgeable and compassionate. I request the whole team to sing names of God daily to further spiritualise the place, and smoothen the operating efficiency.

A sincere thank you for the knowledge sharing and treatments.

Dr.Sudhakar Krsna Govindavajhala

New Jersey, USA

PS – vaidyagrama has motivated me to reduce the amount of chemical based items used in my day to day life

January 20 2014

Thank you! It was wonderful


Germany / Pune

January 19 2014

Hare Krishna

My conception of medical treatment has changed forever. Having worked in the marketing department of a top multinational pharmaceutical for 27 years, I had the opportunity to visit numerous doctors, clinics and hospitals. Everywhere it was downright commercialization and where end does not justify the means.

Urged by my beloved Spiritual Master His Holiness Bhakti Charu Swami I came to this place with very little expectations of my medical problems.

However after 15 days, I am carrying back lots of positive energy and the attitude to think differently about medicine and medical treatment.

The counseling and loving relationships of the doctors, I have no words to describe; it is their warmth that I will cherish all my life. Also all the persons who had come for treatment were all spiritually enlivened. It was an enchanting experience.

I eagerly look forward to this experience at vaidyagrama to reach out to thousands of people over the years. May with the blessings of all of you, I can come and renew my health and positive energy.

Thanking you all again

Mukunda Das / Mainak Pal

ISKCON, Ujjain, MP, India

January 2014

Dear vaidyagrama

Thank you all for the wonderful setup. I really appreciate the attention of all the staff and the fact that all staff are treated well.

I enjoyed Dr.Ramadas connecting mind to how to get better. And Dr.Harikumar very quiet/consistent energy. I especially enjoy satsang with Dr.Ramkumar and the fact that everyone is teaching the students how to take care of our health.

I look forward to coming back and wish continual growth and success for vaidyagrama.



January 2014

I am overwhelmed with the beauty and serenity of this healing center. Thank you Aparna for your graciousness in showing us around.


January 18 2014

Dear Doctors, therapists and all staff

I have had a life changing experience being here. It has been my first introduction to Ayurveda and I am very happy to have found this place and have met all of you running it. The day I arrived I felt immediately at home and was struck by the love, care and great organisation of everything.

I must thank especially Dr.Harikrishnan, Dr.Omprakash, Dr.Ramesh and all the therapists for your patience, dedication to the work and for having deep faith in the healing power of life. Your humility moved me often very deeply. I have learnt a lot from you. It was the treatments and the medicines, but foremost the atmosphere that has brought about healing on a profound level. Everyone is themselves here, nobody has a “formal” way of being, we are friends. And thank you to Renu for teaching us how to be gentle with our bodies; and foremost to Dr.Ramkumar for sticking to his vision, his love for God and for conveying with joy and humour the wonderful journey we are all walking together.

Plus – the patients were all interesting people. If I would imagine, heaven, it would be getting quite close to vaidyagrama.

With deepest gratitude!

Renata Keller


January 18 2014

Dear doctors, therapists, staff and fellow patients!

It has truly been a pleasure to visit vaidyagrama. I came here not intending to have treatment but rather to serve my Guru – who unfortunately had to cancel. Doctor Ramadas convinced me to have treatment and I am glad I did!

I feel fantastic. Full of energy and positive thoughts. I am glad to have spent time here and I really enjoyed the environment and atmosphere.

Vaidyagrama is a wonderful experiment in Ayurveda – and in Vedic culture. We must all learn to live in harmony with nature in this way.

Hope to visit again soon!

Best wishes


London / Delhi

January 18 2014

THANK YOU very much!!! ALL OF YOU!!!

During this warm family atmosphere that you could create in this clinic. This year you celebrated the anniversary of 10 years..it is a long time for the clinic but YOU do not lose human warmth to customers.

Very well build Komanda


January 16/2014










January 2014

Very tranquil atmosphere. I love that it is eco-friendly and the buildings are made from natural materials. It is on its way to being self sufficient with growing food without chemicals and harmful pesticides. However the cows are not all pure breed and some are genetically modified. If helping and curing people, FOOD is thy medicine, first and foremost. Therefore all items served should be organic, free from unnatural chemicals and not genetically modified (GM). Patients should undergo interviews to see which foods are best for their dosha, blood and body type, for optimal holistic healing, with consideration of ailments and allergies. Everybody is different so food preparation should be customized for each individual.

Yoga classes/meditation also wonderful benefit for healing!!

Staff is very kind and helpful. Environment is welcoming and peaceful. I feel very at ease.

Overall very impressed and would love to return for some volunteer work or learning experience. Thank you for hospitality. God bless and Namaste

Nicole Hauk

January 14 2014

To all the healers at vaidyagrama

Much love and gratitude. Though I have been here only 10 days, I feel that my life has been changed in a beautiful gentle yet profound way. I did not know what I was coming to find, but I found a new part of myself and am understanding the importance of calm and awareness which I have not felt before – but yearned to experience. My short stay has made a great impression on me. I hope to share the love I have felt from every person here with others I meet – in that way, your love will grow and grow. The healing environment you have created is beautiful physically simple and pure – yet the physical environment is such a small part of what constitutes the healing potential. The love, gentleness, acceptance and trust in everything being as it should be bring the healing to a profound level.

I will remember you all with great fondness and gratitude. I know that will continue to contribute to my healing.

Blessings to you all. May your dreams of spreading your love and vision come true easily and with expansion of your happiness.

Much love

Mary Aronson

Phoenix / Sedona USA

January 14 2014

To all the kind people at vaidyagrama my deepest gratitude. I leave with a deep sense of appreciation for your work and your spirit. It is showing in everything you do – plants, treatments, pujas, discourses and our life here. You have given us a most unusual experience. I feel I have been a baby here again, taken care of really well, just as parents do with a new born child.

Thank you for your vision and kindness, your learning and your practice and your love.

May your vision spread and grow

Puja Jaidh


January 15 2014

Wishing vaidyagrama, the incomparable staff and all the inmates, peace and health in 2014.

One is touched by the genuine kindness, caring and compassion of everyone at vaidyagrama – it comes from the heart.

I look forward to returning and to watching this wonderful community grow.

Jaya Mani

Bangalore, India

January 15 2014

A deep gratitude of thanks to all who have aided my healing process while at vaidyagrama. It has been an extremely profound experience and I have felt so cared for by everyone here.

My personal unfolding and opportunity to reflect and just be has left me feeling nourished and with lessons I hope and plan to continue to apply when home. The time here has been one of the more memorable in my life.

I love what vaidyagrama stands for and the way the people here carry forward the philosophy and way of being.

I cannot say thank you enough to everyone.

Hopefully I can return here at the end of this year.

With much love and gratitude

Elana Cohen

Sydney, Australia

January 14 2014

It’s good to be alive

Nanette Bowen and Jon Snider


January 14 2014


Narmada Smith

Sydney, Australia

January 11 2014

I am penning these thoughts and feelings still coming to terms with the profoundness of this experience. I have stayed only 3 weeks so possibly at a later stage, should I have stayed longer, would I be able to offer more as far as insight into this process – for alas, my head is still not completely at the “thinking” deeply stage.

However suffice to say, this experience has eclipsed anything I have ever done with respect to healing, personal growth and self discovery. The depths of seeming restoration and calibration attained throughout my time here was remarkable – on a level deeper than I think I realize at this stage.

For that, I owe my complete love and thanks to al those involved in creating this healing space at vaidyagrama. I hope to repay those who have helped me with intention of living more fully and lovingly with the world around me – to be present, aware and loving in my thoughts and deeds.

Om Shanti!

Patrick Faucher

Sydney, Australia

January 09 2014

To all the members of the vaidyagrama community

The past three weeks have been a truly remarkable journey for me and my daughter physically, mentally and emotionally and, its truly difficult to find the right words to offer our gratitude to each and every member of this community.

This place is thriving with positive energy in every aspect – the greenery all around us is wonderful, and if I may add, amazing stories of every herb and plant told with that infectious sense of humor of Dr.Omprakash during the garden walks, the open and yet protected spaces, the sacred prayers and chants that fill every space from the treatment room to the common halls, the love, affection and dedication of the centre staff especially the therapists (since we met them ever so often), the wisdom, the patience and healing process of the doctors. It’s a truly incredible experience. A personal note of thanks to our old friend Nat who introduced us to vaidyagrama’s way of life. And, a very special note of thanks for Dr.Harikrishnan, Dr.Ramesh and Dr.Omprakash and our therapists including (but not limited to) Rajni, Sindhu, Sameena and Lakshmi. Thank you all!

With warmest regards and gratitude

Navnita and Ananya

New Delhi

January 08 2014

“You are protected from all types of harm. The worst is now behind you. I ask you to relax and feel safe”

This is what an Angel Oracle Card told me, that I drew when I arrived at vaidyagrama. So I did and surrendered to a profound healing process. On a physical, emotional and mental level. And I learned so much to take back home with me. Thank you, to all the doctors for their devotion to Divine Healing, and all their knowledge; to the warm and skilled therapists for their loving hands and hearts and to all the caring people from housekeeping for looking after me so well.

My special thanks to Dr.Harita who helped me keeping my mind and my emotions positive when heavy emotions came up from the past.

It is the people here who make this place a very special oasis of healing and reconnecting. I am very grateful that places like vaidyagrama exist in a world full of stress and compassion.

Throughout my stay, I witnessed patients blossoming like the flower that I have painted, after having been here for a couple of days. And I felt new power and confidence blossoming inside of myself. Thank you all for making this happen! Shall vaidyagrama blossom like we all did!

With love and gratitude

Bettina Maria

Vienna, Austria

January 06 2014

This is my first time receiving treatment in vaidyagrama. I am deeply grateful to all the love and care I have received from very member of vaidyagrama community. Special gratitude goes to Dr.Ramadas and Dr.Aruna for their patience, wisdom and insight. I felt accepted and safe, which allowed me to relax into the healing process deeper. Nowadays, it is a rare opportunity to be able to heal in the environment of love, care and attention which I have experienced here. Thank you.

Spiritual practice and all the pujas were instrumental in deepening my healing. I am thrilled that you are including spiritual practices as part of the treatment.

May the animals, plants and minerals of this place and all the members of vaidyagrama community be well, happy and safe, and may this place continue to heal many bodies and hearts for many years to come.

In gratitude

Natash Turaka

Pennsylvania, USA

January 05 2014

We are grateful for the various treatments all done with a lot of knowledge and great devotion by our therapists Santosh, Chandran, Madhumohan, Rajani, Sasikala, Lakshmi and their assistants. They established a warm atmosphere doing their work with constant orientation on our well being.

We want to thank Aparna for the information we got before coming and the kind help in organizing our stay after the cure. The readiness of all staff members especially Sonia, Kavita, Geetha, Hakeem and his men  to answer many questions helped us getting into vaidyagrama life easily. We are deeply impressed by the community development Geetha and others are in charge of – a visit to the nearby village has given us insight in the joy and challenge of this project.

With the encouraging help of Renu we could catch a first glimpse of pronunciation  and meaning of Sanskrit mantras. The yoga classes helped us to overcome the danger of day sleep (and for me Reiner, it has been the very start of my yoga career).

We are especially grateful to

Dr.Omprakash for the warm welcome, his inspiring cooking classes and herbal walks and his being present and helpful almost every time and anywhere without loosing his sense of humor

Dr.Ramkumar and Dr.Ramadas for broad information and wide ranging answers in satsangs

Dr.Harikrishnan for carefully getting us on track, taking care of all our needs and tiny discomforts. His own confidence in the healing process has been a strong support in dark days during treatment. He has been opening the spiritual world of vaidyagrama to us by a convincing personal attitude

Uli and Reiner


For me (Reiner) listening to the Indian music of high artistic merit during the treatments meant a lot. Several times I felt as if I were in heaven, listening to the morning and evening prayers amidst the calls of the birds, the ways of chanting them was a completely surprising experience. Some moments I got an idea what unity with the universe might be. The flames of agnihotra being different each moment, and the smoke after they went out become a living symbol of birth, life, death and what comes thereafter for me. Singing OM altogether and asking for peace made me feel part of mankind, one as important as the other. Coming out and walking slowly in the morning light looking at the beauty of the plants, trees and flowers, I felt deeply grateful to be at this place.

Reiner Steinweg

…the deep impression of listening to the chanting of NARAYANEEYAM, powerful sound waves and a touching story about highest compassion reaching out to universal values of mind….


January 04 2014

It was a great experience for me and Jolly. I never thought I would be able to complete my treatment but finally asked for extending my stay. Both of us feel a new body / mind. This is required for every human beings and it is essential especially in the old age. I am amazed with the teamwork at vaidyagrama and will surely recommend to my friends and relatives.


Joseph Fransis & Jolly

Bangalore India

January 03 2014

A rare traditional Ayurveda experience rooted in deep spirituality. May the abundant blessings of the Divine Spirit be ever with this charming place!

With prem and Om

Swami Prayag Giri

Uttarkashi, India

January 03 2014

Dear ones

Thank you so much for creating this healing village! Your love and the power of Ayurveda are a perfect remedy for those of us lucky enough to be here.

I have had a deep rest as your skilled doctors and therapists worked to clean and heal my body, mind and spirit.

Many many blessings to you in  2014!

With love

Rosemary Robinson

California USA

January 02 2014

Dr.Ramkumar invited me for treatment saying “you are part of our family”. I can say, after a month of being here, that it is completely true. What a wonderful experience. In Ayurveda it is written that there are four parts to the treatment. The healing most depends on two – the physician and the patient. It has been a great experience how caring the doctors, staff and management have been and this stay helped me enormously because of the intense desire of the “doctors” to see an improvement. The whole arrangement is first class.

Yours in the sacred Lord Dhanvantari

Hare Krsna

Swami Teijas


January 01 2014

I am really impressed with the nature of construction of the whole campus by respecting nature and designs with  pancha elements. Stabilised earth blocks are used cleverly. One can really rejuvenate here being with the nature and mother earth and sun. I wish Dr.Ramkumar and his team at vaidyagrama for this wonderful project of developing Ayurveda with its purity.

Ravishankara A.N.

Mangalore, India

January 01 2014

I visited vaidyagrama for a day. I am very much delighted by truly Ayurvedic healing environment where one can feel oneness with the mother earth and nature. Thanks to the visionary Dr.Ramkumar and his team for their tremendous work done here. Wish vaidyagrama will come up as an International destination for natural healing.


Udupi, India