October 2016

October 31 2016

My Husband and I have been coming to Vaidyagrama since its beginning.

Each time we notice a distinct improvement in many fields. This year the food has radically improved over the previous years. The whole atmosphere is really a treat to watch with people from various countries joining together to make it a carnival atmosphere.

The therapists and all other staff are excellent. 

The doctors have been taking great pains to talk to the patients and advise them on their duties.

We wish Vaidyagrama all the very best.

Vanitha Rathindran



October 31 2016

It is pleasure to convey my immense gratitude to people who have taken care of me during my stay. Although I have wrestled with doubt and uncertainly, the unconditional support has been tremendous. Thank you all.

My brief stay has been a gift of quiet time and healing space during which I have found same stillness and perspective.




October 30 2016

I have enjoyed my two weeks of stay in Vaidyagrama very much. It was very pleasant and restful.

Vaidyagrama is a place to surrender. Surrender to treatments to all the emotions and pains to time, to nature. It is wonderful place to be. It is time and pure love.

Thank you to Dr. Harikrishnan, and his team Dr. Kesari, Dr. Arsha, Dr. Mubash for all their kindness, care and attention and also to all the therapists who were equally great and very kind.

Thanks to Aparna Ji for being always helpful and supportive.

To Dr. Ramkumar also for bringing me to Vaidyagrama and to create a place like Vaidyagrama.

Finally I am grateful in general to all in vaidyagrama fro maintaining and keep this place beautiful.

Warm Greetings




October 29 2016

It was wonderful experience with Vaidyagrama.  Staff members’ company and hospitality was enjoyable.

Abhyangam was the most nourishing experience I had.

Stay here at Vaidyagrama was fulfilling.

Vidya Rao



October 29 2016

I am very happy that I could come back to Vaidyagrama so soon with my mother from Japan as this was her first time in India and my dear husband, Dylan.

They had a bit of confusion for 1-2 days because the way of loving is open and simple here in Vaidyagrama as compared with our cities in Singapore and Japan. I am very happy that my family members have adopted Vaidyagrama’s lifestyle pleasantly.

We are living a simple and spiritual life.

Thank all of Vaidyagrama family and all patients friends to be together and supportive

I hope to come back again!


Prem dhara (Flow of Love)



October 26 2016

To Vaidyagrama staff members, all doctors and well wishers,

Only one word I can tell is ‘fantastic’ and super!

It is an experience to be with “Sajjana sahavasam” every individual here is fantastic and god’s messenger…

My words cannot explain the whole experience.

Thank you one and all

T.S. Krishnamurthy



October 26 2016

This is the first time I have visited Vaidyagrama with my daughter and son-in- law. This is the first time I came so far away from Japan. Vaidyagrama’s food and environment is very natural.

Doctors and staff members are very kind and gentle.

I am grateful!

I am glad that I could lose some weight. Thank you all.

Kasumi Omura



October 2016

Dear Vaidyagrama staff and doctors


Thank you very much for working with me through all 28 days of my treatment journey. India was a divine up appointment and of perfect place to continue healing my body mind and spirit on this 30th year on earth.

Thank you each day and folded perfectly and I would not change a thing about this experience for the world.

Ayurveda has truly helped me get my life back and I am so excited to apply the principles of Ayurveda to not only to my daily life but my career as well.

I am so impressed with how young therapists are engaged in dedicated work of taking other human beings as it takes a lot of patience and compassion to deal with people when they are not feeling the best.  Again, thank you!

A wise doctor once told me, “Be grateful for the pain in this life because it brings you closer to the soul..”

He was right and this advice will follow me all the days of my life.

Another young female doctor once also told me, “the problem is not with your digestion the issue being treated, the issue is with your mind..”

She was right and will work it out !!

Though healing is a lifelong process I look forward to it each day and will forever be grateful.

Thankful that on my 30th year alive I got a chance to be born again at Vaidyagrama until we meet again mother India.

Brittany R Clark

California, USA


October 26 2016

Dear everyone,

What a wonderful healing experience for your skill and love. I leave feeling so opened and love beyond measure, so well fed and also looking forward to cooking for myself and as Dr Aruna says, “see how you feel the next day ..”

Much love and blessing always

Susan Jenkins 



October 26 2016

To all at Vaidyagrama

Thank you for your kind and loving support. This experience of Panchakarma for four weeks will continue for long time to come.

Not only I have learnt valuable lessons about Ayurveda and health but also about myself.

I take with me the knowing that all I have to do is pay attention to what my body tells me and I will be okay.

The doctors, therapists, housekeepers, gardeners, kitchen staff,  maintenance people and everyone I have failed to mention I have created a very special place to heal and restore again. Many thanks from the bottom of my heart!


Tobey Gail Levine



October 25 2016

Vaidyagrama is a spiritual place where lot of thought is given to healing.

Doctors here carefully listen to patients and attend them very well.

Overall, it is a good experience except that certain staff member in the office is quite abrupt, rude and it stands out in the otherwise polite and humble culture.

The video screening  and planning on food needs little more attention. I am happy that I came here as I could listen to Ramkumar for hours. I have learnt so much from Dr. Ramanandan. He is a great listener and never takes a patient lightly. His honesty and patience makes a patient feel safe in his hand.

Smita Navarae,



October 25 2016

I would like to express my gratitude to everyone here the staff the Therapist  doctors etc.

Everyone was lovely and very  kind to me I really appreciate all the work that you do and again I am grateful

Thank you




October 25 2016

Thank you to everyone at Vaidyagrama for your kind and loving support. I know from my first hand experience that it takes a lot of work behind the scenes to make everything run so smoothly. 

Thank you for your time and dedication. May you all receive as many blessings as I recevied from people during my stay at vaidyagrama.

Belinda Baer,



October 24 2016

My sincere and heartfelt gratitude to the doctors, therapists and staff members of Vaidyagrama.

I feel there has been a life changing experience for one and one that will make my life better and richer in many ways.

 Thank you Shukriya,  dhanyavad.

Superna bedi


October 24 2016

For me Vaidyagrama is an oasis in the midst of chaotic world. It is so good to stop and rest. I feel truly blessed to have found Vaidyagrama and deeply grateful for the physical and emotional healing I received during my stay here.

Whelst I am looking forward to returning home, I am also so sad to be leaving my Vaidyagrama family. 

My sincere thanks to all this staff off at Vaidyagrama, the gardeners,  cooks, maintenance team, housekeepers, therapists and doctors. 

It is such a delight to be constantly greeted with a smile.

I love the charm of Vaidyagrama.

I was blessed to have Kalpana, Nimmi, Anitha and Indu as my therapist and to be again under care of Dr Harikrishnan and supported by Dr Kesari, Dr Arundhathi, Dr Arsha.

Thank you and blessings to each of you.


There were a few gardening practices I observed that were in contradiction to what I have been taught about gardening I share them only to help Vaidyagrama.

Shallow vs soaking watering.

Shallow watering promotes shallow root growth and as the roots are closer to the surface they are more susceptible to drying.

Soaking on deep, less frequent watering promotes deeper root growth which provides added protection from drying out.

Harvesting trees bark for kashayam when harvesting tree bark it is important that the tree is left with sufficient bank to carry nutrients to the leaves. If too much bark is removed ring barking the trees will die.

Building up soil and mulch against tree trunks can cause the tree stress to its stem tissue and may lead to the development of insects and disease problems. This is evident in some of the trees and larger shrubs that have brown, clay like caring covering larger sections of trunk closer to the ground.

Shared with love and respect 

Teresa cameron



October 23 2016

Thank you to all the doctors and the therapists of Vaidyagrama family.

I want to thank each and every member associated with Vaidyagrama for the help and support. Special thanks to the Dr.Harikrishnan for his immense support. It was wonderful time with everyone.

With much love and regards,

Ashok Agarwal, Poonam Todi 



October 19 2016

We would like to thank the doctors, therapists and the Vaidyagrama family that made our healing very meaningful.

A special mention to therapists Lakshmi and Roshni who made our stay as comfortable as possible.

A big thank you to each and everyone at Vaidyagrama.

May Universe bless all of you abundantly for all that you wish for Vaidyagrama.

With much love And Regards

Nirmala Devi Krishnan 

Padma Krishnan,



October 18 2016

To this wonderful Vaidyagrama family,

Thank you so much for holding sacred healing place. I came here to learn about myself and left with so much more. My three weeks here was an amazing gift I would not and could not ask for more compassionate and giving staff (from the doctors, therapists, housekeeping staff members) and the amazing food.

I would recommend to anyone wanting a true healing experience.

Much love and light 

Stephanie Boston,



October 16 2016

I want to give infinite thanks to all of you for the beautiful work that makes this place wonderful. That makes not only your physical body healthy but also your soul. I have changed many things of my life from now onwards to go ahead. I want thank to all the doctors, therapists and to all the cleaning staffs for delivering complete services to make my stay excellent and in special to Dr. Mubash for teaching me a little more about Ayurveda and more importantly his patience to understand. I hope to return.

Love this place.

Carolina Perez



October 15 2016

I would like to thank all of you for this wonderful experience in Vaidyagrama. It was a pleasure to stay and recover not only my body but also calmness and peace for my mind.

Each day the smiles of doctors made me calm especially on the days of Vasthi. Words cannot express my gratitude to everyone here. Shall be looking forward to meeting again.

Wishing everyone

One Last Time


Shivraj Singh

Kolkata India


October 13 2016

I had a wonderful experience. Everybody was perfect from doctors, therapists to the house -keepers always smiling and making me feel well and happy. A lot of attention has been given to me. Everybody here have loving heart, helping people outside by giving them food and teaching young people to work and learn in the Ayurveda Centre.

I met nice people as patients.

Everyday was full of love and peace.

Thank you for everything

Your Help to Cure me..

Monique Guillemet



October 13 2016

This stay in Vaidyagrama has felt to me so nurturing like being in mothers earth womb. You have truly created a place of love. All of you have taught me a little actions, smiles and words, simple things and simple truth that I had forgotten. I feel that I have connected to a place inside myself again.

With all my Gratitude and Love




October 10 2016

My name is Aditya Ram Krishnan and I have had a wonderful time in Vaidyagrama. When I first came to here, I was very reluctant; I hated this place at first and as the days went by during my stay here, I found myself liking this place more and more. Vaidyagrama has given me more than I can ever ask for. I learned more about myself during my stay here then I have ever known about myself. I found peace in my heart and love as well. The staffs here, from the doctors to cleaners are so loving and cordial, and it really makes this process of Ayurveda treatment a bridge. I want to thank a Vaidyagrama and these beautiful staff members for helping me transform my life.

Love at the fullest.

Aditya RamKrishnan

Palakkad, Kerala


October 08 2016

Vazhga Valamudan, Vaidyagrama

I have observed here that a day spent in prayer and divine things was like a tonic for my mind and soul. The food practice is helpful in healing and rejuvenating the body itself. It is a process of holistic healing of both body and mind. I like the way my treatments were carried out. Vaidyagrama’s atmosphere is not like a typical regular hospital.

Thank you all for this wonderful experience. I have learnt a lot from here once again, Thank you very much. Everyone should know deep scientific understanding of body and mind. I wish it should continue.

Vazhag Pallandu,




October 07 2016

Vaidyagrama is peaceful and beautiful place. Here everyone are very careful in taking care of all things like cleaning etc.

Everyone is so punctual and clean. I will pray for to grow more and more.

God bless you thank you




October 07 2016

Amazing Grace

Vaidyagrama, the Vaidyas and all staff members were divine gifts during our 28 days stay. I feel so healed in body and soaring in my soul.

God bless all of you.



Bhava Ram(Brad Wills)

California, USA


October 07 2016

Thank you Vaidyagrama for you healing love, caring wisdom and hearts of gold. You have etched a permanent place high on the highest alter of my heart. You are the one soul offering restorative place to world. It is because of you we go on.

With Oceans of Gratitude and Pranams

Laura Plumb

California, USA


October 05 2016

Vanakam to all!

I am Vasumati from Salem. My stay in Vaidyagrama was like staying in mothers home. Here everybody spoke to me in a very friendly manner. Vaidyagrama has pleasant surrounding and peaceful environment and good room facilities, herbal tress. I like and enjoy all of it.

Dr Hari Krishnan, Dr Arundhati, Dr Mubash, all treated me in friendly manner. Dr Hari Krishnan was like my father. After treatment my body is light, full of energy all my problems are solved. It is a new life for me. Vaidyagrama is the best Ayurvedic hospital. It should spread all over India and the world. It is my wish.

Geeta, Aparna and Kavita were also very friendly.

R. Vasumati,

Salem India


October 04 2016

After 10 days of crazy pilgrimage with a group of 30 people, visiting Jaipur, Delhi, Agra, Bodhgaya, Varanasi, Rishikesh, Himalayas in trains, long bus rides, aeroplanes my husband and I got so tired and sick that we decided on a recommendation to come to Vaidyagrama to rest for some days before attending an inner engineering program at Isha Foundation. Although we had very short stay of 3 and half days, we found the staff very attentive and professional. The doctors visited us everyday and the treatment was very good. In less than 3 days we started feeling much better. The place is nice, clean and well maintained.

Our sincere thanks to the doctors and friendly staff


Flavia and Enrico,

Dutch Holland


October 04 2016

Pranam to all

Dr Ramkumar, Dr Ramanandan, Dr HariKumar, Dr Shiva Jyoti and the hands of Devaki, Prabina and Reshma... And, the healing hands of ever cheerful,  Maheswari.

 My thanks to Aparna ji, Geeta Ji, Kavita Ji and Pramod.  

Dr Ramadas, for his healing voice --- Thank you all for your roles in making my first visit. I learned a lot in first week and looking forward for much more. I go back to my full life in Mumbai with hope; how will I slowly incorporate Ayurveda ways into my life. While my blessings are with that you may take forward all your initiatives. I look for your ‘Aashirwaad’ (blessing) and guidance to help me to continue to find my roadways to good health and balanced life. You all will be in my thoughts and prayers. (Thank you all and to even the one whose name I haven’t mentioned).

Warmly best

Mukeeta Jhaveri,



October 03 2016

From the doctors to the assistants the support at Vaidyagrama is terrific. I have had 5 fabulous days for which I am immensely grateful. It was wonderful to meet Dr. Ram Kumar who is erudite and learned.

The food is fabulous although lesser quantities would be great.

Please allow some excursion.

Consider stitched undergarment for the therapy.

Please have Vedic chanting workshops

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

Anupa Mehta,

Mumbai India


October 02 2016

This is my second time in Vaidyagrama. I enjoy every moment here. Although I am from a similar surrounding in a village, the difference here is the people. It is not only physical but also the philosophy of life being taught and experienced that makes all the difference.  The room attendant, therapist, Dr. Aruna and a big thanks to Dr Ramadas, for their excellent care. It is an experience to cherish, listening to lecture of Dr Ramadas.

I look forward to coming here again and again for my physical and mental rejuvenation.

I have suggested to quite a few people to experience Vaidyagrama and every one of them is happy. I work in the field of Native Livestock conservation and natural farming and would be willing to offer my support cooperation and guidance in the use of cow dung and urine for farming and growing of tress. The environmentally friendly construction and ambience add to the aura of Vaidyagrama. Thanks to Aparna, the receptionist and all staff members of Vaidyagrama.

My wife Meenaakshi and younger daughter Kundhari enjoyed their stay during weekend.


Kangeyam, Tamilnadu


October 01 2016

I came as Mr. Toad. After a couple of weeks of pounding I was transformed into Mr. Frog. Then after a couple of more weeks I became an old prince. At least that is how it seems to me. Thank you to everyone who helped me on my journey. Love to all.

John Grove,

Sydney, Australia