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Can I practice my yoga while undergoing treatment at vaidyagrama?

We advise our patients "maximum physical and mental rest" during the treatment process; after the treatment is over and after one takes sufficient rest for a few days after treatment, we advise, and even recommend, that the patient commences asana and pranayama practice on a regular basis.

When I come back to my home, how do I merge and practice Yoga and meditation with my Ayurveda routines?

We say "where Ayurveda ends, Yoga begins"; Ayurveda takes care of the physical health after which we move to Yoga for mental health and then onto the Vedas / vedanta for spiritual well being. Thus while all these systems teach us about wellness at all levels whether physical or emotional or spiritual, it should be recognized that each one has their own time and place.

I would like to learn Yoga.  Will there be teachers at vaidyAgrama while I am there?

We do not encourage learning any new yoga practice or meditation during treatment at vaidyAgrama. New learning can be stressful and that stress is not good for the healing process.

I practice simple meditation.  Will my practice during the time I am in vaidyAgrama increase or decrease the effect of my Ayurveda treatments?

A meditator or yoga practitioner can certainly do some light asana or meditation practice.  However this is best replied by the physician who is treating you at vaidyAgrama as the response will be based on your medical condition and treatment your are receiving.

Can you arrange for a meditation teacher to teach me meditation while I am at vaidyAgrama?

Again, we do not encourage learning new techniques while undergoing treatment, but we have a morning and evening mantra chanting session at the end of which we also do some light pranayama and meditation.