What is the vision of vaidyagrama?
At vaidyagrama we believe in “Authentic Ayurveda for Universal Well Being”. We care for your well being; we care for the permanence of your well being. We would like to help you to be free of stress not just in our healing village but also later back at home or  in office; not just today but tomorrow and the day after. And Ayurveda can play a very important role here for long term solutions are its forte. Hence we attempt to help you understand the state of your health and help you decide the right combination of treatments/oils/herbs that you need – Ayurveda believes that every individual is truly unique and hence you deserve to get what you really need.

You say your Ayurveda is authentic – why is that?
We attempt to be true to the classical Ayurveda texts – right from the design, the colours used in the treatment rooms, the positioning of the treatment table, the treatment table itself, the herbs and oils used, the way the treatments are given – we have consciously made an effort to explore the original Ayurveda texts and bring out what lay hidden between the lines. We do not say this is unique or original; we have only made an honest attempt to stick to the original texts and not compromise the principles of Ayurveda.

What is different about your Ayurveda?
As mentioned earlier, there is nothing unique or original. All that we attempted is to be as authentic as possible not merely in the use of herbs and treatments but also in the creation of an optimum healing environment which facilitates the whole healing process. We have not tampered with the core principles of Ayurveda; we have not diluted the oils by adding perfumes; we have not sugar-coated the internal medicines – they all remain the same. For we do not want to compromise. 

All we have done is improve the delivery system – to improve the ambience in which you receive your treatments; make you feel more at home; encouraged our physicians and therapists wherein their very presence and mere touch is highly therapeutic; we have made a sincere effort to ensure that your experience is truly unique, and stays with you even after you go back home.

Can Ayurveda be practised without absolutely any compromise on its principles or in its true form? If not then to what extent does such compromise take place?
Ayurveda can certainly be practised without compromise; in fact, it has to be practised without compromise if the patient is to get the full benefit of the treatment. It is important to note that very often people tend to think that the Ayurveda practitioners are rigid and unnecessarily stick to age old practices which are not very scientific and which need to be modified keeping in mind present day realities. We must emphasise here that the beneficiary is the community. Most Ayurveda physicians insist on adhering to their instructions only in the interest of the patient – it is not to protect Ayurveda or to prevent Ayurveda from being compromised. 

The Indian knowledge systems are very clear that they need not be protected at the cost of benefit to the user or receiver. Even as there is a procedure described for any laboratory experiment or even a minor surgical operation and which needs to be strictly adhered to, to not only ensure success but also prevent side effects, similarly there are clear procedures laid down in the Ayurveda texts on how to manage a patient. It is certainly very important that these procedures are strictly adhered to in the interest of the patient. And this is certainly being practised today in many Ayurveda centers and by many Ayurveda physicians. Thus there is no reason why Ayurveda cannot be practised as prescribed in the classical texts.