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Costs at vaidyagrama

The costs at vaidyagrama are tentatively as follows -

a) Single accommodation and simple diet vegetarian food together cost USD 35 per person per day

b) Shared accommodation and simple diet vegetarian food together cost USD 25 per person per day

c) Consultations, treatments and medicines together can cost between USD 60 and USD 90 per person per day - this depends on the individual medical condition and the treatments/medicines as decided by your physicians after observation and examination

Thus the total cost for a patient at vaidyagrama can be anywhere between USD 65 to USD 125 per day inclusive of accommodation, food, treatments, consultations and medicines.

Cost of incidentals like laundry, airport transfers and telephone is extra at actuals. The cost of take-home medicines is also extra at actuals.

Please note - generally our physicians recommend that you continue medicines (internal herbs and external oils) for periods ranging from 6 weeks to even 6 months after you leave from here - this is based on your medical condition and to enable you to maximise the benefit from your stay here. The cost of take-home herbs/oils can be anywhere between USD 20 to USD 200 based on your individual medical need and the period for which you need to use the herbs/oils. The weight of the herbs/oils can be up to 12kg.