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These are some notes for patients who are booked to come to vaidyagrama for treatment in the coming months. Going through these notes before you arrive may help to prepare you better for your stay in vaidyagrama. The notes are classified under the following headings -

1) medical
2) administrative
3) prayer / mantras / poojas
4) vaidyagrama concept
5) vaidyagrama healing community

This note deals with everything to do with administration.


Contact persons


Mobile Number

Extension number 


+91 95855 37525

281 / 200


+91 97860 17525



+91 95855 27525



+91 98433 17525



Geetha Mohandas

+91 93603 15495

+91 90478 17525




  • the Vaidyagrama office receives one copy each of the “Indian Express” and “Hindu” daily; you may choose to read the office copies and then leave it in the  activity hall for others to read.
  • if you prefer to receive your own personal copy at extra cost, please inform your physicians and they will certainly arrange for the same.
  • if you need any other newspaper, we will try to procure it for you at cost; however being away from the city there may be some delay in procurement.


  • at Vaidyagrama, we encourage all patients to drink the warm herbal drinking water that is supplied to all the rooms.
  • if you still need bottled water, you may put in a request for the same with your physicians and they will arrange for the same at extra cost.


  • all our doors and windows have mosquito netting; further the beds also have mosquito nets
  • however if you are sensitive to mosquitoes, you may want to carry a non-toxic non-chemical mosquito repellant to use when you are in the common areas


  • we do not encourage the use of chemical shampoos for your hair; we use the green gram paste which though sticky will do good to your hair in the long run.
  • in case you still feel the need for a shampoo, you may inform to Kavitha or Aparna who will procure the same at actual cost from Coimbatore within 2-3 working days.


  • we do not encourage the use of chemical soaps for your bath; we use the green gram paste which is good for your skin.
  • if you still feel the need to use a soap, you can request Kavitha or Aparna to give you the herbal soap (if available) at actual cost; or to buy a chemical soap from the city which could take 2-3 working days.


  • we do not encourage the use of tissue paper; we have provided 2 Indian towels in your room for your use; if you need more towels, you can request your physicians and the towels will be supplied to you at extra cost.
  • if you still feel the need to use tissue paper, please request Kavitha or Aparna and they will procure the same for you at actual cost from the city within 2-3 working days


  • we do not encourage the use of toilet paper; we have provided a “health faucet” and encourage you to use water to clean after relieving your bowels.
  • if you still feel the need to use toilet paper, please request Kavitha or Aparna and they will procure the same for you at actual cost from the city within 2-3 working days


  • we provide 2 Indian towels (thin white medium size cotton towels) to each patient for use in the room; these towels are washed and used only for you; after that, they are recycled as cleaning material.
  • if you feel the need to have additional towels, you may inform your physicians and they will be provided to you at additional cost (Rs.25/- per towel).
  • if you need to use a Turkish type towel, please request Kavitha or Aparna and they will procure the same for you at actual cost from the city within 2-3 working days.


  • we have a laundry system that uses natural detergents (soapnuts) for the washing process; there is a nominal charge, which is detailed in the section on Laundry.
  • in case you prefer to do your own washing in your rooms, you may request Kavitha or Aparna and they will procure washing soap/powder at actual cost from the city within 2-3 working days.
  • however we request you to desist from doing your own washing; as this is again an activity which goes against the physicians’ requirement of complete physical and mental rest.


  •  we desire to be friendly with all birds and animals including reptiles and insects in the vicinity of vaidyagrama
  • we strongly believe that the vaidyagrama eco-system is supported and better maintained with the free movement of the animals
  • we provide food twice a day near the kitchen for those animals that choose to take it
  • we do not immunise the animals or provide any sort of medical support to the animals as our desire is to allow them to live in nature without human intervention
  • we strongly urge all our guests and patients to refrain from feeding the animals or attempting to domesticate the animals during your stay here
  • we know that you mean well but after you are gone the animals feel lost and sometimes create difficulties for the next patient in your room who may not be as well disposed to the animals as you are
  • when we domesticate the animals, they lose their natural abilities and instincts and consequently become more vulnerable
  • hence we strongly request you not to play with any of the animals on the vaidyagrama campus as also not to permit entry of these animals into your room; and where they come in uninvited, please do tell any of our colleagues and they will do the needful to ensure that these animals do not return to your room
  • we do hope that you understand the spirit of our animal policy and that you will support us in the implementation of the same


  • Kavitha is primarily handling this area and Sunita and Athira are supporting her.
  • the rate will be based on your treatment, which will be tentatively fixed within a day or two of your arrival in vaidyagrama.
  • the rate averages out for the entire duration, to make the process easier for you; the physicians give us the tentative treatment and medicine plan based on which we work out the total cost and average it out over the duration you are here. This is to save you the trouble of going into details of costs.
  • the receipts of all payments will also be given when here.
  • for any non-currency payments (like Paypal / Bank Transfer etc.), there are extra charges applicable, as we have not included their transaction fees in our fees structure – the additional charge will be the difference between the actual billed amount and the actual received amount
  • the payment on arrival can be done by Credit card/ Cash in INR (equivalent as per the conversion rate applicable on the day).
  • there will usually be no external treatments on the days of the monthly cycle for the ladies; accordingly there will be a proportionate reduction (around 30%) in the treatment and medicine cost on those days as determined by our physicians.
  • whenever the Physicians decide in your best interest that no treatments will be rendered on any particular day/s, the rate will be appropriately reduced.
  • however if you decide not to take treatment for your own reasons, the rate per day remains unchanged.
  • your telephone usage & other such expenses will be recorded, and the total amount spent on it will be added to the final bill, as part of the incidental charges.
  • we request you to pay the entire amount (towards accommodation, food, treatment, consultations & medicines) in advance in the first week of your arrival at Vaidyagrama. The balance towards incidentals and take-home medicines can be settled at the time of departure.
  • at the time of final settlement, please make the balance payment only in cash (INR) or through credit cards. No other means of payment will be accepted

Also please refer to the sections on Payments and Refunds.


Please refer to the section on Library.


  • to facilitate easy check in, you could fill the patient registration form which is available on the Vaidyagrama website
  • if you are unable to do so, you can fill in this form on arrival at Vaidyagrama
  • please do fill in the details correctly for it is this form that we will use for information to be filled in your medical records as well as in your final bill
  • you will also need to fill in a C-Form if you are a non-Indian; this form along with your passport and visa copies are to be submitted to the Govt. of India within 4 days of your arrival in vaidyagrama
  • you may also please hand over 3 copies of the relevant passport pages as also the visa
  • on completion of these forms, you will be assigned a patient number, which you can use for all future communication with Vaidyagrama. 


  • you can use the intercom facility to contact your physicians or therapists for any need
  • as you are aware, many of our staff are from the villages and do not necessarily speak / understand English
  • hence it would be best to communicate all your needs (medical and non medical) to your physicians who would then be able to direct the staff accordingly
  • please see the section on Telephone to know more about your numbers and calling facilities.


  • you need to share your medical and contact information only with the physicians assigned to you; if any other member of the vaidyagrama team enquires about your medical and/or contact details, you may direct them to the physicians who will brief them accordingly
  • your medical and contact details are safe with your physicians
  • your medical and/or contact details (address, phone number and email) will not be shared with anybody unless expressly permitted by you or if required by law under special circumstances
  • we will, at all times, endeavour to maintain the confidentiality of the information shared by you unless required by law under special circumstances


  • there is a do-not-disturb switch on your bedside panel which can be switched on if you do not want to be disturbed
  • however do inform your physicians to share this information with the housekeeping and other staff who interact with you so that they are aware of your need not to be disturbed
  • please note that the DND will not apply to the physicians and therapists.


  • please inform your discharge date to your physicians at least 7 days in advance
  • the physicians will then prepare the discharge prescription for your take-home medicines and seek your approval before procuring the same
  • Kavitha or Hakeem will bring your final bill to you around 1-2 days before your departure; you may verify and then the final settlement may be made; you will also need to affix your signature to the office copies
  • at the time of settlement, your telephone will be locked and you cannot make any more outgoing calls (incoming calls will still be possible); in case you need to, please inform your physicians and they will arrange for the phone to be unlocked
  • you may please give your request for transport and travel food (if required) at least 1 day in advance to Kavitha or Aparna or your physicians so that it can be arranged accordingly.


  • please insert the keycard in its slot in the foyer to enable the power to be switched on in your room
  • similarly when you leave your room, do take the keycard with you; for conservation of power is certainly an important activity in vaidyagrama
  • there is a bedside panel for your convenient use
  • you can switch on/off lights in the foyer and bathroom using the switches on this panel
  • you can also switch on the do-not-disturb (DND) switch on this panel when you do not want to be disturbed
  • many of the switches are two-way switches for your easy use
  • in Coimbatore, we do have frequent power cuts. Hence we have a two-step backup system provided to minimize electricity disruptions in your room
  • in the first step, there is a “battery back up” which provides uninterrupted power supply for 1-2 hours after the power goes; however please do not charge your laptops or mobiles during this period as it will shorten the period of use and will inconvenience other patients; also please switch off unused lights and fans as also the exhaust fan in the bathroom when you are not using it
  • in the second step, we also have a generator which will be switched on in case of extensive power cuts
  • thus we endeavor to minimize inconvenience to you; we seek your co-operation also in this regard
  • we reiterate the importance of conservation of power; please do not use hair dryers, hot water kettles and other such equipment that consume more power


  • our physicians recommend minimum use of internet/email during the treatment process
  • we have wi-fi connection in the campus, primarily around the front office area
  • you can request your physicians for the connection password to use wi-fi on your laptop
  • you can also use the Vaidyagrama computer for your communication needs
  • the cost of internet is Rs.50/- per hour; please do log the details of use and communicate to Kavitha or Aparna so that it can be added to your final bill
  • please do note that being in a remote village, the connection is not always very good and that there can be occasions when the connection is lost for several hours. Please do bear with us in this regard.


We understand that you may be desirous of rewarding our staff for their committed service. While we certainly welcome the same, we would appreciate if it can be done in the following way –

  • vaidyagrama is the combined effort of all of us; while the physicians and therapists interact directly with you, there are many who work behind the scenes whom you may not even have met; thus if you appreciate the service and benefit that you have received, the credit goes to the entire team; not just those in your close proximity
  • at vaidyagrama, we are trying to cultivate the value of “sharing with everybody”; the value of “not being greedy”
  • hence if you desire to reward the team (and you are certainly free to decide not to), it would be best if you could put the reward in a cover and put in the donation box (titled “staff welfare”) in the activity hall; to reiterate, we will be happy if you do not reward the staff individually
  • we will then ensure that this amount is equally distributed between all the staff keeping aside 20% for any future emergency need that any of the staff may have
  • this will enable the fostering of unity in the team and will discourage the growth of greed and one-upmanship; most importantly service will be rendered with a genuine desire to “care and serve” rather than for a monetary reward
  • in case any of the staff share their personal stories with you and request you for a personal reward (which we strongly request them to desist from), please do share it with us; and if you still desire to reward personally, please do so with our knowledge and involvement
  • we understand that it is always possible to get emotionally attached to your therapists; but we do request you to understand the vaidyagrama philosophy wherein we do not want money or reward to be the reason for rendering service; we need your help to bring about the “paradigm shift”
  • we also desire the staff to develop a spirit of social responsibility and for the community to become equally responsible for each member’s individual problems; and to find ways and means to address these problems from within the community itself; hence if you could co-operate in this endeavor we will be most delighted
  • finally please do understand that we care for our entire team; and we act in their long term interest and benefit. Please help us to achieve this vision.


  • our staff are mostly from the surrounding villages; though they may all not be educated, they are good at heart and willing to serve well
  • they do the room cleaning during the morning hours; and in the evening, they make the bed and also pull down the mosquito nets over the beds if you so desire
  • if you prefer that they do not enter your room in your absence, please do tell your physicians and they will instruct accordingly
  • they also keep herbal smoke in the room for a few minutes every evening
  • you may take care to keep the mosquito doors and windows shut especially in the evening time
  • they change the linen every day unless you prefer that it is done every other day in which case you may inform your physicians accordingly
  • please feel free to instruct our staff about your housekeeping needs and they will certainly do their best to fulfill your needs.


Our physicians do not generally encourage immunization/vaccination. They have been asked this question many times by inbound patients and the standard reply is as follows -

"The decision has to be that of the patient. If you feel that your physical system cannot take the rigors of travel (or if you have some serious health problems), then it is good to go in for a standard immunization package. If you feel that your mind can let you down during your travels, then again it is good to go in for a standard immunization package. On the other hand, if you feel that your body and mind can stand upto the rigors of travel and that you will not feel guilty about not having been immunized (in case you fall sick which can happen even if are immunized), then you should not go in for immunization."

Thus while they are not themselves in favour of immunisation, they choose to leave the decision to the inbound patient since what is most important is for the patient to feel relaxed and not stressed about these decisions.


The incidentals for which you will be charged based on usage include (but not restricted to) –

  • laboratory investigations (if required)
  • laundry
  • internet / email
  • telephone
  • travel (taxi, ticket booking)
  • bottled water (if used)
  • toilet paper/tissue paper (if used)
  • miscellaneous purchase (if any)

When any purchase is made, please do sign the bill to confirm receipt of the same. If you choose to give cash for the same, please do take the bill so that it is not accounted in Vaidyagrama.


Please refer to the section on Email / Internet.


We request you to bring your latest laboratory reports with you for the perusal of our physicians. Sometimes our physicians may request you to undergo some laboratory tests at the beginning and end of your stay here. Whenever done, the costs for these tests will be charged at actuals to your account.


  • the laundry at Vaidyagrama uses soapnuts (a natural detergent). If you would like to see how it is used, please do ask us and we will be happy to show you
  • we do not use softeners or aromatic agents in our laundry
  • you may put your clothes to be washed in the laundry basket in your room; they will be taken once every day and returned washed and ironed in a day or two (sometimes it may take an extra day)
  • please do ensure that you empty all valuables from your pockets before putting the clothes for washing
  • the cost is as follows – any 4 clothes per patient per day is charged at Rs.25/- (app. USD 0.50); every extra piece is charged at Rs.10/- per piece.


  • we have a small collection of books and music relating to various topics like Ayurveda, philosophy, mantras, India and light reading.
  • if you need to borrow any books / music from our library, please contact Aparna between 3-430pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • please do avoid circulating the books/music within the patient circle in Vaidyagrama; you can always return the books/music to the library and the next patient can again borrow the same. This will help us keep track and also prevent inconvenience to you when you leave after your stay here
  • there is no fee for use of our library. However if any book/music is misplaced or damaged or lost, we will request you to replace with a new item
  • we also invite you to donate books to the Vaidyagrama library.


  • we use Cotton/ coir mattress here for patients – they are generally more hard than soft
  • as you may know, the benefits of using this instead of a softer foam mattress is that it supports the body structure better – and being cotton, it keeps the body temperature also good
  • while there may be some discomfort in the first few days if you are not used to this mattress, invariably the discomfort eases out very soon
  • please do speak with your physicians if you have any problems in this regard.


  • if you need to recharge your prepaid SIM card, you can request Kavitha or Aparna and they will do the needful; however it make take 2-3 working days for the same
  • we may remind you here that the mobile signals are not very good in Vaidyagrama; hence it may be preferable for you to use the landline.


  • since our physicians recommend complete rest during the treatment, we suggest that you use the ATM (if you need) within the first 1-2 days of arrival
  • the nearest ATM is around 10kms from vaidyagrama; you may inform your physicians and they will arrange for a taxi to take you to the nearest ATM
  • if you would like to exchange foreign currency, Kavitha or Aparna can help you in this regard; they will speak to the money exchange in the city and you will get the rate applicable on the particular day
  • you will need to submit copies of your visa and passport for the money exchange process


Please refer to the section on Library


  • you need to share your medical and contact information only with the physicians assigned to you; if any other member of the vaidyagrama team enquires about your medical and/or contact details, you may direct them to the physicians who will brief them accordingly
  • your medical and contact details are safe with your physicians
  • your medical and/or contact details (address, phone number and email) will not be shared with anybody unless expressly permitted by you or if required by law under special circumstances
  • we will, at all times, endeavour to maintain the confidentiality of the information shared by you unless required by law under special circumstances


All refunds will be made only in Indian rupees. The refund policy is as follows -

Before arrival

  • if you cancel your booking more than 90 days in advance, 20% of the booking fee plus applicable bank transfer charges will be forfeited.
  • if you cancel your booking between 30-89 days in advance, 50% of the booking fee plus applicable bank transfer charges will be forfeited.
  • if you cancel your booking less than 30 days in advance, 100% of the booking fee will be forfeited.

However in any of the above situations, we may consider requests to hold this advance amount against treatment program from another date onwards; or to use this advance amount towards the treatment of a relative/friend.

After arrival

  • if you shorten your stay against the advice of the vaidyagrama medical team, then no refund will be made.
  • if your stay is shortened based on the advice of the vaidyagrama medical team, then the appropriate refund will be made.
We do hope that you will understand that we have very limited space; further all our patients make their plans well in advance and hence if there is any cancellation, invariably the room is kept vacant till the arrival of the next patient. Hence we request your co-operation in implementing this refund policy.


  • being a healing relationship, we do not want any occasion for lack of trust to be created in your mind about all of us here as that will distract from the healing process.
  • hence we request you to take responsibility for your valuables and ensure that they are kept safely under lock and key either in your bags or in the cupboard in your room.
  • if there are any valuables that you would like to keep in the safety locker in the office, you may please inform your medical director and he/she will do the needful.
  • we have also provided a keycard lock system for all patient units in Vaidyagrama. Please do use the keycard to keep your room secure and also return the keycard to us before you leave after your stay here.


  • during the treatment, our physicians insist that you do not move outside the permitted areas in the campus as it may adversely affect the healing process
  • hence if you need to procure anything from outside, it is best to contact either Aparna or Kavitha who are here to help you make your stay comfortable
  • however do give them at least 3-4 days time to take care of your needs; since the items need to be purchased from the city which is 20kms away
  • when your needs are met, do sign the bill so that the amount can be added to your bill
  • the following items are also available for sale at Vaidyagrama. Please contact Aparna if you need any of them -
  1. Audio CD - Ayurveda - A Way Of Life
  2. Books - Inner Realities; How Full Is Your Cup
  3. Herbal Soaps
  4. Herbal Tooth Powder
  5. Neck Pillows
  6. Neti Pots
  7. Tongue Cleaners (Scrapers) - copper and silver
  8. Yoga Mats


  • you have a unique phone number for your room with direct inward and outward dialing facility
  • you can give this number to your near and dear ones to enable them to contact you in case of need; of course do remember that our physicians advise that the less you speak, the better it is for the healing
  • you can give the number as “+91 422 2364 XXX” where XXX is your personal number which our physicians will inform you
  • the XXX is also your intercom number; you can dial similar 3 digit numbers to contact your physicians while you are at Vaidyagrama; a list of numbers is enclosed herewith
  • if the outward dialing facility is locked, please inform your physicians and they will open it for you
  • for all outgoing calls, 30% extra is levied on the applicable government calling rates.


  • for calling an extension, you can dial straight after lifting the receiver.
  • for calling outside numbers, you have to dial zero (0), get the ring tone and then dial the number.
  • for dialing international numbers, you have to dial zero (0) to get the dial tone; then your country code, city code and then the number.
  • the cost of calling would be as per pulse rate for all calls. The international toll-free numbers are not toll-free when dialed in India.


Please refer to the section on Gratuity / tips


  • our physicians suggest that you do not plan any sight-seeing or shopping trips immediately after your treatment; the more you rest, the better will be the effect
  • a travel agent helps us with organizing plane/train travel; in booking, cancelling or rescheduling trips. You may convey your requirements to Aparna and she will get it organized; or she can give you the contact details of our travel agent so you can speak directly with them. Please note that the travel agent with charge a nominal fee for his services
  • for local travel, we have tied up with a taxi service; if you have any need please speak with Kavitha or Aparna and she will do the needful.


Please refer to the section on Immunisation.

Vaidyagrama is a space created to facilitate your healing process;
We are all here to help you to heal yourself. Please help us to help you.
Live simple; live well; live healthy; live happy