Things to bring with you when you come for treatment to vaidyagrama -


  • all your relevant medical reports
  • any medication (including allopathic) that you are currently using and cannot be immediately discontinued (please bring sufficient stock to last you through the period you are here)
  • simple, comfortable and modest cotton clothing (based on the season that you are here); it might be best to bring some old clothing which can be discarded if necessary after the treatment (the smell of the oils is strong and hence you may choose not to carry the clothes back home)
  • comfortable non-slippery footwear; and 2-3 pairs of socks for use in areas where footwear is not permitted
  • your music system and some easy-on-the-ear music, mantras, instrumental music, motivational talks, spiritual discourses etc.
  • 1 light sweater or shawl to keep you warm (do check the section on weather to know whether you need to bring more shawls)
  • 2-3 scarves to cover your head and neck (to protect from exposure to sun, wind rain etc.) when you move out of the room
  • essential reading material (please note that our physicians do not advise you to read during the treatment process)
  • herbal mosquito repellant in case you are very sensitive to mosquitoes (all our doors and windows as also the beds have nets)
  • 1 torch
  • 1-2 sheets to cover the yoga mat in the satsang hall when you do yoganidra
An important point
  • Since the treatments are primarily oil based, there is a possibility for mild oil stains or odour remaining on the bedsheets and pillow covers even after going through the laundry
  • In the laundry, the sheets and pillow covers are first put in boiling water and then washed using a non-chemical detergent
  • In case you are not comfortable using these common sheets and pillow covers, please feel free to carry with you three sets of sheets and pillow covers which will be used exclusively for you

 An international patient should also bring -

  • 3 copies of the passport page with the photo
  • 3 copies of the passport page with the visa stamp
  • bank notification / copy of the endorsement on the passport for travellers' cheques (if that is the preferred mode of payment)


Things NOT to bring with you 

  • anything to eat including snacks, chocolates, sweets etc.
  • excessive reading material
  • video DVDs
  • make-up kit, hair dye, nail polish, other cosmetics etc.
  • additives like cigarettes, alcohol etc.

Some Advice

  • The traditional culture in and around vaidyagrama is for women to use clothing that covers their legs completely, and upper clothing with sleeves. To fit in easily into this culture, you may prefer to use similar clothing.
  • Further the treatment also requires that you be completely covered through the entire day to prevent you from catching any fever, cold, cough etc. during the treatment.
  • If you choose to use minimal clothing within your room, please do ensure that you keep the door locked; this will avoid embarrassment for there will be many people who come into your room for several different reasons like giving food, giving medicines, housekeeping etc.
  • Generally the culture in vaidyagrama is that the staff knock on the room door once and then enter unless specifically instructed otherwise by the patient