In our experience with patients over the years, we understand the sincere & persistent effort it takes for our patients to stick to the follow-up discipline of daily medicine, food, exercise and sleep for at least 1 whole year as advised by vaidyas, and consequently it detracts from the healing benefits. We have also seen enormous benefits derived from following this complete healing program for one whole year... Our healing team thus embarked upon designing vaidyagrama Sanjeevanam: Ayurveda Online Healing Programs, the first of which is Meha-Sanjeevanam

WHAT is Meha-Sanjeevanam

“Meha-Sanjeevanam” is the first in our Sanjeevanam series, where we will actively support & guide your diabetic healing journey for 12 continuous months. Vaidyagrama’s Meha Sanjeevanam is to be your constant companion in this healing journey of MadhuMeha. 

WHY Meha-Sanjeevanam

We live in an era where cases of MadhuMeha / Diabetes Mellitus are increasing day-to-day, primarily due to improper diet and lifestyle. Most current medications that are used will only temporarily reduce the sugar level, and not bring about any longstanding benefits. Bringing Ayurveda into one’s daily life in terms of management of medications, diet, work, exercise/movement, mind and breathing programs which are personalised for your need, will considerably help in addressing the diabetes issues as also in improving the quality of life and thus enhancing the healing process. 

WHO is Meha-Sanjeevanam for

Meha Sanjeevanam is for you, if you are..

  • Diabetic
  • Pre-Diabetic
  • Clinically at risk for Diabetes 

The healing team of Vaidyagrama will guide you through this care journey of Madhu Meha. 

HOW can Meha-Sanjeevanam help you

For a healthier you, Meha Sanjeevanam will bring a home-healing program that comprises of..

  • Ayurveda Medicine Routine
  • Ayurveda Diet 
  • Ayurveda Dinacharya (Daily Regimen) 
  • Ayurveda Rtucharya (Seasonal Regimen)
  • Yoga 
  • Vaidya-guided Counseling 

Meha Sanjeevanam Aims....

  • to closely monitor your health status and dis-ease parameters
  • to guide you with timely advice where required
  • to motivate, encourage and inspire you to stay with the right schedule
  • to work closely with you in periodic modification of your medicine prescriptions & diet advice
  • to improve your metabolism, absorption, circulation & secretion, thus improving your quality of life 
  • to send you regular reports to show the healing progress that you have made & 
  • to be a calming shoulder that you can lean upon in times of your stress 

WHERE is Meha-Sanjeevanam being held

It is, based on convenience, an -

  • online guidance healing program, OR
  • direct healing program at vaidyagrama 

WHEN will Meha-Sanjeevanam begin

MEHA SANJEEVANAM will be a year-long care, and is open for you anytime when you are ready to heal with us!

We wish that you be healed; 

We pray that you be well; 

We desire that you be able to manage your long-term health with just diet and lifestyle; 

Vaidyagrama is waiting to actively work & be with you in this healing journey...

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