Integrative Holistic Therapies
for Advanced Health Conditions 

How would you like if 4-5 experienced doctors sit down and discuss their health, design a therapeutic program and manage it daily? 

How would you feel if these doctors use the most suitable of all natural therapies from around the world? 

How do you benefit when you are provided a more complete Ayurvedic approach enriched by other proven holistic and natural healing principles and techniques? 

What happens if you are given a powerful and complete mind-body healing system?

Faster and lasting result? 

More complete healing? 

Deep personal transformation? 

This is what we are looking at, at Vaidyagrama. 
We are bringing a team of young and committed set of doctors along with experienced and traditional Ayurvedic healers.

In brief, this program

  1. Is designed and supervised by 5 doctors at least with a combined total of 80+ years experience
  2. Focusses on just one type of disease for optimum care
  3. Covers psychology, nutrition, herbs, exercise, yoga techniques and body therapies
  4. Takes the patient to almost 100% natural environment for optimal healing
  5. Utilises proven Ayurveda (herbs, panchakarma, nutrition etc.), Yoga (asana, pranayama, dhyana, shatkriyas), Mantra, Counselling and ancient Western natural therapy for fast and lasting results
  6. Takes advantage of modern medical technology in monitoring the progress of the patient
  7. Is initially designed only for 15 patients at a time and planned for 42 day therapy. 

Who should do it?
  1. You have a chronic conditions
  2. You have multiple disorders
  3. You have a condition that doesn't respond to your current treatmnets
  4. Experts don't understand your condition
  5. Experts think you are 'there is no treatments for your condition'
  6. Experts think your condition is terminal

Planning your trip

  1. Confirm a place for the program by emailing Mrs. Aparna Sarma
  2. Buy your flight ticket
  3. Organise your visa from your local Indian embassy
  4. Pay 35% non-refundable advance
  5. Email your 1) relevant test reports, 2) list of medications and 3) supplements, 4) current program, 5) current daily routine and 6) itinerary to us to organise your airport transfers
  6. Pack your current medication if any for the duration of your stay
  7. Pack 1) light cotton clothing, 2) comfortable shoes, 3) hats, 4) sun glasses, 6) reading, 7) writing and 8) listening material
  8. Emergency details of your close family members, doctors and specialists (applicable for all patients)

While you are at vaidyagrama
  1. Mind: Keep your mind open and starving!
  2. Mind: Focus on what you want (how full is your cup)
  3. Mind-body: Indulge in what help you, avoid what doesn't
  4. Body: Move your breath and body frequently
  5. Body: Go to bed early so that you can wake up ealy
  6. Body: Eat/drink all natural, that you can digest and absorb
  7. Mind-body: Follow your personal program strictly
  8. Mind-body: Minimise any energy wastage (totally avoid exposure to extreme heat / cold; sex, arguments, stressful situations etc.)
  9. Mind-body: Go to be at 0930 pm
  10. Mind-body: Do things systematically and in a a relaxed way
  11. Mind-body: Keep a journal
  12. Mind-body: Follow your physician's instructions to the letter
    During menstruation your body is given a complete rest by temporarily withdrawing all major therapies.

Your communication at vaidyagrama
  1. All rooms have telephones and intercom
  2. We have internet, which can be temperamental due to the nature of the location.
Your physicians 

Dr. A. R. Ramadas inherits the strong familial traditions of a long line of Ayurveda practitioners. One of the Directors of Punarnava Ayurveda, Dr. Ramadas completed his Ayurveda Course and underwent training in Ayurvedic Ophthalmology and later in Pediatrics. With his M.S in Psychotherapy and Counseling, he joined as consultant physician in his family firm Rajendra Pharmacy and R.P.M Ayurvedic Nursing Home.


Starting his formal Ayurveda education in 1983, Dr. K.K. Hari Krishnan has carried on the traditions of his Ayurveda lineage that has its origin in the land of Ayurveda – Kerala. After completing his graduation in Ayurveda Medicine from Coimbatore Ayurveda College in 1991, he underwent training for a year in Ayurveda Pediatrics. 


Dr. E. K. Ram Anandan belongs to a traditional family of Ayurveda physicians in Kerala. He started his professional Ayurveda training in 1985. After gaining experience under experts including his father, Dr. Ramanandan is running an Ayurveda hospital and Ayurveda medicine manufacturing unit called Thulasi Ayurveda Chikitsalayam, at Alanallur - Kerala. 


Studied Ayurveda since 1984 Dr Ramkumar was born in a long leniage of Ayurveda healers. International presenter, teacher. During the past 20 years he managed some of south India's leading ayurvedic institutions, created outstanding healing centres and created ayurvedic spas internationally.


Rama Prasad commenced his study of Ayurveda and Yoga at Coimbatore Ayurveda College, in a gurukula style in 1983. Since 1990 he is practicing Ayurveda internationally. He runs courses and consultations in most large cities in Australia. He has identified over 2,000 ayurvedic herbs that are native to Australia. During he past 20+ years he studied psychotherapy and speciliased in mind-body healing. 

Specialist Care Program


Treatment you need

A typical healthy day at vaidyagrama
  1. Daily group yoga therapy (only if allowed)
  2. Breakfast
  3. Daily personal consultation
  4. Daily prescribed cleanses / therapies / treatments
  5. Daily group music therapy
  6. Morning tea
  7. Weekly 3 x 1.5 hour mind-body classes / rest
  8. Lunch
  9. Daily group guided meditation / creative visualisation
  10. Weekly 2 x 1 hour group discussion / classes / rest
  11. Afternoon tea
  12. Weekly 3 x 1 hour gardening
  13. Weekly 2 cooking classes
  14. Weekly 2 counselling sessions (only if prescribed)
  15. Dinner
  16. Fortnightly cultural program (dance etc.)
  1. 06: 00
  2. 08:00
  3. 09:00
  4. 07:00 / 09:30 / 15:30
  5. 07:00 / 09:30 / 15:30
  6. 10:30
  7. 10:30
  8. 12:30
  9. 14:00
  10. 15:00
  11. 16:00
  12. 16:00
  13. 16:00
  14. 16:00
  15. 17:00
  16. Weekends 3 hours

Individual variations can be expected.