Kayakalpa Health Retreat

Lose your symptoms, regain your health and youthfulness! 

Kayakalpa Health Retreat is an all Vedic health rebuilding and age reversal program designed and conducted by experts in the field. This program is designed to optimise your blood nutrient load while resting your cells for over 12 hours daily - thus creating the most suitable condition to heal yourself. Herbs, therapies and other daily activities make this faster, easier and more complete. 

What's the Kayakalpa Retreat?

Take this 75 year old Mr. Sudhakar's words. "I was retired 10 years back due to my old age, diseases and lack of energy. I was also taking 6 different medications for my high blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol along with chronic arthritis (fingers) and dermatitis (on my legs). Now, after 4 weeks of Kayakalpa retreat program I feel like I am as young as 40 now. I am symptom-free, drug-free and fully energised. I am so excited to say that I am going to back to my old business again!" 

62 year old Mrs. Jaya experienced radical improvements within the first month of her Ayurveda health program. While her cholesterol, blood pressure levels came back to normal she also felt youthful as her arthritic and hair issues subsided. Being on this program for more than a year at home, she weighs exactly how she did when she was 18 years of age. She is the healthiest member among her siblings who are all younger to her! 

Sudharkar and Jaya are only two among hundreds who enjoyed the benefit of this Kayakalpa Health Retreat. Most people become symptom-free, drug-free and regain their youthfulness within 3-6 weeks. Skin, liver, pancreas, joints, memory, hair, cholesterol, blood pressure and blood glucose etc. all respond well with this program. 

Where is it run? 

Who is my doctor? 

What's the program involved?

Internationally famous health village - Vaidyagrama (website) is hosting this unique and first of its kind program which is designed and supervised by Ayurveda Vaidya Rama Prasad who has his clinics and training centres in Australia (website). Dr Prasad and his team of Vaidyagrama doctors will guide you through every minute of the program. He utilises high-power ayurveda nutrition, personalised medications, yoga techniques, body therapies and other mind-body techniques. 

Who should attend? 

Anyone who falls into the following category can be enrolled in this advanced program. Must bring all latest (within a month or so) health reports.

           1) 18 to 75 years old, 

           2) diagnosed with high cholesterol, diabetes type 2, 

                arthritis, dermatitis, high blood pressure, 

                weight gain, fatty liver, hepatitis etc. and 

           3) fully mobile 

Limited spaces: 30 people.

Duration: 21 nights and 22 day program 


        Shared room: Paid by 15th Feb. 

        Shared room: 

        Single room: Paid by 15th Feb. 

        Single room:  

        This fee includes everything mentioned above.

Booking: 1) Pay the fee. 2) Send your medical documents and health history to us via email or post so that we receive them at least 4 days before your health retreat.

Payment: Credit card or Bank transfer.

Accommodation: Fantastic spacious rooms with bathroom, office room, balcony and daybed - surrounded by garden.  

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