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WFV (Work From Vaidyagrama) FAQs


How is WFV accommodation in Vaidyagrama?

Vaidyagrama will have an exclusive block for WFV residents - a block with 4 accommodation units and 2 treatment rooms. 

Is accommodation shared or single?

Every accommodation unit has a foyer, double bed room, bath and balcony space. The rooms are spacious and can easily accommodate two people.

How can a single accommodation be booked? 

You can mention your preference of a single accommodation, and it can be organised so for you.


What are the facilities available in the room?

  • Good lighting and desk space
  • Comfortable seating and beds
  • Mosquito netting for windows, doors and beds
  • Running hot water in the wash rooms
  • Well ventilate rooms fitted with fans
  • Landline phone with direct inward and outward dialling service 
  • Generator backup for power 


What services are included in the costs?

  • Accomodation
  • Simple vegetarian diet food
  • Consultations
  • Treatments
  • Medicines while in treatment
  • Unlimited Internet

What are the other services available at additional cost?

  1. Laundry 
  2. Airport / Railway station transfers
  3. Telephone
  4. Take home medicines 


How is food at vaidyagrama?

Food is medicine in Ayurveda!

For enhancing your WFV Ayurveda healing experience, we shall arrange a simple vegetarian Ayurveda diet for you.

Click HERE to know more info about our concepts of food, as an important pillar for healing & being.


Is there WIFI facility arranged for WFV residents?

Yes, we have arranged WIFI for WFV in the room. Our technical team will be happy to support WFV. However, to optimise your healing experience, we recommend using wifi judiciously.

What are the details of WIFI at vaidyagrama?

vaidyagrama has 2 internet providers, and hence down time is usually less.  Bandwidth - 15 MBPS dedicated line 


Who can participate in this healing and working program at vaidyagrama?

  1. Corporates and IT professionals - We wish to be with you in your healing journey to make your days stress-free, while you are WFV. 
  2. WFH mothers - We look forward to take care of you & your interests, as you do for your family, while you are WFV. 
  3. WFH parents - We shall be happy to take care of your child in Vaidyagrama’s crèche , while you are WFV

What is the minimum number of days of treatment while WFV?

It will be good to have at least 7 days of stay at vaidyagrama. A course of 2-3 weeks will be ideal to plan for. 

What will be the treatments provided for WFV residents?

While you Work From Vaidyagrama, you will have treatments that are aimed to remove stress and imbalance from your system. The vaidyas will advise rejuvenating medicines also to have, in this healing process. As you will be not having any intensive treatments, the Ayurveda pathya/ restrictions will not be applicable a lot for you as you are WFV.

What will be the schedule of treatments per day?

There will be an hour of external treatments in the treatment room, daily. These will be done by therapist(s) under the guidance of your vaidya. 

The time of the treatment can be fixed at a mutually convenient timing, subject to availability of slot as well as your therapist. 

How can i address if i have a medical problem also to take care of, while WFV?

Our vaidyas will be available for consultations while you WFV, and if any medical problem needs to be addressed in detail, you can always return for a full course of care after WFV. 

Are there any restrictions for WFV residents?

Though the patients are usually advised complete relaxation of mind and body while healing, WFV participants can work amidst healing, at the same time experience the Ayurveda rejuvenation, as the treatment schedule is designed especially for this routine.

And one just need to keep the sanctity of vaidyagrama campus by being away from smoking, non-veg food and alcohol while here. 

What is the daily routine at vaidyagrama?

Click HERE for the link to the general schedule for a day in vaidyagrama... Our patients usually join us for these daily activities, and WFV residents can participate as per time convenience.


What are the WFV costs involved?

Rs 8000 per day inclusive of 

  • Single accomodation
  • Treatments
  • Medicines while in treatment
  • Consultations
  • Diet food

Rs 5500 per person per day inclusive of 

  • Twin share accomodation
  • Treatments
  • Medicines while in treatment
  • Consultations
  • Diet food


What are the Insurance coverage options for WFV?

We are NABH accredited, and hence your insurance claim reimbursement chances are brighter. You may please contact your insurance provider in this regard to get pre-approval. We shall be happy to give any forms and documents to help you with the process for you to get your claim reimbursement after paying at vaidyagrama.  

From our previous experience, the following are a few of the insurance companies that have given reimbursement (in varied %) to our patients:

  1. ICICI Lombard
  2. United India Assurance
  3. HDFC 
  4. New India Insurance 
  5. Star Health
  6. Medi Assist
  7. Vipul Medicorp



What are the COVID protocols in Vaidyagrama?

The WFV participant can travel safe to vaidyagrama, with a recent negative RTPCR test. In vaidyagrama, the team is vaccinated, and follows covid protocols like wearing masks, herbally sanitising all surfaces and our hands and maintaining all social distancing. 

The vaidyagrama team is vaccinated, and have been on body resistance-boosting kashayams.

The patients also are taken care when they come with a negative test report, and are given utmost care with medicines and safety measures.

The WFV resident is also welcome to follow the right codes and maintain a space safe for all. 



What are the other activities I can engage in while WFV?

WFV participants can take part in vaidyagrama activities like Yoga and Meditation, Poojas and prayers, Satsangs, Yoga Nidra (guided relaxation), garden walk, cooking class, ecofriendly endeavours like lamp or candle making, gardening etc as well, based on specific interests.

What are the local attractions in Coimbatore?

Vaidyagrama is in the outskirts of Coimbatore city, and is in a green village near the border of Tamilnadu and Kerala. Coimbatore city is the cotton city famous for its textile tradition;  it has beautiful spiritual places such as Isha Yoga & Perur Shiva temple etc; it has a rich food & art culture as well. Due to current Covid restrictions in the city, most of these options are unaccesssible for visitors now.

Click HERE for more information for you. We usually do not plan these for patients.

You will certainly get to enjoy the pleasant climate of Coimbatore, being in vaidyagrama!

Healing valley: clean space, clean air.

vaidyas in vaidyagrama

vaidyas in vaidyagrama