October 31, 2018

Punarnava, true to its name: My stay at Vaidyagrama has been incredibly healing and feels like a second chance on life without pain and stiffness. My gratitude to the entire team of doctors and therapists.

My best wishes for Punarnava to reach many more patients and serve them a life out of illness towards wellness.

Fondest regards


Mumbai, India


October 31, 2018                                                                                                            A short stay but still have some good experience with Dr Harikrishnan, Dr Harikesh, Dr Mini and Dr Siva. Excellent therapists. Discussion with Dr Ramkumar and Dr Ramadas very beneficial. Rest of the staffs are helpful and dedicated. I will come again for a long period. Diet delicious.                     Kanak Kant

Ottawa, Canada


October 30, 2018

We arrived Vaidyagrama on 5th October 2018 and got treated here for 26 days with the guidance of Dr. Ramanandan and his colleagues. We had the opportunity to know about Ayurveda in detail to some extend through “SATSANGS” conducted daily.

So happy to know how the cleansing process is being conducted to the whole body. It is a marvellous service rendered by the doctors to the least cadre staff in taking care of patients with smiling faces.

Though not I get immediate relief for both of us, we trust, we will be well in due course. We had the opportunity to change our lifestyle we wish Vaidyagrama will prosper well in the service of mankind.

Simhachalam Girija Reddy                                                                                                                India


October29, 2018

Dear Vaidyagrama,

Thank you so much to all my doctors Dr.Sajna, Dr Harikumar, Dr Ramadas and Dr Ranjisha for your patience and guidance.

Thanks also to my wonderful therapist and all the other staff who made this stay so remarkable

I am so thankful for the generosity and helpfulness I have encountered.

Thank you so much

Victoria mosser



October 29, 2018

I am so grateful to have been at this place of healing that you have created with such wisdom, love and dedication.

I learned much from your knowledgeable doctors. Especially in the Satsang, and I felt sincerely cured for by them and the nurturing therapists. Every staff person I encountered here was exceptionally warm, caring and hardworking, yet they made it seems effortless.

I also enjoyed the community of patients that your healing village draws here.

What will forever stand out for me is the power of healing when it is provided, not in isolation but in a community and fueled by prayer in the morning and evening, prayer before treatment. No matter what you believe spiritually or even if you don’t believe perhaps here, others believe for you.

Peace and Thank you

Diana Weissman, MD



October 28, 2018

Vaidyagrama provided a quiet place to relax the human organism. It allows the inflammation to diminish from the burden of excessive living, over eating, not sleeping enough, bad food and diet, all the pressures that come with urban living. They require you to slow all the physiological processes to slow down. Removes the distraction of electronics, entertainment and the desire to busy one’s mind and body,

I spent my time reading about the science of Ayurveda, meditating, praying, reflecting a lot and just raising my awareness of my bodily functions that speak to you quite clearly if you only listen. Amazing time here for healing. I now need to apply this science the best I can in the chaos of urban living, so that I may enjoy the animation that is the human body with spirit with care, consciousness and love ingredients to a beautiful life. Vaidyagrama lifts the veil that clouds human potential

I love it here.

Its’ necessary for Humanity

Sean Haley



October 27, 2018

Thank you again for another 4 weeks of Healing therapy, the chance to be still everything else that this magical place bring. See you next October.

Loulle Callman



October 27, 2018

I feel deeply grateful to have found my way to Vaidyagrama. This is a very special place. Thank you to everyone who works so very hard to make this community so special. I learned so much during my time here – especially surrender and discernment. I look forward to my next visit and to the results to come from integrating what I have received here into daily lifestyle.

In Love & Gratitude,




October 26, 2018

It is difficult to mention all of the reasons I thoroughly enjoyed any 4 weeks stay at Vaidyagrama. There are so many reasons why. Let me start by giving my attendance doctor, Dr. Harikrishnan, Dr. Harikesh, Dr. Sivajothi and Dr. Siva. I truly felt your nurturing and caring support and assistance as I went through the rejuvenation process. This was ably supported by the therapists, especially Athira, Vidhya and Gireesh. And the rest of the staff who served me snacks, cleaned my room and did special favour for me. Of course, I sincerely want to thank all of the staff I did not meet who made all of the possible behind the scenes, the cooks, dishwashing, laundry staff, maintenance people, gardener etc. Everything worked like clockwork. I look forward to visiting again in the near future! In the meantime I think I will have dreams of Dr.Harikesh chasing after me with a big syringe filled with red oil.

Diana William



October 23, 2018 

As always coming to Vaidyagrama is a wonderful experience and healing for both body and soul. Our Thanks to all the staff and doctors for their care and love at all times. Although our overall experience was a good one it used to be nice if a few areas and be considered for improvement to make it even more wonderful place.

Food- there is far too much wastage and at every meal my heart crying at the amount of food wasted in a country where so many are starving!

And this is not appropriate for cows who should be eating grass!

Besides the qualities I think this should be taken in to consideration

The treatment was as always very good the only suggestion being that there should be at least one senior therapist at each session. Not that the overall we had were not good. They were, but lack of consistency in protocol. Hope this small observations will help Vaidyagrama to grow higher places.

With good wishes

Ranjitha balasubramanian



October 23, 2018

I love the Vaidyagrama experience. All the treatments help me and I am feeling much better. Special thanks to Dr. Harikrishnan, Dr. Mini, Dr. Harikesh and Dr. Sivajothi. Thanks to all therapists Vidya, Athira, Meera and Malika house keeper.                                                                                                                   Thanks




October 21, 2018

Vaidyagrama is a green clean home / hospital which has been set up with a vision and a mission. Thanks to Dr. Ramanandan and other very dedicated staff, who were making sure that everybody is taken good care of and returns back with “Dreams come true”.

Food and communication areas might be important enough to be taken more seriously. Good luck and carry on with the good work. You all are doing best.


Anitha Dungal



October 20, 2018

Dear Vaidyagrama friends

I thank my wife for bringing me here for 10 days! It is just being in HEAVEN for me and subhadra in Vaidyagrama. It calms mind, body and soul too with poojas and prayers! I cannot imagine any other place in USA, India and Europe where we would enjoy our life as we did in Vaidyagrama. Please keep this service for our children

Regards tks

T K Subramanian

My email tksfive@yahoo.com

Pl, send me your feedback


T K Subramanian



October 20, 2018

On my third visit to Vaidyagrama my mind slipped into empty mode as my body used white Rice and ghee .whatever happens here I am in good hands.

 Much gratitude to the wonderful therapists the shining stars who sparkles every day with such consistency and joy. The housekeeping staff who keep us clean. The maintenance and security who keep us safe. The growing team of doctors transforms our past and present into a good future.

Christine Anne Goodman

Sydney, Australia


October 20, 2018

Dear Vaidyagrama team

I would like to thank respected Dr Harikrishnan and Dr Mini and all staff and therapists of this Hospital.

The environment of the Vaidyagrama is so good and peaceful with full of nature. Food is hygiene and good. 

We have very glad to come over to Vaidyagrama to healing with Ayurveda centre of medication.

This is my first visit to Vaidyagrama, it is wonderful experience for me.

Dr Harikrishnan and all the team is very good.

Thanks again

Vaidyagrama and all the team, therapists and respected doctors.

Kishorilal Lal Kalwar



October 19, 2018

I wish to express my gratitude and sincerely thank everyone at Vaidyagrama for their concern and kindness while I was taking my treatment. However it may be worth bearing in mind that there are likely to have been many working, equally hard behind the scenes so it is courteous acknowledge everyone collectively in addition to Dr Harikrishnan and his competent team.

I hope to inculcate these practices and get some meaningful changes in my life. 

Thanking you with regards

Mudit Dalmia,



October 19, 2018

This is my third visit here and though there were many options, I choose Vaidyagrama because of the ashram like settings, kind and caring staff and cleanliness Dr Harikrishnan attended to me both the time I was here. I am happy with Dr Harikumar too. A soft spoken person but like Harikrishnan was very through in his examinations and treatment. Dr Renjisha was extremely good also. When she came to know that I was in pain all night she said I should have called for help.

The therapists Nimmy, Nithya and Athira were very good in giving treatments. Deepa and Rajamani did their share to help the room clean and to pick up and delivery laundry. Front desk staff were very helpful too. We thoroughly engaged in the poojas, morning and evening chants and we are leaving with a wonderful heart and peaceful heart.

The atmosphere is very healing and I can see how it has influenced my very restless husband in just few days

Thanks to all of you for taking such good care to us.

God bless all of you

Subhadra Subramanian



October 19, 2018

Surrender to Vaidyagrama, let the team strip away the tired old Armour of your ego, Surrender your hereditary diet and Lifestyle that no longer serves you, Surrender to be the best version of you that's waiting inside. Commit to consistently sharing that best version of you with your community when you return home.

External gratitude 

Sasha bracher





October 18, 2018

A big thanks to the Vaidyagrama family for the care and healing provided in this last 3 weeks.

Special thanks to Dr Hari, Dr Mini, Dr.Harikesh, Dr.Shivajyoti

Therapists- Devaki, Anju, Archana

House Keeping - Chembagam

I had a whole new experience and loved the Spiritual aura of this place.

I wish Vaidyagrama good luck and blessings from the God to be able to heal all those who come here.


Gunjan Grover



October 17, 2018

Vaidyagrama is truly a divine vision. Thank you Dr Ramkumar for making it a reality. I sincerely pray that the vision stays alive and fresh though the years ahead.

The first week of my stay was truly wonderful. Thereafter I have noticed many areas for improvement which I trust are temporary and I will be rectified soon.

The doctors, therapists and all the staff have been caring and supportive. I wish Dr Ramadas was here till I left. Missed his wisdom and good cheers.

Not up to writing all the good things. I wish to thank the Yoganidra session by Dr. Siva, the wonderful prayer sessions, homes and other r special prayers, the satsang…….

Leaving with a lot of gratitude .special thanks to Dr Harikumar, Dr. Renjisha, Geethu and Vaishnavi and Dr. Sajna. Holding Vaishnavi in my heart and prayers. Hope to see her on my next visit.

With love and good wishes to all

Girija Theogaraj



October 17, 2018

Calm and serene ambience, like an ashram. One forgets day, date and time here. Surprising to know that such a blissful place exist. The doctors, therapist and all other working here ooze positive energy. In a very short span, feeling lots of positive changes within myself. Heart yearns to come here again and again. Wish to be here longer and in some away to became part of it. Wish to have a longer stay. Soothing architecture design, neat and clean. Such a place cannot exist without his grace.

God bless all.

Arun Bhardwaj



October 15, 2018

Thank you for another smooth comfortable healing journey here at VG.

I have returned again with appreciation for the high level of care of tremendous results offered by simply adhering to an Ayurvedic lifestyle, enjoying freshly prepared food and medicines, and soothing body treatments.

While I look forward to returning home it is with regret that I will miss the company of my Vaidyagrama family.

With so much love and respect for you all .each and every one.

Best regards

Joana cooper



October 13, 2018

This is my first visit to Vaidyagrama. I had a pleasant stay here. Thanks to all doctors and therapists in particular Dr. Ramanandan and Dr. Anupama and the therapist Mr Santosh. It was a different experience. I was well taken care off. Thanks to all staff members of Vaidyagrama and Dr. Athulya, and Dr. Neethu.




October 12, 2018

In past 7 years it has become my annual retreat at Vaidyagrama.

What started with a medical condition requiring surgery the team at Vaidyagrama nourished and rejuvenated the body and the mind.

A condition that had only surgery as an option reversed to no evidence of the original condition as per the scan, due to the care of wise team here.

This experience leads me to understand the blessing of health.

 Now my understanding of health has enlarged. In Vaidyagrama you find a space of simplicity your authentic Ayurveda is practised with compassion and love. I recall Punarnava means rejuvenated, so it is here at Vaidyagrama if one is blessed to receive the gift of Good health.

 My gratitude and love to all the team especially the many we don't see but server behind the scenes. Thanks very much 

Yazdi Jehangir Bankwala


Citizen of Vaidyagrama


October 12, 2018

Thank you to Dr. Harikrishnan, Dr. Harikesh, Dr. Mini and all caring therapists. Look forward to seeing you next time. Lovely to have one holy Basil plant just outside my room 304. Look forward to seeing it, growing and flowering in future just like Vaidyagrama.




October 10, 2018

Thanks for everything great place great food. Helped me a lot dramatic changes in my lifestyle.

I feel much better now.

Vipin Tyagi,



October 09, 2018

This was my far the most transformative PK experience I have ever had. The main thing I learned is the importance of rest after treatments. I feel like I can apply this idea to many aspects of my life including healthy, work and family. It is with the most grateful and appreciative of hearts that I leave Vaidyagrama!!!

Thank you

Sandeep Choudhary



October 08, 2018

Thanks for everything which I got in Punarnava the love, attention and care. The atmosphere is very good and pleasant. It is the first time in last 20 years of my life I stayed continuous 14 Nights in one place. I learn to change my lifestyle to keep healthy for my longer peaceful life. Personally I thank one and all in the Punarnava family for their dedicated services.

With love




October 08, 2018

Om Santhi

I am Seetha, first of all I thank Vaidyagrama. When I came here, I was very sick, I got good treatments and good care from all, Now I feel better, I thank each and every one in Vaidyagrama, I got a chance to came Vaidyagrama and I had experienced so many things from here, for that I thank god.

Om Santhi




October 06, 2018

The eco-friendly environment enhances the healing of Ayurveda treatment. Excellent ambiance and extremely nice and seeing doctors and staff.



Neeru Goyal



October 06, 2018

I was very worried before coming here from US that I might get sick but I had a good experience, excellent accommodations, excellent care takers, pleasant experience.

Thank you

Savitha Aggarwal



October 06, 2018


Thank you so much for giving us a very holistic, healthy and refreshing life style for two weeks of awareness towards way of being healthy is precious.

Excellent Hospitality

Rita Garg



October 05, 2018


This is my first time at Vaidyagrama and I feel very blessed to have found this beautiful place! There is not enough words to describe my experience at Vaidyagrama! I felt like I was in heaven. Everyone, every single person at Vaidyagrama was kind, patient, and welcoming. I truly enjoyed the stay. The doctors were very attentive and supported me every step of my healing journey. During 30 days of my stay and I have learned so wisdom from everyone especially my doctors. I felt like I was very well taken care of and protected and nurtured.

My deepest and most humble gratitude to Dr Ramadas and Dr Harikumar to my therapists Nithya, Indu, Nimmy, all staff, every single person who makes it happen every day.

Deepest gratitude to Aparna and Geetha for their care! Deepest gratitude to Punarnava initiative and trust for the goodness they bring to world.

And finally I want to express my deep gratitude to Dr Renjisha, who is also my doctor, who was there with me at all the time! She gave me so much love and care during the stay as if, I was her child. I was deeply touched and humbled by her dedication to her patients. I will miss Vaidyagrama, however I will especially Miss Dr Renjisha.!

Dr Renjisha, thank you for taking care of me so well! Love... You are the best!

The environment of Vaidyagrama is absolutely beautiful, peaceful, inspiring, and humbling! This is where I get in touch with my true self.

And the food is amazing.

Dear Vaidyagrama,

Thank you so much, for all the wisdom, for all the love and all the positive you give to the people!

The imprint you left on my heart is going to stay with me forever!

Blessings and love to you! Namaste!

Mara Cummings



October 5, 2018

Dear Vaidyagrama family

My sincere salutations with gratitude respect and love to the supreme god and who has made as this instrument the great visionaries of Vaidyagrama Dr Ramkumar and his expert team of doctors for providing such a calm, beautiful, peaceful, happy, ethnic healing abode to the humanity.

I have come here for a three weeks stay and when I return home I feel like a new person. The morning and evening prayers and chanting cleanses our body, mind, and soul which accelerates the healing process. The homam and pooja specially conducted brought in more divine energy to this healing place. I am inspired by the exact time schedule followed by the doctors for prayers. Thank you….

I express my sincere gratitude to Dr Ramadas for his care, attention and knowledge shown in healing me. His positive advices and spiritual thoughts has imparted me a new insight to my health problem.

I also express my gratitude to Dr Harikumar who is always soft, gentle and caring in his talk for giving me inner strength and awareness for reducing friction in my body. Both doctors healed me not only by the medication but also by the transfer of their positive energy.

I miss Dr Ramadas reverberating voice and Dr Harikumar melodious voice in our prayer sessions.

I am grateful to Dr. Sajna for her ever smiling face and her loving care for some treatment sessions she added positively to my healing.

I am also grateful to Dr Renjisha for her spiritual, attentive caring nature she showed during some difficulties I faced in the night while in the course of treatment. She showed absolute care from her heart and was with me till I got absolutely fine. She gave great care and attention during the treatment sessions she inspired me to sing in the group dinner.

I also wish heartedly thank the therapists Geethu, Vaishnavi, Kalpana, manju and Indu for giving me finest treatment sessions. The therapists showed immense professionalism and care on all the sessions. They impacted happy, loving, caring, atmosphere for the treatments more or less they kept fixed time schedule. They served medicine and food in time without fail.

My sincere thanks to cleaning lady Bhagyam who always kept the room neat and tidy. She showed utmost care in changing the bed sheets and pillow covers in time even without my request with a smiling face.

I also thank the laundry people who kept correct time schedule for working and returning the clothes in time.

Thanking very much for the cooking staff for providing delicious satvik food.

I also thank Mr Siva Kumar who conducted the Yoganidra sessions. It was a wonderful experience.

I also thank Dr. Ramanandan for inspiring me to sing in the group dinner.

I thank all the doctors of Vaidyagrama for transferring their wisdom and knowledge during the satsang sessions.

My sincere thanks to Aparnaji and Geethaji. My deepest gratitude to Punarnava Trust and its community initiatives.

The stay in Vaidyagrama is a wonderful experience and its imprint in my heart is great. After the treatment my five year old type 2 diabetes is made under control. Also my two year old skin allergy has cured almost 90% .The stay in Vaidyagrama made me a changed personally.

May Vaidyagrama continue to grow in its strength by the grace of God. May Vaidyagrama extend its facilities to less affordable people also in the near future?

Thank you from me all the wonderful people of Vaidyagrama family

With love

Bhagavathi p



October 4, 2018

The ambience at Vaidyagrama gives instant peace and calm to anyone who enters and I am immensely grateful to Dr Ramkumar and his team of doctors for envisioning such a healing space.

Being here at Vaidyagrama has been a life changing kind of experience and I deeply appreciate that each of the doctors repeatedly remind you of the importance of self-nurturing.

I want to thank from the bottom of my heart my doctors Dr. Ramadas, Dr. Harikumar, Dr. Ramanandan, Dr. Sajna and Dr. Ranjisha for making me feel so cared for caring not just about my physical wellbeing but also about my mental and spiritual growth, for being extremely kind.

The therapists have also to be specially mentioned for the caring and kind nature and professional skills. i also thank all the cooking , cleaning maintenance staff for the help and care

Thank you Aparnaji

Thank you all immensely

Kapila VENU



October 03, 2018

What a great place to spend 3 weeks of treatment. Tranquil, with a home felt quits buzz, as in a small village. Among wonderful people and pleasant and skilled doctors, all staff are helpful kind and professional. It is truly a place that fills me with gratitude

Thank you very much

Thorvald Stingsen



October 01, 2018,

The combination of environmentalism, attention to the psychology of healing and the classic application of Ayurvedic knowledge is a treasure for the world. I applaud your vision and deeply respect your commitment to the science and art of healing.

Kurleet and Joshua                                                                                                                           USA


October 01, 2018

It is very nice place. Treatment is very good. All the doctors are so wonderful here. I loved every bit of Vaidyagrama experience. Dr. Harikrishnan and Dr. Harikesh and specially Dr.Mini looked after me and my wellbeing really well.

Thank you.

Janumani Saikia