September 29, 2018

Om Namah Shivaya to all!

One of my friends in Sydney send me to Vaidyagrama as a present. Indeed, it has been a wonderful experience and more so, because of the caring and nurturing staff, from the top to the bottom range of the ladder in Vaidyagrama.  There is commitment in the heart of the staff, that's the most obvious. I enjoyed myself immensely and look forward to the next time.

With lots of love to all at Vaidyagrama

Swami Paramananda

Victoria, Australia


September 29, 2018

A big thank you to Dr Ramanandan, Dr Anupama, therapist Shyni and all the others for making our stay here so comfortable.  You made us feel like one big family. The attention and care provided by the doctor is commendable. The rest of the staff from reception, housekeeping, and kitchen. Are all so warm and sincere. The general atmosphere here and the greenery around, provided a welcome break from our hectic urban life. Our first time here and hope to be back every year

Mr Mani R

Mrs Sushila Mani

Mumbai, India


September 29, 2018

Thanks to Dr Harikrishnan for his patience and care, and all the doctors and the staff. Thanks for giving us a hope of  a better life.

Teresa Colina Gaige

Mexico, USA

September 29, 2018

Please keep doing Ayurveda this way. Vaidyagrama is like a little Ayurvedic Paradise! You are so fortunate to be here and receive the care and medicines from all the doctors, the staff and the space here. We hope to come back. It is so satisfying to see Ayurveda done well and done right, the traditional way. It is great to have the Poojas also. Satsangs are also wonderful and the daily prayers in the morning and evening make the experience complete and work at all the levels of being. All our gratitude and love.

Cristina Garcia Colina

Mexico, USA


September 28, 2018

Before coming I told myself that it will not work on me.

Today I have no regrets and I say thank you to Dr Athulya and Dr Anupama, the best of Dr Ramananadan of course because it has been a  great experience and they are all enormously patient.

I would return without fail.

Thank you again

Sachiko Paul

Paris, France


September 28, 2018

It was my second time here. My family and I had a very comfortable stay. Everybody was very accommodative of our one year old daughter and they actually treated her like their own.

A big thank you to Dr Ramanandan and Dr Anupama, all of the therapists who treated us and all the members of the Vaidyagrama family. All of this makes this place what it is, a healing village.

Santhosh Kunnakkat and Poornima Mohandas

New Jersy, USA

September 26, 2018

It is a very nice place. We loved it  here for 20 days. The treatment here is very good. The food is also very good. The Doctors look after us with pleasure. Staff duty is timely. 

Ramesh Kumar Agarwal

Mamta Devi Agarwal

Assam, India


September 25, 2018

It is a very nice place and the atmosphere is excellent. Dr Harikrishnan and Dr Mini were so good. They looked after us so well. We love you both. May god bless you both. We would love to come back again.

Archana and Devaki were so good to me. I don't feel like leaving this place. God bless you all.

We will be missing evening prayers very much.

Daily oil massage is wonderful. Sajid is well and I enjoyed.

Mr Sundaram Gunasekaran

Mrs Krishnaveni Bhoopalam

Chennai, India


September 24, 2018

This has been my third short visit and two full Panchakarmas.

Thanks to the doctors, the Ayurveda tradition and above all I am grateful to Lord Dhanwantari for curing a disease condition that modern medicine has no answer for.

The healing experience is so holistic and well enabled by compassionate doctors, therapists and general staff members.

It's a unique spot on the planet, literally.

Love and cheers,


Murari Lal Garodia

Oregon, USA


September 24, 2018

This is my second stay at Vaidyagrama and as much as I appreciated my first visit, this time around my appreciation for the place and mainly the people behind it just grew deeper. There are no words to thank everybody here, all are fully committed to healing and service. This is evident by the level of  the professional approach of all doctors, the dedication of therapists and friendliness and attentiveness of  the housekeeping staff.

You all are a marvellous team who made Vaidyagrama such an amazing and special place!

Can’t wait to come back next year!

Thank you all so much for excellent care and genuine warmth. Very much appreciated. 

Galit Carthy Katalan



September 24, 2018

To my very dear friends in Vaidyagrama,

I conclude my first visit here. It was a good stay in which I was exposed for the first time to some elements of Panchakarma and to the wonderful staff and  place.

Let me express my sincere impression of the Holistic, dedicated and professional approach I have witnessed. Indeed, Ayurveda is an old amazing wisdom but due to its complexity and our times I would  find it extremely difficult to find such a treatment program as you lead. 

As a physician, Alternative Medicine doesn’t usually pay attention to the  many details that show the meticulous vision with which this place was planned and the professional approach in which you treat patients.

I have experienced here some intense process and some extreme dedication to the wellness of patient.

I wish some of this Holistic approach, and dedication could be also be commonly found in the allopathic medicine. I wish you all happiness health and wellness. May you grow but not too much...!!!

I expect to return and am very curious to follow on my treatments in my life.

Much love, Namaste

Revital Kariv



September 24, 2018

Making the decision to come back to Vaidyagrama was an easy one considering the amazing experience I had last time. However, the experience itself was not easy. But the doctors here are with your every step of the way and make you feel like you are truly capable of doing this. This is why even though I wanted to leave on my third day, I stuck on and I am also happy that I did.

Vaidyagrama has once again left me not just healthier but also stronger and kinder (to myself and to the world). It’s amazing how this place and people here fill me with so much compassion. As for the biggest lesson learnt (again the pot in my courtyard did the trick) to live in the present and to go easier on myself.

To Dr Ramadas, Dr Sajna and everyone else here. Thank you so much for everything!

Thank you for accepting my craziness and for hearing me ramble on about silly things. Thank you for making me feel that, all that I am is enough and that I don’t need to be anything different, more or less.

This is not a goodbye because I know I will be back again!

With a full heart and so much love,

Santhoshi Priya Poomalil

Hyderabad, India


September 24, 2018

Thank you to Dr Athulya and Dr Ramanandan for your expertise, kindness, close attention and support.

Thanks to Vaishnavi for your excellent and caring treatments and for just generally looking out for me.

I also enjoyed Yoganidra but would have enjoyed more, if it was later in the day, after lunch had digested.

Also thanks to Mridula for your attempts at singing  me well to sleep.

Christine Joy Tross

New South Wales, Australia


September 22, 2018

Dear Vaidyagrama,

I am very grateful to have this opportunity to live simply for three weeks in a place full of love and acceptance. Thank you Dr Ramadas and Dr Harikumar for your kind and patient hearts and  also to Dr Sajna and Dr Ranjisha for taking care of me. A huge Thank you to Geethu, Kalpana and Vaishnavi for all the laughter we had during the wonderful treatments and also to my cleaning lady who kept my room spotlessly clean throughout.

To everyone in Vaidyagrama, my deepest gratitude for making my stay a profound one. I am taking with me much more than what I have packed in my suitcase.

God bless and till next.

Much love

Yim Ming Yong-Kister Geb Yong

Dusseldorf, Germany


September 20, 2018

It is a lovely place as like as heaven. Everywhere is greenery and the atmosphere is excellent.

Dr Harikrishnan, Dr Harikesh and Dr Mini and all our therapists looked after us with love and devotion. They all are very loving.

Dr Mini gives us homeliness, she loves us as our daughter loves us. We love you Dr Mini.

Mr Suresh Dhandharia

Mrs Durga Dhandharia

Assam, India


September 20, 2018

No place like Vaidyagrama. Forget what you have taught about health and open your mind to natures law, cycles and ways. This will eventually lead you to health. Many thanks to everyone who has treated me like family. I will surely be back for regular treatment.

Best wishes

Joseph Howard Rambin

USA, Hawaii


September 18, 2018

It isn't often we encounter institutions or organisations that have managed to stay true to a vision. Even in Ayurveda we see the teachings modified or ignored for comfort, acceptability, and often profit.

It was an honour and joy to be in an atmosphere here at Vaidyagrama where from the Cleaning staff, to Admin, to Vaidya’s, it felt cohesive, integrated and healing. The care taken by everyone. The efforts towards energetics, Puja and prayer indeed does lift this place up and set it apart.

To those who patiently cared for me Dr Harikrishnan, Dr Mini, Dr Harikesh, Archana, Devaki - Pranams. To those who lit the space with your lights while it was also here: Dr Robert Mrs Lalitha group of Annapoorneshwari temple for a beautiful day of the Narayaniyam - the best Pranams. To the Vaidya Who continues to inspire and teach - Pranams.

Deep gratitude for the healing work you do in the world.

Kara Lynne Aubin

Michigan, USA


September 17, 2018

I had actually come to Vaidyagrama for being with my aunt for a few days who is undergoing treatment here. I could gather a lot about this wonderful place that many people come here with different ailments and go back after complete recovery. That talks a lot about the efficiency and the total dedication of the qualified doctors and the others assisting them. These facts inspired me to take a treatment for a short period for the little aches and pains that I had all over my joints. I should say that was really a good blessing for me and that short term treatment gave me a lot of relief. I wish I stayed for a longer period.

My special thanks to Dr Ramanandan to whom I was able to talk to freely. He had lot of patience to hear our story and that too with a smiling face. Also my thanks to Dr Anupama who visits us daily and soothes us with her kind words. Also I wish to thank Abhila for the treatment she did for me.

I am grateful and thankful to my sister Smt Geetha Mohandas who is behind all the inspiration and her advice really did a good job for me

Thank you all once again,

Usha Rajan Nambiar

Kochi, India


September 17, 2018

It is my third time taking a treatment at Vaidyagrama and always its being great. I always feel well taking care of, rested and pampered when I leave. Big thank you to all my therapists and my doctors Ramanandan and Anupama who made sure I am leaving Vaidyagrama stronger and healthier than before.

Thanks to all the Vaidyagrama staff members for making this a very pleasant experience. I will be back for more.

Greeshma Mohandas



September 17, 2018 

Overall I had a great rejuvenating experience at Vaidyagrama. Though a short stay of 10 days, I am grateful to Dr Ramanandan and Dr Anupama for creating a compact Snehapanam regimen, to help me reclaim my health and get rid of my body toxins. The personalized Abhyangam, Snehapanam and Dinacharya routine help me immensely. I loved the session with the doctor as it was informative, therapeutic and counselling in nature. The next aspect was food. I could see how my body felt lighter with just a few days of the Ayurvedic diet. I am hoping to practice and inculcate this diet into my everyday routine. Third, the therapists were very professional and helpful with personalized tricks. 

I enjoy all the sessions. The low lights, the frequent power outages and cockroaches in the room and given we seek calm and comfort during the stay, these are important factors to rectify at once. 

Thanks for giving me a peaceful and meditative ten days. Will definitely recommend the place to my friends and look forward to visiting soon again. 


Vignesh Lakshmi Narayanan 



September 16, 2018

Dear Ayurveda,

Thank you for gathering these great souls in your name - to create a sacred structure through which your breath could flow.

Thank you for breathing strength & potency into every plant and tree, and giving us a lens through which to understand their properties.

Thank you for illuminating the simplicity and the mystery and the wise and unwise ways of weaving through life's tapestry.

Thank you for providing the means to achieve internal state of balance and bliss among ever changing external circumstances.

Thanks for reminding us to support individual as well as the whole.

In deep gratitude we leave here as emissaries of your light and knowledge.

“There is no gift which excels the gift of life”- Charaka.Chikitsa 1:4:61

Infinite blessings Vaidyagrama. Thank you for the love you have given me

Stephanie Lawee



September 14, 2018

I have tried Panchakarma treatment before at several Western places. Only when I arrived at Vaidyagrama, I realised that I had been treated incorrectly. The key is a doctor, who has a deep understanding of Ayurveda and ability to diagnose and hear people. I am so happy to meet and be treated by Dr Ramanandan.  I feel like finally I found my personal doctor and such a big relief so I do not need to go from one hospital to another and spend money/ time with no results.

Dr Ramanandan is very patient and intelligent, willing to explain problems and how he is approaching healing. This was very important to me.

Satsang’s with other doctors helped me to extend my Ayurveda understanding. Those Satsang’s are blessing because a chance to meet other leading doctors. All of them are very gifted Vaidyas with interesting personalities. This place is amazing not only because of the amazing doctors; it has everything healing natural environment, comfortable and clean rooms, prayers, counselling, very personal approach and amazing therapists. Thank you Shiny, Prajeesha, Mridula for your care. This place offers amazing food also and any individual needs are met (I mean still following healing diet). I had huge food intolerance before I came and this was resolved. Because several doctors are responsible for each block, doctors are available 24/ 7 days of week for any problem. Overall, it is a perfectly managed authentic Ayurveda hospital with the atmosphere of home. And I hope I will be back to this,my second home.


Irina Shchegoleva



September 14, 2018

I returned to Vaidyagrama for treatment after 3 years. It felt like, returning home to all the wonderful doctors, to all the therapists, to all the staff in fact it felt like nothing had changed.

As I get ready to pack my bags and leave I feel like a new person and know that I will be back again and again. For once you have experienced Vaidyagrama you cannot go elsewhere.

Special thanks to my Dr Ramadas for his care, his attention, his depth of knowledge and for his magnificent voice. I will miss our prayer times .I thank you Dr HariKumar who is always patient and kind, gentle and caring. I met new doctors too. Dr Sajna thank you for always making me feel good.

May Vaidyagrama continue to go from strength to strength and may you all continue this wonderful Vedic tradition of spirituality, respect for nature respect for life and respect for all living beings.

Thank you from me to all the wonderful people who make up the Vaidyagrama family.

Om Namah Shivaya!!! 

Viva Gustad Kermani 

Bangalore, India


September 14, 2018

I came to Vaidyagrama on the recommendation of my mother and it did not disappoint me. As soon as you arrive you are made to feel a  part of the community here.

I would like to thank the staff for being so accommodating, kind, and attentive. This is definitely a place where you feel well cared for. You can sense all the good that is done here for the patients and the surrounding community. The experience here has prepared me for a fresh start.


Jamie Lea Macadam



September 13, 2018

Today is our last full day at Vaidyagrama and it’s with a heavy heart that we are writing this note. While we are sad to leave the most nourishing (to mind and body) holiday we have ever had, we are certain that we will be back for more. We call it a holiday but it was so much more. The building, the grounds, the plants, the wildlife, the weather, the staff including the doctors, therapists, and the housekeeping staff,  have all are contributed to a pleasant wholesome faultless time for both of us as a couple. Dr Harikrishnan has been such a ray of sunshine with his patience, his knowledge and experience, his kindness compassion and the ability to ease our troubled minds when we over complicate things. Dr Harikesh and Dr Mini were the reflection of the same. Therapists like Vidya, Athira, Devaki, Lakshmi, and Gireesh were wonderful. Saritha kept our room spotless with a bright shiny smile. And all the people that would walk past our patio as we whiled away the days warmed us up from the inside with their smiles and sweet gestures. Dr Ramadas, Dr Harikumar, Dr Ramkumar and Dr Ramanandan all provided much knowledge at the satsang to feed our minds. The medicines and treatments have worked wonder for both of us and we have no words to describe the gratitude we have for this place and the people. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all that you do, and do so well. We will have no hesitation in recommending Vaidyagrama to the people back in Sydney who are eager for the nourishment this place provides. We were also very grateful to be part of the many rituals and poojas we experienced while being here, in particular the "Sarpa Bali". We love you, we will be back for more.

Erin and Kerayof Benjamin

Sydney, Australia


September 13, 2018

This is a first for both me and my wife to stay in a place like this.

We came with an open minded and strongly believe in Ayurveda.

Vaidyagrama provided a very serene atmosphere plus great staff (from doctors, therapists and the rest). All of them did a wonderful job and made us feel very comfortable.

A special thanks to Dr Ramanandan, Dr Anupama and Dr Ramadas for the regular visits and catering to our needs.

Enjoyed the Sarpa Pooja and Satsangs too.

Thank you and God bless

Gobinathan Nair and Geetha Kanoor



September 13, 2018

Dear Medical, Therapists, Catering, Front office and Housekeeping teams

Thank you for looking after us so well and for your kindness compiled with professionalism.

We leave soon having benefits tremendously.

We hope to return within a few months.

Thank you with our warm regards

Mahmood Amir Karimjee and Nasim Karimjee



September 13, 2018

Thank you to all at Vaidyagrama. An amazing texture and great healing environment. I am especially grateful to Dr Ramanandan for his skilful and infinitive assessment of my health requirements. Also to Dr Kesari, Dr Athulya and Dr Anupama thank you.

You have brought balance energy and lightness back to my body and soul.

I am deeply grateful,

Penelope Sue Payne



September 13, 2018

VAIDYAGRAMA is the perfect place to Slow Down, become more silent and tune in to the rhythm of one's own nature and the nature around you.

The healing offering here is very authentic traditional Ayurveda, but my expectation was to have a more personalized experience. I imagined that the powerful physical treatment would be accompanied by mental and spiritual guidance also and that other aspects such as Yoga, Astrology and a complete discussion of my dosha would also be included. My perception of Ayurveda was that one would build a strong relationship with your doctor and receive treatment and guidance from your doctor on every level of being physical, mental and spiritual.

Despite my high expectation of a more holistic approach, I found my Panchakarma to be very beneficial and professionally executed. Personally I was just looking for a much deeper experience but this is more about my own journey and not a judgement of Vaidyagrama.

I am very happy I came here and I am delighted with the physical results. My skin is clear, my energy levels are high, my emotions feel calm and most importantly I am off coffee.

Thank you to all the doctors and staff at VAIDYAGRAMA. I sincerely appreciate that you adjusted my therapy to suit my needs and deal with me professionally.

Much love and light,

Melanie de Villiers

South Africa


September12, 2018

 "Let Nobel thoughts come to us from all directions" -Rig Veda 

Very happy to be here for the second time.  It's a silent 

retreat zone for me. A place of rejuvenation and self-development. Glad  to  see  Balagrama  and  also   Lakshmigrama  for cows. It's expanding into a city. 

I pray for Dr Ramkumar and all team members, for all happiness, peace and prosperity.  

Hope very soon “Ayurveda University “would come up along with the facilities for Poor patients in the upcoming future. 

Swami  Brahmanishtananda   



September 11, 2018 

My last few hours of 2 months stay here at Vaidyagrama. This time I came with a specific need of the study of clinical assessment with Dr Ramadas. 

He has been so kind, so generous with his time and knowledge. I feel at home following the schedule he had for me 6:30 am. to 7:30 am prayer.7:30am to 09.30 am to visit patients. 9:30 am to 12:30 pm treatments, 2:30 pm to 4 pm, question and answers with Dr Ramadas or Dr Harikumar. 5:30pm to 6:15 pm community Satsang.6:15 pm to 7:15pm evening prayer. 

This  way  of  learning  helps  me  to  go  deeper  into  Ayurveda the way  of  life. 

Life  is  not  only  in  the  head  and  knowledge,  not  only  in  books  but  is  a moment by moment  of  being  in tune  with  nature. 

I  am  grateful  to  you  Dr  Ramadas,  Dr  Harikumar,  Dr Sajna,

Dr Harikesh and each of the  doctors, staff and  this  community  for  this  2  months  of  love  and  light. 

I  will  go  now  to  show  what  I  learnt  and  will  be  back again  next  year  for  more  learning. 


Nithya (Hoan tran) 



September 09, 2018

A very good and soothing place to have lived. I am happy to be here. But I have some complaints in hand also. They should concentrate a little more on the  food. The food you give can be given a little flavour. Every person here is very nice.

Malti Jain and Anand Jain

Delhi, India


September 09, 2018

As communicated to Dr Ramanandan this was our first experience into a deep cleansing program. Overall it was a very good experience. All the doctors were extremely attentive, cooperative, paying good attention to our health issues.

I think the space planning, the greenery, daily prayers, the satsangs were all great parts of the program.

However we have a few humble suggestions-

1. Using the same ingredients but improving the quality of food. We were served too large portions which was given to the cows later. As part of our learning we felt guilty throwing food from our end as we have been trained not to waste even a morsel of food.

2. It would be better to have a joint food location for all the meals.

3. Some simple yoga practices could be added to give added learning to fill in our time.

4. More Ayurveda books could be provided in the library

Overall we were happy and thank all to the  Vaidyagrama team.

Rajni Jain and Mukesh Jain



September 7, 2018

A good place to be, a good place to come back to so much to learn and to put in practice.

Galia Saouma

Goa, India


September 7, 2018

Thanks to all and everyone who makes Vaidyagrama such a special place

Yudhishthir Raj Isar

Goa, India


September 7, 2018

As always my thoughts come to Vaidyagrama first, when I see someone sick. This place has helped me regain my health and I wish all to get the same benefit from the great team here.

Navneet Raman

Varanasi, India


September 07, 2018

Thanks to Dr Harikrishnan, Dr Harikesh, Dr Mini and the support staff of this block for selfless service.

Yoga breathing techniques and chants of Dr Ramdas were only reason to wake up by 5.30 am.

Renu Bhandari



September 7, 2018 

This is my first time at Vaidyagrama. I chose Vaidyagrama mainly because of the clarity of Information and the focus on healing without compromising the core principles of Ayurveda for the sake of modern needs - Wi-Fi internet etc. 

I am glad I choose Vaidyagrama.  The entire stay was so peaceful and transformative. I stayed with my parents who also experienced an incredibly peaceful stay. Thanks especially to therapists (Kalpana, Geethu, Vaishnavi, Nimmi, Chiru, Vinod and Biju), housekeeping staff (Bhagyam and Jaya) and those in reception and the administrative office (Aruna, Jincy, Athira, Manju and Ganesh). Everyone at Vaidyagrama truly follows the community spirit and take care of the patient like their own family. 

Overall we had a great experience.  I hope to continue my association with Vaidyagrama in future. 

Kiruthiga Raguraman   



September 6, 2018 

Overall experience was good which is away from your corporate life, meetings, noise, traffic and pollution etc.  

Of course there is room for improvement always. 

Rooms - the doors are not made in a proper way because you struggle to lock. Every time it hits up leaving it  as if unlocked.  

Food - I have learnt something  of diet and I believe with the same ingredients one can cook better food,  The food quality is not very great and  you can bring more varieties within the diet.  The food and same dishes and tastes could have had more  varieties. This should be controlled because it is obviously depressing. 

Therapists - I give 5 star by rating to Sainudeen but apart from him  most of them are not being fully informed. This can be done in another way as this is creating a lot of gap between doctors and therapists. Otherwise all the other staff like head office, back office, house-keeping are all  beloveds.

Ramesh Rajasekar 

Bangalore, India


September 4, 2018

I was very ecstatic to come back to Vaidyagrama after 6 years. I recalled how good the doctors were and how pampered we get here. It is a home away from home. I have been very happy with Dr Mini Dr Harikrishnan and Dr Harikesh. Their attention to details and care taken is impeccable. They are all too good.

I have enjoyed the Satangs in the afternoon which were not there before. Because of my thirst for learning more all the time. Life is a process of learning and I am happy to have all my questions answered. All in all the hygiene of the kitchen and food needs to be improved tremendously and care taken to prepare meals under strict supervision especially because me and my daughter have stomach issues. Food quality and hygiene have to change.

I liked everything else, the help given to village around, and the friendliness of all the doctors was also very good. Would also prefer to have my laundry done separately; because of skin issues.


Dr Ramdas for his prayer sessions was EXCELLENT Too. Dr Ram Kumar for his SATSANGS Too.


Love Jyoti.

The main point that I want to stress on are the following:







Jyoti Badlani

Victoria, Australia


September 3, 2018

Om Namah Shivayah!

May lord bless all the doctors, therapists, and staff with good health, long life, peace and happiness to continue this divine service. This healing place is unique and rare.

Thank you to keep it alive and beautiful.

Om Shanthi

Swami Sitaramananda



September 3, 2018

Thank u all doctors, therapists, and staff, for a wonderful healing time, I am always happy to return here and always leave feeling recharged and renewed. Thank you for all your care and for keeping this tradition alive and vibrant.

Swami Narayananada



September 2, 2018

A huge thank you to Dr Ramadas, Dr Harikumar Dr Krishnadas their knowledge, good will, advice, and helpfulness which were amazing. Thanks also to Bindu and their team, they cared for me as if I was a defenceless child. It was a beautiful experience. This wonderful treatment was supported by the prayers and Pranayama which held the whole experience tightly in love and happiness.                                                                                       

My body has been cleansed and rebooted back to its happy contented and natural state.

My mind of swinging negative thoughts has gently fallen and calm. The relief is enormous and the experience light and joyous.

So many thanks to all


Bronwyn Kaye Morley

Melbourne, Australia


September 2, 2018

I have the privilege to spend almost 4 weeks here. It has been an incredible experience of healing as well as learning. Healing - because I have found more solutions than what I was looking for. I have been very impressed by the outstanding doctors team who are looking for the best for each of us even if it is challenging for them. I have found understanding, passion, compassion, never give up type of attitude and determination. Learning: because going to the satsangs has been a truly extraordinary experience of getting much more knowledge about Ayurveda principles and values it has helped tremendously to be more connected to myself and then to improve and enhance the healing process. The patience of the place, being at home feeling have brought much more serenity and peace in my heart. I have been very touched by the community engagement which has been thoroughly taught and assigned for the good sake of the people. The social initiatives are very impressive and more financing with donations will have to help this project. It is why I believe that the concept of 'Ambassador Patient' has to be initiated where each patients who is willing to will become an ambassador of one of the initiatives and then pomote that initiative in their companies and friends to take for donation

Thanks again for everything

Colette Casimir

Paris, France


September 01, 2018

Vaidyagrama Team

We observed following Things.

1.     Vaidyagrama doctors and staff are very familiar to the patients.

2.     Doctors and staffs are very punctual and sincere to his duty.

3.     I like to go to prayer morning and evening.

4.     Natural Scenes in Vaidyagrama is very beautiful.

5.     Diagnosis and research blocks are required in Vaidyagrama campus.

6.     Vaidyagrama branches are required in various part of India for promotion of Ayurveda.

Thanks to all Vaidyagrama Team.

Rajnish Kumar

Mamta Jaiswal

UP, India