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Coimbatore has a pleasant salubrious climate through the year due to its proximity to thickly forested mountain ranges and the cool breeze blowing through the Palakkad gap which makes the hot temperatures more pleasant. Under the Koppen climate classification, the city has a tropical wet and dry climate, with the wet season being from October to November due to the northeast monsoon. Due to the presence of the mountain pass, Coimbatore also benefits from the south-west monsoons in the months from June to August. Coimbatore is located at an elevation of about 411 metres. The mean maximum and minimum temperatures vary between 35C (95F) and 18C (64F).

vaidyagrama is located exactly in the Palakkad pass and hence the climate at vaidyagrama is generally more pleasant (than Coimbatore city) all through the year. The period from early March to end April is more hot than the rest of the year. However inside the patient rooms, the temperature normally does not exceed 30C throughout the year.

Hence it is generally conducive to do Ayurveda treatment at vaidyagrama almost throughout the year.

Average high temperature in each month of the year is as follows (source is indian meteorological department) -

January 30C (86F)

February 32C (90F)

March 35C (95F)

April 35C (95F)

May 34C (93F)

June 31C (88F)

July 30C (86F)

August 31C (88F)

September 32C (90F)

October 31C (88F)

November 29C (84F)

December  29C (84F)

Average low temperature in each month of the year is as follows (source is indian meteorological department) 

January 18C (64F)

February 19C (66F)

March 21C (70F)

April 23C (73F)

May 23C (73F)

June 22C (72F)

July 22C (72F)

August 22C (72F)

September 22C (72F)

October 22C (72F)

November 21C (70F)

December  19C (66F)