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Ayurveda believes that "there is nothing in this world that is not medicine". Thus Ayurveda draws from the plant, animal and mineral kingdom to create a combination of qualities which is most appropriate for the healing of the particular individual.

Thus every combination can contain anywhere between 1 to 50 herbs or more depending on need. It is this synergistic effect of the entire combination that ensures that the particular combination has minimal/no side effects.

Ayurveda uses different dosage forms to ensure that the right combination reaches the right location in the right quantity and in the right form. This ensures maximum benefit from the particular combination of herbs / animal products.

ARISHTAM / ASAVAM - herbal wine
CHOORNAM - herbal powder
GHRITHAM - herbal ghee
GULIKA - herbal pill
KASHAYAM - herbal decoction

LEHYAM / RASAYANAM - herbal jam

TAILAM - herbal oil

There are more than 400 different compound formulations from among the above dosage forms that our physicians choose from especially for you based on your medical need


EARLY MORNING ON EMPTY STOMACH - kashayam with / without gulika OR lehyam

AFTER BREAKFAST - arishtam with / without gulika

MID-MORNING - kashayam OR choornam


IMMEDIATELY AFTER LUNCH - arishtam with / without gulika

BETWEEN 5-6PM ON EMPTY STOMACH - kashayam with / without gulika

IMMEDIATELY AFTER DINNER - arishtam with / without gulika

BEFORE BEDTIME - lehyam / rasayanam

The above are indicative timings and dosage forms; they can all change based on the need of the individual patient as determined by the physicians

Every patient does not get every dosage form at every time; it is all customized based on individual need as determined by the physicians if you have any questions about your herbs/medicines, please ask your physicians – they will explain to you in detail

You may please continue any regular allopathy (modern) medicines that you are on; and please inform your physicians if you wish to discontinue/ change these medicines while here.

The herbal decoctions are prepared fresh in vaidyagrama on a daily basis and given to the patients. We also prepare some of our own oil, ghee and other combinations based on the need of the individual patient.