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Vaidyagrama Ayurveda healing village has 12 patient blocks and each block has 4 patient units and 1 treatment block.

Patient block
Each patient block has four patient units; and each unit has a foyer, bathroom, bedroom and balcony.

Treatment block
A verandah from the patient block leads to the treatment units. Two treatment units are part of each patient block. Each treatment room has separate change rooms, treatment rooms and bathrooms. There is a common medicine pantry.

Your treatment program
It starts with a consultation wherein your physicians and you get to know each other better. Accordingly an Ayurveda healing program suited to your constitution, health problems and available time is created that is upgraded on a daily basis following regular interaction. The program includes herbal teas and powders, external body treatments, panchakarma (where necessary), simple easy-to-digest vegetarian diet and lots of rest (physical and mental). Daily evaluation is done through consultation and counselling.

The healing continues when you leave vaidyagrama; hence the more rest you give your body and mind, and the more you continue the medicines and regimen, the better will be the healing. You should plan to carry at least 3 months of herbs/oils (around 10kg) with you for use after treatment; you should stay in touch with your physicians and give them regular feedback to maximise the benefit from the healing process.

  • Telephone (direct dialling from room)
  • Wireless broadband in common area
  • Post office
  • Parcel office
Your healing day
  • Morning chants/meditation
  • Breakfast
  • Daily consultations
  • Herbal tea/coconut water
  • External body treatments
  • Lunch
  • Relaxation - yoganidra
  • Herbal tea/coconut water
  • Discus with your physicians
  • Evening talks/chants/meditation
  • Dinner (occasional community dinner)
What to do at vaidyagrama
  • Short relaxing reading
  • Very light walking
  • Listen to healing / devotional music / motivational talks
  • Engage in stress-free conversations
Preserve your energy by
  • Going to bed early
  • Chewing food thoroughly
  • Sipping water slowly
  • Being gentle and caring to everyone
  • Keeping a gratitude diary
  • Discussing your concern with your physicians
  • Letting go / surrendering to the healing and enjoy the benefit
  • Turning your mind inwards to stay in tune with the healing process
What to avoid at vaidyagrama
  • Avoid losing energy by exposing yourself to stress factors such as sex, strain, conflicts, internet, telephone (or minimize it) or excess of any kind
  • Avoid shaving of hair, cutting of hair and nails
  • Avoid taking bath on your own at any time of the day
  • Avoid day sleep
  • Avoid walking barefoot
  • Avoid drinking cold water
  • Avoid excessive talking, laughing

Medical Director, Dr. Ramadas with his daughter (01/2010). Interior of cottages (right).

Healing valley: clean space, clean air.

Manager, Aparna Sarma. And, the first course meal for patients.
vaidyas in vaidyagrama