This page contains links to food recipes that patients can use when they leave vaidyagrama after the treatment. These are primarily south Indian vegetarian recipes and are generally simple to prepare and easy to digest. You may use these recipes and explore their effect on your digestive system - if you feel that any of these recipes are not agreeing with you, please do not hesitate to discard the same. For as you are aware, "everything does not agree with everybody". You can also experiment a bit with the spices and garnishing to suit your palate without affecting its "easy to digest" properties.

And as continually repeated by our physicians, even "easy to digest" food always needs to be used in MODERATION.

Recipes for breakfast

Recipes for lunch

  • Cabbage soup
  • Mixed vegetable soup
  • Rice kanji
  • Spinach curry
  • Steamed vegetables
  • Yellow dal (lentils)

Recipes for dinner

Recipes for snacks