The facilities at vaidyagrama include the following -

  • Activity hall - We have an activity hall where prayers are conducted in the morning and evening; yoga nidra in the afternoon; satsang in the evening, cooking classes and group dinners once in a week
  • Covered walkway - A covered walkway connects all the patient movement areas enabling easy movement for the patients
  • Diet food
  • Herbal drinking water - At vaidyagrama, we provide warm medicated herbal water for you to drink; we believe this is better for you than the bottled water. The herbs in the water make the water safe for drinking, and also aids in the digestive process
  • Herbal tea - Twice a day, we provide an alternate herbal drink (containing ginger, jaggery, basil etc.) which is more healthy and quite tasty. Many of our patients have chosen to go back home and use this herbal drink rather than the tea/coffee on which they were earlier dependent.
  • Laundry (non chemical)
  • Library for essential reading
  • Group dinner
  • Patient blocks - There are 6 patient blocks in vaidyagrama; each block has 4 patient units and 2 treatment units
  • Patient units - There are totally 24 patient units in vaidyagrama; each unit has a foyer, bedroom, bathroom and balcony
  • Prayers or chanting of mantras - morning and evening
  • Satsang or evening discussion centered on Ayurveda and other Indian knowledge systems
  • Treatment unit - There are totally 12 treatment units in vaidyagrama; each unit has 2 treatment rooms with attached bathrooms; and also a medicine pantry
  • Wi-fi internet in and around the activity hall (at nominal cost)

The facilities at vaidyagrama do not include the following -

Air conditioning

At vaidyagrama, we have adopted  an eco-friendly mode of construction; and hence the temperature inside the buildings is around 5 degrees less than the outside temperature. This ensures that it never gets too warm inside the rooms; and as the trees and shrubs around the buildings grow, it will be even more pleasant. Thus we have avoided the need for providing air-conditioning in the rooms in vaidyagrama.

Bottled water

However if you absolutely insist, bottled water is made available.

Tea / coffee

We believe that it is important to learn to live life without too many dependencies and hence do not serve tea/coffee at vaidyagrama.

Television sets

We believe that the patients need maximum physical and mental rest; and hence we have deliberately not provided for television sets in vaidyagrama as this certainly affects the treatment adversely.

Tissue paper

We do not provide tissue paper in keeping with our desire to be eco-friendly.

Toilet paper

We would like to be eco-friendly and not waste paper; hence the patient bathrooms provide for a health faucet whereby you can use water to clean yourself. However if you definitely need toilet paper, we will arrange the same for you.

Wi-fi Internet Connectivity

We believe that it is important to take maximum rest and use of the laptop / internet / email for extended period of time does not help either the treatment or you; hence we have provided for internet connectivity only near the activity center and not in any of the rooms. We request that you use the internet minimally in the interest of your own health.