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December 2010

December 31 2010

Aum! Sarve bhavantu sukhinaH!

It was indeed a very worthwhile period, these 28 days that I spent here at vaidyagrama. Along with the grand silence around, the good natured and courteous behaviour of the staff added to one’s mood of contemplation and the will to heal. For the first time in so many years, my sugar levels have stabilized despite the reduction in insulin dosage. The concept that food is to be taken as medicine and that tastes and flavours are just a making of one’s habits and therefore vulnerable to change and unlearning are truths that I have picked up here at an experiential level. This is the context in which I am leaving here today for my home and clear plans for some real lifestyle changes I think, are in the offing for me. Also, I have rediscovered the power of prayer here – thanks to the prayer sessions of Dr.Ramadas at 12 hour intervals.

K.Balakrishnan Nair

December 30 2010

It was a great experience visiting vaidyagrama and being an inpatient for 6 days. For one, everything is unique, environment friendly and green. This idyllic retreat is one of the remarkable havens of mother nature. The strict adherence to the time old Ayurvedic principles and traditions, the dedicated doctors, Ramkumar, Harikrishnan, Ramadas and others and the loving gentle and efficient staff; all help in making vaidyagrama a jewel of its kind. Kudos to the organizers and best wishes to vaidyagrama.

M.K.Rathindran IPS Retd.


December 27 2010

Dear vaidyagrama

Thank you all for a wonderful experience. I truly feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Everyone here is kind, courteous and helpful. I will definitely encourage my husband and others to come and hope that I will be back soon.

Thank you especially for forcing me to room with Ming. She has made my stay even more enjoyable and become a life-long friend.

I am sure you will have continued success as you expand for the future.

Thank you

Karen Matz Grant


December 23 2010

To All of you who make this place what it is – A dream come true…

Although my ____ was a bumpy one… I leave this beautifully orchestrated vision with a smile in my heart and in my eyes. Never was I met with so many wonderful smiles, never was I so invited to feel at home, as a warmly welcomed family member as here, at vaidyagrama. Doctors, staff, housekeeping, laundry, kitchen – everyone and every where this warm, caring, nurturing feeling of being among friends. Never was a doctor’s round so full of laughter, the cleaning of the room such a happy adventure of playfulness and true sympathy – even at the peak of snehapana….

You have really found the right people for your work, which adds another aspect of deep healing, to the one already present in your dream.

With love and a deep sense of gratitude

Maria Sandblad, Sweden


December 17 2010

Thank you (Gracias) vaidyagrama for a deep exposure to Ayurveda. This was my first panchakarma and it has been quite a journey. As Dr.Ramkumar said so well today, Ayurveda is a mind body medicine. I feel that a shift has occurred for me in mind and body.

You have something very special here. Many hearts and minds combining to bring about such a beautiful vision of well being.  (and loving hands too – offered in moments of weakness)

Though I struggled much of my time here with fear of ghee and milk, I trust that my agni will continue to burn bright and healthy, the results of my time here unraveling over the coming months.

Hopefully I will make it back (when the smell of ghee no longer haunts me, and when construction is over) and see this vision coming into culmination.




December 14 2010

To All Brothers & Sisters at vaidyagrama

First of all I would thank you for giving me a great relief in my health condition. Dr.Ramkumar is a great & remarkable person in the field of ayurvedic medicine. I wish him all success in making this Ayurvedic village a remarkable one in the field of Ayurvedic medicine. So that many patients throughout ca use his services to be benefitted in their health conditions.

I also have deep gratitude to Dr.Ramdas. He has been a great support for  me throughout the last 14 days since I was admitted here. I wish him all success in his career. Please be the same throughout your service.

I also thank Dr.Om and Dr.Vasant for their sincere services rendered to me. I wish them all the best in future.

I also thank all the other doctors & other staffs for all support rendered to me throughout the last 14 days and wish them all the best.

The food was simple, delicious and also very nutritious to health. The room stay also was very comfortable and soothing.

The vision to start this Ayurvedic village was very serene.

Finally I would say that the whole idea to start this Ayurvedic village was simply fantastic.

I wish all success in your future endeavours & to serve the patients in whatever way possible.

With love

Ashok Aynat


December 13 2010

To All at vaidyagrama

Thank you for what you have done to make this place continue to shine as an authentic Ayurveda Healing Village. Thank you, Dr.Ramkumar for your vision and hard work turning that vision into a reality. Thank you to Drs.Ramdas and Harikrishnan for your leadership and guidance. Thank you Drs.Vasant, Omprakash and Somu for working very hard to attend to the patients day to day needs. After 22 days here, receiving authentic Ayurvedic treatments, I can only hope that I will carry with me a renewed sense of rejuvenation, something I will need as I face the large task of opening my own integrative medical practice at home. I want to also honour the ancient wisdom and tradition of Ayurveda in what I do. I now have more inspiration to do so. Thanks in part to all of you.

Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I face the difficult obstacles ahead.

Om namah shivaya

With love

Dr.Eric Grasser MD


December 09 2010

Hare Krsna

Firstly I would like to thank Dr.Ramkumar for his kind and compassionate nature. You are a remarkable leader and I wish you all success with vaidyagrama.

My gratitude goes to Dr.Ramadas and his team. Ddr.Ramadas thank you for sharing my tears and joy. We had more laughter than tears though. To Dr.Om, Dr.Aruna and Dr.Vasant thank you for your kindness. Aparna, keep that beautiful smile and I wish you all the best.

To the rest of the staff at vaidyagrama, thank you for your love and care, its wats make vaidyagrama special, not only for healing but I felt at home here.

O, thank you for allowing me to sing those beautiful bhajans in glorification of Krsna. Please carry on the good service that you are rendering.

I would definitely recommend vaidyagrama to as many people as possible.

Lots of love from Ranga Devi Dasi, ISKCON, Durban South Africa


December 08 2010

To all the angels at vaidyagrama

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Like probably everyone who stays here, I am so moved, so impressed and so awed by the genuine care & kindness everyone on this staff gives each and every day. I felt I was among real angels. Even the gardeners and the cleaning ladies, and children of staff were warm, affectionate, open hearted and made me feel so welcomed and comfortable here. I felt I received the truly traditional Ayurveda and that is why I came here. Vaidyagrama has been a great place for my healing retreat. I feel I reached a place of peace and comfort in myself, and I think the people here and the natural environment and the treatments/medicine made this possible. Thank you for all your support in my healing here.

The food was delicious, simple, healthy and much appreciated. The room was comfortable and beautiful in its simplicity. I love what you are doing here. This Ayurveda village will be a source of much light and love for the rest of the world. Indeed! I think we will be able to see the light of this place from miles out in space! Really, the vision and the unfolding of this vision is beautiful – I will pray for your continued growth and success!

I have a couple little suggestions : maybe get screen doors for the treatment rooms. The mosquitos biting my legs in the beginning of each treatment was very distracting and uncomfortable.

And I think it would be helpful to be informed a little more about what my condition is in Ayurvedic terms – and maybe more info about the treatments and how they work. I WILL SAY that when I ask questions, I do get good answers. Thank you for your awesome care and attention. Dear Doctors! This place has a piece of my heart.


Tiwane, Oregon, USA


December 07 2010

To All the Staff at vaidyagrama

You’re AWESOME! You have been so kind, compassionate, caring, welcoming, nurturing, encouraging and supportive!

You make vaidyagrama what it is, a beautiful place to relax, unwind and heal. Everyone has been so patient and I’ve never seen so many beautiful smiles in one place! I hope to get to say goodbye in person to each of you, but in case I don’t, please know how much I appreciate everything you’ve done for me. I came here to take panchakarma, but am leaving such an amazing group of people, I’m sad to go! I’ve been in India for a few months continuing my Ayurvedic studies & each place I’ve been hasn’t quite had the impace that vaidyagrama has, and the difference is that here it is so obvious that the care comes from the heart. It has inspired me to try and reach your level of authentic, traditional, loving practice of Ayurveda. Special thanks to Dr.Ramdass, Dr.Om (don’t forget to put the Ganesh by my tree), Aparna, Dr.Hare Krishna, Sanjeeta, Safira, Samina, Indu (I love your early morning hat!), Jitendra & Mallika (Thank you for covering me with the duvet when I was feeling weak & cold!). I hope to have the opportunity to come back again…. Soon!!

With love and gratitude

Maxine… London, Auckland


December 01 2010

Dear vaidyagrama

Thank you for a wonderful experience at your healing village! You have not only healed me but have introduced me to an Ayurvedic way of life…..

It is a commendable job you are doing by bringing in Ayurvedic wisdom to the people with your very authentic ways of treatment. You are also offering the patients a communal living with nature, nature in its purest and beautiful form. I would remember the prayers and meditations every morning and evening that are conducted with so much of love and devotion here…. Even mosquitoes love them!

I am deeply moved by the warmth, care and personal touch of doctors here. Thank you dear doctors for all your care and patience… I am also touched by the sheer innocence and dedication of the therapists and the entire staff. Thank you dear therapists for your healing massages and the entire staff for taking such good care… I wish vaidyagrama an astounding success in its endeavours to grow, evolve and reach out to more and more people and serve the humanity… I am leaving this place much relaxed, rejuvenated and healed… may God bless you all.

With love and joy

Sneh Vig.. New Delhi & Saudi Arabia