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  • Our physicians advise that you should continue the internal medicines and external oil treatments for at least 6-12 weeks after you leave Vaidyagrama; of course this again varies from patient to patient
  • They also suggest that you should maintain the prescribed diet and lifestyle during this period; and to take your time to slowly get back to normal activity; this will enable you to get the maximum benefit from the healing process
  • It is good to give feedback to them periodically when you go home after the treatment process. Normal feedback can be given to them over email once in a month
  • If there are any questions or emergency requirements, please feel free to contact our physicians over phone or through email whenever you need; it may be good to always mark a copy of your communication to Aparna so that she can follow up with the physicians and ensure that your needs are met
  • If you need a very urgent reply, it might be best to contact them over telephone or write to
  • For many chronic conditions, our physicians would advise the patient to take in-patient treatment at least once in a year for 3-4 years continuously to get the full benefit of the treatment; however this again varies from patient to patient
  • For many of us who have minimal control over our diet and lifestyle, our physicians again advise periodic in-patient treatment to mitigate the bad effects of our diet and lifestyle
  • Some contact details for your immediate reference -
Dr.Harikrishnan             +91 95855 37525
Dr.Ramadas                     +91 97860 17525
Dr.Ramanandan             +91 95855 17525 
vaidyagrama office          +91 422 2364200 

Email -