This is a very special link to a blog by Dr.Claudia Welch on -

A brief overview of Pancakarma (Ayurvedic Detoxification Treatment) for patients; A new place to get it (& to study Ayurveda), other places to get it, & How to make the most of the experience

Here are links to some blogs about vaidyagrama ayurveda healing village - 

1) vaidyagrama - the healing village - by Ivy Ingram

2) yum cha with suk wah - by Suk Wah Bernstein

3) learning at vaidyagrama - by Niti Sheth

4) journey of vaidyagrama - by Aparna Sarma

5) international ayurveda conference at vaidyagrama - by Lisa Akesson

6) experiencing ayurveda at vaidyagrama - Dr.Leena Athparia

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16) Tom Martinelli

Here is a link to a video on vaidyagrama made by a patient who was with us for three weeks -

talking 3 weeks about pee and poop - vaidyagrama - life of a travelling yogi

Here is a link to a photo album on vaidyagrama created by a dear friend/patient -

vaidyagrama - a photo album

Here is a link to a video presentation on vaidyagrama created by young Rithwik Ramadas

vaidyagrama - ayurveda healing village

Links to some more YouTube videos created by patients

Geetha Mohandas with Sree Iyer

Geetha Mohandas with Vandana Kumar

Laura Plumb in satsang in vaidyagrama

Geetha Mohandas with Vandana Kumar

Dr.Sajna on insomnia

Bhajans in vaidyagrama

Neil Dorfsman in vaidyagrama - Part I

Neil Dorfsman in vaidyagrama - Part II

Neil Dorfsman in vaidyagrama - Part III

Dr.T.S.Krishnakumar in conversation in vaidyagrama

Dr.Ramkumar on Soft Power