October 31, 2019

This is my first experience and encounter with Ayurveda. In my two weeks at Vaidyagrama made me understand the power of Ayurveda in the healing process.

I learnt much about how our bodies function and the importance of healthy food and balanced nutrition, in order to enjoy a healthy life. The emphasis on other aspects, such as, reducing stress and anxiety and the benefits of living with nature enlightened me hugely.

I found the Satsangs enormously stimulating and very informative and provided me a strong and practical basis for the future.

Strangely, I started quite early to enjoy the food and do not miss tea/ coffee or spicy food – AMAZING!

Thank you Dr. Ramanandan, Dr. Anupama, Dr. Vinod, Dr. Ardent for your patience and dedication. The team of Doctors are truly professionals and caring and so are the therapists.

The holistic approach to healing and integration of sustainability to all aspects of Vaidyagrama is truly amazing!

Greatly appreciate the experience!

Dianeetha Sadacharan



October 31, 2019

Thank you for your care and attention. Everyone shows respect and love. I will go home with not only better health but with a better understanding of how to stay that way. I loved the food and would love for you to put out a cookbook. Maybe you could share a recipe a week by email and at the end of the year your cookbook could be ready to put out. I enjoyed the quiet and the time and space to rest. I seldom have enough although it is a priority for me. I loved the space with the abode, skylights, outdoor space, the nature right outside the window and the natural solutions like herbal water purifying and mosquito repellent. I liked the lecturers and educational component. And the incorporation of prayers morning evening and before treatment. Thank you so much for all.

Angie Merritt



October 31, 2019

So much loving kindness I have found here! There seems to be respected and attentive care from and to everyone. Treatments that begin with prayer and end with full gratitude every day are such a blessing, and the availability of the doctors is extremely rare in my experiences to date and I am 75 year old.

Thank you for this care filled stay. It is an example and will seek to repeat in my endeavours at home. I have gained a deeper understanding of how Ayurveda is a way of life and will cures. This with me to share with others also and see how my daughter has been growing in love, with this, family and I rest in her happiness.

With gratitude

Virginia Roberts


October 29, 2019

With deepest gratitude to all in this Vaidyagrama community – that aims to bring authentic Ayurveda for universal wellbeing. This is my ninth stay here, the healing nourishes, the simplicity enriches. Leaving here blessed and nurtured by their compassion. A rare gem that shines as Vaidyagrama.

With Respect and Gratitude

Yazdi Jehangir Bankwala



October 29, 2019

A place of tranquillity where you will find authenticity, ancient wisdom and people with genuine willingness to treat you for the better. One has to be blessed to be here. If you find this place, consider that you been lucky due to some good karma. The touch of the community, the sincerity and collective efforts they all put in is divine. Thank you.

Dr. Ramanandan, Dr. Vinod and my two therapists – Suraj & Santosh for making me feel that things are possible by believing. I am going back today with a revived confidence and only to come again with my friends and families. MASHA ALLAH!

Mahbub Rahman



October 27, 2019

Another wonderful experience – Thank you to all of the Doctors and staffs for a wonderful healing. See you all next year.


Lorille Ann Gillmore



October 26, 2019

It was great experience to be in this clinic. So wonderful that there is a place on the earth, where you can feel calmness and harmony. Special thanks to Dr. Harikrishnan and Dr. Princess Lucy and great team that took care about us and our health.

With love

Daria Merkulova and Margarita Bauer



October 26, 2019

Thank you Vaidyagrama for providing me the medical attention required for the ailment. I have been suffering for quite a long time. I enjoyed the stay at Vaidyagrama especially the environment and location. Thank you for making me feel like I was getting the best care.                                            Housekeeping was excellent which deserve an accolade.                                

I thank Doctors both seniors and juniors, therapists and also all staff members.                                                                      I thank you all once again.

Muralidharan Balakrishnan



October 25, 2019

It makes me very happy you have been able to stay at a place whose entire culture focuses on harmony within everything. I have found the substance to be very informative and useful for me, to get a glimpse into the world of Ayurveda. I shall remember fondly, the doctors and staff, whose care and treatment were pleasant and tender. 

I have developed an immense respect for this institution and the people responsible for its existence. I wish you all a pleasant journey ahead. See you very soon.

Rahul Bandaru

Hyderabad, India


October 25, 2019

Dear Vaidyagrama family,

My 15 days here has been an amazing journey. I came without any expectations and that way I am going home with loads of learning about Ayurveda, the simple eating, that understanding of the fact life can be wholesome and happy with simplicity. There has been a lot of time to go within and purge.

The staff each and every one of them are so loving and served with love and heal with compassion. I met all the doctors and have immense respect for each and every one of them. I have full faith that my foot is healing and it will be cured completely. The many friends I met, the satsang, the prayers and the whole atmosphere vibrates with positivity and healing I found a lot of peace.

Thanking everyone here for such wonderful experience I had, I am sure I will be back for a 21 days program.

Best wishes.

Sananda Ghosh (Shoma)



October 24, 2019

Thank you Vaidyagrama for providing such a nurturing, healing and spiritual environment for us to rejuvenate in. We have felt these fifteen days just fly by..!                                                                     Thank you to our wonderful doctors Dr Ramanandan, Dr Ardent and Dr Anupama and to the staff in block 6 especially Devaki and Vaishnavi for attending us with so much care.                                                                                 Vaidyagrama is truly special and a haven in every way for city dwellers like us. See you next year..! God bless..!

Thank you.

Radhika Hoon and Shharyu Chopra

New Delhi,India


October 24, 2019

To my dear Vaidyagrama family,

While this was a very short visit it was wonderful to reconnect with everybody and be reminded of the immense benefits I received from my panchakarma last year.

Dr. Ramadas Once again did a wonderful treatment for the corns on my feet and the pain disappeared immediately.

Everybody as always was warm, positive, helpful and kind. I’m most looking forward to returning for my Panchakarma next year.

Till then I wish you all the very best from the bottom of my heart. Please accept my love, respect and gratitude! I look forward to being return next year.

Keep shining the light.

Ruman Kidwai

Mumbai, India


October 23, 2019

Simply amazing!

Everything about Vaidyagrama is love. The doctors are incredible, attentive, caring and generous with their time. The staff are so happy, cheerful and cordial. The food is very good. I am/ have always been excited to find out what we will be eating next, especially during the group dinner which are lot of fun. The Satsang, what a basketful of information of knowledge. Information to be treasured and taken by us back home to practice of continue learning from. I came here with my personal baggage load and issue. I leave light, healthy and happy. This is my first visit to Vaidyagrama and it certainly will not be the last. Vaidyagrama is a treasure to be shared and so it will be done. Trust me this experience will be share to everyone I know.

Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you.

Heidi Erland



October 23, 2019

To one and all Vaidyagrama,

Thanks for everything kashayam, treatments and above all the care real humanity, care, respect, love, kindness, gentle touch with that attitude came with no thoughts, but going back with all recollected memories of life and all the love and kindness of good people like you all a talent still to be received all over.


Roger Judah



October 22, 2019

Dear Vaidyagrama,

I feel so grateful to have spent the last two weeks here. Everyone here is so kind and warm. The doctors, the therapists have been very generous and kind with their advice, their touch and even with their smiles, and loving here with so much peace in my mind and lots of love in my heart. Thank you for creating such a beautiful place with beautiful people.

Tammy Vaneycke



October 22, 2019

Dear Vaidyagrama

Upon arriving here, I could at once feel what a special place this is. All the attention to detail so lovingly designed. Every moments of your staff whether teaching, satsangs, cooking, prayers, giving treatments, cleaning, laundry, gardening, front desk help, all added to the enjoyment of being here. I leave here with new ideas of finding happiness in every day and I will miss the food I like it. Many blessings with your continued work here with expanding, community outreach and sustainability.

Holly Yvette Berg


October 21, 2019

Thanks to Dr. Harikrishnan that I find myself healthier and fit from inside after all the years he has been treating me. Thanks to his team of doctors Dr. Aruna, Dr. Princess, Dr. Sonia and Dr. Mini, the therapists, housekeeping staff and the kitchen staff who all make our stay comfortable with a smile.

Thank you Dr. Harikrishnan you have been God sent to me. God bless you and your family. Next year I will surely visit with Tatayana ji your far patient.

God bless you all for your selfless dedication.

Kavita Sinha

Kolkata, India


October 21, 2019

My gratitude to the entire Vaidyagrama team! Thank you very much for taking care of me so well! The Satsangs have given me a new perspective and I am now able to connect the dots and it was an enriching experience! The Sarpabali Pooja was one of its kind I haven’t attended one before it was so intense and powerful! I am sure all these experiences and with all your blessings I will get well soon.



Coimbatore, India


October 20, 2019

I was longing to go to an Ayurveda centre and the opportunity came through a friend for Vaidyagrama and I jumped on to it. My 11 days in Vaidyagrama was perfect. I was a little sceptical of whether I will be able to sustain. But thanks to all doctors specially Dr. Harikrishnan who build the confidence through various settings. I developed a feeling of complete surrender and trust that I am in best possible hands.

The other doctors like Dr. Sonia, Dr, Mini, and Dr. Princess were ever smiling and supporting us throughout the day and stay.

The food was sometimes not up to our taste but then as I came to know that this kind of food support the healing process, I stopped complaining.

The staff is also very humble, liked Athira very much. The stay would have been a perfect one had not been for the cockroaches. Request you all to do some kind of pest control for this menace. 

Thanks everybody for a wonderful experience and I hope to go back home as a better human being, healthier, calmer and happier.

God bless you all.

Mamta Mohnot

Kolkata, India


October 19, 2019

Vaidyagrama honours the name as it states, far away from city, pollution and what not..! The mind and body both are relaxed at this place even though if you think you can’t, the people (staff, Doctors and therapists) everyone around makes it so simple to do so.                                                              Therapists Dhanya and Shiny and others are experienced and helps to sooth me and relax in all aspects during treatment.                                                                                                                                Doctors Dr Ramanandan, Dr Anupama, Dr Vinod, Dr Ardent, all was providing the best of treatment.                                                          

There is so much positivity at this place that helps for quicker healing. Keep doing the good work. 

All the best.


Hema malini  Bhuvanagiri



October 19, 2019

Vaidyagrama – Ayurvedic centre full of kindness and bring their cent percent efforts to those who are here for treatments. Truly happy and thankful to all of their efforts in taking care of my health.

D Puviarasi



October 19, 2019

The centre of excellence and vibrant positive atmosphere is seen in the campus. Special mention to doctors and all other employees in discharging their duties respectively. Many more areas where the results to finishing are beyond one’s imagination and expectations.

Regards                                                                                                                                                                      A.R Dhalasayanam



October 19, 2019

Dear friends, sweet family, 

Since I start to talk with Aparna I felt a lovely attention. When she ends the email she write ‘with warm wishes’ it marked me and I started to use also. And this was only the beginning that was waiting for me. My goal in my life was work and live in a love way. True and unconditional love way, and I am blessed to find people like you and places like Vaidyagrama that teach me a lot to recognise my essence.

Right now, I’m listening a wonderful classical music that touch my heart and inspire me to write for you all in each detail, in each sound, in each word, in each look, in each smile, in each flower, birds, in each plant, in each tree, in each doctor, therapist, in all staff, exactly in all and in at all details has a healing intention.

I believe that love also it’s expressed in the details, and here on Vaidyagrama I also found these details. Take care for me means also, take care of the details. Here I see that have a true intention of expressing love in all the ways that the place and people can share.

I wish that God continue to bless all the people from here, that are here who have already passed here and who will still come and to bless this beautiful work to continue healing and inspiring people and caring of the community and nature.

Thank you so much for that do this for the world. 

Thank you for take care of me. 

With love.

Fatima carine



October 18, 2019

To say thank you seems almost trivial and limited. I am grateful to each and every person here who had the patience to take care of me with so much kindness. 

I am so grateful that Vaidyagrama stays true to the teachings of Ayurveda.                                           May this community remain pure and continue helping many many people to heal their spirits.             

Best wishes for all your intentions manifest in the smoothest way. 

Uttara Venugopal



October 18, 2019

To my dear Vaidyagrama family thank you for always receiving me with such compassion love and generosity. The careful attention of all the staff is always moving. Your example of an alternate way of living, in content collaboration with nature and in community is thus inspiring. Thank you to my doctors, my amazing therapists, housekeeping and all the kitchen and garden staffs who works tirelessly to ensure we are well looked after until we meet again, be well. 

Love and blessing.

Ayesha sabat



October 16, 2019

This was an incredible experience! I am an Ayurveda doctor in the states and first time having panchakarma in India. Not only did my condition improve I have learned so much in the process. This wealth of knowledge will surely benefit my patients back home. I am in awe in how Vaidyagrama has created an authentic, traditional Ayurveda hospital that is sustainable in every way. And the staff were superb. From their cleanliness, kindness, and beautiful warming smiles, I felt right at home. Cannot want to return! Short to my outstanding doctors Dr. Aruna, Dr. Harikrishnan and Dr. Sonia. 

Thank you from my full heart

Dr. Abbey Leigh



October 15, 2019

This is my first visit to an Ayurveda centre. Though a short one, it was a wonderful experience. The doctors were very cordial with patients, willing to listen to all our problems and giving suggestions and remedies to all of these. The support was equally helpful and made my stay pleasant and memorable one.

Manoj Mohnot 

Kolkata, India


October 15, 2019


In Vaidyagrama though my language was a barrier I was well attended with gestures, Google, cry and laughter. We understood each of us. I became transformed. I met people and found myself. I am sure my process of curing started.

Gratitude to the gods.                                                                                                                                                                Gratitude to the Vaidyas.                                                                                                                                                Gratitude to therapists.                                                                                             

Gratitude to the whole team.                                                                

Gratitude to Lord Dhanwantari.                                                                                    

I believe Ayurveda.                                                       


Anna Poula Herrerias Parsekish santos (Anuradha)



October 15, 2019

What a vision, what an apostle of our dharma and tradition.

Words fail me in describing this abode of “Vaidyagrama”. The structure and layout is breath-taking. The design is so innovative and well considered. The greenery and earthiness is so core and charming. But it is the people who make this place such a Divine Place.                                                                                                      Smile, Service and Simplicity, 3 mantras of people, be it Doctors, beyond all this Dr Ramkumar.

We are blessed to have this place. This is a role model for development. Health, Care, Service, Quality and much of love put together.         

You will see me a lot more here, every year.

With love, regards.

Raja Krishnamoorthy and Meera Krishnamoorthy



October 15, 2019

A place where vulnerability and healing intersect, by choice and intent. May it remain uncorrupted and true in objective and intention. A great meeting place for extra ordinary individuals. The interactions feel nourishing and part of the journey. Grateful for all the efforts by each and every one.

For everything Unknown with the Known.                                                                                                                                       For everything Unseen with the Seen.                                                                                                                                                I Bow to you.

Thank you.

Preeti Rana



October 15, 2019

To my roommate Anne,

Great opportunity to share so many good conversations about our personal experiences and about learning from the gurus we follow, to share this enriches our soul, you are a person who has been searching your prana for a long period and sharing this insight travel with everyone. I feel you as a brave woman who decoded to do and think from the heart, you follow your dreams and make them happen and that is what life is about. It has been so good to have met you, “even though you woke me up”. You take things as they come and that is a great lesson in life. 


To Vaidyagrama,

To each and every one who has made this place possible, thank you! If someone would have explain about this experience perhaps I would have been scared, you have to go through different process to understand that everything is done for a good reason. Although there are moments we do not understand it and we want to run away.

I felt cared protected and love!

Something you really need when you are going through such a huge process of healing from body and mind. 

Thanks to everyone.

Pilar Basterica



October 14, 2019

I would like to congratulate all the doctors at Vaidyagrama for creating the Ayurveda experience in its authenticity and fullness. Really appreciated the satsangs which touched on various topics to get us to understand the treatments and its reasons clearly. I am grateful that the staff and all the doctors are so humble, approachable and caring. It was like elders of our family taking care of us.

Special thanks to Dr. Princess who paid heed to every need of our stay. Also a warm thanks to Dr. Harikrishnan for patiently listening and explaining the treatments.

I would but request the person in charge of maintenance to please take care of the cockroach menace. It is the only experience in the centre which is not allowing to fully enjoy our stay.

With best wishes.

Bhavika (Kriti) Chhabria

Mumbai, India


October 13, 2019

Dear all,

I recently heard about Vaidyagrama through my friend Shy, and had minimal knowledge of Ayurveda. After spending these 14 days here, I have not only learnt a lot from the Satsangs and discussions but also discovered Ayurveda experimentally through my body and mind and have first-hand knowledge about the healing effects of this practice and lifestyle.

For that I want to thank all the Doctors and therapists and staffs for making my time here so beautiful and beneficial.                                                                                                                                                                            I will definitely miss this place. The trees, the delicious food and kind smiles are so well received.

With love and respect.

Nicola Leahey



October 13, 2019

When I entered Vaidyagrama my firm thought was what an enchanting place I was welcomed in traditional way. Dr. Sonia received me and the journey of two weeks began. I was curious to know this beautiful place. I wandered around and met beautiful people. 

Vaidyagrama is a beautiful healing place. Dr. Harikrishnan is such an expert and easy to communicate with doctor, I could share all my problems, Dr. Mini, Dr. Sonia, Dr. Princess as well. As all these doctors are wonderful, humble, sympathetic and empathetic. These are the qualities I always look for in my doctors along with their expertise and I found these all in doctors here. Dr Mini always has smile on her face that made me feel good every time she come to check me up. Dr. Sonia is wonderful and suggested some helpful tips. Dr Princess was equally concerned about me have spoken to me at length, Dr. Aruna shared beautiful essence of herbs. Room therapist Ms Anju made sure I have required things in the room. Ms Athira and Ms Sreeshna were great at therapies. Ms Sreeshna made me feel good with her healing massage, both were checking about me being comfortable. Morning and evening prayers, Satsang, Other special prayers etc were all wonderful and healing. 

I especially enjoyed group dinner not only for the reason that food is delicious but everyone mingling with each other and having joyful moments. My stay at Vaidyagrama is one of a kind and I will have all healing memories. I am very thankful to healing Vibes and beautiful and smiling and ready to help staff. I am grateful to Dr. Harikrishnan for perfect diagnosis and treatment plan and his ground to earth behaviour. I am also grateful to Dr. Mini, Dr. Sonia, Dr. Princess and Dr. Aruna for concerns they showed and empathy towards me. I loved my stay at Vaidyagrama. I will come back and also recommend this healing Centre to family and friends. 

With love and gratitude. 

Pradnya Umrani 



October 11, 2019

Thanks and gratitude for all the teams which makes this Ayurvedic Centre unique.

I think duality is not real in seeing good or bad thing are not my goal here. But I found this book repeats duality. I can only say that which didn’t expect a hospital concept here being treated as a patient. The website shows a resort healing centre. I was looking for more a healing centre without this hospital main focus and services.

Of course I didn’t have severe health issue was looking for an Ayurvedic experience.

The experience was nice with the treatment that was my favourite us part of the day.

I would expect 2 treatments per day as it was too short and the day was too long not being able to go out to connect with nature.

A bit Extreme to do nothing during the day and no sun rays.

I expected more tasty Food.

But I was impressed to hear about other patients with severe health issues who were having good results with the Panchakarma that is great and did six days only but enough for me as I don’t like the hospital concept in a holistic place.

I must admit this six days allowed me to do really nothing and read more and meditate more.

Thanks again for the team and being apex to my views and requests during my stay.

Wishing all the best.

Gratitude and love.

Olivia Sophie



October 10, 2019

I stayed in Vaidyagrama for 24 days. From the day I walked in the staff transpired care and kindness and everyday thereafter. The devotion of the staff and doctors is endless. The environment is very soothing. I also enjoyed the satsangs and other activities. This is truly a healing village which I hope to return to in future.

Thank you.

Vickie Kay Wurscher  

Minnesota, USA


October 10, 2019

What a blessing these three weeks of treatment have been for me with the oil that was powered on my body. I received all the love and my body needed in order to rejuvenate. Thank you the therapists! With the food brought there thrice a day. I received all the nourishment needed for my digestive system to be happy. With the afternoon Satsang I received an education so important for body and mind now and in the future. Thank you doctors. Finally with the prayers and amazing pujas hopefully my soul has been like too. Ohm Shanti Shanti Shanti. Thank you so much to all who have made my stay here so amazingly pleasant and thank you to mother Earth. 

With love and gratitude.

PS. Thank you to all those smiley faces we see around, the cleaners, the fumigators, the cooking team, the receptionist, gardeners etc.

Anne Jullette Grossen



October 07, 2019

Dear Vaidyagrama doctors and staffs,                                                                                                                                                 Thank you for taking good care of me during my stay here. I very much appreciated the kindness of everyone and the attention to small details to make patients more comfortable. I hope I will be able to take forward the lessons I learned here. 

With kind regards.                                                                                                                                                                                   Ritu Ragini Gambhir

Delhi, India


October 04, 2019

All of the staff, including doctors, therapists, housekeeping and admin were warm and wonderful. The village was very welcoming from the moment of arrival. A few negatives include very hard beds, food that is difficult, at least to western patient and a distinct lack of feedback and information from the doctors as to the makeup of the treatments, medicines and their intended effects.

Richard Mark Glover



October 04, 2019

I have enjoyed the past seven days in this healing village. Everyone I encountered was warm and friendly. The therapists were reassuring and did their utmost to make me comfortable during the treatments. The village atmosphere is peaceful and calming to the mind and soul.

Melissa Ann Crook



October 04, 2019

Thank you. You have built a paradise of healing connection. I am forever grateful.

Joseph Michael Iadanza

New York


October 04, 2019

What a beautiful healing centre you have created. What an honour to have been able to spend time here in this beautiful and serene place with warm, compassionate healers.

Karla Dixon

New York


October 04, 2019

This how green and very peaceful and relaxing week. The smiles, kindness and care of the entire staff is very heart warming. I am as glad and remember with love.

Peggy strable

Arizona, USA

October 04, 2019

Thank you, I love Vaidyagrama, I have never seen such genuineness in people like I have here. From the cleaning staff to the doctors, every heart shines. Thank you for taking such good care of my mind and body. I look forward to making all of my concoctions and taking all of my medicines when I arrive home, ha ha!

With Gratitude.

Alice Arthur



October 04, 2019

I felt better in this place. Treatment was good liked it very much. Therapist did the treatment well, I liked food sometimes and disliked sometimes. Doctors all spoke well to me. I liked Deekshitha, I felt her to be like my daughter.

Panchavaranam Veerapathiram



October 04, 2019

Treatment was good. Therapists were good. I liked the food. All people around here are good and with smiling faces.




October 04, 2019

This stay has been absolutely wonderful, so peaceful and everyone who works here is so kind and compassionate. I will miss my therapists Anju, Athira and Vibitha. I am so sad to leave here. Dr. Mini and others are excellent and kind. I am hoping to come back next year and stay a little longer.

Amani Murray 



October 04, 2019

Thank you for the lovely environment to continue my healing. I have much gratitude for the staff for their care, knowledge and compassion. 

With love.

Wendi Ann Hessner

Colorado, USA                                                                                                                                                               


October 04, 2019

My stay here was for 7 days as a group with Indu Arora with yogsadhna..                                                     I am from Milwaukee Wisconsin.                                                                                                                                                                  I had a very difficult start because I asked Indu about the mosquitoes and heat and she said they were mild to nil. To me it has been so very hot and my skin was full of bites.                                                                                                                                                        Also I was surprised that there was no treatment during menstruation. Since the trip was scheduled during the new moon and for just 7 days.                                                                                                                                         During the first couple of days with high Pitta and so many uncomfortable surprises, the staffs were very kind to me and worked so hard to help me catch my balance. A very sweet man whose name starts with ‘P’ delivered smoke every day to protect me from the mosquitoes and no one laughed at me for wearing so much scarves. Luckily I brought instant ice packs and it helped me to cool down on occasion.

Shiny was patient with me and was so confident in guiding me through m treatments at the end of the week. I could listen to her beautiful deep voice all day. I also had a gift of a Hand and Foot massage each evening, and I was so surprised by the gentle act of love of a treatment in my 3rdnight that I cried the whole time. The next two nights, I had a woman whose name starts with ‘B’ and she had me lay down for this. We had wonderful chats with her excellent English. On the second night we sang with her.    

Overall, I was able to meet some deep challenges here and found some balance with them. I also hope that it will lead to more healing as I follow this advice at home. I lose nearly 1 pound per day and hope it will stay off and even continue.                                                                                                                                             I will remember the visual beauty here with great detail and fondness. The smoke, flower bowls, trees in our block, center and covered walkways are my favorites. In gratitude for patience, beauty healing, care taking and wisdom.

Thank you.

Heidi Ann Parkes

Wisconsin, USA


October 4, 2019

Wow! We began our first trip to India with a week stay at Vaidyagrama. The level of care is not something I have experienced in other medical institutions. You offer true loving kindness. I appreciated that all of the staff took time to answer questions and explain Ayurveda. Your staff is patient and knowledgeable.

The treatment were wonderful. The food amazing. I wish I could have participated in a cooking class. The prayers were beautiful. Loved the group dinner night. I also appreciate the incredible atmosphere that is Vaidyagrama. So impressed with your efforts to respect the natural environment. The surroundings are lovely.

Thank you for taking such good care of us and for introducing us to your incredible world. 

In peace.

Stacey Cronin



October 4, 2019

What an amazing experience for Stacey and my first week in India. Every event and everyone was beautiful.

Thank you.

Todd young



October 4, 2019

This trip and stay at Vaidyagrama has been exactly what I needed. I put full faith in my yoga teacher Indu and Dr Ramadas, the healing community and as a result I am feeling so much better just in a short days. I have had low back pain chronically since 2014 and since my stay here. I have had no pain in my joints and I am able to lay flat on my back without needing to bend my knees to stop the back pain.

My body, mind and heart feel complete gratitude for this time here and honour to be able to experience this intentional healing environment.

I wish everyone here peace and love in their hearts and hope to stay in touch also thank you to Anjali, Bindu and Athira much love for beautiful heartfelt treatments and thank you to 

Dr. Ramadas, Dr. Vasudevan, Dr. Harikumar 

Kali Jean Higgins



October 4, 2019

I impulsively came on a trip to India especially because I wanted to immerse myself in Ayurveda to find healing beyond the physical layer, to heal something deeper in my mind, in my spirit. I have a feeling that the healing I have experienced here will also have many layers, will continue to create ripples as I integrate back to my life in Los Angeles. Understanding the integrity Vaidyagrama is built upon, integrity not just in caring for your patience but your community and environment deeper my understanding of the depth of Ayurveda. The expanse and the reach the layers and the consciousness. I am grateful for the experience, and to be able to see more clearly into myself as a result of my experience here. Vaidyagrama will leave on in my heart even as I am 9000 miles away. Thank you to my therapist Bindu and to my doctors specially Dr Vasudevan for his compassionate care, for encouraging me to cry I’m still working on it.

Thank you Vaidyagrama.

Rachel Ross

Los Angeles, USA


October 4, 2019

Eternally grateful for this space all these humans, it is rare to encounter such care, such a love, such consistence.

Thank you all for creating this space. I hope you receive ten times what do you give out. With big love and the deepest respect. 

Rachel Selicoff



October 4, 2019

Deepest of gratitude for the hearts who created this healing pure land. It is inspiring to be surrounded by the five elements and the love that perfume is the air, may the love, attention that people feel here ripple out across the universe loving joy and revealing the light of all beings.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, please stay, please stay, please stay, please heal, please heal, please heal.

Caitlin Mcintosh



October 4, 2019

What an amazing place staying true to even though only here a short term at had a huge impact. Thank you to all the amazing staff in the front and back line. 

Amy Marie Mc clellan



October 01, 2019

This is my fourth year at VG, so it’s like coming back home for me. I love the place - perfect with healing vibes all around, so serene, peaceful, smiling faces around me, therapists who go above and beyond to make me feel comfortable, housekeeping that made sure my room is clean and comfy. Last but not the least my chief Dr. Harikrishnan and the other doctors for their patience, time and efforts in making me feel better. Truly appreciate VG and team not to mention chefs, Shine and Muthu akka for making delicious food everyday am hoping my immune system is boosted enough until my next year at VG.

Geneive Sylvia Noronha (Virginia)



October 01, 2019

This was my first visit to Vaidyagrama and to serious Ayurveda as well. The facilities are top notch and exceeded my expectations. The staff is very friendly and responsive. The doctors took time to understand my complaints and explain the treatment approach. Being a newbie to Ayurveda I really enjoyed the satsangs and question and answer with doctors. Great that such a place exist. Good luck and thanks for taking care of me.

Nishanth Choudary

Bangalore, India