November 21, 2020

This time, I only came for a short stay of 7 days. But the effect was as powerful and healing as my previous longer stays. Thank you to all doctors and staff for supporting my healing journey over the past 6 years.

Vaidyagrama is a home for me, because of all your hospitality, care, and friendship.

I learned how to change my lifestyle, how to cook healthy, how to change my mindset.

It is a continuous journey and I feel blessed to have found VG. It is surely not my last visit.

Best wishes to all of you!

Katrin Karneth,



November 21, 2020 

I am so extremely grateful for Vaidyagrama!

This Ayurveda medicine saved my life last year, and it is the one true healing modality I have experienced. I was back this time for my second treatment for 6 weeks. We went a lot deeper with the medicines and I handled it a lot better than my first time in 2019. 

This just shows how much healing I have already done, and I am sure that after this second treatment, I will become fully well again, and it is nice to know that with this medicine in my life, I can live a healthy life forever now.

Huge thank you to Dr Vinod for being so kind, friendly, and caring as well as taking the time to explain Ayurveda to me when I had questions. And to Dr Ramanandan for being extremely diligent, always listening and taking the time to understand me, and for being an all-round legend!

I will miss being in such a beautiful eco-system here and feeling part of the Vaidyagrama community.

See you again next year!

Felicity Marshall,



November 13, 2020

All the doctors and staff are good and friendly. 

Nice treatment experience. Feeling good with the treatments.

Nice rooms and good therapists. Enjoyed a lot!

Mr. Nataraj Prabhu, 

Tamil nadu, India


November 12, 2020

Good stay, nice staff. Treatment was excellent. Will come back again!

Mr. Rajaram

H/o Kalavathy Rajaram

Tamilnadu, India


November 03, 2020

Hearty thanks to all people at vaidyagrama…

Let your work continue with the selected vision “Service is our Motto”!

Now people are turning towards our traditional system of medicines.

I feel proud to see the uniformity of service towards all the inmates…

You service is much needed to the society….



Tamil Nadu, India


November 3, 2020

My 21 days stay at Illam 11 -Vaidyagrama healing village, for my neck pain treatment is very useful. The vast green atmosphere simply reduces my stress and gives immense pleasure. All the doctors are so kind, polite, and simple. I am satisfied with the treatment given to me.

I must say special thanks to Dr. Harikumar, Dr. Ramadas and Dr. Soniya for their special care and attention in explaining the Ayurveda treatment tirelessly, and making me feel free from the fear of problems. I appreciate the sincere and kind services of therapists.

Thanks so much to all!

A. Balakrishnan,

Chennai, India