For your specific need

  • After the treatment, it is important for you to continue the healing process back home.
  • And if you have some serious ailments, then you will need to continue the medicines for a prolonged duration.
  • While we can send herbs/oils to you by courier, the cost of shipment is quite high; and the customs processes can be a little more cumbersome than when you take it with you
  • Our physicians will advise the medicines and the period for which you need to take them; which will normally be for between 6-12 weeks or more.
  • Before completion of this period, it is good to contact our physicians and advise them of your progress so that they can then suggest a further course if necessary

Mode of intake

  • The mode of intake of each dosage form will be written in the prescription and our physicians will also explain the same in detail
  • If you have any further doubts / queries in this regard, please do not hesitate to ask the physicians till you are absolutely clear
  • In case you plan to take the herbs with you and prepare the fresh decoctions yourself, the general mode of preparation of the decoction is given here


Primary health care medicines

  • Our physicians also advise some medicines/herbs (primary health care kit) for conditions that normally occur like fever, cold, cough, diarrhoea, indigestion etc.
  • The idea is to help you to minimize the intake of chemical medicines and manage your health through herbs as much as possible for this has a  better long term effect on your general wellness.
  • However if you are not inclined to carry these herbs, please communicate to your physicians accordingly
  • The details of the primary health care kit are given here.



  • Generally the prescription medicines together with your primary health care kit will weigh between 5-12kg (for 3 months supply) and will fit in one carton box.
  • We advise that you keep all your prescriptions in your handbag for showing to customs officials if necessary. Almost always, the herbs/oils go through customs without any difficulty.
  • If you are based in India or in any place where it is easy to get the medicines, we recommend that you take with you only 3-4 weeks of supply.


Shipping of medicines

  • In case you choose to have your medicines shipped to your destination, please do remember that the cost of shipping and customs clearance can be several times more than the cost of medicine
  • From Punarnava, we can only give you the cost of medicines and the actual packing and shipping charges incurred at our end i.e. in India
  • At the destination end, the costs differ from country to country and is generally known only after the shipment arrives
  • Some of the possible additional costs that you could incur which we are unable to specify before sending the shipment include - forklift and handling fee, customs forms packet fee, customs examination charge, customs staging charge, customs delay fee, customs duty, brokerage fee, demurrage fee etc.
  • There is always a possibility that the medicines do not get cleared by customs; and if they get cleared, it would be under "food" category or "herbal supplements" category

Some final advice

  • While initially you may not be inclined to carry medicines back home with you, it is still better to be prepared for the same; since there are many patients who thought similarly and as the treatment progressed and they realized the benefit, decided to carry medicines back home with them
  • One good way to prepare is to bring with you only the absolute essentials that you will use during your stay here; this will enable you to have sufficient free space (and more weight) available for your medicines
  • You might also want to carry with you an extra bag to keep all the medicines in; the medicines will be in sealed bottles and bubble wrapped but still the chances for the odd leakage are very much there
  • In case you don’t want to bring a bag, we can also pack the medicines for you in a cardboard carton box