September 28, 2019

My stay in Vaidyagrama has been an internal journey which brought me to an unknown country. The results are much more above my initial expectations. I learned and experimented a lot. Everybody is doing his/her best. If only people in my country could smile as people here!

Thank you for the great work you are doing to this world.

Christina Gremaud



September 28 2019

I came here to pick up my Husband, so I stayed a few days. I had the most incredible full body oil massage from Bindu.

All the people here are very friendly and caring.

Thank you all for the experience.




September 27 2019 

This is my third time coming back for a short study time with Dr Ramadas and two week treatment under his care. Again receiving all gifts Vaidyagrama has to offer. The peacock’s sound first thing in the morning, the symphony of all birds and insects, the greenery in all the plants surrounding compound, all the sweet calm faces of staffs, the intention of an authentic Ayurveda practice behind everything.

Love and gratitude in my heart always to this whole community, physicians, therapists, administrators, cleaners, cooks, maintenance teams, gardeners, receptionists and many more unseen operations to help make this place a healing home. 

Love all the children and the sounds they make when they are here. They bring joy to my heart. There is always more to improve. Just keep the level of awareness in the Heart Centre always. 

Hoa Tran (Nitya)



September 26, 2019

Vaidyagrama is a silent and unassuming healing Centre which goes on to prove that a medicine alone does not relieve the agonies of patients.

The atmosphere created for patients here is very unique, the rich dense flora which I abundant within, is so effectively thought of and maintained, and is by itself is a great healing addition to the medicines.

Doctors do not sport stethoscope or white coats’ there is absolutely no hurry, while attending the patients. This creates in fact a strong, free optimum field which again is very effective healing factor.

The premises, rooms, treatment centres are very spacious, volumetric and patients do not feel that typical Hospital air. This is no doubt a great appreciable feeling.

The regular Satsang among patients and doctors further reduces the space and give tremendous opportunity for frank questions by patients; it is another factor for effective healing process.

This healing Centre had very effectively brought out that, the time treated healing power resting on spirituality. Every day starts with prayer and ends with Sahasranamam chanting which is attended by all including foreigners, occasional special poojas, which enhances healing process in the their own way.

Above all, an organisation like this has to have multiple levels of service staffs, credits go to management and the staffs in equal measures, services go on absolutely silent and diligent.

Diet is an important part of healing, cooking the food, delivery system is so well set and we had to give whatsoever.

The healing Centre has gone long way to convince us all that how addiction to cell phone, computer and internet hinder the healing process.

There is a well thought of a give and take arrangement for that a dedicated spot, where patients can connect with their near and dear, appreciated.

Sum in total; Vaidyagrama is totally a wonderful healing Centre.

I am leaving home on 26.09.2019 fully satisfied and benefited

Vasantha krishnamoorthy



September 26, 2019

This is my first visit to Vaidyagrama. My daughter Siva Jyothi, who is living at Austin City, USA advised and sent here. Honouring her advice, I came here. I am very much satisfied with the medical gardens grown here by Vaidyagrama for healthy air with full oxygen. Dr Princess, Dr Mini and Dr Sonia treated me well and good. I am satisfied with the treatment given by massage section. I had seen people from various countries such as Vietnam, Brazil, France and Australia undergoing treatment here at Vaidyagrama. Staffs and other employees are very kind and work minded. I am very much satisfied with all services given by the hospital authorities.

Thanking you

Narayana Reddy

Andhra Pradesh


September 26, 2019

Such an unforgettable experience I had here. I would miss the peaceful environment and the friendly people this place offers. All I wish was that I would have been able to do all the treatment as planned. Otherwise, it is a wonderful memory here. I have never been to a place where Doctors are so caring and close, like friends and family members. Thank you for everything.

Ngan Thuy Nguyen,



September 26, 2019

This is the 6thyear I am coming to Vaidyagrama and looking forward to come here next year also. I always go home energetic, fully satisfied with the treatment. The doctors, Dr Harikrishnan, Dr Soniya and Dr Mini are very courteous and polite and you don't hesitate to clear your doubts with them. The therapists were very concerned and took good care. The food has also improved.

I thank everyone for make my stay comfortable in Vaidyagrama for two weeks.

Geetha Vijayakumar



September 25, 2019

This is my first visit for 20 days. The experience was nothing but positive. Dr Harikrishnan explained the procedure and how to keep up with a healthy life outside. I immensely enjoyed all the massages and treatment. Dr Aruna, Dr Soniya, Dr Princess were all very supportive, calm, and pleasant. They helped me whenever I struggled with any procedures. Therapists were all very friendly, exceptionally caring, especially vidya with her consent smile. The environment itself gave a break from the hustle bustle of a city and helped me to relax and I enjoyed meeting people from all over the world in the mandapam every day. 

The daily poojas especially done by Dr Ramadas in his baritone voice was very beautiful. I did struggle with the food a bit, but it is more to do with my habits and I understood the importance of diet especially during treatment. It did get better in the last week though.

I wish to thank everyone and Vaidyagrama for the care and for creating such a beautiful place. Looking forward in coming here the next year.

Aruna Venkatachalam



September 25, 2019

My second time here, and again a beautiful holistic experience like the first time. Special thanks to Dr. Ramanandan for his dedication and care – he makes all the difference!. Thanks also to his team, Dr. Anupama & Dr. Vinod for their continuous vigil & handholding.

Must compliment the staffs training, it is most rare that all staff are always smiling & helpful, without any expectations at all.

Thank you also to Aparna for organizing all requisites so well, as always. Definitely intend to continue coming here as a practice – we owe it to ourselves, and VG makes it possible.

Vishal Chaudhary

Gurgaon, Haryana


September 25, 2019

Hari OM……

Everything is fine.

I really loved my stay here.

I shall make available my collection of classical instrumental music and slokas (audio & pdf) to supplement music played here.

The environment is very friendly, all the inmates, staff and Doctors move very intimately. This is a great thing.

Chandrasekhar Subramaniyam



September 22, 2019

I wish to thank everyone seen and unseen, for this life changing experience, here at Vaidyagrama.

Everybody has been so caring and I am deeply grateful for all the healing energy passed on to me. I will never forget this experience.

I have learned so much here, not only about taking care of the body but also appreciating people and the gifts they bring to their daily lives.

Thanks so much for everything and a special thanks to the amazing Doctors.

I do hope to return to this wonderful place. See you then!


Irene Patricia Dobson



September 22, 2019

Experience as a patient in Vaidyagrama for the second time was quite a great experience, away from the busy routines and schedules into the serene calmness of Vaidyagrama. I really enjoyed the days here, safe and secure in the hands of efficient doctor (special thanks to Dr Harikumar), cared and pampered by the therapists, gentle touch of love from housekeeping and all other staff. A memorable experience in total and no words can express my gratitude.

Heartfelt thanks to one and all

Love to all

Lima Ramadas



September 22, 2019, 

This Healing Centre offer stress free treatment and Even this environment provide new energy to a day. It feels like our own home. Thanking the whole team of Vaidyagrama. Especially Dr Harikrishnan, Dr Soniya, Dr Mini and the therapist Ms. Anju, who helped us for 10 days with their smiling and kind heart.

Keep rocking with green.




September 21, 2019

I am very satisfied with the treatment and even happier with the results. The doctors are so friendly and give you a lot of time to communicate your problems. All the other staffs are also very nice and always ready to help you.

Thanking everyone here.

Thulsi Rajkumar



September 21, 2019

Thanks to each and every one for making my stay here at Vaidyagrama unforgettable.

The love and passion spread here is amazing. Special thanks to Dr Ramadas for giving his whole heart into what he does. It was absolutely a pleasure to have him as a doctor taking care of me. And of course, also a big thanks to all other doctors as well as the therapists.

The whole experiences, care, prayers, treatments, pujas, people around are very delighting and for sure will remain in my heart and memories.

To keep the good spirit or maybe even improve it, a bit more supervision could be helpful. Sometimes the towels were really smelly and haven’t been changed in the room.

The therapists are very loving and absolutely caring, but I sometimes had the feeling that the treatments are to be improved as it was not always aligned with what the doctors have described, just some feedback to improve even more.

Lots of love and hopefully see you soon.

Katia Buergin



September 21, 2019

To all the blessed people of Vaidyagrama, the soil, the trees, the birds, the Cows and the air, Thank you for creating a healing space of loving kindness which is the most important need in our modern day life. Meenakshi and I have benefited so much from your loving care and kindness. We will be forever thankful. May all grace spread through you for healing our Bhu Devi and her Jivas


Robert Sankara Moses and Meenakshi Moses



September 21, 2019

Dear Vaidyagrama family,

Thank you for your care and attention to me. It has been an amazing 20 days journey which I will cherish.

Doctors especially Dr Ramadas makes you feel like family. His prayers resonate the entire day.

The spiritual aspect of the treatment was very fulfilling.

Really enjoyed all the satsangs, Dr Ramkumar’s interaction was very enriching.

I hope to come back soon. Keep up the good work.

Lots of love

P.S- it would be even better if the house keeping department did random checks to see if the towels do not smell & has a soap towel in the room.

Supervision in the treatment room will also improve the standards further.

The doctors may do a check once in a while to see if the treatments are being done in the correct manner.

This feedback is to make this place the best in the world.

Wishing you all the very best always

Nanda Sethi



September 20, 2019

As a student of Ayurveda coming from Australia, to have the opportunity to study at Vaidyagrama was a dream come true. I had an amazing experience, learning one on one with the doctors in such a traditional way. It has been incredible and really brought my understanding of Ayurveda to a new level. To be immersed in the Ayurvedic lifestyle with the prayers, pujas, food, lifestyle, nature, doctors and therapists has given me a very whole experience. The teachings and my time here at Vaidyagrama will be in my heart forever, and I hope to be back very soon. 

Big thanks to Dr Ramadas and all the doctors for having me, for sharing their knowledge and wisdom.

A Big thanks also to Balagrama, for welcoming me and letting me stay with them. Also to all the kitchen staffs for always making sure I had eaten.

Lots of love, to everyone at Vaidyagrama. 




September 17, 2019

Thank you for the opportunity of growing, healing and exploring myself.

I loved the satsangs and learned wisdom in the prayers of Dr Ramadas that made a big shift in my mind, heart and body.

Sorry Dr Harikrishnan that I made some problems and it is now nice for me to see that I can trust you and also tell you about my wishes, feeling and needs.

It was a 3 month way of crying, anger, exploration and so much learning about Ayurveda health and me.

Thanks to Dr Aruna ji, I love her wide open heart and also a big thanks to Sreeshna (therapist girl).

Some things could really be better in future is to create better service for patients to make the stat and healing journey more effective.

I am looking forward to see you all in March again for my start study programme and further healing treatment.

Lucia Maria Strohmeier



September 17, 2019

I really felt calm and peaceful at Vaidyagrama. Everyone is kind and friendly. The staff and doctors are really great. I felt good being here meeting other patients and having the treatment done.

Thank you everyone for this wonderful experience. I hope it goes well.


Nayantara. V



September 17, 2019 

Waking up to the sounds of nature every day, time slowing down, lovingly treated by staff and patient, prayer, group dinners, lectures, conversations, the cats walking in Vaidyagrama, colouring, reading, walking every day, different poojas, the sound of the monsoon rain and of course mosquitoes are all memories we will take with us from Vaidyagrama, Calming the mind, letting go, and breathe. This is our first Ayurvedic experience and it has been challenging. The treatments have been difficult at times. The food was difficult to accommodate throughout our stay but my daughter was in so much pain and was so tired and was beginning to give up when we arrived. Within 3 weeks the level of improvement in her health and well-being and happiness has been miraculous. We are so very grateful to all the Vaidyagrama staffs for this gift they have given to us.

We wish Vaidyagrama the greatest of success in achieving their mission and maintaining this loving experience. 

Sukhvinder Pal and Henna



September 16, 2019

Thank you, to the Divine Vaidyagrama family. Special thanks to Dr Harikrishnan, Dr Aruna, Dr Soniya and Dr Lucy and all the staff.

Anuradha Shaktawat

Udaipur, India


 September 15, 2019

 Lovely Assistants- Indu, Dhanya, Archana.

 Wonderful cleaner - Deepa

 Dear friend Dr Ramadas and awesome team

 Last day at Vaidyagrama- The wailing of peacocks early morning, doves cooing, slightly cold air, walking thankfully out the gate, The dawning of a pale Sky, Many birds singing their joy, In this Paradise of birds, One motor bike starts,  Not a wink of sleep,  Something has lifted in my 70 year old loneliness.  A new life emerging in my being, At long last, New but familiar energy, After many months of being half dead. A new confidence after a Great day of shopping with the lovely Alicia at Fab India and Pothys.

Cynthia Shannon 



September 14, 2019

My two week stay in Vaidyagrama has been a unique experience. Living in a Satwik was spiritually elevating. The doctors, therapists, staffs and other patients brought a special energy to this place of healing. Special were the prayers and the satsangs. I am touched and impressed by the other activities for the communities and that is why The Vaidyagrama has prevailed

Wish Vaidyagrama all the best on its journey

Manoranjana Das Gupta



September 14, 2019

Thank you everyone for a wonderful stay. All the diagnosis and treatments were expertly carried out. The grounds are wonderful to walk around with so much beautiful nature. Everybody was very kind and friendly and was easy to convert to Ayurveda and I am looking forward to eat kichadi regularly. Your goal to create an authentic Ayurveda centre is admirable. However, please indulge me in some constructive criticism.

I feel that you cater to the desires/whims of the patients too much. If you remove the Wi-Fi, I think it would be very good. Many patients seem to spend so long on their laptops/phones every day. Personally I would love to come to a place where phones/tablets/laptops are banned with just a landline for emergencies. Many people like me would love to escape the digital age for a few weeks. It could be a good use for Vaidyagrama. That said, this place is offering something unique and I will recommend it to all my friends

Best Wishes

Arwin Mahindrakar,



September 10, 2019

To all the staff, therapists, Dr. Ramanandan & Dr. Vinod, thank you so much for our incredible stay here. I am inspired by the welcoming, loving approach to everything done at VG – the service, treatments, care and especially the openness in approach to our specific medical issue. It is truly eye opening and transformative to have the opportunity here and after to approach our health in a holistic wat – to reset our lifestyle, diet and mind and to reconnect to body and mind. It was a special place to do that with all of our needs so taken care of, and in a quiet, peaceful place.

Thank you for also reminding me that there is more to rest than sleep. I look forward to carrying these practices with me into everyday life and seeing its impact on our energy and mind.

P.S. It would be great to spend more time while here, learning from our doctor’s wisdom on the ayurvedic science behind our medicines and treatment and on our diet and lifestyle recommendations specific to us!

With lot of gratitude and love, 

Nidhi Hebbar & Geoffrey Charles,



September 07, 2019

To everyone at Vaidyagrama,

Thank you so much for making this such a life changing journey for me.

The wonderful therapists looked after me like family & made me feel safe and supported always. Also Bhagiyam.

The doctors’ compassion and kindness is like nothing I have experienced before.

I learned so many amazing practices and so much wisdom from the satsangs.

There is so much I hope I will never take for granted –

Waking up to the sound of the rain.

The sounds of birds everywhere.

The beautiful smiles of all the staff.

Lovely clean organic food.

Being surrounded by nature at all times.

Fresh delicious cow’s milk.

The sweet smell of incense in the air.

The gentle breeze through the windows.

Watching the sunlight on plants.

Green everywhere.

Sounds of chanting in the distance.

Thank you for the experience,

Felicity Marshal

United Kingdom


September 07, 2019

Came here with lot of pain but going back much relaxed.

I would like to thank all of you for wonderful treatment, thank you guys for the entire care you have provided to me. Thank you, Vaidyagrama.

Lots of love


Kerala, India


September 07, 2019

Thank you to all your staffs, very attentive and pleasant Dr Princess and Dr Harikrishnan, my thanks for all their support during my stay. I enjoyed the satsangs by Dr Ramkumar and learnt a lot of insights and take home the message – all with moderation

Best regards,

Alberto Camacho



September 06, 2019

Thank you, Vaidyagrama for three weeks of treatment and care. The peace and serenity here abounds. Special thanks to Dr Harikrishnan and Dr Mini. They carefully listened to me and guided me through the process. The attendants and therapists were exceptionally courteous and responsive to my needs. Sajith is an extraordinary therapist. I have learned so much and have been given good information and tools that I will need to integrate into my life.

Warmest Regards,

Jeffrey Hart



September 04, 2019

Dear Team,

Thank you for my wonderful stay here. I received exactly what I came for, deep inner peace and calm, which Is the best preventive medicine there is. The beauty of nature, the luxury of simplicity... That is VG; it is such a gift to all of us who find our way here. The passion, commitment and intelligence of the Doctors, The kindness and competence of the therapists and the sweetness of the gentle staff is healing in itself. We are taken care of in body, mind and spirit. 

Then there is the diversity of the clients – You never know who you might meet.

With Love,


Nancy Massoodah Bekhor



September 03, 2019

Thank you for looking after us so gently, caringly and professionally. Thanks to all the doctors, especially the main Man! Also to the other team members. I have secretly planted a chikoo plant in the garden for our next and fifth time. Thank you again to all especially Dr Ramanandan. God bless and warmest salutations! We pray for you and your families. 

Nassim and Mahmood Karrimjee

Tanzania, Sri Lanka


September 03, 2019

I cannot express in words the feeling this place brings to me when I knew there is still hope for my conditions. I am so grateful for finding Vaidyagrama and for the healing it has given me. I will always remember what I learnt here and I plan to practice as much of it as I can even after my two weeks at Vaidyagrama. Thank you to the doctors, therapists and all the rest of the staff for keeping this place in serene all year rounds

Prassanth Vetrivel