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Some information about do's and dont's during treatment at vaidyagrama

At different stages of your stay in vaidyagrama, different ayurveda treatments will be administered based on your specific need as assessed by your physicians at vaidyagrama. The information given herein will help you to understand more about your treatments and how you can contribute to maximising the benefits from each of these treatments.

Please note that the general information given below is applicable to all the treatmentsPlease read the information specific to your treatment program to prepare well for each of your treatments -

In addition to the above, your physicians may have specific advice for you based on your medical condition and your specific need. Please do follow all the advice rendered to maximise the benefit from the healing process. In case you are unable to follow the advice properly and our physicians feel that it is detrimental to the healing process, they may decide to stop your treatments to prevent any adverse effects. We hope that you understand that all decisions taken are in your best interest.

If you would like to have more information regarding the reasons behind the do's and dont's, please click here; you can also speak to your physicians and request them to explain this in greater detail.

Note - we are continuing to add the details for every treatment listed on this page; for treatments where the details have not been added yet, you may please follow the general advice or check with your physicians regarding the specific do's and dont's.