January 31, 2013

Thank you all the Doctors, therapists, staff at Vaidyagrama  for wonderful treatment & service. I wish you all the best for preserving authentic Ayurvedic care, which is a true gift to human kind.

With love & gratitude,

Kaori, Japan

January 31, 2013

Dear Vaidyagrama,

It is a very pleasant moment for me and my wife to stay at Vaidyagrma. Vaidyagrama memory will stay with us forever. The therapists, doctors ,members, patients at Vaidyagrama were like family to us. Vaidyagram taught us how to face the challenges of modern life and advices us to follow the routine that  are understandable and doable. After staying at Vaidyagrama we all can stay without thinking on vanity and self indulgence & not to devote our energies to jewellary, makeup & fashion. There is so much more to life than this. Vaidyagram defined beauty not as something exterior, like beautiful dress or sparkling jewels, but rather radiance which comes from health, confidence & self esteem. Vaidyagram expert advice will  be an inspiration for us throughout our life time.


Anchal & Mayuri, Purulia, West Bengal.

January 30, 2013

Dear Vaidyagrama,

You’ve made us very happy. We don’t want to leave you.  We will miss you and we hope to come back here again. We want to thank all our therapists and our doctors for warm hearts and love.

Thank you very much!!

Oksana and Irina, Vladivostok city, Russia

January 29, 2013

Dear Vaidagrama,

Thank you for preserving the authentic Ayurveda and implementing its principles in such a holistic way. We feel blessed to have joined you. We support your vision and will spread the word. We have been here the second time and see you next year.

Poloria P Sepe, Poland

January 29, 2013

All the best for future plans.

Tor Hitchcom, Poland

January 27, 2013

Dear Vaidyagrama,

To be here was divine grace, wonderful place, amazing infrastructure for healing support, dedicated doctors, cleaning staff and all other amazing support. We are all deeply grateful for this healing experience. We have learnt how to treat our body, mind  and soul in more healthy manner. Besides treatment we received informations for our mind ( satsang) and through rituals, pujas and meditations important food for our souls.

With love

Neja, Helena and Peter, Slovenia

January 26, 2013

Dear Friends at Vaidyagrama,

The world is a better place with all of you in it, so thank you for being here. I feel so blessed to have found you .Thank you for inspiring me as I walk these roads towards absolute love. I promise to spread the word. Keep up the good loving work. See you next year,

Kizzy Knight, UK


All the loving, wonderful at Vaidyagrama,

Thank you for a truly inspirational and transformational experience. I have such admiration for your vision and mission, what a blessing to the world! I was not entirely sure what to expect ,but knew deep in my heart that this would be a pivotal part of my “rebirth”. Thank you , thank you, thank you all for the loving support you give through the process, and your commitment to a wholesome nourishing way of life. My mind, body and spirit are cleansed, rejuvenated and I am ready to begin the next chapter , of my life with vibrancy, love and compassion. Can’t wait until my return.

Julie Gammon, Maine, USA

January 20,2013


What to write on the evening of auspicious Sarpa pooja? Vaidyagrama is a blessed place/loka that receives and gives blessings. It has a free flow and structure, at the same time.

It supports with kindness and laughter, but teaches the dharmic way.

It is a realized vision, a pioneer of sorts  inspiring to live via truthful way. The spiritual aspect is the foundation and only spirit will show where it is going to grow. I am sure when I visit again, the place will be changed. The seed of love and understanding is bound to grow. I wish to take the prayer singing with me to fill my mind when it does not feel to be filled.

I came with no expectation and am leaving filled with wonder where there the seeds planted in the here will grow.

May we all continue to prosper and grow towards the self and support one another.

With gratitude,

Dr Martina Zisk, Prague, Europe.

January 29, 2013

Dear Vaidyagrama,

This is one of the most wonderful and inspiring journeys I have done in my life, a journey into myself. My stay here wasn’t planned as I was supposed to go to a pilgrimage through India. Due to a slipped disc I had the luck to do the pilgrimage at Vaidyagrama, which was one, full of peace, healing and an abundance of love. I am truly grateful for this opportunity. Thanks to all of you who have helped and supported me on my journey. What I really understood in these 29 days is that healing can happen when you surrender yourself in the process, letting go of the old patterns and just trust that all will be fine.I will  go home with the loving kindness of Vaidyagrama in my heart and a big smile on my face.

With love,

Susanne, Germany

January 18, 2013

Dear Vaidyagrama

Even before leaving his place of healthy and spiritual inspiration, we plan our third trip already to come back next year. I can even imagine to live here, when I’m old and all other duties are finished. It is exciting to see this place growing from year to year.

In gratitude,

Florian, Australia

January 18, 2013

No words can express my feelings for Vaidyagrama and the people and community here. Thanks for all the sharing, Will try to be a good messenger.

Daniella, Australia

January 18, 2013

Dear Vaidyagrama,

Thank you for looking after and caring for me for the last eleven days.I feel rejuvenated  and ready to go back out into the world. I am very impressed by what you are building here and with you luck as you grow. I really enjoyed learning about the founding principles and vision of Vaidyagrama. Thank you to all of the staff who looked after me and created such a supportive and happy atmosphere. One thing that could have helped me here  would have been greater clarity. I wasn’t always clear on what was going on or why, both in terms of my treatments and in relation to activities in the hall.

Thank you again.

Jonathan, England.

January 18, 2013

Dear Vaidyagrama,

You are an inspiring model of community and environmental well-being. Thank you for focusing on both inner and outer health. I feel revitalized and eager to share your vision with others. I love Maya, her treatments are lovely and appreciate the many smiling faces of the staff. If I could add anything- restorative yoga and more fun (movies? Games?) activities. Thank you for healing the world in so many ways.

Cyd Bernstein,  California, USA

January 16, 2013

Loving Vaidyagrama Healing Village,

Sadly I must leave today after 42 days of treatment. Selecting sabji & Kanji plus as much silence & solitude as humanly possible, fully surrendering to the process, I experienced deep healing on every level. Physical, mental and spiritual healing. Agni hotra and prayer in the yoga hall twice each day, visiting the cows, watching and listening to birds and breezes in nature sustained me and supported healing. The doctors listened to me & observed me well, prescribing treatments and herbs that really helped. The doctors counseled me well. Expert staff gave consistently excellent treatments. Nourished perfectly, my healing was supported in every way.

Thank you all

Mokshatanand, Phyllis, UK

January 15, 2013

New year and Pongal greetings to the Vaidyagrama family members.

I loved the atmosphere in vaidyagrama, and the loving and supporting attitude of all here. When I came here I had pain and numbness in my leg. After taking treatment and having the food here, I am much relieved of the pain. I was not able to balance my leg since last few days. But now I am feeling better.

I feel fortunate to have got a chance to come here and get to know everyone. I was able to be at peace and felt happy being a part of the prayer sessions in the morning and evening. I am confident that with the medicines that I am going to take, I will recover fully.

I offer my humble gratitude and Namaste to all. I pray to god for the progress of this hospital.

With love,

N D Savithry, Srikrishnapuram, Kerala

January 15, 2013

We had heard about the Vaidyagrama and the excellent treatment (Ayurveda) given to the ailing people and we had been also feeling to come here for sometime.

On coming here, the doctors enquired about our health problem in detail  (A to Z) and they advised to get admitted for treatments. We got admitted and started treatment and after 15 days treatment we have found that the institution is much more than what we had heard. We are leaving here after getting complete relief from our ailments both physical and mental. It is only due to the earnest, sincere and dedicated service and treatment by the Doctors and their team staff. We also feel to continue for some more time here but many more ailing people are waiting for treatment. We are glad that this institution is on the way for further expansion and we wish that it will become an internationally famous treatment centre shortly. It has already become so famous as many foreign people (from UK, USA, Russia) are already under treatment here.

The facilities offered for inmates for Prayer/ relaxation etc are another feathers to the institution. We wish the staff both medical technical, paramedical and others will continue to dedicate their duties for further and further growth of the Vaidyagrama. We again express our gratitude and thanks to the staff for the excellent treatment given and we are leaving with full happiness. We have no other words to express our gratitude and thanks.

Thanking you,

N P Nambudiri, Srikrishnapuram, Kerala

January 14, 2013

Vaidyagrama is not merely a healing center or a place for developing your mind, body and spirit, it is also a place where one learns to live with  nature and respect the environment. For those with health problems, it promises cure with traditional ayurvedic practices unsullied by modern adaptations. While curing all kinds of illness, this place forces everyone to respect nature. The doctors and other staff are dedicated, helpful and efficient. Still in its infancy, I envisage a great future for th is unique institution which teaches mankind to live in balance and harmony with nature.

M K Rathindran, Gurgaon, India

January 12, 2013

Dear all at Vaidyagrama (especially Dr Ramdas, Dr Aruna, Maya, Shashikala, Aparna, Omprakash)

Thank you for the most wonderful,  healing care and attention for the past 16 days. You are all so deeply compassionate & dedicated . I felt completely looked after & feel some deep healing has taken place. It has also been wonderful to extent my knowledge, experience & understanding of this truly healing science. Everything has added to my healing . The delicious, beautiful foods, the glorious treatments from Maya & Shashi, the Yoganidras, the satsangs ( which are really great opportunities to ask questions and learn more) +the prayers.

You are all contributing to this very special healing environment, quite unlike anything I have known.

I will be back in Dec 2013 with others, (I hope). I look forward to receiving my full panchakarma and practicing more singing for group suppers!! It will be wonderful to see Vaidyagrama, Punarnava glow and spread further healing.

Emily Reed, London, UK

January 10, 2013

Beautiful peaceful place with lovely smiling people, trying to help you. But food is a big problem. Very disorganized and gas forming. Badly cooked and served in an unappealing manner, not keeping with ayurvedic principles of contrasting colors and 5 tastes. Last year food was nice and simple, this year too haphazard.

I want to come back. I want to send friends and students! I hope momentary food obstacles can be overcome as this is potentially the most healing environment I ‘ve ever found .

Swamini  Saradananda, London, UK

January 10, 2013

My heartfelt thanks to all those at Vaidyagrama who have lovingly cared for me over the last two weeks. It has been a truly wonderful healing and extraordinary time. I felt surrounded by an authentic loving and healing energy, not only that but I have learnt a lot and had the opportunity to go deep within.

During this time a great leap in personal evolution has been made possible, and it is only the beginning! The profound sense of peace that pervades here is all enveloping! I have found it challenging, inspiring and (third) eye opening. I am completely grateful, and I bow down to your efforts , and give my thanks

Caroline Tautz

January 9, 2013

Dear members of Vaidyagrama,

I wish to begin with thanks from heart for the love that you spread! The love is bigger than medicine itself. We stayed here for more than 3 weeks now. Though it is the first time we are visiting Vaidyagrama, we both felt at home. I have never received such care and concern from any other treatment place before.

Awesome team work, lovely hospitality and we should mention that we got great opportunity to meet many eminent people during our stay here.

We will surely plan to comeback next year to spend some really good time on self realization which will make us realize and identify the reason for existence on earth. Once again thanks a lot for all the love that you showed.

We must mention that we both got lot of time together here!!

Reshmi & Vikram, Dubai

January 7, 2013

Om Namah Sivaya,

Blessed souls of Vaidyagrama!

Thanks for your love and care. I felt really at home among you and with all of you. You have made this place a peaceful, beautiful and spiritual one. Your wholesome concept including physical, mental, emotional, social, environmental and spiritual aspects is exactly what is needed in the world today. I was always looking for an Ayurveda Retreat like that. Congratulations and thanks to you for your great work and universal vision. I would like to support you in your endeavour.

Please let me know what I can do ( e.g for social welfare of the villages)

Om shanti and Prem

Gabriele, Munich, Germany

January 6, 2013

In this place all are very loving and have the serving attitude. The staff are very good. They give medicines and treatments on time. The attitude serve is very good and the arrangements are good. It is a very healing hospital.

Thank you,


January 6, 2013

A great place to relax and heal. Very  friendly staff and concered doctors.

Shalte, NYC, USA

January 6, 2013

Dear Doctors & staff of vaidyagrama,

I have no words to express my gratitude to all of you for the care and concern that each one of you have shown to me during my 3 week stay here. It has been an amazing experience. I came with an open mind and received much, much more than I ever imagined.

I truly enjoyed the morning and evening prayers and the ashram like atmosphere of Vaidyagrama.

Thank you , Dr Harikrishnan for the treatment plan for my knee. Deep gratitude to Dr Om & Faseelah, whom I encountered many times during the day from 5.30 am in the morning till 8.30 pm and they never once failed to smile !!

I leave Vaidyagrama, physically , spiritually and emotionally rejuvenated.


Love and regards

Subadra Subramanian, California, USA

January 5, 2013

Dear Vaidyagrama family,

I had the chace to stay here for 13 days. I ‘m very grateful that I could come before the Yoga Ayurveda Retreat started. It is wonderful, peaceful place- something very special in India, a place to recover, to nourish, body mind and soul, to have time for myself! Thanks for all the wonderful “caretakers” the friendly faces, and thanks for the pujas, together with the chanting. I hope to come back for a longer stay and I hope my little tree will grow!

Warmest regards

Gisela B, Germany

January 5,2013

To all the special people who make up Vaidyagrama,

I came with no expectations, I surrendered to the experience. I received the caring, nurturing from everyone here with such heartfelt care.

I was here with Saraswathi on a Yoga Ayurveda Retreat from which I learnt so much.

It is truly a special place that will continue to blossom.

Thank you all so much for all share.

I especially liked to plant the tree. May it grow well as this place will. I leave with an open mind and a light in my heart.


Glenda Hartley

January 5, 2013

Dear Staff of Vaidyagrama,

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I came here,but everything has exceeded that which I thought.

I am so proud, as an Indian, that our heritage and treasures of the past are being followed with simplicity devotion and love.

May you always continue to have this resonance and energy that comes through every day during puja time. It has been a wonderful experience and I thank each one of you for your shraddha. A special thanks to Sindhu for always smiling and Dr Ramdas for being so open.


January 5, 2013

I feel blessed to have completed my last steps of life during 2012 and receiving all the rest and refreshing energy through loving and caring attention of the doctors and each one of the Vaidyagram staff. Together they took care of each of the needs for full rejuvenation of my body during my stay here. I now feel ready to go out for the next steps in life, with full conviction that anytime, when I need care for healing and rejuvenation, the ever smiling & loving family members of Vaidyagrama will be there to support me.

My deep regards to Dr Om Prakash for always being there, through everyday and through every part of my stay here. He brings an immense amount of energy to the place. Special thanks to Faseelah for her persistent attitude to keep smiling while serving everyone.

Rajeev, Chennai

January 3, 2013

Dear Vaidyagrama,

Thank you for all your support, care patience and understand during our 33 days stay here. We have learnt and understand a lot from here and will always remember the 3 Ps that is patience persistence and perseverance, not forgetting this motto “ Live Simple, Live Well, Live Healthy, Live Happy”

May God continue to shower this place with abundant blessings and God bless all the Doctors and staff of Vaidyagrama.

Kuala Lampur, Malaysia

January 3, 2013

Thank you to all Vaidyagrama for all that you offered to me in the last 4 weeks. Body mind and soul were equally taken care of. This wonderful place reminds me of a monastery, as serving, love and simplicity are the 3 pillars Vaidyagrama is founded on.

No wonder all kinds of people come together here in the harmonious way. Today I leave full of gratitude having had the chance to experience that it is possible to live In a community built for the benefit of all.

With love,


January 2, 2013

I came four weeks ago and had the impression of landing on an island with very friendly strangers.

Due to the prayers, rituals, treatments, consultations, meals and social contact with ‘ayurveda addicted’ from all parts of the Vaidyagrama family and the island turned  out to be a continent of spiritual wisdom, philosophy and natural beauty which come along with health.

Thank you for this

Mathias, Germany